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History’s Number 1 Founder - Chapter 214


Chapter 214: More and More Opponents

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Yu Wanfeng stared at Yu Youxin and the three other cultivators lying motionless on the ground, stunned.

Then, Yu Wanfeng felt like slapping himself twice. If he could give a Nascent Soul stage magic item to Yu Youxin and company, why couldn't Lin Feng?

However, he never expected Lin Feng to directly bestow the Green Bronze Crucible of Emptiness to Xiao Budian, allowing Xiao Budian to own it completely.

This caused him to further speculate Lin Feng's prowess. ’’If he treats Nascent Soul stage items so lightly and gives them to his disciples so easily, then this person is possibly beyond the Nascent Soul stage. If that's the case, then my entire household needs to be very careful.’’

Many thoughts swirled through Yu Wanfeng's brains. However, after a while, he focused his attention again because something that almost made him go crazy happened.

After defeating Yu Youxin and company, Xiao Budian stared at the temporarily out-of-control Xuanming Sail and said smiling, ’’This item is not bad, I want it.’’

Saying that Xiao Budian activated the Green Bronze Crucible of Emptiness, which spat out a ray of green light. It surrounded the Xuanming Sail and absorbed it within the crucible.

Yu Wanfeng's eyes almost burst and he almost spat blood out in anger, ’’Little b*stard, do you want to die?’’

With his mana, he managed to extricate the Xuanming Sail from within the Green Bronze Crucible of Emptiness.

Yu Wanfeng was the true owner of the Xuanming Sail, which was his natal magic item. The communication between the two was very close and his mastery exceeded that of Xiao Budian. With this summon, the Xuanming Sail immediately broke free from the Green Bronze Crucible of Emptiness.

In that moment, Lin Feng smiled and said, ’’This item shall be the prize of this battle.’’

Laughing, Lin Feng waved his finger and a cloud of purple gas formed a small world, enveloping the Green Bronze Crucible of Emptiness.

The Xuanming Sail, which was making a ruckus within the crucible, was calmed almost immediately.

Xiao Budian hugged the Green Bronze Crucible of Emptiness and laughed, ’’If I say it's mine, it's mine.’’

Yu Wanfeng was infuriated. Throwing all concerns to the wind, he roared and mana coursed through his body, turning into an icy blast. He went straight for Xiao Budian.

Looking at the situation, Miao Shihao smiled and said, ’’Yu, the two of us should get to know each other better.’’

Saying that Miao Shihao stuck out his body and retrieved Xiao Budian while blocking Yu Wanfeng's path at the same time.

’’You transse*ual piece of sh*t, scram!’’ Yu Wanfeng bellowed as the Xuanming Primordial Water coursed out and turned into an extreme chill.

This time, Miao Shihao did not use his Ray Reflecting Mirror nor his Superior Orchid Cacti. Instead, he smiled and said, ’’Sadly, the person who should scram is you.’’

His right hand formed an orchid symbol with his fingers and he pointed his hand at Yu Wanfeng's Xuanming Primordial Water. In that instant, a torrent of water rushed towards him.

That was one of the four techniques of the Mirrors, Flowers, Water and Moon Technique: the Canglang Water Technique.

’’Is this the spell that Miao Shihao cultivated with the One Heavenly Primordial Water?’’ Lin Feng looked interestedly at the scene before him. He saw Yu Wanfeng's Xuanming Primordial Water crashing against Miao Shihao's Canglang Water Technique and disappearing instantly.

Yu Wanfeng roared in anger as the Xuanming Primordial Water attacked Miao Shihao non-stop. However, they were all reduced to nothing by Miao Shihao.

Yang Tonghui, Wu Yunliang and company watched this amazing spectacle unfold in awe.

Everyone knew that the Master of Mirrors and Flowers, Miao Shihao, had two ultimate techniques: the Ray Reflecting Mirror and the Superior Orchid Cacti. This was also the source of his title. Today, however, he demonstrated a brand new move.

While this spell appeared simple, the power within it made everyone on-scene looked at it in awe.

The Xuanming Primordial Water, one of the Six Great Primordial Waters, could not advance beyond the blockade of this technique, demonstrating the power of Miao Shihao's Canglang Water Technique.

’’Could it be that Miao Shihao's spell could dissolve Yu Wanfeng completely?’’ Lin Feng thought about it in his heart. Then, he realized that Miao Shihao had decided to turn the tables on Yu Wanfeng by heading straight for him.

In that instant, Yu Wanfeng regained his calm. He did not dare to be careless and immediately used the Xuanming Primordial Water to protect himself. The blue icy water shielded him like an ice castle, keeping him safely inside.

However, what appeared to be an impregnable castle eroded before the Canglang Water. With only a single wave, the castle was reduced to nothing and Yu Wanfeng himself was disorientated by the torrent.

’’Sixth Brother, this is quite the disappointment,’’ an icy cold voice sounded suddenly as the space next to Yu Wanfeng split open.

An elder with a wispy beard and a dark expression stepped out from the split in space. In the time it took him to raise his hand, the Xuanming Primordial Water turned into a barrier and blocked the Canglang Water from the pathetic Yu Wanfeng.

Yu Wanfeng, who was drenched and shamed, said, ’’Fifth Brother...’’

Upon hearing the form of address, Lin Feng knew who was the person without even having met him.

The Yu Family had another Nascent Soul stage grandmaster who was respectfully referred to by the disciples of the Yu Family as the Fifth Granduncle, Yu Qianshan. His aura coursed powerfully through his body as his mastery exceeded that of Yu Wanfeng. He had already reached the middle phase of the Nascent Soul stage.

However, Lin Feng's attention was not focused on him at all. Instead, he turned his head to look at the sky on the horizon.

Over there, the space began to open again as three sword radiances flew out and appeared before everyone.

The first person was a youth clad in a robe made out of hemp. His expression was coldly sharp. It was the Nascent Soul stage cultivator of Mount Shu Sword Sect, Kong Chang.

To the left of Kong Chang was a sword radiance in the shape of an azure cloud. After it stopped, the elder who emerged from it had an expression of grace and finesse.

To Kong Chang's right, a sword radiance burned brilliantly. From the flames, a rough middle-aged man stepped out from it.

Yang Tonghui, upon seeing them, arched his eyebrows as he introduced them to Lin Feng, ’’The youth in the hemp robe is the first disciple of the Lixiong Branch of the Mount Shu Sword Sect, Master Lixiong Kong Chang.’’

’’The elder is the Azure Clouds Grandmaster of the Sword of Radiance Sect. His mastery is extremely high and his ranking in the sect is high as well. The middle-aged man is the Flying Fire Grandmaster of the Intense Flaming Sword Sect.’’

Lin Feng nodded his head. He remembered more than two years ago he was involved in a skirmish with the Intense Flaming Sword Sect after accepting Xiao Yan as his disciple.

While the Aurous Core stage elder from the Intense Flaming Sword Sect eventually backed off after falling for Lin Feng's trick, that was one of the most perilous moments for Lin Feng ever since he stepped into this world, particularly because he was still a Qi Disciple back then.

As for the Sword of Radiance Sect, Lin Feng turned his head to look at Xiao Yan meaningfully, who clenched his fists tighter.

Wu Yunliang and Meng Chaoran looked at each other. Meng Chaoran shook his head and said, ’’The Celestial Sect of Wonders is in trouble now. They have more and more enemies.’’ Wu Yunliang agreed.

Upon arriving, Kong Chang swept the crowd with his razor-sharp gaze. Finally, his gaze fell upon Lin Feng as he thought, ’’Who is this person? Why am I not getting anything?’’

However, as a sword cultivator, he was never scared. He stared intently at Lin Feng and said coldly, ’’Are the master of the Celestial Sect, Lin Feng?’’

Sweeping the crowd with his psychic consciousness, he heard the discussions of everyone in the crowd. His brows stood up immediately, ’’Your Celestial Sect of Wonders'disciples are invincible against those of the same class? What an appetite!’’

He slowly pulled out his longsword and balanced it before his chest. ’’If that's the case, I, Kong Chang of the Mount Shu Sword Sect, challenge you to a battle. What do you say?’’

Everyone in the vicinity began to chatter once again. While they knew that the Mount Shu Sword Sect was bloodthirsty and fierce, they did not expect Kong Chang to challenge Lin Feng straightaway after arriving.

Yang Tonghui arched his eyebrows and said, ’’Brother Kong, it will be the Sect-opening Ceremony of the Celestial Sect of Wonders soon. Choosing to battle now may be disrespectful.’’

Kong Chang replied emotionlessly, ’’We sword cultivators discuss only the way of the sword instead of customs or traditions. If you don't even understand this principle, then the Heavenly Master Sword Sect has gotten too used to your rotten life of luxury.’’

’’You...’’Yang Tonghui squinted his eyes.

The Azure Clouds Grandmaster next to Kong Chang stepped forward and said lightly, ’’Tonghui, we are all from the Nine Heavenly Sword Alliance. We are close like twigs of the same branch, don't tar our good working relationship with one another.’’

Yang Tonghui's face turned sullen. Before the Azure Clouds Grandmaster, he was silent.

Kang Nanhua said suddenly, ’’Master Yang's words are righteous and true. The Celestial Sect of Wonders shall remember it.’’ He stepped forward, looked at Kong Chang and said lightly, ’’If my Lord were to fight you personally, then it would appear as if he's bullying the weak. If you wish to spar, I'll entertain you instead.’’

Kong Chang snorted derisively, ’’Only you?’’

The Flying Fire Grandmaster next to them laughed, ’’Cut the crap, start fighting already!’’ Laughing, his entire body turned into a blast of fire radiance and shot through the sky. In an instant, he appeared before Kang Nanhua.

The blazing-hot fire dyed the sky red and the cold that was brought forth earlier by Yu Wanfeng disappeared immediately. Everyone felt as if they were enveloped in a furnace.

Kang Nanhua did not appear to mind, however. He flicked a droplet of water with his finger which flew up to the skies to receive the blazing sword radiance of the Flying Fire Grandmaster.

Initially, the Flying Fire Grandmaster did not mind. However, the moment his sword touched the droplet he realized something was wrong.

The droplet immediately burst open. What appeared to be a small droplet turned into an entire lake as a breathtakingly humongous amount of water appeared.

Kang Nanhua's finger flicked repeatedly as droplet after droplet of water flew towards the sword radiance of the Flying Fire Grandmaster. All of the droplets burst open and came together. It was if the four seas had emptied out into the sky.

’’The Great Chaos Primordial Water!’’ The Flying Fire Grandmaster came from a major sect and he had seen and heard much. Immediately, he recognized Kang Nanhua's abilities. He did not dare approach it and instead rode away on his sword radiance.

Regardless of who it was, fighting someone of the same level as him who had mastered the Great Chaos Primordial Water was a stupid option.

Looking at the scene before him, Kong Chang's eyes shone as he said, ’’Finally, someone who has the ability to fight me.’’

Saying that the ordinary-looking Kong Chang was immediately enveloped in a startling sword aura. It was as if his entire body became a sword.

A divine sword that had already left its scabbard and with the ability to cleave apart heavens and earth.

Whish! Whish! Whish!

Kong Chang's hemp robes tore apart as infinite and blazingly bright radiance shone from his body.

Limitless amount of sword radiance clouded the area he was in.

Kong Chang's entire body turned into a sword radiance brimming with killing intent. Like the glare of the sun, he shot straight towards Kang Nanhua.

The Lixiong method of the Mount Shu Sword Technique only required one sword to slay its foes.

Normally, they would hide hundreds and thousands of sword aura within themselves and endure the agony of thousands of swords slicing within their bodies. Without harming their enemies, they would have already injured themselves. However, in the instant they revealed their powers, all of the sword aurae would burst from within their bodies, powerful beyond measure.

Kong Chang's use of the method was truly terrifying.

Everyone's gaze fell upon Kang Nanhua.

’’The Lixiong Sword's fame is well-deserved.’’ Facing Kong Chang's sword, Kang Nanhua's expression did not change. He sighed quietly and in the next instant, the Sand of Ganges and the Great Chaos Primordial Water appeared before him.


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