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History’s Number 1 Founder - Chapter 215


Chapter 215: A Bunch of Freaks

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Facing Kong Chang's Lixiong Sword, Kang Nanhua slammed his palms together as the Sand of Ganges and the Great Chaos Primordial Water began to spin.

A single speck of the Sand of Ganges matched with a single drop of the Great Chaos Primordial Water. The two of them combined. Soon, numerous other specks of sand and drops of water began to merge and formed a shield in front of Kang Nanhua.

The shield was a perfect circle. On it, one could see numerous meanders of a river, ebbing and flowing like a real river. Each meander led to another, and one could not guess where did the river begin or where did it end.

This was the result of Kang Nanhua combining his Infinite Sand Shields of the Ganges with the Great Chaos Primordial Water, turning it into the rock-solid Great Chaotic Shield of the Ganges.

Looking at Kang Nanhua's Great Chaotic Shield of the Ganges, Lin Feng was no longer worried about him.

Kang Nanhua's original Infinite Sand Shield of the Ganges'speciality was that while it could be shattered by the enemy's attacks, it would speedily reform and regroup and continue to resist the enemy's onslaught.

However, the fact that it could be breached meant that it had weaknesses. A defence consisting primarily of the Sand of the Ganges was insufficiently thick and sturdy.

Introducing the Great Chaos Primordial Water into it would raise it to a next level.

When Kang Nanhua gave Xiao Yan and company the Great Chaotic Shield of the Ganges earlier on, he had yet to go through the Thunder Tribulations and formed his Nascent Soul. Now, after forming his Nascent Soul, it could be unabashedly said that his Great Chaotic Shield of the Ganges was the strongest defensive measure a Nascent Soul stage cultivator could possess.

Looking at the ordinary-looking shield, it emitted an eternal and everlasting power.

Kong Chang released the sword aura that he had stored within his body for thousands of years and concentrated them into a dazzling sword radiance. His Lixiong Sword, while it was no more ferocious nor stronger than the Shaoshang Sword, ranked the first amongst the Mount Shu Sword Sect in terms of offensive prowess.

In the entire Grand Celestial World, it was one of the few truly devastating attacks.

An endless amount of sword radiance that could pierce the heavens and earth landed on Kang Nanhua's Great Chaotic Shield of the Ganges like bolts of lightning.

Amidst the flying specks of sand and the countless granites that tumbled off the shield, one would expect that the Sand of Ganges, after being mercilessly attacked by the Lixiong Sword, would lose its potency.

However, after the sword radiance dimmed and Kong Chang's energy faded, Kang Nanhua's shield remained intact.

At that moment, a great indent appeared on the shield that made it look like a funnel now. It was just inches away from being penetrated by the Lixiong Sword.

However, the few inches that preserved the integrity of the shield were akin to the distance to the horizon;they were simply unsurmountable.

Everyone on-site was stunned.

The Azure Clouds Grandmaster looked at Kang Nanhua and sighed, ’’Junior, you are truly fearsome.’’

The Flying Fire Grandmaster and Yang Tonghui both had dark expressions on their faces. Regardless of whose side they were on, they were both deeply stunned by Kang Nanhua's powers.

The Mount Shu Sword Sect was the premier sword sect under heavens. It occupied one of the three great holy spots in the world, and all of its disciples were sword cultivators. No one cultivated spells nor tried to craft magic items. They relied upon only a longsword to dominate everything under the heavens. Their ferocity and battle-worthiness brought them fame.

There was even an unofficial saying that went ’’Mount Shu's disciples are greater by one tier.’’ This meant that in terms of actual battling capabilities, any disciple of the Mount Shu Sword Sect could battle a disciple one level higher than him.

For example, Kong Chang, despite only being an early Nascent Soul stage cultivator, could easily challenge a middle Nascent Soul stage cultivator with his Lixiong Sword.

However, Kong Chang, who initially wished to challenge Lin Feng, had been blocked by Kang Nanhua.

The Azure Clouds Grandmaster's expression was indescribably complicated as he looked at Lin Feng and Xiao Yan. ’’The matter regarding the Celestial Sect of becoming increasingly difficult to resolve.’’

Zhang Hai of the Marquis of Xuanji's household also looked at Zhu Yi, who was by Lin Feng's side, and sighed, ’’Young Master Yi, in only a span of two years, went from a scholar with no expertise in cultivation to a cultivator in his Aurous Core stage.’’

’’Such talent is sufficient to demonstrate that he is truly the son of the Marquis.’’

Ever since he appeared, Zhu Yi, who was quietly next to Lin Feng, had paid occasional attention to Zhang Hai.

Upon hearing Zhang Hai's words, Zhu Yi smiled and said, ’’Mr Tao Er said the same thing earlier. Initially, I replied that my master's high level of mastery was a result of his own capabilities whereas my mastery today is a result of my hard work and my master's teachings.’’

’’Today, my answer is different.’’

Zhu Yi said quietly, ’’Mr Zhang, please do not ask me to go back. You will not succeed.’’

’’However, you could report to my father that I will make my return to Tianjing City one day. And that day is drawing near.’’

Zhang Hai's eyes turned into slits. ’’I will settle Tao Er's murder. Afterwards, I will definitely bring Young Master Yi back, so please don't think too much.’’

He turned to Lin Feng and said, ’’You tricked my Young Master and killed one of my household managers. Today, I demand an answer.’’

Lin Feng had already known about Zhang Hai's origins from Zhu Yi. He did not try to make a move, but instead said, ’’The Great Zhou Empire obeys the commands of Emperor Liang Pan.’’

Such a confusing statement left everyone stunned.

Zhang Hai arched his eyebrows and said, ’’Cut the crap, all thieves must be killed!’’

As he said that, Zhang Hai extended the fingers of his right hand and wrote the word ’’诛’’ ('to kill') in the air.

The moment the word appeared, a strong gust of killing intent was released. Everyone on-scene could not even raise their heads in face of this pressure.

For the cultivators with a lower level of mastery, an image appeared before their eyes: they saw themselves kneeling on a scaffold before a chopping block as a giant sword was lifted above their heads. While they wanted to resist, they could not and could only await their death.

Standing in the middle of the air, Lin Feng did not even react. He did not even look at Zhang Hai.

Next, to him, Zhu Yi stepped forward and said slowly, ’’Mr Zhang. I've already said. You cannot do it.’’

Zhu Yi too extended his fingers and wielded them like swords. With two swishes, he deployed the ’’Qian Sword Technique’’ and the ’’Dui Sword Technique’’ from his Way of the Facile Blade.

With ’’Qian’’ on top and ’’Dui’’ below, he formed the ’’Lui’’ hexagram.

’’A gentleman must understand the rites and rationality,’’ said Zhu Yi quietly. ’’An upright gentleman must understand rites. However, he must understand rationality too. You kill without reason and attack without purpose, behaving irrationally. You will not stand.’’

The two sword aura that Zhu Yi conjured slowly dissipated the terror conjured by Zhang Hai's ’’诛’’ character.

Zhang Hai shook his head and smiled, ’’Is this the nonsense that you had learnt in the past two years? I'm afraid it's preposterous.’’

He did not have to write anything now as his mere words were enough to change the character. ’’诛’’ quickly became ’’谬’’ ('preposterous'), destroying Zhu Yi's ’’Lui’’ symbol.

Zhu Yi arched his eyebrow, ’’Using force to overcome wit? Are you running out of words?’’

Saying that Zhu Yi's Aurous Core begun to vibrate violently as a black aura and a white aura surrounded his body.

One repelled all creations, and was bright to the extreme while the other absorbed all creations, and was extremely black.

He released two more sword auras, one of which was his ’’Gen Sword Technique’’ and the other was his ’’Kan Sword Technique.’’

With ’’Gen’’ on top and ’’Kan’’ on the bottom, he formed the ’’Meng’’ hexagram.

The ’’Meng’’ hexagram brought with it the meaning of a knowledge renaissance.

I did not seek to ask the unknowing child. The unknowing child asked me, and hence I must reply. If I were to ask the question over and over again disrespectfully, then it's an affront to heaven.

At that point of time, I shall not give a reply.

With his ’’Meng’’ hexagram, Zhu Yi sealed the power of Zhang Hai's ’’谬’’ character.

Zhang Hai shook his head and almost laughed. His Nascent Soul power burst and destroyed Zhu Yi's sword aura immediately.

Zhu Yi did not panic. Instead, he slammed his fists together and conjured a spell while chanting, ’’Infinite light and darkness, thou art the two polarities of creation.’’

When Zhu Yi's black and white sword aura appeared, Lin Feng smiled and said, ’’This is a result of Zhu Yi's Aurous Core formation and synthesis of the Great Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams. Together with his mastery, he formed the second technique of his Way of the Facile Blade.’’

As Zhu Yi conjured the spell, the two black and white sword aura he released turned into the two polar opposites of light and darkness, forming a great Bai Sema.

The Bai Sema looked uncannily like a devil's snare, but it was not one.

An infinite amount of piercingly bright light shone as an infinite amount of dark streaks weaved together like the movement of stars in the world. Together, they appeared to form a small world.

Zhu Yi's second self-created technique was called the ’’Great Boundaries of the Celestial Light and Darkness Mandala’’.

Zhang Hai's face changed suddenly as he saw Zhu Yi's ’’Great Boundaries of the Celestial Light and Darkness Mandala’’. A small light appeared at the center and the small world was sucked into it as if doomsday had arrived.

This was what Zhu Yi learnt from Lin Feng;after understanding about true destructive powers he incorporated them into his spell to maximize its destructive capabilities.

As the entire world was about to be destroyed, Zhang Hai's mana, which was sealed within it, was reduced to nothing.

’’This disciple of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, is he still human?’’

All of the spectators looked on speechless. ’’Other than Xiao Yan, this disciple too managed to resist the powers of a Nascent Soul stage cultivator.’’

’’A bunch of freaks!’’

’’The Celestial Sect of Wonders is so strong?’’

Zhang Hai's expression changed too. He took a deep breath and took out a brush. He said solemnly, ’’Young Master Yi, I must admit that you stunned me. However, this reaffirmed my desire to bring you home!’’

Looking at the situation, Lin Feng smiled as he flicked his finger. A white streak of lightning entered Zhu Yi's body. ’’Zhu Yi, fight without restraint. Show your household manager what moves you have.’’

Zhu Yi was jolted. He looked at Zhang Hai fearlessly as he charged forward.

On the other side, Yu Qianshan, who was originally immobilized by Miao Shihao, was freed by Yu Wanfeng. Yu Qianshan looked at Xiao Budian, as his gaze brimmed with killing intent. Without another word, he sprinted forward.

Master Cyclone snorted, ’’Since your Celestial Sect of Wonders does not know when to stop, you shall pay for it.’’ As he said that, he summoned his Nine Heavens Formless Squall again.

A whole bunch of disciples from the Aeolus Sect and the Yu Family followed their grandmasters as they surged towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng, however, smiled. He turned to look at Xiao Yan and the rest and said, ’’You must treasure such an opportunity to spar.’’

Xiao Yan smiled, ’’Finally, we could demonstrate the power of the Great Celestial Sect of Wonders. We should thank them.’’

’’Nice,’’ Lin Feng smiled. With another flick, an earthly-yellow streak of light landed on Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan laughed as he stood ready to receive Master Cyclone.

Xiao Budian's speed was faster than him. Green light brimmed on his body as he disappeared into the void. In the next instant, he appeared before Yu Wanfeng.

Wu Yunliang stared at the scene in disbelief. He looked at Meng Chaoran and realized that he too was equally stunned, ’’The master of the Celestial Sect is so confident. He allowed a bunch of Aurous Core stage disciples to battle with Nascent Soul stage masters.’’

Meng Chaoran then turned his gaze to Lin Feng, ’’Why doesn't he fight? Why does he have so much confidence in his own disciples? Could it really be that he doesn't care? Or is there another reason?’’


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