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History’s Number 1 Founder - Chapter 213


Chapter 213: Truly Invincible

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Xiao Budian stretched his elbows and legs and said expressionlessly to the challenger, ’’Bring it.’’

The middle-aged man looked at Xiao Budian as he coughed dryly and said, ’’I haven't finished.’’

Xiao Budian said impatiently, ’’If there's anything to say, say it now and quickly.’’

As the onlookers looked at Xiao Budian, who was only 11 to 12 years old, they were unable to control their laughter.

On the side of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, everyone gazed at Xiao Budian. Xiao Yan laughed to the sky as he thought, ’’Little b*stard, is this the only thing you learned?’’

The middle-aged cultivator's mouth twitched, but he controlled himself as he said, ’’Your sect claims to be the first amongst equals, hence will you be willing to battle two at once?’’

Upon saying that, the cultivators around burst into discussions without giving any regard to the honor of the Yu Family.

’’Could you skin be any thicker? Why not use 20 cultivators to fight him?’’

’’He's still a kid. Let's not talk about you bullying someone younger than you. You now wish to bully him with a numerical advantage? What happened to age, experience and wisdom?’’

’’Is this befitting of one of the four great families of the Great Qin Empire? The face of the Yu Family is totally gone now thanks to you!’’

While everyone was cautious about the rise of the Celestial Sect of the Wonders, they were still deeply displeased with the words of this middle-aged cultivator.

What's the point of winning if you obtain victory through numerical advantage? That would be such a hollow victory.

Even the cultivators of the Aeolus Sect, who were on the same side as the Yu Family, changed their perceptions of them.

The cultivators of the Aeolus Sect who stood closer to the Yu Family began to move away from them.

Only the middle-aged cultivator remained calm as he stood his ground. He accepted the derisive mockery of everyone else and he did not take back his words.

Even members of the Yu Family were shamed by the words of the middle-aged cultivator. They looked at him confusedly as they wondered why was their senior displaying such weakness.

Only a few Aurous Core stage cultivators of the Yu Family who were next to him remained calm.

The normally bad-tempered Nascent Soul stage head of the Yu Family, Yu Wanfeng, looked on darkly but he kept his silence.

His expression was noticed by Lin Feng, who took notice of it.

Thoughts swirled in Lin Feng's mind as he finally understood Yu Wanfeng's plan. He laughed coldly to himself, ’’Nice, so your plan is to forsake all dignity just to kill Xiao Budian!’’

’’You really do care a lot for Shi Tianyi, sadly, this debt must be paid.’’ Looking at Xiao Budian who had turned his head to face him, Lin Feng nodded calmly.

Xiao Budian's expression was calm as he turned around and stuck out his finger. He pointed at the middle-aged cultivator and said, ’’You.’’

Then, he pointed to the bunch of cultivators behind him and said, ’’You, you, and you. The four of you, fight me.’’

The chatter resumed.

The four people who were marked by Xiao Budian were the four Aurous Core stage cultivators of the Yu Family. One of them was in the middle Aurous Core stage, while the other three were in the early Aurous Core stage.

Wu Yunliang and Meng Chaoran looked at each other, and the master of the Ethereal Mountain Sect laughed bitterly in his heart, ’’There's truly such a master and such a disciple.’’

’’While others want to beat him up in a group of two, he finds it to be not enough. He wants to fight four at once!’’

Yang Tonghui looked at Xiao Budian interestedly and thought, ’’He could rise to the Aurous Core stage so quickly. Did the master of the Celestial Sect feed all seven of my Celestial Elixirs to him’’

’’Earlier on in Shazhou City, in the little purple atmospheric cell, this guy managed to defeat all those Mount Shu Sword Sect disciples by himself.’’

While the Yu Family's original plan was to forgo their dignity to kill Xiao Budian, Xiao Budian's intent to challenge all four of them to a fight greatly incensed them too.

The leader of the small group turned to look at Yu Wanfeng, ’’Sixth Uncle?’’

Yu Wanfeng took in a deep breath as he said, ’’Youxin, it's up to you now, don't disappoint me.’’

Yu Youxin, the middle-aged cultivator, nodded his head. He turned around and said expressionlessly, ’’Since you insist, then we shall not disappoint our family. We'll fight you together.’’

The three Aurous Core stage cultivators nodded their heads, and the four of them advanced to their respective spots on the battlefield, surrounding Xiao Budian.

’’Rise!’’ Yu Youxin and the other three cast the Yu Family's signature move, the Mantra of Xuanming. In an instant, cold, white aura rose from their body. The entire space around them soon became covered in a freezing fog.

In the fog, a completely transparent blue drop of water appeared before Yu Youxin, giving off an extremely cold aura. That was the Xuanming Primordial Water.

The other three of them did the same as they summoned their own Xuanming Primordial Water. The four Aurous Core stage cultivators attacked together as the Xuanming Primordial Water froze the immediate surroundings, turning what would otherwise be a nice summer day into a wintry chill.

’’This time, we must kill him!’’ Just as Yu Youxin was about to make his move, he paused suddenly as he could not detect Xiao Budian's location.

In the next instant, Yu Youxin heard two consecutive cries of agonies.

That voice could not have belonged to a mere child.

In the next instant, Yu Youxin heard a thunderous storm brewing up next to his ears. It was so loud that he almost went deaf. A ferocious gale coupled with wild streaks of lightning tore apart the freezing fog together.

Xiao Budian appeared before him. His entire body was surrounded by gale and thunder, like a divine being.

Yu Youxin swept the battlefields with his eyes as his body turned ice-cold.

His other three companions had already been defeated by Xiao Budian. They fell from the sky and churned up a small cloud of sand as they landed.

Yu Youxin initially felt that he had overestimated Xiao Budian's abilities. However, reality demonstrated that Xiao Budian was much more powerful than he had imagined.

He did not hesitate anymore as he conjured and raised a small blue sail.

The small blue sail floated halfway up to the sky and suddenly, it gave off eye-piercingly bright blue light. The bone-chillingly cold wind flew in all directions.

The onlookers below the Aurous Core stage who touched these winds shivered immediately as if they had fallen into an ice crevice.

Everyone was shocked. They immediately widened the distance between themselves and the blue sail. Despite not being the target of the blue sail, they could still feel its chill. How could such a small sail be so powerful?

Someone with particularly sharp eyes recognized it immediately. ’’This is the Xuanming Sail of the Yu Family. It's a Nascent Soul stage magic item!’’

The aura of the sail vibrated, it was almost exactly the same as the aura on Yu Wanfeng's body.

Everyone's gaze fell upon Yu Wanfeng. No one would have thought that he would be so cruel as to secretly give his own Xuanming Sail to Yu Youxin.

He truly wanted to kill Xiao Budian.

Yang Tonghui arched his eyebrows as he looked at Yu Wanfeng. ’’This person is truly shameless, but does he have to resort to this? Could it be that there's enmity between them and Xiao Budian?’’

Facing everyone's discussion and finger-pointing, Yu Wanfeng pretended as if they did not exist. He stared intently at Lin Feng as if scared that Lin Feng would rescue Xiao Budian.

He did not dare to attack himself, as he feared detection by Lin Feng. Hence, he secretly passed his Xuanming Sail to Yu Youxin and company with the intention of killing Xiao Budian right here.

If Lin Feng were to assist, he would intervene.

Yang Tonghui turned his head to Lin Feng and said, ’’Why aren't you intervening? A Nascent Soul stage magic item is completely out of his league...’’

Thinking about that, Yang Tonghui looked at Xiao Budian. With that gaze, his eyes widened in shock.

Xiao Budian looked at the sail fearlessly. First, he used his Infinite Thunderstorm to attack the Xuanming Primordial Water released by the Xuanming Sail. After charging, the power of his Infinite Thunderstorm was in no way inferior to it.

However, the Xuanming Primordial Water released by the Xuanming Sail was different from those of Yu Youxin and company. It incorporated Yu Wanfeng's understanding of the workings of space as a Nascent Soul stage cultivator.

The Xuanming Sail appeared to be able to freeze itself. It surrounded Xiao Budian's gale and thunder cover as it squeezed towards its center.

Xiao Budian was in no way anxious as he stretched out a hand to pat his forehead, ’’Go!’’

From his forehead emerged a green light, and from the green light emerged a small three-legged crucible.

Telepathically, the three-legged crucible vibrated vigorously before disappearing from its original position. It sped through space, and in the instant which it disappeared, it reappeared before Yu Youxin.

Yu Youxin was shocked, ’’How is this possible? With the Xuanming Primordial Water of my Six Uncle's Xuanming Sail, all space should have been sealed... Wait, could it be a Nascent Soul stage item too?’’

The people around him gasped. Those with sharp eyes realized that Xiao Budian's Green Bronze Crucible of Emptiness too was a Nascent Soul stage magic item like the Xuanming Sail. However, there were major differences.

Yu Youxin's Xuanming Sail had the same aura as Yu Wanfeng as it originally belonged to Yu Wanfeng, who lent it Yu Youxin temporarily.

However, the aura of the Green Bronze Crucible of Emptiness was exactly the same as Xiao Budian's.

In other words, this Nascent Stoul stage magic item belonged to Xiao Budian personally.

Wu Yunliang and Meng Chaoran looked at each other. Meng Chaoran shook his head slightly and Wu Yunliang sighed again. His gaze fell upon Lin Feng. Increasingly, he found Lin Feng unpredictable.

’’An Aurous Core stage disciple who was given a Nascent Soul stage magic item. This cannot simply be described as 'exorbitant'! That is a Nascent Soul stage item, not a Nascent Soul Talisman.’’ Wu Yunliang had a daughter, but even for his daughter, he did not give her a Nascent Soul stage item for self-defence.

Wu Yunliang turned and looked at Xiao Yan and the rest of Lin Feng's disciples. He calculated in his heart, ’’If every single one of them possessed a Nascent Soul stage item, that will be truly...’’

Everyone who watched the battle was emotionally charged. Within the battle itself, Yu Youxin frantically waved the Xuanming Sail to protect himself as he tried to counter the Green Bronze Crucible of Emptiness. The two Nascent Soul stage objects clashed.

The Green Bronze Crucible of Emptiness crashed onto the Xuanming Primordial Water released by the Xuanming Sail. It vibrated like ripples on a water surface.

In that instant, the Xuanming Primordial Water, which was in the solid state, finally resembled actual water.

The Green Bronze Crucible of Emptiness could not challenge the Xuanming Sail by itself, but what it could do was to break the seal it imposed on the surrounding area. Riding on gale and storm, Xiao Budian rushed before Yu Youxin in the blink of an eye.

The ferocious thunder struck Yu Youxin.

Looking at Xiao Budian victorious in the sky while the four Aurous Core stage disciples of the Yu Family lay motionless on the ground like dead dogs, everyone present was stunned. In their minds, Lin Feng's words echoed.

’’Disciples of my Celestial Sect of Wonders are invincible against others of their class!’’


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