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History’s Number 1 Founder - Chapter 709


Chapter 709

Jieyu and his wife went to the Inferno Precipice filled with hope.

After they explained their purpose, Xiao Yan looked at Jieyu and handed him a medicine bottle and said, "Use it judiciously, as I factor in the inherent strength of your bodies, the medicine is more potent."

Before they came, Jieyu and wife predicted that the assistance Xiao Yan would render them would come in the form of medicines. This was because he was placed in charge of the medicine room and he was also the best pill-cultivator of the Celestial Sect of Wonders.

"Could it be some medicine that could help me break through the bottleneck in one shot?"Jieyu thought, "However, I'm a dragon. Medicines used by humans don't really work on me."

As he thought about, he thought about, Jieyu took the medicine bottle and read its label.

"My...Love...For...A... Stick...Of...Firewood? What is this?"Jieyu opened his eyes and scratched his head in confusion. He looked quizzically at Xiao Yan. Next to him, Baiguang


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