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History’s Number 1 Founder - Chapter 207


Chapter 207: Nothing Comes Free in this World

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Tuntun stared eagerly at Lin Feng, expecting Lin Feng to understand what was on her mind.

Of course, Lin Feng knew. He smiled slightly, then removed the Heavenly Cage Mantra while retrieving half of the Gengjin Tiger's cadaver to be handed over to Tuntun.

The sudden surge of happiness overwhelmed Taotie.

Everything seemed too good to be true for Tuntun. She was hesitant and slightly doubtful and encircled the Gengjin Tiger's cadaver. She thought to herself, ’’Could he have poisoned this?’’

Lin Feng looked at her in an amused manner, knowing perfectly well just what Tuntun was thinking. He laughed, ’’If you don't want, I will take it back.’’

Upon hearing this, Tuntun panicked. She quickly spread herself over the cadaver, dying to protect what she believed to be already hers.

’’I am Taotie, and I am not afraid of any poison. Any poison can still be consumed by me,’’ Tuntun patted herself on her head, ’’After being tricked by this dude so many times, I have become muddled myself.’’

At this thought, Tuntun felt rejuvenated and transformed into her original self with a sound that resembled a toddler's wail.

A human face with a goat's body, her eyes at her armpits, tiger fangs and human claws. With her current appearance, she was not in the least bit adorable. She jumped onto the Gengjin Tiger's cadaver and started devouring it.

Looking at her less than flattering demeanour, Lin Feng curled his lips, ’’She couldn't care less about the rest when it comes to eating.’’

Taotie's Heavenly Gift was indeed intimidating;despite being reduced to a mere wisp of a soul, she could still promptly devour the cadaver which was extremely hard in its entirety.

After finishing half of the Gengjin Tiger's cadaver, little Taotie started to show some stark changes.

Initially, a transparent soul, her soul started flashing blinding golden light, as her body seemed to be plated with a layer of metallic lustre that made her look impressively shiny.

She shut her eyes and hummed to herself while the golden light changed continuously and her seemingly transparent body started to acquire a corporeal form.

In the process, her body emanated a gas that smelled strongly of masculinity and blood, like that of a real corporeal body.

After a long while, Tuntun exploded into laughter, ’’I have finally acquired a corporeal body!’’

With a quick turn, she transformed into human form. Now she looked like a little girl - strong, sturdy and solid, but feminine and adorable, much different from her previous soul-like existence. The Tuntun now gave off fragrance, and her complexion was so fine and perfect and soft.

Her immense powers seemed to flow through her body. Even though she was not a demon of the Demonic Lord category, she was as powerful as a Demonic Commander and was only a step away from forming the Demonic Soul and ascending to become the Demonic Lord.

Tuntun warmed her body up, then raised her gaze at Lin Feng. She extended her little hand, and said in a hostile manner, ’’Give me the Grand Sun Primordial Flame, and I will forgive you for imprisoning me. If you refuse, tsk!’’

Lin Feng gave her an ambivalent grin, ’’You fool, you seem to have forgotten the pain you went through?’’

He opened up his palm, instead of the Heavenly Cage Mantra, it was a purple gas that formed an independent entity, enclosing Tuntun within.

’’I am unlike my former self!’’ Tuntun raised her volume, swung her hand, forming golden flashes of light resembling the tips of many blades. It was Gengjin Tiger Tribe's Heavenly Gift.

These golden flashes of light landed on the purple gas but were unable to split it apart. Tuntun noticed that and twitched her nose, ’’Gengjin Tiger Tribe is useless, and pales in comparison to the White Tiger Tribe's, their ancestors, immense powers.’’

She opened her mouth and took a deep breath. As though her mouth was a bottomless pit, she sucked all the purple gas in.

Once the gas was in her body, Tuntun's eyes lit up, ’’This is some good stuff! It is full of life and tastes good! I can never have enough of it!’’

Lin Feng snickered upon hearing this, ’’Nothing comes free in this world.’’

Tuntun was slightly alarmed and quickly realised that the purple gas she inhaled could not be converted into demonic powers for herself the way she always used to be able to.

While she was able to inhale all the purple gas, she could not digest it. The purple gas remained the same as it was, and was trapped in her body.

And as Lin Feng willed it mentally, all the purple gas inhaled by Tuntun immediately condensed into a sphere, forming a separate world by itself.

Tuntun stared through her body and could even see that within this spherical small world, a prehistoric era was at its inception, and everything was transforming incessantly.

Regardless of how she used Taotie Tribe's Heavenly Gift, she could not disintegrate this separate small world within her.

Lin Feng snickered again, ’’Be careful to not eat too much, it won't do you stomach any good.’’

New changes can be observed from the purple gas within Tuntun: all living things aged and decayed, inching towards complete destruction;the little world marched towards lonely destruction.

The spherical purple little world rapidly withered away, like a balloon being popped all of a sudden.

’’This is not good!’’ Tuntun was apprehensive. She realised that the little world made of purple gas was breaking down and the entire world would soon be completely destroyed.

Lin Feng had used his magical powers to create the little world that simulated the disaster of the

Destruction of Heaven and Earth. It was a horrifying sight.

The power of the Destruction of Heaven and Earth was so terrifying that even if it were a simulation, it could make anyone tremble in fear.

Tuntun did not doubt at all that if this little world were to break down and be destroyed within her, its destructive power could wreck her body entirely alongside too.

As it was a moment of life and death, the Lolita did not hesitate to give in. After all, she was used to it. Her demeanour became extremely natural, as she tried to solicit sympathy from Lin Feng, ’’It's my fault this time, please forgive me!’’

Lin Feng laughed, ’’Why do I feel that it would do me more good to completely destroy you? That would save me the trouble if someone repays me with more evil deeds.’’

Tuntun curled her lips sadly, ’’You have shackled me for so long, and I can't even complain for a bit.’’

Deep down, she sighed continuously, ’’And I thought I could retaliate. Who knows he could suppress me with ease. It seems like even Mum isn't his opponent, and as he said, only Dad can

be pitched against him.’’

Lin Feng just wanted to frighten her to serve as a warning and to impress his authority on her, but he had no intention to kill her. He willed it mentally and halted the destruction of the Celestial Small Worlds. The purple gas reformed and left Tuntun through her mouth.

Tuntun watched him through the side of her eyes, with the gaze of a child who was caught by an adult for stealing sweets but who still eyed the sweets eagerly, drooling secretly.

Lin Feng smiled, ’’I have promised to give you the Grand Sun Primordial Flame, and I will not renege on my promise, so you'd better be obedient.’’

’’You need it, and I am the one who is giving it to you, so you should be more sensible.’’

Tuntun was unhappy secretly. For all this while, she could always get what she wanted, and could even ask for more whenever she wanted more.

But now that she was in a disadvantaged position with a weak bargaining power, Tuntun nodded in an obedient manner, and smiled unctuously, ’’Yes, I will be, I will be.’’

How would Lin Feng know whether she was genuine about it?

But that did not matter, for she was ready to fight him if he did not keep his promise.

Lin Feng flicked his finger, the Grand Sun Primordial Flame appeared in front of Tuntun. Tuntun rejoiced and quickly swallowed it.

After she had swallowed it, she shut her eyes and got into a peculiar pose, a training stance exclusive to the Taotie Tribe.

Her little tummy rose and fell. Her Heavenly Gift was exercised to its fullest potential. When it came to the Grand Sun Primordial Flame, even Tuntun had to be careful to refine it before she could call it hers.

Ling Feng was calm and waited quietly for her to complete the process.

After a long while, Tuntun suddenly opened her eyes. Blinding golden sparkles flashed from her pupils.

’’Dark Aqua Xuanming, you are not my opponent anymore!’’ Tuntun guffawed at the sky, feeling extremely pleased with herself, ’’This time round, unless you seek refuge at Xuanming Tribe permanently, I will find you and I will mate with you!’’

Lin Feng coughed a few times - what he heard made him choke. Even though she knew the reason Tuntun wanted the Grand Sun Primordial Flame, to hear her say it out aloud so explicitly,

Lin Feng was torn between tearing up and laughing, he looked at Tuntun, ’’And that's all you think of.’’

After guffawing, Tuntun turned to look at Lin Feng and straightened herself up, ’’Can you release me back to the Barren Expanses? I have not seen my parents in a long time, I miss them dearly.’’

Lin Feng exposed her true intention very unkindly, ’’You don't have to lie. You must be missing your Dark Aqua Xuanming and you want to forcefully seize him to do that thing right?’’

’’To mate, it is to mate!’’ Tuntun tried to correct him, only to realise a little too late that she should not have said that when Tuntun stared at her with an ambivalent smile.

Her toes tapped the ground and pressed against each other as she uttered with her head bowed low in embarrassment, ’’My primary reason is real because I miss my parents, and then, out of convenience, only strictly out of convenience, I will go look for Dark Aqua Xuanming...’’

Lin Feng shook his head with a smirk, ’’You shouldn't be too eager to leave. Like you said, if Dark Aqua Xuanming sought refuge at Xuanming Tribe's place, your wish cannot be fulfilled.’’

’’You must wait till you recover your powers as the then Demonic Lord before you can take any actions.’’

Tuntun panicked, ’’But it would be disastrous if Fox Fen that foxy bitch got there first!’’

Lin Feng eyed her and laughed again. His laughter was an immoral and insincere one, as though he were the Wolve disguised as a granny trying to deceive the Little Red Riding Hood.

He sighed deeply, ’’Oh, what a pity! I still have lots of sumptuous foods here that I wanted to give you.’’

’’For example, there are the Grand Sun Primordial Water, the Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire, the Nine Heavens Formless Squall, and then there is also a third of the Gengjin Tiger Demonic Soul's essence...’’

Before Lin Feng could complete his sentence, Tuntun leapt towards Lin Feng and embraced his leg, nodding incessantly, ’’I will stay, I will stay, I will stay!’’

Once the Lolita was placated, Lin Feng's consciousness left the Ring Dimension.

At this point, Xiao Budian was still running and hiding at Mount Yujing to avoid being captured by Xiao Yan and his people.

Lin Feng shook his head without a smile and diverted his attention to the last chapter of the Book of Nations and the Heaven and Earth Mirror.

He contemplated silently and immersed his self in the state of the boundless power of the Earth.

The Earth was reticent, heavy and stable;it looked ordinary, but its powers were immense.

The Earth and the Heaven: the Heaven, it was boundless in its expanse;the Earth, it was the bearer and the supporter of the Heaven.

The Earth was seemingly ordinarily, but it could support everything, and accommodate anything.

Lin Feng suddenly beamed and touched the Heaven and Earth Mirror with his finger. A soil yellow beam appeared in the mirror and shrouded the last chapter of the Book of Nations.

Innumerable letters and symbols emerged from the book, but they were clearly incomplete, and many sentences did not flow. But as the Heaven and Earth Mirror continued to shine, the texts emerged more rapidly, and gradually they became complete.

Meanwhile, the Heaven and Earth Mirror trembled gently. On the mirror, an ancient and abstruse word slowly appeared.

’’社!’’ (pronounced as ’’shè’’)


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