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History’s Number 1 Founder - Chapter 206


Chapter 206: In Half A Year's time, Open the Doors and Accept Disciples

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Lin Feng's mind entered the system. In the Mantra Creation System, the skies were dark and the Eight different scenes: Heaven, Earth, Wind, Thunder, Water, Fire, Mountain and Pond, were set up in eight different positions.

And above the Image of the Eight Trigrams were Earth, Water, Fire and Wind, which combined in space to become a ball that continually intertwined and vibrated.

Within it, an evil aura that could create immense chaos was released.

Redefining the fortunes of the Earth, Water, Fire and Wind could improve stability and bring the rotation of the Earth back to the orthodox track.’’ Lin Feng understood that in his heart and quietly thought of a mantra immediately.

Initially, the mantra that he thought of was the treasure of the Aeolus Sect, the Aeolus Formless Mantra.

After continuously catching Gao Fan, Zhang Sen and other Aeolus Sect members, as well as swallowing the aurous core of the Liefeng Priest, Lin Feng had already attained the entire Aeolus Formless Mantra.

This mantra contained the abhijna to cultivate the Nine Heaven Formless Squall, which was considered one of the top powers in the Wind mantras. It far exceeded the Heavenly Winds Scriptures that Lin Feng infused when he first created the Great Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams.

As expected, after providing the Aeolus Formless Mantra to the system, the hurricane in space rapidly became more peaceful and settled down.

’’After that is Fire.’’ Lin Feng thought of the Scripture of the Great Heaven-Illuminating Sun, which could give the Grand Sun Primordial Flame after cultivation. This was also the top-notch power in the Fire mantras.

After the Scripture of the Great Heaven-Illuminating Sun, it was closely followed by the True Understanding of the Grand Sun, which was just comprehended by Lin Feng. As mantras that could cultivate the Grand Moon Primordial Water, the True Understanding of the Grand Sun and the Great Heaven-Illuminating Sun were equally powerful.

After deliberating over these two forms of mantras, the Water and Fire images that were mixed up had stabilized.

At this moment, there was only one image left in space, Earth, which was still left in chaos.

Lin Feng breathed deeply, retracting his consciousness from the system. He took out the Book of Nations which he had auctioned on the seas, while also whipping out the Heaven and Earth mirror.

After attaining the Book of Nations, Lin Feng meticulously tried to figure out the powers that they contained. A very subtle similarity allowed Lin Feng to confirm that the Heaven and Earth mirror was cultivated by an elder cultivator in the past who cultivated the Heavenly Book of Nations mantra.

When the Heaven and Earth mirror was broken, the Book of Nations attained at the auction also had something missing. But if the two items were brought together, Lin Feng had the confidence that he could reconstruct the original look of the Heavenly Book of Nations.

At that point, the Heaven and Earth mirror could also be repaired.

After attaining the full Heavenly Book of Nations mantra, Lin Feng could successfully create his own 'The Heavenly Classic of the Way's Virtues' Chapter 2 'Four Appearances Articles'.

It was of higher power than the mantra of the Great Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams.

’’The basic requirements have been prepared.’’ Lin Feng nodded his head, crushing a Voice-Projecting Crystal. In its radiance, the voice of the Pavilion of the Heavenly Trade's head, Song Fu, resonated, ’’Master Lin?’’

Lin Feng calmly said, ’’Mr. Song, can you help me to spread a news. I hope that the entire region of the north foot of Mount Kunlun will hear about it.’’

Song Fu replied, ’’Please say it, Master Lin.’’

’’From today onwards, my Celestial Sect of Wonders will start to recruit disciples at Shazhou half a year from now.’’

’’I hope that the Pavilion of the Heavenly Trade can help me spread this news. I will bear all the costs.’’

Song Fu was silent for a moment, before replying, ’’Master Lin, the Mount Shu Sword Sect, Sword of Radiance Sect and the Intense Flaming Sword Sect are all searching for news of you. They are trying to find out the location of your sect.’’

Lin Feng laughed, ’’No harm if there are fellow sects who want to visit, my Celestial Sect of Wonders will be there to entertain them.’’

Song Fu laughed, ’’Since it will be this way, I will accept this business request and I will not let you down.’’

After the communication was cut, Song Fu twisted his head and looked at Elder Tan, who was beside him. ’’What if the Mount Shu Sword Sect tries to restrict Lin Feng and his Celestial Sect of Wonders from progressing by offering us a larger sum of money to restrict any relevant spreading of news regarding the Celestial Sect of Wonders?’’

Elder Tan replied monotonously, ’’Business is business. Firstly, we need to have credibility. Since we have accepted this business, we must finish it as promised. Even if the other party offers a higher price, we must not lose our credibility.’’

Song Fu nodded his head, ’’He wants to accept disciples at Shazhou, will that affect us?’’

Elder Tan laughed, ’’On the contrary, I feel that he will be an important client for us in the future. The precondition will be that he is able to remain down-to-earth.’’

Song Fu also laughed, ’’I have the same thoughts as what you mentioned. Therefore, I will channel all the resources in the pavilion to spread the news for this Celestial Sect leader.’’

After concluding his conversation with Song Fu, Lin Feng grinned, ’’Mount Shu Sword Sect?’’

He turned his head and looked at the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World. Xiao Budian and Zhu Yi had already emerged from the cave, with their mana being stable and consolidated.

At first glance, it looked like there was no Foundation Establishment Stage and there was a strong vibration of their mana, alike a smoke sea. But in truth, both possessed supernatural mana now and they were way beyond the Foundation Establishment Stage.

’’Congratulations to the host's immediate disciple, Xiao Yan, for promotion to the Aurous Core Stage.’’

The prompting sound from the prompting system resonated in Lin Feng's ear and he laughed. After attaining the Scripture of the Great Heaven-Illuminating Sun, Xiao Yan retreated to the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World to form the aurous core. He started slightly later than Xiao Budian and Zhu Yi, but his speed was not much slower.

Inside the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World, there was a sudden flashing of a flame. A shadow flew out from it and a huge pair of wings emerged impressively from its back.

It was just that the color of both sides of his wings was different. One side was pure golden in color, while the other side was purplish-blue in color.

At a closer glance, his wings were in fact formed by flames and it was burning ferociously.

Xiao Budian, Zhu Yi and Wang Lin saw it and they were amazed by it. Zhu Yi said, ’’Senior, this was cultivated from the Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire and the Grand Sun Primordial Fire.’’

Wang Lin nodded his head, ’’Looking at this, after senior promotes to the Aurous Core Stage, he can finally control the Nefarious Spectral Primordial Fire in the Nefarious Almighty Sword.’’

Xiao Yan kept the flaming wings on his back and landed in front of Lin Feng and the others. He greeted Lin Feng, ’’Your disciple extends his greetings to you, my master.’’ Lin Feng laughed and said, ’’Good job, Yan, good job.’’

’’You have not disappointed me.’’ Xiao Yan smiled. Looking at Zhu Yi and Xiao Budian, he sighed, ’’It is a pity that you all are slower than me by a step. I no longer have a share in the treasure that master had promised.’’

Xiao Budian and the others all laughed, while Lin Feng said, ’’You are still okay. It is a pity for Zhu Yi as he is slower by a little.’’

Zhu Yi admired in his heart, ’’Master, you have not entered the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World, but you know the progress of our cultivation at your fingertips.’’

He was also a little regretful. Because of a weird change in the spiritual altar, Xiao Budian was later in consolidating the crucible for promotion to the late stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage. But in the end, Xiao Budian was the fastest to form the elixir, which was faster than him by a little only.

’’Junior, congratulations.’’ Zhu Yi lifted his spirits and congratulated Xiao Budian. Xiao Yan and Wang Lin also congratulated Xiao Budian.

Xiao Budian laughed loudly, ’’Master, where is the reward?’’

’’Don't rush, don't rush.’’ Lin Feng said. ’’Firstly, let me see all of your aurous cores.’’

Lin Feng divided his supernatural awareness into three parts and entered all three of their bodies.

Three aurous cores that were flashing with a purple radiance appeared in front of Lin Feng. He heaved a sigh of relief, ’’Luckily, they are all purple in color.’’

After that, Lin Feng realized that all three of the elixirs had their differences.

Apart from the flashing purplish radiance, Xiao Yan's aurous core was almost transparent like glass. Within the interior of the aurous core were two balls of flames that were clearly separated. Each flame took one side and burnt quietly.

On one side, it was a bright golden color. It was really the Grand Sun Primordial Fire.

On the other side was a gloomy purplish blue color. An aura of destructive power concept emanated from within it, making it seem evil.

’’Very good, with the purple pill as a base, the aurous core had a different image, which was of a better grade than a purple pill.

Lin Feng nodded his head, before looking at Zhu Yi's aurous core. In the heart of the purplish light, there was a half-black, half-white spherical pill, as the black and white mixed in it.

Looking more carefully at Zhu Yi's aurous core, which was half-black and half-white, seemingly a perfect blend. Although they looked like they were combined, the black and white were clearly separated.

Within the aurous core, the powers of light and darkness were balanced. When mixed together, they supplement each other, as if there were unlimited potentials to grow.

’’Zhu Yi's understanding of the way and concept of light and darkness is already very comprehensive.’’

The aurous core of Zhu Yi was also fine. At this point, Lin Feng had already fully let go of his worries. But as he looked at Xiao Budian carefully, Lin Feng was in a daze.

The cultivator in the early stage of the Aurous Core Stage had not experienced the Tribulations of the Yin wind and the Tribulations of the Yin fire, which would inevitably lead to flaws in the quality of the aurous core.

But the aurous core of Xiao Budian was surely too botched up?

The surface of the aurous core had revealed nine big, black holes!

Lin Feng was shocked when he saw this and was scared that the elixir Xiao Budian had formed was problematic.

This problem was not something that was uncommon. Some of the cultivators had limited powers. Although they were able to forcefully form the aurous core, the aurous core was extremely brittle and full of holes. If there was a small collision, the elixir would break and the person would die.

’’But all those were yellow pills. Xiao Budian had formed a purple pill, thus it should not be that bad for him?’’ Lin Feng calmed his nerves and observed it more carefully. This time round, he found an opening.

This nine-holed aurous core that Xiao Budian had formed was constantly swallowing and spitting out spiritual energy through the holes.

It was not a flaw in the aurous core that led Xiao Budian's spiritual energy to be dissipated out of his body. Rather, it was like the breathing of humans. He continually sucked in the spiritual energy of the outside world into the aurous core while removing the impurities in the aurous core from his body at the same time.

Xiao Budian's nine-holed aurous core could remove the impurities in his body without needing to borrow the strength of the Tribulations of the Yin Fire.

Lin Feng was amazed, ’’Good job, you are definitely special.’’

After checking the aurous cores of his disciple and making sure they are fine, Lin Feng was now able to fully let go of his worries. Opening his mouth, a streak of green light flew out and landed in mid-space.

The green light dissipated, revealing a small, three-foot crucible, which was Green Bronze Ding of Emptiness.

The Green Bronze Ding of Emptiness landed in front of Xiao Budian. Xiao Budian laughed and extended his finger to touch it. The Green Bronze Ding of Emptiness reformed to a green ray and drilled into his fingertip.

Lin Feng instructed, ’’Take your own time to consolidate it and meticulously figure out the power concept within it.’’

Xiao Budian laughed, ’’I got it, Master.’’

He stole a glance at Xiao Yan and Zhu Yi, laughing cheekily without stopping. That behavior was irksome.

’’Rascal, are you aggravating us on purpose?’’ Xiao Yan jokingly reprimanded Xiao Budian and tried to catch him before he escaped. ’’I have not flicked little birds for very long. You are asking for it today!’’

Zhu Yi and Wang Lin looked at each other and laughed. They became childish and went forward to catch Xiao Budian together.

Lin Feng saw that they were playing a fool and he also shook his head while laughing. His heart was tempted and his awareness entered the Ring dimension. He appeared in front of the small Taotie, Tuntun.

Tuntun saw him and cheered, ’’You have finally come!’’


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