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History’s Number 1 Founder - Chapter 217


Chapter 217: Holy Mountain! Holy Mountain!

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In the Grand Celestial World, only the greatest cultivators who had attained the Immortal Soul Stage could smelt and mold their own magic treasures. All cultivators below the Immortal Soul stage could only cultivate magic items and not magic treasures. The magic items created would be benchmarked against the stage which the cultivator was at. The different stages were the Nascent Soul Stage magic item, Aurous Core Stage magic item, the Foundation Establishment Stage magic item and the Qi Training Stage magic item.

From the above paragraph, it was understood that the concept of magic treasures and magic items were totally different.

Magic treasures would develop its own treasure spirit and like an independent life form, it would possess the ability to think and to remember. Also, it could absorb the spiritual energy from its surroundings to improve its own capabilities.

Hence, a magic treasure could potentially become stronger than its original Immortal Soul Stage cultivator.

The ability to upset the balance of Yin-Yang and flip mountains and oceans was not beyond question!

Pang Jie, being the leader among the disciples who had come down the mountains of the Great Void Sect, was in possession of a magic treasure given to him by his master not to anyone's surprise.

The Great Void Sect, being the number one place for cultivation, definitely had magic treasures which were more powerful than the conventional ones.

Before the magic treasure had even revealed itself, it already managed to suppress the masses of the Celestial Sect of Wonders with only its aura.

Kong Chang, Master Cyclone and the rest were not affected in the least. The balance of power was tilted the moment Pang Jie picked his side.

Kong Chang looked at Pang Jie begrudgingly but he remained silent.

Meanwhile, Zhang Hai, Master Cyclone, Yu Qianshan and Yu Wanfeng did not hesitate as they built on the momentum and increased the power of their attacks on Xiao Yan and the rest.

The Flying Fire Grandmaster was still looking from the side, waiting for his turn to pounce and take advantage of the situation.

Yang Tonghui and the Azure Clouds Grandmaster stood facing each other. Yang Tonghui kept quiet as the Azure Clouds Grandmaster sighed with much regret. But he was more relieved than regretful as he muttered, ’’The Celestial Sect of Wonders is still too thin... There isn't enough talent and resources.’’

The other cultivators who were watching the fight might not recognize Pang Jie but they would had guessed that it was him from the robe that had white auspicious clouds stitched over it as well as the powerful ripples of mana that he dissipated.

’’So it's not just Mount Shu Sword Sect that was displeased with the Celestial Sect of Wonders... It seems like the Great Void Sect is also equally unhappy.’’

’’Since the Great Thunderclap Temple was already destroyed, only two of the traditional three sacred land for cultivation remained. Now that both of them, the Mount Shu Sword Sect and the Great Void Sect, had set their mind to destroy the Celestial Sect of Wonders, it is fated to vanish from the face of our land.’’

’’It seems like the Celestial Sect of Wonders might not only be unable to open its Sect. It might just be destroyed.’’

’’It has so many talents in the Sect though...What a waste...’’

’’So what if they are prodigious? If they don't know how to act by the rules, they are doomed to die.’’

As the masses discussed, some of them started to have different ideas.

’’This might just be a golden opportunity to befriend members of the Great Void Sect and the Mount Shu Sword Sect. If I were able to do so, this would not be a wasted trip...’’

A Nascent Soul Stage Grandmaster from a mid-tier sect, the Cloud Elephant Sect, from the Northern Feet of Mount Kunlun thought after thinking about his long trip to Shazhou.

The Cloud Elephant Grandmaster stepped forward and exclaimed, ’’The Celestial Sect of Wonders had behaved inappropriately and angered everyone. Since both the Great Void Sect and Mount Shu Sword Sect have taken the lead to punish the Celestial Sect of Wonders, the Cloud Elephant Sect shall assist them in their punitive measures!’’

Following which, the Cloud Elephant Grandmaster extended his fists and large amount of white mist formed. The cloud mist congregated to form a gigantic white elephant which was the size of a knoll. It gave a loud roar as it charged towards Kang Nanhua who was in the middle of a fight with Kong Chang.

Meng Chaoran saw what the Cloud Elephant Grandmaster did and instantly frowned, ’’Hitting a man when he is down...What a despicable act.’’

Wu Yunliang who was behind him muttered, ’’Now that the Great Void Sect has joined in, I'm afraid the Celestial Sect of Wonders would not be able to survive this onslaught.’’

It was always well known that with great risks came great rewards. But when there was no chance at all, it would be futile and even stupid to gamble for a win.

As he thought about this, Wu Yunliang sighed and decided not to participate in the fight.

Yu Wanfeng and Master Cyclone laughed in unison after seeing how the tides had reversed. ’’Mr Lin, it seems like your Sect won't be opening anymore. Let's see if you will flee without your poor disciples!’’

’’Oh, is it?’’

Regardless of whether his disciples were in an advantageous or disadvantageous position, Lin Feng, since revealing himself, had been standing quietly on top of an artificial void.

As he stared at afar, a smile began to form on Lin Feng's face. He was not looking at the powerful Pang Jie but rather at the eastern sky.

In the East, a red semi-circle was putting its best to extend itself out of the horizon as it radiated a warm and golden glow.

The surrounding cloud mist was set ablaze by the sun rays as it reflected bits and bits of the sun's golden glow.

It took only a split moment for the transition between the dark sky and the glowing dawn. Soon enough, before everyone could fully savor and appreciate the beauty of the sunrise, the entire red circle was above the horizon.

In the process of the countless fearsome battles, the entire night had passed.

Lin Feng smiled casually and said, ’’The Eighth of May has arrived. I welcome everyone to our humble abode at Mount Yujing. Thank you for gracing the opening ceremony of the Celestial Sect of Wonders.’’

After he completed his sentence, everyone was left surprised and stunned at his words. Only Pang Jie's expression changed after hearing his words.

The void above everyone's head suddenly rippled vigorously like boiling water.

Just like the tides, the purple cloud mist started to sweep across the entire sky as they expanded and encroached into every bit of the sky, dying it an auspicious purple color.

Everyone was just shocked as they watched the sea of purple clouds which was at least a good hundred thousand acres. If one were to pay a bit more attention to what was within to the sea of purple clouds, one would notice a tall white jade-like mountain which was a few thousand feet tall.

A frightening amount of energy which was boundless like the heavens and mighty like the oceans rippled across the sky!

Within the sea of purple clouds, one would be able to see treasure trees, treasure towers, treasure swords et cetera. They were all part of the countless silhouettes that one would be able to identify within the purple clouds.

And on the white-jade spiritual mountain, one would be able to see fountains and springs as well as well-trimmed trees and shrubs, just as one would expect from a dreamland.

However, at the foot of the mountain, which was still far above the rest of the masses, countless gales and thunderstorms congregated as they formed both the steps onto the spiritual mountain as well as the security measures to deny access for any intruders.

Before the rest could regain their composure from the shock, amidst the rippling of the purple clouds, the majestic and humongous spiritual mountain suddenly started to drop and was going straight for the land beneath it.

And it happened that Xiao Yan, Xiao Budian, Master Cyclone and Yu Wanfeng were all below it!

Fortunately, Xiao Budian and Xiao Yan had already understood Lin Feng's plans and with a grin, they disappeared from the area of effect of Mount Yujing in a flash.

And just as Master Cyclone and Yu Wanfeng wanted to dodge away from Mount Yujing, they found themselves rooted to the ground and unable to move!

Let's not talk about transporting through void and space. The mana within their Nascent Soul Stage cultivator bodies was sealed and was unable to circulate.

In fact, their entire body was numb and they could not even lift up their pinkie!

’’No!’’ Both Master Cyclone and Yu Wanfeng shouted in despair as they watched Mount Yujing landed on them, crushing them into smithereens.

Even the Nine Heavens Formless Squall and the Xuanming Primordial Water were unable to protect them.

Both of them were Nascent Soul Stage Grandmasters but they did not even had the chance to split their own souls. All they could do was to wait for their bodies to be crushed and for their souls to disintegrate into nothing!

They did not have to split their own soul because Mount Yujing would do it for them!

’’What the....?! Even the mountain of the Celestial Sect of Wonders can move?’’ Everyone was in a daze after the previous scene as they stared blankly at Mount Yujing.

On the peak of Mount Yujing, Lin Feng, dressed in a purple robe, was quietly erected on top of a treasure tree which was big enough to cover most of the sky above.

In the pupil of his eyes, one could see chaos. But in the next moment, the chaos disintegrated to form the four big elements (Earth, Water, Fire and Wind). And in the next instant, the four big elements settled down to transform into a new and habitable world.

None of these was visible to the rest as it belonged to the sea of self-awareness within Lin Feng. Only he could see the silhouette of a little infant, who was wearing a purple robe, within him.

And the facial features of the little infant was exactly the same as the one Lin Feng had when he was a kid.

As the infant opened his eyes, his dark pupils were completely free from any impurities that the world had and was crystal clear. It was as though it was symbolic of how the world had just been created and there was a brand new beginning!

’’The Nascent Soul Stage is indeed filled with its mysteries and wonders.’’ Lin Feng smiled gently. It was during the instant when Pang Jie appeared, his original body on Mount Yujing had finally survived the tribulations of the Nine Heavenly Lightnings and succeeded in bearing the nascent soul!

After attaining the Nascent Soul stage, Lin Feng's connection with the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree, Mount Yujing and the Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds had reached a new level.

The new stage also allowed Lin Feng to further his understanding of the mysteries of space and void. That was how he managed to coordinate with the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree, which then allowed him to transport Mount Yujing through void and space whenever he wanted!

From now on, he could transport anything to and fro from the different realms as he wished.

Lin Feng looked down at the masses who were still in shock as he spoke plainly, ’’For the comrades and fellow cultivators who had came here to grace my humble ceremony, I am very honored by your presence and I welcome you all to stay. As for the intruders and the unwanted guests, I want you all to stay as well.’’

After he spoke, Lin Feng lifted his hand and made a grabbing motion in the direction where Zhu Yi, Kang Nanhua and Miao Shihao were fighting with Kong Chang.

Yu Qianshan's goatee was erected as he glared at Lin Feng with much hatred, ’’Lin Feng, the Yu Family will never let you go for killing my brother!’’

Even in the legendary sects like the Great Void Sect and the Mount Shu Sword Sect, their Immortal Stage cultivators would not reveal themselves easily.

If the Aurous Core Stage cultivators are the supporting pillars of a Sect, then the Nascent Soul Stage cultivators would be the marble slab which the pillars were supporting. They formed the leadership rank of the Sect and decided the actual reserve in the strength of a Sect.

If we were to put it in the perspective of the Aeolus Sect and the Yu Family, losing a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator would be comparable to losing an arm!

Such hatred would be sufficient to mobilise the entire Yu Family.

Lin Feng's expression was plain as he said coldly, ’’Of course, the Yu Family will not give up like this. Because they won't be losing only one Nascent Soul Stage cultivator today. They will be losing two.’’

Yu Qianshan's expression changed as he heard Lin Feng continued, ’’And this is merely the beginning.’’

As Lin Feng talked, he suddenly spreaded out his five fingers.

As an unbelievable loud sound shook the entire universe and the void spaces residing at its corners, the void in front of Lin Feng collapsed into countless streaks of the natural elements as fire, water, wind and earth all surged towards Yu Qianshan.

Yu Qianshan let out an awkward shriek as he called upon a voluminous amount of Xuanming Primordial Water to form a barrier in a mad attempt to parry the elemental blows.

The dark blue Xuanming Primordial Water kept on coagulating and concentrating till it formed an ice shield which was almost matte black. The shield radiated an aged aura of authority which withstood the test of time.

Xuanming Magic Shield!

The most powerful defensive spell in the mantra of the Yu Family!

But it was useless! Totally useless!

It took only a blink of an eye for both Yu Qianshan and his Xuanming Magic Shield to be engulfed in the current of elements as they disappeared without a trace into the void!


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