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History’s Number 1 Founder - Chapter 211


Chapter 211: Those Who Think Otherwise, Step Out Now!

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Countless of sharp knife-shape squalls flew towards fearsomely towards Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan chuckled as he completely ignored the Nine Heavens Formless Squall of Shu Xianshi. He punched the space in front of him mightily, causing it to ripple.

The smile that was appearing on Shu Xianshi's face froze.

In that moment, he felt as if he was trapped in a building during an earthquake. There was a possibility that the very space before him could collapse.

’’How could this be possible? He's only in his Aurous Core stage...’’ Shu Xianshi began contemplating this notion as he noticed that the space he was in actually began to collapse into itself. Black lines appeared in this space, blinding him.

Based on a single punch, Zhang Hai, Master Cyclone and Yu Wanfeng's facial expressions changed. Originally, they who ignored Xiao Yan at first were now filled with shock.

As Nascent Soul stage cultivators, they naturally knew that the black lines in space were not something corporeal;they were tears in space itself!

Xiao Yan's Crash of the Eight Trigrams was originally a supremely destructive force. After he entered the Aurous Core stage, his power was raised to a shocking new level.

The specter of death floated above Shu Xianshi's as he did not dare to belittle his foe anymore. Hastily, he summoned the Nine Heavens Formless Squall to defend himself. His entire body became a gust of wind as he retreated.

Fortunately, Xiao Yan was not actually an Aurous Core cultivator. The Crash of the Eight Trigrams could only damage space rather than completely destroy a portion of it completely. If not, Shu Xianshi would have been dead.

Xiao Yan's mouth twitched as he said, ’’Do you think you can leave?’’ He took out his Black Wind Flag and waved it as his entire body was covered by it. In that instant, he appeared behind Shu Xianshi.

Shu Xianshi was scared witless. ’’You dare...’’

’’Why not?’’ Xiao Yan smiled coldly as he punched again.

The space before them tore open again as Master Cyclone walked out from it. He commanded, ’’Young man, don't be too arrogant.’’

While Master Cyclone appeared to be a youth of only about ten years old, his tone was like that of an old man. The powers from his Aurous Core could be felt from his body. It was truly terrifying.

With a wave of his hand, a light wind began to blow. While it was no way as fierce as Shu Xianshi's Nine Heavens Formless Squall, it tore apart Xiao Yan's Crash of the Eight Trigrams instantly.

Xiao Yan had already known about Master Cyclone's true powers from Miao Shihao, but he betrayed no fear as he chuckled, ’’Little old man, the person who shouldn't be too arrogant is you.’’

Behind him, two wings made out of flames emerged. A golden flame, dazzling and blindingly bright and giving off pure Yang energy, covered half the sky.

’’The Grand Sun Primordial Flame!’’ Zhang Hai and the rest exclaimed in shock as they stared at Xiao Yan's golden wings.

Master Cyclone's heart was taken by fear. His telepathically controlled Nine Heavens Formless Squall became a shield as it blocked the Grand Sun Primordial Flame.

This time, he used his true powers and prevented Xiao Yan's Grand Sun Primordial Flame from breaking through his defences. However, poor Shu Xianshi caught in his master's squall.

Master Cyclone's face was filled with rage as dozens of Nine Heavens Formless Squall destroyed the Grand Sun Primordial Flame charging towards them. Then, like a tempest, it charged straight for Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan looked at the squall approaching him with a relaxed and calm attitude. He laughed, ’’Master, I can handle this.’’

From the space came Lin Feng's voice, ’’Fighting with someone like him would only leave the both of you injured. That's not what I want.’’

As soon as the voice sounded, an old bronze mirror giving off a dusky yellow light appeared before him. Where the light landed, it was as heavy as the earth. Master Cyclone's Nine Heavens Formless Squall landed on the Mirror of Dusk's light and could not advance anywhere beyond that.

Despite the fact that the dusky light was repeatedly torn apart by the squall, it quickly regenerated and was able to firmly resist the Nine Heavens Formless Squall.

Wind and Earth are respectively the lightest and heaviest elements of all. In the end, neither could overcome the other.

The Master Cyclone's face darkened as he withdrew his Nine Heavens Formless Squall. Then, he saw Lin Feng walking out from the space, followed by Kang Nanhua, Yang Tonghui, Wu Yunliang, Meng Chaoran and company.

Due to the commotion, the other wannabe-cultivators in Shazhou who headed out to watch were shocked too. They left the city in tiny groups, and from a plain far away they observed the exchange of blows between Lin Feng and Master Cyclone.

Master Cyclone looked at Lin Feng coldly and asked, ’’Are you the Celestial Sect's master, Lin Feng?’’

Lin Feng did not even acknowledge him as he said to Xiao Yan, ’’Take them back to the city please.’’

Xiao Yan smiled in response. Without even acknowledging Master Cyclone, he landed to the ground and with his mana, he immediately bundled up Liu Xiafeng and the rest.

Looking at Liu Xiafeng, he smiled and said, ’’Not bad, you're indeed a hard nut to crack.’’

Liu Xiafeng could feel the power coming from within Xiao Yan healing his wounds. He smiled lazily and replied, ’’I just dislike the way they belittle others.’’

Looking at the situation, Master Cyclone's face turned dark as he bellowed, ’’Stop them!’’

With that, he rolled out another squall. This time, Miao Shihao, who had been watching the fight from the side, parried the strike.

When Master Cyclone attacked at first, Miao Shihao hoped to take up the challenge. However, with the focus of both Zhang Hai and Yu Wanfeng on him, he could not afford to be careless. Now, with Lin Feng around, he did have to worry.

’’Such a bad temper,’’ Miao Shihao smiled coyly as his middle finger recoiled and touched his thumb while his index, ring and little finger pointed forward. With this gesture (Orchid Finger) , he drew four squares in he air.

In that moment, a perfect rhombus-shaped mirror appeared in the sky and floated up to receive Master Cyclone's Nine Heavens Formless Squall.

The mirror dazzled as an exact replica of the Nine Heavens Formless Squall shot out from the mirror.

The two squalls were exactly the same. As they clashed in mid-air, they disappeared.

Master Cyclone's face fell as he said, ’’Miao Shihao, do you want to be like these third-rate sects?’’

Behind him, Yu Wanfeng laughed, ’’This screwed up Celestial Sect of Wonders is truly shameless. It accepts all kind of people, even ladyboys like the Master of Mirrors and Flowers’’

Yu Wanfeng looked at Lin Feng, and mocked derisively, ’’Or perhaps, this is your fetish?’’

Upon hearing that, not only were Lin Feng's disciples infuriated, even the normally calm Kang Nanhua frowned.

The many cultivators from afar who came to watch the ceremony looked at Lin Feng and Miao Shihao with a strange expression on their faces.

Surprisingly, Miao Shihao, who had just been insulted, was calm. Not only was he not angry, he laughed.


Miao Shihao's laugh grew in volume. The very heavens vibrated from his laugh.

As his laugh's volume increased, the sound of his laugh changed.

In the start, it was coy and feminine. Soon, it became clear and loud. Finally, it became strong and masculine.

Throughout the laugh, Miao Shihao's entire frame changed. In the beginning, he was slim. While his face was ethereally handsome, he no longer gave off a feminine feel.

In that instant, Miao Shihao appeared to have transformed into a hunk, virile and energetic.

’’As illusion becomes reality, reality becomes an illusion.’’

Miao Shihao's laugh suddenly stopped. He shook his head, sighed and said, ’’The mirror reflects off water like a flower as dreams are immersed in illusion. Life is like that, no? What is an appearance? Is it really important? Who can guarantee that what we see is real?’’

Here, his demeanor changed again. He was no longer feminine, but rather overtly masculine like Kang Nanhua and Meng Chaoran, calm and collected while being as moderate as a jade.

Zhang Hai stared at Miao Shihao for a while before sighing, ’’Master of Mirrors and Flowers, your Spiritual Illusion Charm's mastery has improved another level. Looking at you, you aren't far from the middle phase of the Nascent Soul stage.’’

’’Thank you.’’ In one sentence, Miao Shihao returned to his original demeanor as the slightly feminine and androgynous Brother Shihao. He smiled seductively at Lin Feng and said, ’’My improvement is thanks to my master.’’

Lin Feng smiled and replied, ’’I just prodded you in the right way.’’

Yu Wanfeng's face turned bronze green as he looked at Miao Shihao. As he was about say something, he saw Lin Feng staring at him at his heart missed a beat.

Lin Feng's gaze landed on Master Cyclone and Yu Wanfeng and he said, ’’I just heard someone mentioning that my sect is third-rate and not worth a hoot.’’

Master Cyclone said coldly, ’’So what?’’

Lin Feng put his hands behind his back and surveyed his surroundings. He said calmly, ’’Everyone here is from the Kunlun Mountains. All of you can be witnesses here.’’

Wu Yunliang's heart jolted as he asked, ’’May I ask Master Lin what am I supposed to witness?’’

Lin Feng smiled and said a single sentence, plunging everyone into a deep silence.

A short while later, the many cultivators threw decorum out of the window and began to discuss amongst themselves.

’’This master of the Celestial Sect, has he gone mad?’’

’’Even if he's from the Mount Shu Sword Sect or the Great Void Sect, he wouldn't dare to say such a thing. This person is crazy.’’

’’We don't need to say anything. Neither the Yu Family nor the Aeolus Sect will permit this transgression.’’

Even Wu Yunliang, Meng Chaoran and Yang Tonghui who stood behind Lin Feng stared at Lin Feng absurdly.

Lin Feng's words rang non-stop in their heads.

’’Disciples of my Celestial Sect of Wonders are invincible against other cultivators of a similar level.’’

Zhang Hai stared intently at Lin Feng and asked, ’’When you said 'same level', do you mean that your disciples, who may be in the earlier phase of the Aurous Core stage, can easily defeat a disciple in the later phase of the Aurous Core stage?’’

Lin Feng nodded calmly. His gaze swept across all the chattering personnel. Then he looked at the slightly incredulous Yu Family disciples and the disciples of the Aeolus Sect and laughed softly.

’’All those who think otherwise are welcome to challenge my sect right here, right now.’’


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