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History’s Number 1 Founder - Chapter 216


Chapter 216: The Inevitable

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The cultivators of the Yu Family and the Aeolus Sect followed their grandmasters as they surged towards Lin Feng.

They did not dare to tackle Xiao Yan and company nor Lin Feng. They decided to leave those freaks for their respective grandmasters to settle.

A bunch of Foundation Establishment stage cultivators, led by a group of Aurous Core stage cultivators helmed by Shu Xianshi, charged towards Wang Lin.

Wang Lin's expression was calm as he remained silent. However, mana surged through his body as black gases were released from his body. He went straight into the Destructive Stage of the River Styx. Today, he was out for blood.

Yue Hongyan, who was next to him, moved even faster. Her Black Ember Pole-Ax filled the sky with black flames as she charged straight into the crowd.

Wang Lin arched his eyebrows as he thought, ’’Little Junior was not exaggerating. This woman is truly fierce. Truly, she doesn't give chance to her foes...’’

He turned his head to look to the side.

Yang Qing, looking at the surging crowd, took a deep breath, ’’I must repay Senior's compassion towards me. Dying is no big deal, I'm not scared.’’

Despite saying that, Yang Qing knew that he was nothing compared to his previous sect, the Cloud Water Cave, or the Yu Family and the Aeolus Sect. In his fight against his foes, he felt as if he could let go of something.

He was never a skilled combatant. Now, he was about to pay for his lack of proficiency.

Wang Lin arched his eyebrow and did not turn his head back. He killed an Aeolus Sect cultivator with his finger and rushed towards Yang Qing saying, ’’Fight without worry, you are strong.’’

In the time it took Yang Qing to react, Shu Xianshi, the Aurous Core stage cultivator of the Aeolus Sect, was already in front of him. Looking at Yang Qing releasing the Grand Moon Primordial Water, his eyes blazed. ’’Such a treasure is wasted on your hands. Give it to me!’’

While he said that, purple light exploded before him, spitting an inferno.

Shu Xianshi shrieked, ’’Purple Talisman?! The Nascent Soul stage Purple Talisman!’’ As he was about to flee on his Nine Heavens Formless Squall, the blazing inferno consumed him.

Wang Lin shook his sleeves, ’’What a load of crap.’’ Looking at the stunned Yang Qing, he said, ’’Fight fearlessly. If you can't beat them, use master's talismans. Those aren't keepsakes.’’

Yang Qing was slightly stunned, but he decided to calm himself down. Determination flashed in his eyes.

Before him, a bunch of cultivators from the Yu Family rushed forward. Someone had conjured the Xuanming Primordial Water and Yang Qing responded to it with his Grand Moon Primordial Water. Emerald colored water swirled with a deep blue torrent as the Yu Family cultivator lost control of his Xuanming Primordial Water.

The Grand Moon Primordial Water fought water with water and was the supreme leader of all types of water. Even if the enemy were to use all five other primordial waters against him, the Grand Moon Primordial Water would still prevail.

Yang Qing's mastery may not be as high as his opponents, but he did absorb a stream of Grand Moon Primordial Water earlier in the Kunlun Mountains. The Grand Moon Primordial Water now coursed like a flood as the Yu Family cultivators'Xuanming Primordial Water changed its allegiance to it.

Yang Qing cast a spell and the Xuanming Primordial Water turned against its owners. In that moment, tens of Yu Family cultivators were frozen into ice statues.

After being frozen by the Xuanming Primordial Water, their spirit would succumb to the freeze, sealing their fate.

Looking at Yang Qing's killing intent underneath his calm appearance, Wang Lin arched his eyebrows and smiled slightly.

He pointed randomly with his finger and the Road to River Styx appeared. From the ground, tens of thousands of skeletal claws emerged as they dragged their enemies below the ground into Hell.

The sight was witnessed by all present. Many of them were despondent as they thought, ’’Even a Foundation Establishment stage disciple is so precious, could they really be first amongst equals?’’

While his sons and cousins died in waves, Yu Wanfeng did not show even a hint of concern. His attention was entirely fixated on killing Xiao Budian.

However, Xiao Budian was stronger than he thought.

Xiao Budian, who connected with the Green Bronze Crucible of Emptiness, could travel through space with its help, just like Yu Wanfeng. He was not scared of Yu Wanfeng's Nascent Soul abilities to seal off and destroy space.

This greatly reduced the disparity in abilities between Yu Wanfeng and Xiao Budian. Yu Wanfeng only beat in Xiao Budian in terms of battle experience and the fact that Nascent Soul stage cultivators could suppress the powers of Aurous Core stage cultivators.

Xiao Budian did not panic as he said, ’’While your mana beat mine, I beat you in many other aspects.’’

Right after he said that he quickly moved through space and appeared before Yu Wanfeng. He threw a fist at him.

Yu Wanfeng snorted coldly as he concentrated his mana in response. Suddenly, he felt as if something was amiss.

Xiao Budian's punch was way faster than usual.

Its power was like that of a powerful gale or a deafening thunder that was about to reach its pinnacle. In other words, it was at the height of its power.

There was nothing else but speed and power here.

Faster than a gale and fiercer than thunder.

This was the physical move, Heaven-Shaking Thunderstorm.

After forming his Aurous Core, this was the technique that Xiao Budian had derived from the Great Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams.

At this moment, his pre-pubescent body was filled with a terrifying power.

Every fiber of his body crackled with energy. Every orifice and every nerve brimmed with lightning and sizzled!

Xiao Budian's clothes and hair rustled with electric currents. In his immediate environment, even the specks of dust floating in space were immobilized by the electricity.

Yu Wanfeng was shocked and he did not even have time to think. His Xuanming Primordial Water flew before him to shield him from Xiao Budian's punch.

’’Boom!’’ In the explosion, the ice shield formed by the Xuanming Primordial Water was actually shattered by Xiao Budian's electrically-charged punch.

While Yu Wanfeng himself was unharmed, his face turned green. He understood clearly that had the punch landed on him, he was a goner.

Xiao Budian's mana could not beat his, but his physical martial arts was better than his!

Yu Wanfeng's superiority over Xiao Budian in terms of mana was actually less than Xiao Budian's superiority over his in terms of physical martial arts.

Yu Wanfeng's face was sullen as he traded blows with Xiao Budian. Next to him, Master Cyclone was just as flummoxed.

With the help of the Heaven and Earth Mirror, Xiao Yan was able to completely forgo his defences as he utilized all his offensive abilities against Master Cyclone. The Crash of the Eight Trigrams, the Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire and the Grand Sun Primordial crashed were all used to bombard Master Cyclone, whose hair was singed and face muddied from the relentless onslaught.

Not mentioning his internal pain, his Aeolus Sect's techniques were all swift like the wind. While they were deadly, they were more suited for offence than defence.

However, with the Heaven and Earth Mirror cloaking Xiao Yan in the Central Wutu divine Light, his attacks were useless against him. In the end, the offensive-based Master Cyclone could only try and dodge Xiao Yan's attack without being able to land a scratch on him.

Master Cyclone's appearance was no older than 13 or 14. His black hair hung loose and his face was flawless like jade. He had a scholarly air to him.

However, in reality, he had extended his life by transferring his soul to another body. His age was actually in the thousands, but now he was beaten to pulp by someone more junior than him by eons. Master Cyclone was deeply unsettled by this fact.

He slammed his palms together and performed a weird incantation. In that moment, hundreds of Nine Heavens Formless Squalls gathered together.

The originally invisible squall began to stack upon one another to form a longsword about 3 meters long, 1 meter wide and 60 centimeters thick!

This was the Sword of Aeolus!

When this sword was revealed, everyone looked at it. This technique of Master Cyclone could rival the Lixiong Sword in terms of destructive and offensive powers.

The Heaven and Earth Mirror could not resist such a move!

Xiao Yan looked at it, and laughed, ’’Let's have a swordfight then!’’ He withdrew his Heaven and Earth Mirror and his Grand Sun Primordial Flame. A blunt sword as wide as a door and as heavy as metal appeared in his hands.

The Nefarious Almighty Sword!

Xiao Yan raised his Nefarious Almighty Sword as an endless amount of purplish-blue fire filled the sky. The night sky brimmed with an unearthly glow.

The purplish-blue flame was overflowing with the intent of destroying everything. Compared to the Sword of Aeolus, it was crueller and fiercer.

Almighty Heaven-Slaying Blaze!

After Xiao Yan formed his Aurous Core, this was the second technique he derived from the Great Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams.

Bellowing, he parried the Sword of Aeolus with his Nefarious Almighty Sword.

The night sky was left with a purplish scar where the two swords connected, almost as if the heaven itself was split into two.

The shock wave from the clash stirred up a sandstorm as the dark sky was illuminated by the light from the clash.

In that instant, the voices of the other battles died down as all everyone could hear was the blazing fire and the wind.

Everyone opened their eyes as they could not believe that Xiao Yan, with his Nefarious Almighty Sword, was still standing after receiving a strike from Master Cyclone and his Sword of Aeolus.

Xiao Yan, Zhu Yi and Xiao Budian, all of whom were in their Aurous Core stage, were able to challenge the Nascent Soul stage Master Cyclone, Zhang Hai and Yu Wanfeng.

’’The rise of the Celestial Sect of Wonders is unstoppable!’’

Wu Yunliang, who had been watching the entire battle, sighed.

Meng Chaoran, who was next to him, turned and stared, ’’Big Senior, are you sure?’’

Wu Yunliang nodded and said, ’’It's easy to praise others when their fortune is good. However, helping others when they are in need is difficult. However, with the current situation, the two could not be discussed as if they are equals.’’

Meng Chaoran said quietly, ’’Let's not even talk about the Aeolus Sect. The opposing side has the Yu Family, the Intense Flaming Sword Sect, and possibly the Sword of Radiance Sect and the Mount Shu Sword Sect!’’

’’If we are not careful, our Ethereal Mountain Sect could be instantly destroyed.’’

Wu Yunliang's face was calm, ’’One can only find treasure through hardship. Our Ethereal Mountain Sect had already reached its most perilous moment, what more do we have to fear?’’

Meng Chaoran nodded his head, ’’If that's the case, then go and do what you must. I'll help you.’’

Wu Yunliang's face almost broke into a smile. As he was about to say something, the smile froze on his face.

A giant pressure suddenly descended upon everyone on-scene.

This feeling was not an ordinary type of fear. Rather, it was an intuitive, primal fear, similar to the one a rabbit has when meeting a wolf or a lion. It came from the deepest regions of one's soul.

Everyone turned and looked in one direction. Over there stood a man, a young man.

His face was handsome and elegant as he wore a white robe. His body felt light like sand without any hint of sharpness. He was like a gust of wind or a natural fountain.

However, his eyes shone like stars in the night sky. It was almost as if he could pierce through one's soul with his gaze.

This was the Great Void Sect's current leader, the All-Under-Heavens Strider, Pang Jie!

With Pang Jie's appearance, not only did Kong Chang, Zhang Hai and company feel the pressure. Even on the side of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, regardless of whether it was the Nascent Soul stage Kang Nanhua or Miao Shihao or the Aurous Core stage Xiao Yan and Zhu Yi, everyone felt a giant pressure crushing them. They could feel their mana being obstructed by an unknown force.

’’Pang Jie is only in his Nascent Soul stage, he shouldn't be so powerful...’’ Wu Yunliang looked at Meng Chaoran and they said in unison, ’’Magic treasure! It must be a magic treasure that Pang Jie possesses that brought about this pressure. Furthermore, this magic treasure must be from a cultivator in his Immortal Soul stage!’’


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