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History’s Number 1 Founder - Chapter 212


Chapter 212: The Ferocious Xiao Yan

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Lin Feng said calmly, ’’Anyone who does not believe that to be true, come and challenge us. My Celestial Sect of Wonders will accept your challenge without any question.’’

Yu Wanfeng was so angry that he actually laughed, ’’What an arrogant person! Are you not scared that your tongue will drop off from spouting your lies?’’

’’Even the premier Great Void Sect does not dare to say such a thing! Mount Shu Sword Sect's swordplay techniques are without parallel under the heavens and excel in offence but even they are not so full of themselves.’’

’’Indeed, you are a madman,’’ nodded the Cyclone Grandmaster while smiling. He looked at the group of youths behind Lin Feng, all of whom wished to join Lin Feng's sect. The Cyclone Grandmaster said to them, smiling, ’’Do you still want to be the disciples of such a brazen person?’’

’’If you still do not know when to control yourself, your destruction will soon be at hand. In a destroyed nest, there is no intact egg. It's not too late for you to change your minds.’’

Xiao Yan chuckled, ’’A Nascent Soul stage cultivator who can't even take down an Aurous Core stage cultivator. I think that your Aeolus Sect should hurry up and fall apart when there's still time. Waiting any longer will just be humiliating.’’

The cultivators of the Aeolus Sect were all incensed. However, upon recalling the fate of Shu Xianshi, as well as the Grand Sun Primordial Flame that Xiao Yan had used in his battle against the Cyclone Master, their spirits fell again.

Only the elder next to the Cyclone Grandmaster sniffed, ’’What an ignorant and brazen upstart! Today, I will discipline you.’’

The elder's body emitted a perfect aura and was obviously an Aurous Core stage cultivator. He stepped out from the crowd and gazed coldly at Xiao Yan.

The Cyclone Grandmaster's face was dark. He did not say anything, indicating tacit approval for the elder's actions.

Yang Tonghui became deeply worried upon seeing this as he thought, ’’By sending a late Aurous Core stage cultivator to challenge an early Aurous Core stage cultivator, isn't that just tacitly agreeing that your own early Aurous Core stage cultivators and middle Aurous Core stage cultivators are no match for him?’’

His gaze fell upon Xiao Yan and thought, ’’However, this person here is truly ferocious. With only an Aurous Core stage mastery, he managed to control the Grand Sun Primordial Flame. Such powers exceed those of his equals.’’ While he was late because he followed Lin Feng onto the scene, he still witnessed the battle between Xiao Yan and the Cyclone Grandmaster.

Wu Yunliang said quietly to Meng Chaoran, ’’Isn't the Grand Sun Primordial Flame owned only by the Fire Crows? I wonder if it was formed through the machinations of the disciple himself, or through the efforts of his master. If every single disciple of their sect is so strong, then it is truly a terrifying prospect.’’

Meng Chaoran replied quietly, ’’The elder is one of the few strong ones in the Aeolus Sect. Furthermore, the Nine Heavens Formless Squall is one of the few Four Grand Primordial Winds and is no way inferior to the Grand Sun Primordial Flame. Perhaps he has a plan?’’

Wu Yunliang nodded his head, ’’We shall see.’’

Xiao Yan looked at his challenger from the Aeolus Sect. Then, he turned and smiled at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded his head. Xiao Yan's body shimmered, and in an instant, he was in front of the elder.

’’Do you think that you are all-powerful now just because you possess the Grand Sun Primordial Flame?’’ The elder smiled coldly before his body moved vigorously. A saber glinted amidst the ferocious winds and made a beeline for Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan's eyebrows arched, ’’A cultivator specializing in physical martial arts?’’ He was not scared of his attack at all and received it with his Crash of the Eight Trigrams.

However, the elder's saber was as unpredictable as the wind. His swordplay was extremely strange and it changed constantly as he searched for weaknesses.

Xiao Yan hated this type of guerrilla warfare tactics the most. He smiled coldly as he waved the Black Cloud Flag. His body was covered by a dark light as he moved randomly through space more quickly than his opponent.

The elder arched his eyebrows and said, ’’This magic item can alter space itself. It's more troublesome than the Grand Sun Primordial Flame.’’ His saber changed again. While it was originally dark and hard to see, it now became virtually invisible.

The radiance from his saber dissipated into thousands of pieces and was distributed amidst the wind. Through his machinations, the wind became a giant cyclone as it enveloped everything within a hundred meters.

The elder waved his hand and extracted a large amount of Wind-type energy from the air around him and incorporated them into his cyclone, causing it to become even stronger.

Xiao Yan became increasingly wary. While the Black Cloud Flag could constantly change its position, it was still within the cyclone.

In the cyclone, there would be occasional flashes of saber radiance. While it appeared weak, as long as it managed to catch a trace of Xiao Yan it would shine brightly and the elder himself would appear in the next instant. The scattered saber radiance congregated in the instance and its powers increased greatly.

Xiao Yan tried to avoid them, but the saber radiance would scatter once again in the cyclone until it caught its target again. Upon which, it will congregate.

The elder's saber radiance congregated before scattering before congregating again as if it was following his will. Together with the cyclone, it was able to control the teleportation abilities of the Black Wind Flag.

Xiao Yan dodged the saber radiance again. He became increasingly incensed, as he smiled coldly, ’’Do you honestly think I am not scared of you?’’

He lifted the Black Cloud Flag and as the elder's sword radiance found him, they congregated together into a giant sword radiance, cleaving towards his head.

Xiao Yan smiled coldly as he used his Crash of the Eight Trigrams again. However, he did not use it for offense. Rather, he used its defensive form as layers upon layers of destructive powers formed an endless wall and blocked the elder's sword radiance.

At the same time, Xiao Yan's Grand Sun Primordial Flame erupted suddenly as it charged towards the elder. The elder took out an item, which was called the divine Flame Glass Shield and blocked the onslaught of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame.

Lin Feng suddenly became anxious as he thought, ’’There's really such a thing! No wonder he was spoiling for a fight.’’

The Cyclone Grandmaster saw this and arched his eyebrow. The divine Flame Glass Shield could only withstand the attack for a short while. Before long, it would give way to the Grand Sun Primordial Flame.

All of a sudden, an idea struck him. He said slowly, ’’The Grand Sun Primordial Flame is owned by the great demon, the Golden Crow, and his tribe. How could your disciples be possessing it? Unless you are collaborating with the Fire Crows?’’

Lin Feng smiled, ’’Who says that the Grand Sun Primordial Flame is owned only by the Golden Crow and his tribe? You're right, the fire crows can control the Grand Sun Primordial Flame intuitively, but it does not mean that the Grand Sun Primordial Flame is owned only by them.’’

’’There are Seven Legendary Primordial Flames that were a result of creation. Those who possess the skills to understand the creation of heavens and earth can naturally use these flames too.’’

The Cyclone Grandmaster snorted, ’’It's easy to say that. But if what you say is true, produce another primordial flame for me.’’

Before he finished his sentence, he heard Xiao Yan's cough from the battlefield. Beyond the brilliant gold radiance of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame, a dark, purplish-blue blaze appeared too!

In comparison with the Grand Sun Primordial Flame, what it lacked in intensity it made up for in its cruelty.

The Cyclone Grandmaster and everyone else stared with their mouths agape. The combination of the dark purplish-blue blaze and the Grand Sun Primordial Flame bombarded the divine Flame Glass Shield until it was reduced to nothing but ashes. The elder operating the shield was burnt to crisp.

It happened so fast that the Cyclone Grandmaster could not even save him.

The face of Mr Zhang of the Marquis of Xuanji's household became dark as he said, ’’The purplish-blue blaze. Could it be the Nefarious Spectral Primordial Flame, the most destructive of the Seven Legendary Primordial Fires?’’

The Cyclone Grandmaster's mouth twitched as he looked at Lin Feng. However, Lin Feng had no intention of acknowledging him.

This made the Cyclone Grandmaster tremble. Right after he told Lin Feng to produce another primordial flame, Xiao Yan shoved the Nefarious Spectral Primordial Flame in his face.

What made him even more humiliated was the gaze of everyone else around him. A late Aurous Core stage cultivator of his sect actually lost to an early Aurous Core stage cultivator, Xiao Yan. It appeared that Lin Feng's proclamation that his disciples were ’’the first among equals’’ was true.

Yu Wanfeng's face was even more ominous. Xiao Yan's use of the Grand Sun Primordial Flame against the Cyclone Grandmaster had already changed his opinion about him. He knew that Xiao Yan was ferocious, but he did not expect him to be this ferocious.

He looked at Lin Feng as he heart grew cold, ’’With such a disciple, how terrifying would the master be?’’

With this deduction, he realized that Xiao Budian, who was next to Lin Feng, was in no way inferior to Xiao Yan.

Earlier on in Shazhou City, Yu Wanfeng witnessed Xiao Budian defeating a whole bunch of Foundation Establishment stage cultivators from the Mount Shu Sword Sect. However, he believed that he had received assistance from Lin Feng.

Now that Yu Wanfeng began to think about it, Lin Feng did not just suppress the mastery of those disciples to the peak of the Foundation Establishment stage. He probably did something else too.

However, looking at Xiao Yan's ferocity, Yu Wanfeng did not dare to think about that anymore. He stared at Xiao Budian with caution in his eyes as he thought, ’’As of now, he already possessed a terrifying amount of power. If he were to further develop his powers...’’

Yu Wanfeng's caution turned into killing intent. Shi Tianyi was an important chess piece for the Yu Family's future developments. He could not afford any slip-up.

Thinking about that, he realized that he missed out something.

In only half a year, Xiao Budian had advanced to the Aurous Core stage.

Such a terrifying speed was completely unparalleled. Even Shi Tianyi, who was lauded as a prodigy by all, could not match that.

Yu Wanfeng stared intently at Xiao Budian and noticed that Xiao Budian's appearance did not change much. This was to say that even if Xiao Budian had cultivated in the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World, he used very little time.

Such a discovery made Yu Wanfeng even more hellbent on killing him.

Xiao Budian felt Yu Wanfeng's gaze as he turned his head to look at him. His tiny face did not any trace of a smile as he said quietly, ’’What? Does the Yu Family want to have a go too?’’

Yu Wanfeng did not say anything but looked at Lin Feng. He noticed Lin Feng staring at him expressionlessly.

The cultivators of the Yu Family glared angrily at Xiao Budian. However, upon recalling what he did back in Shazhou City as well as Xiao Yan's powers, they became crestfallen.

A middle-aged Aurous Core stage cultivator suddenly stood up and said loudly, ’’Don't be too brazenly arrogant, I'll challenge you.’’

Xiao Budian's face was expressionless as he replaced Xiao Yan on the battlefield. ’’Bring it on.’’

The middle-aged man looked at Xiao Budian as he coughed dryly and said, ’’I haven't finished.’’


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