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History’s Number 1 Founder - Chapter 210


Chapter 210: Blocking Our Path!

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The Ethereal Mountain Sect was located to the east of the southern foot of the Kunlun Mountains and bordered the Great Qin Empire. While it was no older than a thousand years, it was a wonder in its heydays, equalling even the Aeolus Sect.

However, in the months that followed, The Ethereal Mountain Sect infuriated the Great Qin Empire and was suppressed by it, leading to its eventual destruction.

While extraordinary figures had appeared before from the sect, the pressures of the outside world coupled with the internal struggles within the sect had led to its fall from grace. No longer able to compete for dominance with the Aeolus Sect, it was relegated to mediocrity.

However, despite its misfortunes, the Ethereal Mountain Sect still possessed one Nascent Soul stage cultivator as its leader. He stabilized the situation in the Kunlun Mountains and helped to slow its decline.

The master of the Ethereal Mountain Sect, Wu Yunliang, may appear to be no more than 40 or 50 years old. He had some white hair, and his demeanor was serious and unforgiving.

Lin Feng did not appear before him. Instead, he sent Kang Nanhua in his head for the negotiations.

In the negotiations, Wu Yunliang indicated that he would like to meet with Lin Feng. Kang Nanhua concurred and brought him over to Lin Feng.

In Lin Feng's eyes, this made him wary as he thought, ’’Wu Yunliang is a cunning person. He probably has other intentions in mind that led him to initiate this meet-up.’’

Lin Feng turned away his gaze as he saw the middle-aged man standing next to Wu Yunliang. He was clad in purple robes and his expression was plain. He did not speak but just sat there quietly.

’’Could this be the Meng Chaoran that Kang Nanhua mentioned’’ Lin Feng observed quietly. Regardless of the situation, the person appeared detached and uncaring.

Both Kang Nanhua and Lin Feng felt that there was something about Meng Chaoran that made him stood out.

He was like a volcano, and one that's located undersea rather than on the earth, to boot.

During negotiations, one could sense a fire burning under his calm outer appearance.

’’He is quite similar to Kang Nanhua. Such a personality is not bad, but it invites tragedy,’’ Lin Feng shook his head slowly as he thought suddenly. ’’Oh, has Yang Tonghui arrived?’’

To meet his old friend, Lin Feng decided to head out himself. The newcomer came in a blaze of azure light. It was indeed Master Skywalker, Yang Tonghui, of the Heavenly Master Sword Sect. Behind him followed ten plus people, all of whom were wearing azure apparels. They tied a blue belt around their waist and a longsword hung from their sides. This was the uniform of the Heavenly Master Sword Sect.

Upon meeting Lin Feng, Yang Tonghui smiled and said, ’’Sorry to disturb you, Master Lin.’’

Lin Feng smiled. The Heavenly Master Sword Sect was included in his calculation as it was a chess piece that could play an important role. Maintaining good relations with it would bring more benefits than harm.

Yang Tonghui and his entourage paid their respects to Lin Feng. Suddenly, Yang Tonghui said, ’’Master Lin, I've heard that some people were unhappy about your successful Sect-Opening Ceremony.’’

Lin Feng smiled, ’’Is it the Mount Shu Sword Sect?’’

Yang Tonghui nodded his head and said, ’’From reports, it is possible that Master Lixiong will personally make an appearance.’’

Lin Feng's heart was slightly jolted by this piece of news. For members of the demon clan, they started off as Demonic Soldier, followed by Demonic General, then Demonic Commander and finally a Demonic Lord who possessed his demonic core. Afterwards, after forming their indestructible demon soul, they would become Great Demonic Saint.

In comparison, human cultivators started off as Qi cultivators, before moving on the Foundation Establishment stage, then the Aurous Core stage, then the Nascent Soul stage and before finally entering the Immortal stage.

In the rules of the Grand Celestial World, an Aurous Core stage cultivator could call himself a master, a Nascent Soul stage cultivator could call himself a grandmaster while an Immortal stage cultivator would call himself a supreme master or a holy master.

Kong Chang's title as the Master Lixiong was due to him being the eldest disciple of the Lixiong Branch of the Mount Shu Sword Sect.

And Master Lixiong's master was a cultivator who had already entered the Immortal stage. At the same time, he was the supreme master over all members of the Lixiong Branch.

Cultivators in the Immortal stage were the crème de la crème in the hierarchy of the Grand Celestial World. The power they possessed was unparalleled by any other cultivator.

Upon hearing that, Lin Feng's expression did not change. He did not need any further explanation, but said softly, ’’It's alright.’’

Looking at this, Yang Tonghui smiled gently and decided not to raise this topic any more.

As the two of them talked, Lin Feng received Miao Shihao's message.

’’Master, I think I'm in a bit of a tiff here.’’ While he was relaying a bad news, Miao Shihao's tone was laid-back and relaxed.

However, something that could trouble Miao Shihao definitely gave Lin Feng a cause of concern.

’’Xiao Yan was bringing a few guys from Shazhou who wished to join our sect back. However, on the way back, he was stopped by some people,’’ said Miao Shihao, ’’It appears to be our old friend, Yu Wanfeng of the Yu Family.’’

He stopped for a while before continuing, ’’Other than him, there was Master Cyclone from the Aeolus Sect and someone whom I did not recognize. However, he was rather fearsome.’’

Lin Feng replied softly, ’’Wait for me, I'll be there soon.’’

He turned and smiled at Yang Tonghui, before saying, ’’Come with me.’’

With that, Lin Feng stepped into the room. He looked at Meng Chaoran and Wu Yunliang, before saying, ’’I wish to thank the both of you for participating in my Sect-Opening Ceremony.’’

Looking at Lin Feng's sudden appearance, Wu Yunliang's eyes flashed. In an instant, he smiled and said, ’’This must be Master Lin. It is truly my fortune to be able to meet with you.’’

Without waiting for him to say anything, Lin Feng said, ’’The Sect-Opening Ceremony will commence soon. But before that, I wish to invite everyone to watch a show.’’

Wu Yunliang looked at Meng Chaoran without saying anything other. He then said, ’’Show us the way.’’

Without further ado, Lin Feng led the way.

Before leaving, he released a whole bunch of purple clouds as it wrapped up the many masters and would-be disciples saying there and flew with him towards the outskirts of Shazhou City.

On the way there, Lin Feng explained the situation to Kang Nanhua while informing Zhu Yi and the rest to rendezvous with Xiao Yan and Miao Shihao.

About a hundred li southeast to Shazhou, Miao Shihao and Xiao Yan stood in mid-air facing a group of people. Underneath them were a group of youths, numbering from 6 to 7.

Despite feeling the tensions in the air, the youths looked at the two sides in the air with a look of admiration on their faces.

Xiao Yan looked at the people opposite him, saying in a deep voice, ’’These people travelled all the way to Shazhou to join my sect. Why are you obstructing our path?’’

Opposite him were the many disciples of the Yu Family, led by Yu Wanfeng, as well as a bunch of Aeolus Sect cultivators led by Master Cyclone.

Next to them stood a middle-aged man whose white robes were decorated with a whole bunch of calligraphy characters. However, he did not appear grubby or shabby. Rather, he gave off a strong mythical feel.

The middle-aged man in the white robes appeared extremely elegant but wild at the same time. He gave off a strong pressure to all around him. He was Mr Zhang Hai from the Marquis of Xuanji's household.

Despite Xiao Yan's questioning, the three of them pretended to have not heard it. They did not even bother to listen to the Aurous Core stage, Xiao Yan.

Next to Master Cyclone emerged an Aurous Core stage cultivator, who swept Xiao Yan with his gaze before saying, ’’Your Celestial Sect of Wonders is no more than a third-rate sect. By accepting these disciples, you are depriving more worthy sects of talents and cheating them of their potential.’’

He looked down at the many youths underneath him before saying, ’’I am the Premier Elder of the Aeolus Sect, Shu Xianshi. Today, the Aeolus Sect is taking in disciples. All of you can join the Aeolus Sect.’’

Upon hearing that, Xiao Yan was so angry that he laughed instead. ’’Hur hur, you are undermining my sect in front of us.’’

Shu Xianshi looked at Xiao Yan from the corner of his eyes and said, ’’These kids have the right of choice too. They should be allowed to join the sect that they want. Are you going to force them into your sect?’’

In his heart, he was gleeful as he thought, ’’My Aeolus Sect has a history of tens of thousands of years. For long, it dominated the Kunlun Mountains. How can your new sect compare to us? Any one with a functioning brain will pick us over you.’’

The youths on the ground looked at each other. Finally, they concentrated their gaze on one of them, whose expression suggested that he did not have a care in the world.

’’What should we do, Liu Xiafeng?’’

The youth called Liu Xiafeng shrugged his shoulders and said, ’’I've heard of the Aeolus Sect, which is apparently the premier sect in southern foot of the Kunlun Mountains. Before the rise of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, they could be said to be number one sect in the Kunlun Mountains.’’

Hearing his words, Shu Xianshi smiled before an expression of displeasure crossed his face. In a solemn voice, he said, ’’Foolish child, even till now the Aeolus Sect ranks first.’’

Upon hearing that, Liu Xiafeng arched his eyebrows and smiled, ’’Not meaning to be rude, but despite you saying that I still choose the Celestial Sect of Wonders. That's the reason I'm here anyway.’’

He looked at the other youths and said smiling, ’’You too, right?’’

It was apparent that Liu Xiafeng commanded the respect of the other youths around him. With his words, everyone nodded their heads vigorously in agreement.

Shu Xianshi stared at the scene before him with his mouth open in shock. He never thought that Liu Xiafeng would make such a choice.

’’A mere third-rate sect can be compared directly to my Aeolus Sect? Don't lie to yourselves!’’ Shu Xianshi landed on the ground in that instance as he stared, black-faced, at Liu Xiafeng and company. His gaze fell onto Liu Xiafeng.

An Aurous Core stage cultivator did not even need to touch an ordinary person to kill him. His mere aura sufficed.

However, while Liu Xiafeng appeared to have cultivated Qi before this, how could he resist the pressure of an Aurous Core stage cultivator?

However, he remained defiant. Fearlessly, he looked at Shu Xianshi and said coldly, ’’Your Aeolus Sect may be powerful, but is it more powerful than the Mount Shu Sword Sect?’’

By offending the Mount Shu Sword Sect, what benefits could it possibly bring the Aeolus Sect?

In that instant, Shu Xianshi was unable to reply Liu Xiafeng. In a fit of anger, he turned the aura around him into a cyclone as he charged towards Liu Xiafeng.

Without using any spell and relying solely on projecting his mana, he could rip Liu Xiafeng to pieces.

’’Go back to the southern foot of the Kunlun Mountains, this isn't the place for you to do your nonsense,’’ Xiao Yan's mocking voice suddenly sounded next to Shu Xianshi. In the next instant, all one saw was a fist that split open Shu Xianshi's cyclone, which came tumbling down before him.

Shu Xianshi's appearance was furious, but he was chortling inside. His objective was to trigger Xiao Yan.

During the Spiritual Conference of Hanhai, Xiao Budian's battle with the Mount Shu Sword Sect's sword cultivators had already become a stuff of legend. Shu Xianshi's underestimation of his opponents was merely a ploy.

As he appeared to have been beaten into submission by Xiao Yan, he was actually well-prepared. His next move was his most powerful move, the Nine Heavens Formless Squall, which would morph into invisible blades, slashing towards Xiao Yan!


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