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History’s Number 1 Founder - Chapter 219


Chapter 219: Destruction. In the blink of an eye

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The ability to form the Heaven and Earth Appearance Mantra was the symbol of a final level Nascent Soul Stage cultivator.

Once the time was ripe, the cultivator would then refine the Heaven and Earth Appearance Mantra before combining with his or her own Nascent Soul to complete the evolution to the Immortal Soul.

The Heaven and Earth Appearance Mantra represented the combination of all of the cultivator's abhijna and mana. It was a combination of incredible power.

Below the Immortal Soul Stage and within all the different levels of all the different stages, the one with the biggest gap would be the difference between the middle and final level of the Nascent Soul Stage. And the very reason for that was because of the existence of the Heaven and Earth Appearance Mantra.

For Pang Jie, he had an extremely strong and mysterious aura within his Heaven and Earth Appearance Mantra.

Under the vast and open sky, it was like a lid to the entire world as it loomed above almost everything. It also radiated an immense authority as though it had the powers to govern everything in our world.

It also seemingly symbolized the impartiality of the Heavenly Tao because everyone had to submit themselves to the rules and law of the Heavenly Tao.

The All-Under-Heavens Strider, Pang Jie had studied the highest and most difficult of manuals in the Great Void Sect and was definitely one of the top cultivators among all the final level Nascent Soul Stage cultivators.

But right now, when he had to face the Lin Feng's currents of elements, even his powerful Heaven and Earth Appearance Mantra could not put up against the chaotic and destructive powers of the currents.

Pang Jie donned a serious look as he gave a long sigh, before his figure slowly blurred into the surroundings.

It was this blurring effect that allowed Pang Jie to avoid being destroyed by the powerful currents which Lin Feng had sent.

Just as the currents of elements were about to come into contact with Pang Jie, he faded his physical body and escaped into a separate dimension temporarily, leaving nothing but a mirage of his old self!

And the moment which the currents had stabilized and no longer posed a threat to Pang Jie, he solidified again and returned to where he was.

The Great Void Sect had a repository full of powerful and formidable spells with limitless permutations. The one which Pang Jie had used required him to understand the Art of Metaphysical Transformation before he could hide himself in an alternate dimension as he willed.

With the help of the Art of Metaphysical Transformation, Pang Jie managed to evade Lin Feng's attack. Decisively, he kept his Heaven and Earth Appearance Mantra.

The truth was harsh but Pang Jie had accepted the fact that the Heaven and Earth Appearance Mantra, which had allowed him to outfight any opponent in the Nascent Soul Stage, was powerless against Lin Feng.

Pang Jie calmed himself down before putting his palms together and muttered, ’’Magic Treasure, reveal yourself.’’

And following which, he flipped his palms and made sure they were facing upwards. A bright mixture of colors which included black, white, yellow, green, red and blue flashed as a frightening amount of mana rippled across the surroundings.

Magic treasure! Only a magic treasure would possess such an astounding entrance!

The entrance was almost similar to the entrance of an Immortal Soul cultivator!

Xiao Yan's Heaven and Earth Mirror, Zhu Yi's Desolate Nine Thunder divine Web, Xiao Budian's Green Bronze Crucible of Emptiness became restless after sensing the aura of the magic treasure.

All of these Nascent Soul Stage magic items had revealed emotions which were very human. It was a simple display of awe and veneration when a human met his or her superior.

They behaved like the subjects of an Imperial Court facing their Emperor. If the Emperor wanted them to die, they must die! That was the very fear that they had!

Soon, the colorful glow died down but the aura of supremacy was increasingly stronger.

Amidst the colorful treasure glow, a one feet long small sword began to reveal its shape and size.

The Great Void Sect Magic Treasure, the Six Appearances Sword!

A human voice was heard from the Six Appearances Sword as it questioned Lin Feng, ’’A formidable feat it is to be able to summon the currents of elements... Who are you?’’

Lin Feng studied the Six Appearances Sword with much interest. After all, this was the first magic treasure he had managed to lay his eyes on since coming to this world.

After hearing the arrogant tone of the sword, Lin Feng smiled gently as he could not even bother replying to the sword. Immediately, he flicked his finger and a dot of light flew up into the sky before expanding rapidly.

Countless rays of light intertwined with one another in a very mystical track and pattern to form an enormous spell formation.

Within the spell formation, countless runes and sketches floated. When they combined and overlapped with one another, they constructed a humongous black-white picture of sorts which loomed over a few hundred square feet of area.

Pang Jie and the Six Appearances Sword were also entrapped within the spell formation. Pang Jie shared with the sword, ’’This is their Sect's spell formation.’’

The sword once again spoke in an aged voice, ’’Too much form and nothing practical. It won't be able to stop me.’’

A loud humming sound began as the shape of the Six Appearances Sword changed. The once colorful glow was reduced to a single green glow.

At the center of the green glow, the figure of the Six Appearances Sword had disappeared. But the sound of the dragon's roar could be heard as a hundred feet long three storey boat emerged from the green light.

The gigantic boat was bursting with destructive energy as it pulverized all the spiritual energy surrounding it, leaving nothing but an empty void wherever it passed.

The huge boat gave off the impression that nothing could stop it in its way.

The First Appearance of the Six Appearances Sword, the Soaring Dragon's Boat!

Pang Jie leapt up and landed on the boat as the boat transformed into a green treasure glow, seeking to penetrate through the walls of the spell formation.

Seeing this, Lin Feng nodded his head lightly, ’’The magic treasure which an Immortal Soul Stage cultivator could craft is indeed remarkable.’’

But too bad. It would still be useless!

Lin Feng muttered, ’’The Two Elements of Creation Formation, Open!’’

’’The Change of the Heaven and Earth, Rise!’’

Countless Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds surged into the spell formation as they formed a vast sky which loomed above the heads of Pang Jie and the Soaring Dragon's Boat.

The speed at which the Soaring Dragon's Boat was travelling at was insanely fast as it travelled across countless space-time dimensions in the blink of an eye. But no matter how fast it was travelling at, it was still trapped under the same patch of sky, never to escape from this world.

’’It seems that this spell formation is more than meets the eye!’’ The Soaring Dragon's Boat passed of the remark in surprise. And as the green glow flickered, into a white glow, its form began to change again.

At the center of the white glow, the hundred feet long giant boat shrunk continuously until it became a three feet long sword.

The Second Appearance of the Six Appearances Sword, Sword of the Righteous Way

Governing the Heavens with the laws of the Righteous Way.

Pang Jie extended his hand to grab onto the Sword of the Righteous Way as he did a forceful slashing motion at the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds.

Immediately a white and shiny sword radiance surged towards the ceiling of the world which Lin Feng had created. The radiance was so powerful that it looked as if it would create a huge gash in the ceiling of the world.

Wherever the sword radiance had passed, all spiritual energy would be destroyed leaving a track of black nothingness.

’’Hmm... The power from your sword is comparable to my attack on the Formation Bursting Drum back then.’’ Lin Feng smiled, ’’If the Heaven and Earth Change only had the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds, I'm afraid you might have just won.’’

’’But right now, you're about to witness the true powers of the Heaven and Earth Change.’’

Endless sunset-yellow glow began to lit up within the Two Elements of Creation Formation as the Central Wutu divine Light transformed into the thick and heavy land within the spell formation.

The Heaven and Earth had finally been completed and they would now coexist together.

The vast sky could encompass anything.

The heavy and big land could carry countless lives.

It was a complete world with the Heaven above and the Earth below. There was perfect harmony and there was nothing unnatural about this artificial world which Lin Feng had crafted.

The powerful sword radiance which the Sword of the Righteous Way was like a powerful gale. It could destroy everything in our world but not the world itself.

Instead, Lin Feng's inclusion of the Central Wutu divine Light had created a powerful natural energy within the world which bullied both Pang Jie and the Sword of the Righteous Way.

’’What a powerful and domineering formation. Even if the real Formation Bursting Drum were here, I don't think it would be able to hack this formation apart.’’ The Sword of the Righteous Way muttered quickly, ’’Change!’’

In the depth of the white glow, a eerie blue glow soon replaced it as the shape of the sword began to change again, to reveal the third appearance of the magic treasure.

A blue shield appeared beside Pang Jie, radiating a blue glow which formed a ball that encapsulated Pang Jie.

The Third Appearance of the Six Appearances Sword, Acalanātha Void Shield.

The world outside might be going through destruction but as long as one resided in the Acalanātha void, one would be indestructible!

The shape of the shield immediately demonstrated its strong defensive capabilities as it managed to absorb the powerful blows from the Two Elements of Creation Formation, Heaven and Earth Change. But Pang Jie and the magic treasure were still unable to escape from the formation.

Everyone who were outside of the formation were just staring blankly at the gigantic spell formation. While they were already used to the shock and surprises that Lin Feng and the Celestial Sect of Wonders had to offer, they were still amazed right now.

That was an actual magic treasure that Lin Feng was fighting against. Both Pang Jie and the magic treasure might not have lost but they were definitely imprisoned within the spell formation.

Regardless of whether they were the people that were against Lin Feng, the Azure Clouds Grandmaster and the Flying Flames Grandmaster, or the people who supported Lin Feng, Yang Tonghui from the Heavenly Master Sword Sect, or the neutral party like Wu Yunliang and the rest, all of them were silent.

The people who were against Lin Feng and the Celestial Sect of Wonders were only swarming to find trouble with Lin Feng earlier had been destroyed in the blink of an eye.

The Yu Family's Six Granduncle, Yu Wanfeng, was dead.

The Yu Family's Five Granduncle, Yu Qianshan, was dead.

The Aeolus Sect's Nascent Soul Stage Grandmaster, Master Cyclone, was dead.

The Cloud Elephant Grandmaster had his physical body exploded and his nascent soul captured.

The Household Manager of Marquis of Xuanji's house, Zhang Hai, was captured alive.

Kong Chang of the Mount Shu Sword Sect had his physical body destroyed and nascent soul captured.

Except for the All-Under-Heavens Strider, Pang Jie who had mastered the Heaven and Earth Appearance Mantra and possessed the Six Appearances Sword, none of them managed to survive Lin Feng's first move!

Even the strongest of them all, Pang Jie, along with his Six Appearances Sword, was entrapped within the spell formation.

Lin Feng was still composed as though nothing had happened. He did not even bother looking at Pang Jie or the Six Appearances Sword but rather shifted his concentration onto Zhang Hai and Kong Chang whom he had already sealed in their Celestial Small Worlds.

The Celestial Small Worlds were still shrinking and collapsing into a smaller sphere. Seeing how his end was near, Zhang Hai had already submitted to fate as the lack of hope was apparent on his pale face.

Lin Feng stood there expressionless as he thought, ’’If you don't appear soon, he is going to die.’’

Just at this moment, a voice rang, ’’Leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, please show mercy.’’

The voice was sharp but the sheer mana in it ripped apart all void and space directly.

An aged man appeared in front of everyone. He was clad in a rosy red coat and he had a very pale face. He did not have any beard or moustache, which revealed his identity as a eunuch.

But the powerful rippling of his mana also revealed his identity as a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator.

’’It's the Great Zhou Empire's Grand Ceremonial Eunuch, Mei Wulang, also known as Eunuch Mei!’’ Someone immediately recognized him as the leader of eunuchs in the Great Zhou Empire's palace. He was very trusted by the Zhou Emperor Liang Pan.

Some of them were excited by his entrance, ’’Please tell me that the Great Zhou Empire wants to fight with the Celestial Sect of Wonders!’’

Zhang Hai could only represent Marquis of Xuanji, Zhu Hongwu but Mei Wulang could represent the intentions of the emperor himself.

Lin Feng remained unfazed as he stared at Mei Wulang quietly.


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