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History’s Number 1 Founder - Chapter 218


Chapter 218: Unparalleled! Unparalleled!

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In the Eastern sky, the energy from the rising sun contrasted against the dead silence from the plains.

Once in awhile, there would be weird noises heard and they belonged to the sound of people swallowing their saliva.

Everyone was shocked and stunned by what had just happened.

Yu Qianshan, a supreme cultivator who was stronger than Yu Wanfeng, was an old man in the middle level of the Nascent Soul Stage but was slayed with ease by Lin Feng.

He was slayed in a split second and did not even managed to put up any resistance. He was not even given a chance to flee.

A supreme cultivator in the middle level of the Nascent Soul Stage was vaporized like this without a trace.

Previously, people suspected that it was due to the immense strength and power of Mount Yujing that allowed Lin Feng to destroy Master Cyclone and Yu Wanfeng with ease. But now that he had exhibited his ability to destroy Yu Qianshan in the blink of an eye, the fear in everyone's heart became real.

Yang Tonghui's eyes were glowing as he exclaimed, ’’To slay a cultivator at the middle of the Nascent Soul Stage would require the power of a supreme cultivator in the Immortal Soul Stage. I had always thought that he was a man of mysteries and it seems like I'm right!’’

The Azure Clouds Grandmaster's face darkened as he understood that the tides had changed. Now with Lin Feng supporting Xiao Yan, he knew that the ball was no longer in the Sword of Radiance Sect's court.

In the entire Sword of Radiance Sect, they only had a single sword master that was at the Immortal Soul Stage.

’’For sitting on the fence and hesitating, we will definitely pay the price.’’ Wu Yunliang's expression was even darker than the one on the Azure Clouds Grandmaster's face.

The Flying Flames Grandmaster thought for a short moment, ’’I might have duelled with their elder but it was merely a single move. In fact, I was disadvantaged in that duel. Does this mean he won't come and look for me?’’

The Cloud Elephant Grandmaster could only wished to turn back time as he totally regretted his bold and unethical move.

Why was I so lowly and greedy? Now that I had stood up and actually attacked them, I won't be able to evade from any of the responsibility.

As the scene which Yu Qianshan was killed by Lin Feng in the blink of an eye replayed in his head, the Cloud Elephant Grandmaster felt a chill ran down his spine as he began fleeing for his poor and worthless life.

However, he was not that fortunate as Lin Feng had not forgotten about him. ’’I'm sorry but it's too late to run!’’

The Avatar of Ares belonged to the system and hence was different from the usual split that cultivators had. The power of the Avatar of Ares would grow along with the progress in Lin Feng's training and did not require any further refining or upgrading. Hence, the Avatar of Ares was also at the Nascent Soul Stage as of now.

And not only that, it was at the limits of physical strength of a cultivator in the Nascent Soul Stage!

A Demonic Lord descended from the Immemorial Demons with the strongest physical body could at best match the Avatar of Ares' physical prowess!

The body of the Avatar flickered and in the next moment, his body became a single punch that flew towards the Cloud Elephant Grandmaster. His body was moving so fast and with so much force that it created sonic waves which rippled away from its body, exploding the air and void around it, generating a sand storm in the deserted plains.

The Cloud Elephant Grandmaster already had half of its body in the void as he was about to flee.

However, he was physically tossed out of the void by the insane punch which the Avatar of Ares had planted onto him.

’’How dare you!’’ the Cloud Elephant Grandmaster exclaimed in fury as he was angered. He bumped both of his fists together and a white gigantic elephant which was the size of a mountain, stampeded towards the Avatar of Ares, shaking its head during its movement to demonstrate its fury and prowess.

The Avatar of Ares was not daunted by the charging elephant and instead remained still as he stood proudly in mid-air. All he did was to lift his right fist nonchalantly as he threw it forward!

’’Heavenly Hammer of the Eight Trigram! Hammer of the Chaos!’’

The body of the Avatar was surging with energy and vitality. With a radiance brighter than the Sun, in a single punch, the Avatar destroyed everything that stood between its fist and the Cloud Elephant Grandmaster, including the white elephant. Everything was smashed and stacked like the debris of the primal chaos of the universe!

The white elephant did not even had the chance to moan before it disintegrated into spiritual energy. The Cloud Elephant Grandmaster shared a similar fate as his physical body exploded upon contact with the Avatar's fist.

The Nascent Soul of the Cloud Elephant Grandmaster had wanted to flee but the Avatar was faster as he grabbed onto the soul and squeezed tightly. Under the pressure, the Nascent Soul almost shattered as it lost all energy to even attempt to explode.

Zhang Hai, who was fighting with Zhu Yi, trembled at the sight of this as he thought, ’’Such domineering abilities! Only the Emperor and the Marquis would stand a chance against him.. How in the world did Young Master Zhu Yi find such a powerful man to be his Master?’’

’’I'm not his competitor. Better flee now than never!’’ This thought flickered through Zhang Hai's mind as he lifted his calligraphy brush and painted the Dun character (Flee/Escape) before vanishing into the void.

His technique was quick and much faster than the ordinary Nascent Soul cultivator.

’’You want to run? Don't even bother.’’ Lin Feng lifted his right hand and used it like a blade as he made a slashing motion. The power of the Fences of the Heavens rippled towards where Zhang Hai was and immediately, it sealed the power of the Dun character.

Instantly, Zhang Hai's body was caught within the point of intersection between the two dimensions.

Half of his body was still in the real world while the other was caught within the currents of the void.

The sheer power between the dimensions was applying pressure from the tiny crack between the dimensions and his body, despite being a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, was twisted into a messy clump as blood splurted out in a fountain-like manner.

Zhang Hai's body was thrown out from the slit of the void but his injuries did not reduce the amount of anger and hatred which he bore towards Lin Feng. He threw away any ideas about fleeing as he lifted his brush to write an enormous Ren character (Human/Man).

Zhang Hai spoke with a solemn and authoritative voice, ’’The sharpest item in the world is not the blade of a sword but the tip of the brush (or pen). The strongest power in the world does not originate from the Gods but from the heart!’’

The Nascent Soul Stage Magic Item, the Spring and Autumn Brush.

The most powerful character in the Heaven and Man Manual was the Ren, ’’人’’.

The character's power oozed out as it enveloped the entire world before seemingly splitting our world into three portions (Translator's Note: Study the shape of the character) with its immense power.

’’How laughable.’’

Lin Feng shook his head as he let out a laugh, ’’When they used the word heart, they do not mean the heart of a single man but rather the heart of the masses. How could you misrepresent something as important as this. If you can't even comprehend such basic wisdom, I don't see how you're qualified to even discuss the matters of morality and passion.’’

Lin Feng extended his finger and immediately the Ren character vanished into nothing. And following which, Zhang Hai saw how he was enveloped by purple clouds which entrapped him in an independent small world.

Zhang Hai was like a bird trapped in a cage as he kept on trying to break free from this enclosure. Character after characters were written using the Spring and Autumn Brush but to no avail.

Instead it was the small world which was formed from the purple clouds that kept shrinking as though it was the end of the world.

Zhang Hai stared at the shrinking ’’world’’ which he was caught in with much fear but he knew that struggling would be futile as he closed his eyes and awaited for his death.

Kong Chang's eyes were blood-red as he gave a death-stare at Lin Feng. However, his expression was increasingly composed before he gave out a loud howl as though it was intended to chase away all his fears and hesitation. ’’In my batch of Sword Cultivators, we hold onto nothing but our swords. We will charge forward and relent to nothing.’’

’’Leader of the Celestial Sect, watch out for my sword!’’

Kong Chang's clothes vaporized as he transformed into a single blinding sword radiance. The radiance this time round was so much greater than the one previously when he was facing Kang Nanhua.

The sword Qi which had been accumulated for thousands of years was released in an instant, and of course, his body would be the first thing destroyed!

At the center of the sword radiance, a five year old boy charged forward with a sword. It was none other than Kong Chang's nascent soul!

Facing Kong Chang's trump card, Lin Feng was not even in the least bothered as he simply activated the Fences of the Heavens as an invisible barrier blocked the path of Kong Chang's powerful sword radiance.

Kong Chang's sword radiance was like the waves of a tsunami pounding onto the shoreline but just as how the shoreline never crumbled, the countless radiance were redirected but were never able to bypass the Fences of the Heavens.

’’Stabilize!’’ Lin Feng waved his hand as the formless Fences of the Heavens took form and transformed into countless purple clouds. They encircled around the broken fragments of the sword radiance along with Kong Chang's nascent soul before transforming into another Celestial Small World again.

A beam of white light suddenly surged across the sky as it penetrated through the sea of violent purple clouds before landing on Lin Feng's body.

The one who had made his move was none other than Pang Jie.

Pang Jie donned a solemn expression as he placed both his hands behind has back. He was standing on a patch of void and if one were to examine his forehead closely, one would notice a circular dot of light which was like a small circular mirror.

The circular mirror was flashing so brilliantly that it gave off the impression that it was like the Sun shining onto the world beneath it.

The Great Void Techniques: The Great Void Treasure Mirror of the Heavens!

A powerful aura and impression radiated from the depths of the mirror as it was seemingly like the eye in the pale blue sky.

The eye gave no semblance of any emotions as it stared frowning from the sky with nothing but authority.

The eye gave off the feeling that it had seen time itself as though it had control over everything.

It gave off the impression that the eye could destroy anything within the sight of its master!

Even Lin Feng could sense that his mana became slower whenever the mirror shone onto him. The suppressive ability of the mirror was very real indeed.

’’Hmm...I'm impressed. The Great Void Sect is indeed powerful in its own way.’’ Lin Feng laughed, ’’But it's not anywhere near what it is needed to be!’’

He lifted his hand and the powers of the Fences of the Heavens surged once again as he isolated the glow form Pang Jie's mirror before performing a Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm.

The positioning of the spell was at the line of symmetry on Pang Jie's body!

The activation of this spell would split his body into half and switched their positions!

’’Huh?’’ Pang Jie could sense the erratic movement of the void currents around his body and immediately tried to stabilize the currents with his Nascent Soul Stage powers. But soon enough, he realized he had no control over the splitting of void and immediately, he knew that he had to make a move!

Upon attaining the Nascent Soul Stage, Lin Feng had acquired a very in-depth understanding of space and void and thus, no Nascent Soul Stage cultivator would be able to parry or handle his atack!

Essentially, he was unparalleled below the Immortal Soul Stage!


Pang Jie's expression changed as his moved his body and a silhouette flew out from the top of his head in a flash.

The silhouette was a good hundred feet tall and wore a magic cloak which was stitched with sun, moon, stars, oceans and mountains. It was stepping on the white clouds beneath the Heaven.

However, there was nothing on the silhouette's face. No eyes, no nose, no mouth. Nothing.

But it was the very fact that it lacked any facial feature that gave it an aura of supremacy as though it was the only true being in the world, the personal embodiment of nothing but the Tao!

It was the Heaven and Earth Appearance Mantra! The symbol of a cultivator at the final level of the Nascent Soul Stage.

Just with this mantra, Pang Jie was able to destroy everyone present!

But there was a single exception.

’’The Heaven and Earth Appearance Mantra?’’ Lin Feng identified it immediately. ’’The All-Under-Heavens Strider and the final level of the Nascent Soul Stage... I must admit that this is already quite impressive!’’

’’But it is still futile and useless when they are placed in front of me.’’

Lin Feng extended his right hand with his fingers extended out, before suddenly squeezing his fist tightly.

Pang Jie's Heaven and Earth Appearance Mantra lost all of its authority and supremacy the moment Lin Feng squeezed his fist as the void where Pang Jie was at was pulverized instantly. Countless currents of elements surged as though the universe had reverted to its primal state of chaos!

The Mantra was drowned in the currents of elements and crushed by the impact from them!

The strongest ability of a cultivator at the final level of the Nascent Soul Stage, the Heaven and Earth Appearance Mantra, was destroyed and disintegrated!


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