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History’s Number 1 Founder - Chapter 208


Chapter 208: Four Appearances to Unlock the Book of Heaven

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The word refers to the God of the Earth, concentrating the powers of the Earth. With that word on the Heaven and Earth Mirror, the device gives off an entirely different aura.

Lin Feng quietly tries to detect the changes within the Heaven and Earth Mirror. Suddenly he tapped it with his finger, casting the Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm.

The edge of the dimension to be replaced was located right in the middle of the Heaven and Earth Mirror. Under normal circumstances, if Lin Feng cast this charm, the Heaven and Earth Mirror would have been broken into two halves.

But at this point, the Heaven and Earth Mirror emanated a soil yellow beam, and condensed into an almost solid form, resisting the strong destructive effect inflicted by the Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm.

The dimension at which the middle part of the Heaven and Earth Mirror was located trembled like small waves for a long while, before finally returning to stillness. The dimension was not replaced whatsoever. The powers of the Heaven and Earth Mirror overpowered the Space, preventing Lin Feng's Dual Dimension Vacuum Charm from taking its supposed effect.

Lin Feng was not frustrated at all. In fact, a smile appeared on his face.

While this was definitely not the mirror's primary function, to be able to hold down Space demonstrates its inimitable prowess as a Nascent Soul Stage weapon!

After acquiring the Heaven and Earth Mirror that year, it was first repaired with the Galaxy Sand, before being strengthened with the Gaia Jade. Today, after being refined with the help of the Heavenly Book of Nations, it finally recovered its past glory.

’’What an interesting device, ’’ Lin Feng chuckled, turning his attention once again to the Heavenly Book of Nations.

In the Space, countless letters arranged themselves into order. Initially incomplete and lacking at places, with the help of the Heaven and Earth Mirror, the missing parts were filled in, revealing itself as a complete mantra.

The mantra occupied Lin Feng's mind as he tried calmly to memorise the mantra. Even though he was physically in the Vacuum, he seemed to still be connected to the Earth.

Lin Feng could feel that he was gaining in strength and power. He opened his eyes, ’’The Heavenly Book of Nations is indeed extraordinary.’’

Within the mantra system, in Space, the last uncertain element, the Earth, has finally been stabilised at this moment.

The Earth, Water, Fire and Wind - these four elements were all considered stable, the system reminder rang beside his ear.

’’The number of types of the fundamentals reference mantra fulfills the requirement, let the combine now!’’

’’Mantra combination begins... Mantra combination is successful... Begin the creation of The

Heavenly Classic of the Way's Virtues, Second Chapter, Four Appearance Articles!’’

’’The second chapter of the Heavenly Classic of the Way's Virtues, the Book of the Four Appearances Unlocking the Heaven, is successfully created!’’

An image appeared in Lin Feng's mind: space was in chaos, and amidst the chaos, it was suddenly shattered.

’’Whoosh!’’ like a flame falling into boiling oil, the fire burned ferociously.

Initially just a small flame, with a blink of the eye, the fire burned ubiquitously in the primeval state of the universe.

Shortly after that came the sound of water, gushing out from the raging fire and shooting high up to the sky.

Concurrently, the soil turned. Everywhere was covered in broken pieces of soil.

The hurricane roared on with a deafening noise.

The entire primeval state of universe had completely lost its delicate balance, transforming into endless chaos involving soil, water, fire and wind. Each wreaked havoc in a magnitude that was completely unparalleled.

Lin Feng quietly watched the violent movements of the soil, water, fire and wind, as they became more violent with the passage of time. However, amidst the chaos, a peculiar balance was reached, finally from them all emerged a bubble-like object.

Lin Feng willed it mentally and the bubble quickly exploded. From it spurted two air currents - one clear the other murky.

As soon as these two air currents appeared, the chaotic state of the Earth, water, fire and wind was finally ended as calmness was restored. The clear current gradually rose, while the murky one slowly sank.

The murky stream slowly sank, becoming heavier and heavier by each second. It condensed to form a solid base, transforming into the Earth crust, then into mountains, streams and rivers.

The clear stream gradually rose, further and further away. It was ubiquitous and capricious, transforming into the sky, then into the stars, sun and moon.

The sky and the Earth were separated. A whole new world was born, just like that.

Lin Feng tried to contemplate the theory within, and was momentarily enlightened, ’’Destroy the Heaven and the Earth, separate the primeval state of universe, reset the soil, water, fire and wind, split the sky and the Earth, create the world - this should be essence of the Four Appearances Unlocking Heaven Book.’’

’’Now, I can finally execute the last step.’’ Lin Feng's consciousness left the System Dimension.

He had a gut feeling and he raised his head to gaze at the direction of the Space.

There, he could vaguely see the lightning flashing and hear the thunder rumbling. A specter of oppression and fear hovered above the peak of Mount Yujing.

’’My Lord, I am facing my Lightning Tribulation soon,’’ Kang Nanhua's voice rang beside his ears.

Lin Feng came to the edge of the precipice of Mount Yujing and stared down. On the precipice there was cave from which a thick and powerful aura emanated from it - that must be Kang Nanhua's handpicked place of residence.

’’Focus on overcoming the Lightning Tribulations, do not worry about the other matters. I will use my powers to protect you,’’ Lin Feng said, ’’This round of Lightning Tribulations, are you confident?’’

There are three major tribulations at the Aurous Core Stage, and the last tribulation is the Lightning Tribulations. Once one transcended them, one could become a Nascent Soul. From thereon, one could traverse the entire sky and Earth, explore all of the Space, travel tens of thousand of miles, and live a long life.

The lifespans of Cultivators will be increased. Becoming an Aurous Core was another challenge that they must face. Once successful, they can live up to a thousand years.

To cross over from the Aurous Core Stage to the Nascent Soul Stage was another challenge. If one could successfully become a Nascent Soul, one's lifespan will be increased to 3600 years.

As long as the Soul was not damaged, the cultivator's lifespan would not change.

Living for up to 3600 years practically made one as good as immortal.

Yet, the Lightning Tribulations are the most dangerous ones of the three tribulations of the Aurous Core. Many warriors and heroes alike had failed at this essential challenge.

Having a formidable accumulation of powers, noble Aurous Core qualities, and strong determination are all essential qualities that one must possess. In fact, one must also need some luck to succeed.

To overcome the Lightning Tribulations, one must do it oneself, without the help of others. If anyone extended a helping hand, the tribulations would only become more difficult.

The Lightning Tribulations are completely different from the lightning powers performed by the Cultivators. Even if it was the lightning summoned from the sky, its destructive powers were still no match for the Lightning Tribulations.

The Lightning Tribulations were undoubtedly the most potent force in this world.

Not too long ago, Zhu Yi chanced upon an artifact used by a Cultivator to learn the Dark Mantra at the Great Hengduan Mountains. That person was a Cultivator belonging to the later stage of the Aurous Core stage, but because he could not stand against the Lightning Tribulations, he was directly struck by the lightning and turned into ashes.

Even though Kang Nanhua was well-versed in many mantras and was extremely skilled and powerful, Lin Feng was worried for him.

’’My Lord, please don't worry on my behalf. If not for the fact that I am now on Mount Yujing, I would be only 70 percent confident about overcoming the Lightning Tribulations,’’ Kang Nanhua smiled and replied, ’’But now, I am 90 percent confident that I can get through this unscathed.’’

Lin Feng nodded, ’’If that's the case, carry on. I will do my best to protect you.’’

Kang Nanhua exited from the cave and sat cross-legged on a bulging spot on the precipice of the mountain. His mastery of the Ancient Mantra of the Flowing Sand of Ganges was at its peak now.

Without any forewarning, there was a sudden huge crack in the Space. A thick bolt of lightning

emerged from the crack, striking directly at Kang Nanhua's head!

The Lightning Tribulations was such that no matter where and how you hid, the lightning would still split the Space and find its way to you.

Cultivators of the later stage of the Aurous Core Stage had to discover the secrets of Space from the Lightning Tribulations' Space-splitting power. This was what many Cultivators of the Nascent Soul Stage had to go through to understand the secrets and mysteries of the Space.

Before Kang Nanhua, the Sand of the Ganges and the Great Chaos Primordial Water combined with each other, shielding him from the lightning.

His entire body shook violently as a result of the strong impact, but his heart remained calm.

Lin Feng could palpably feel the pressure of overcoming the Lightning Tribulations. Even though he was merely a bystander, he found it extremely frightening.

For a human being to face these lightning strikes is tantamount to an egg being crushed by a mountain - it felt like one could be deadly disintegrated any time.

One bout of lightning strikes after another struck Kang Nanhua mercilessly, yet he was like a reef by the sea, unafraid of the strong waves and cutting wind.

Before his Soul Formation, being able to witness the true colours of the Lightning Strikes up close was, to Lin Feng, an invaluable experience and that no amount of gold could buy.

While observing Kang Nanhua fending himself against the Lightning Tribulations, Lin Feng had a sudden thought, ’’When a Cultivator establishes his foundation, he must be indefatigable in his

pursuit, and unwavering in his commitment.’’

’’To brew the Golden Elixir is to overcome the fear of death, attaining the enlightenment of the soul.’’

’’And the Soul Formation, on the other hand, was a test of the Cultivator's mental strength. When faced with an impending life-threatening danger, they should remain fearless, calm and courageous.’’

To cultivate oneself was to disobey the laws of nature and to go against God-ordained fate. The ultimate outcome was not to be as one with nature, but to understand the laws of nature while

retaining our agency, before creating a world of our own.

Once enlightened about this, Lin Feng could feel his Golden Elixir turning and tossing, as his soul seemed to fuse as one with Space. He could sense that the Earth was watching him, and he immediately understood, ’’Am I going to face the Lightning Tribulations soon too?’’

At this moment, the lightning strikes began to abate gradually. Kang Nanhua was as pale as death, but light appeared above his head and a shiny purple Golden Elixir emerged from the top of his head.

The Golden Elixir that Kang Nanhua successfully produced was also purple in colour, but he was covered in cracks and crevices, so fragile that it looked as though it could be shattered easily.

’’Open!’’ Kang Nanhua remained as pale, but he was certainly delighted. He raised his head and blew at his Golden Elixir.

His Golden Elixir emanated light. Amidst the light, a shadow slowly emerged, and it belongs to the outline of a newborn baby.

But this baby sat cross-legged with his hands clasped together chanting the mantra. The Sand of the Ganges and the Great Chaos Primordial Water orbited around the baby.

Lin Feng saw that and thought to himself, ’’So this is Kang Nanhua's nascent soul.’’

Kang Nanhua called out gently, and the Nascent Soul above his head entered his scalp.’’

Lin Feng landed beside him and beamed, ’’Congratulations for successfully reaching the Nascent Soul Stage.’’

Kang Nanhua laughed, ’’All thanks to my Lord for inviting me to Mount Yujing. This could not be so successful without your help.’’

Lin Feng smiled while shaking his head. He did not utter a word. The truth was, he should be grateful to Kang Nanhua, for his experience would make it much easier for Lin Feng in the future.

Time passed quickly in the mountain. After spending some time recovering his powers, Kang Nanhua was almost back to his prime. With his formidable powers, even if he merely stood there, it seemed as though he could open the Space.

At this point of time, Miao Shihao brought Yang Qing back to Mount Yujing. After Cloud Water Cave was destroyed, Yang Qing had nowhere to go. When Lin Feng was willing to let him stay at Mount Yujing, of course, he was more than grateful. After all, a beautiful haven like Mount Yujing was hard to come by.

One day, after checking the Calendar, Lin Feng called his four disciples - Yue Hongyan, Yang Qing, Miao Shihao and Kang Nanhua - to his side.


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