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History’s Number 1 Founder - Chapter 205


Chapter 205: The Heavenly Classic of the Way's Virtues Chapter 2

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The 4 sections of Yue Hongyan's talent potential statistics were: 8 points for Innate Ability and Intelligence and the 7 points for Determination and Fortune.

Both the Innate Ability and Intelligence were 8 points, which was very rare. But she first established the spiritual altar, she would have attained only a Second-Grade Spiritual Altar if it not for Lin Feng's Black Heavenly Treasure Tree leaves.

Even with Lin Feng's help, her establishment of the First-Grade Spiritual Altar was also very risky.

And now it did not seem that Yang Qing's establishment of a First-Grade Spiritual Altar was very difficult. At least it was much easier than what Lin Feng had expected, up to the point that he was suspicious. Since when was it so easy to attain the First-Grade Spiritual Altar?

The Talent Gathering Camp of the Great Void Sect also did not contain cultivators who had all attained the First-Grade Spiritual Altar.

It was true that the mantra that Yang Qing cultivated was no longer the mediocre mantra of his small Cloud Water Cave sect. The True Understanding of the Grand Moon was a grade better than the Mantra of the Apocalyptic True Flame, but for Yang Qing to attain the First-Grade Spiritual Altar so easily was also abnormal.

This led Lin Feng to subconsciously whip out his Talent Analysis Device to scan Yang Qing. After scanning Yang Qing, Lin Feng recalled that Yang Qing had its own sect.

But the Talent Analysis Device gave the Talent Potential Statistical Value of Yang Qing, Lin Feng was amazed, ’’What is happening? Yang Qing's sect is also in trouble?’’

Yue Hongyan was like that, now the same was happening to Yang Qing.

Lin Feng suddenly felt guilty, ’’Don't tell me, I also hold the destiny of a cursed lone star. Whoever is with me will be jinxed?’’

This discovery made Lin Feng unhappy. Although this might signify that he was someone of great fortune, being a jinx is not something to be happy about.

Especially when this made Lin Feng recall the label of ’’Destined to be alone’’, which made him shudder even more. ’’You must be kidding me, I do not want to be that way!’’

After shaking his head, Lin Feng comforted himself. ’’It must be that I have some form of fate with the cursed lone stars of different places. It must be this way.’’

Discarding the random thoughts in his mind, Lin Feng began to focus on the various components' statistics of Yang Qing. His eyes stared directly at the statistics, as he was shocked by the values.

9 points for both the Innate Ability and Intelligence!

Mother of God!

Lin Feng lifted his head to look at Yang Qing and his heart was in a whirl. ’’You are truly a prodigy!’’

Innate Ability and Intelligence were both 9 points. Together they added up to 18 points, what did that signify?

Looking at the rest of the people would give the answer.

Xiao Bu Dian's Innate Ability was 10 points, Intelligence was 8 points, together they added up to 18 points.

Xiao Yan's Innate Ability was 8 points, Intelligence was 9 points, together they added up to 17 points.

Zhu Yi's Innate Ability was 7 points, Intelligence was 9points, together they added up to 16points.

Wang Lin...forget it. In front of Wang Lin, better not mention about Innate Ability, or else things would get sour.

Apart from them, out of the others who had great potential that was analyzed by Lin Feng, Xiao Zhen Er, the Empress of Xiao Yan's harem, had an Innate Ability of 9 points and Intelligence of 8 points. Together they added up to 17 points.

Yue Hongyan's Innate Ability and Intelligence were both 8points, together they added up to 16 points.

Simply put, Yang Qing's Innate Ability and Intelligence that were both 9points meant that he had a pure innate talent, even surpassing that of Xiao Yan and Zhu Yi, who both possessed the true destinies.

Lin Feng's stared straight at Yang Qing, ’’You don't reveal your true nature...following this pattern, your Determination and Fortune are also...wait!’’

Fortune was only 8 points.

It could not be compared with Zhu Yi, but it was also not lousier than Xiao Yan, Xiao Bu Dian or Wang Lin. No wonder he was able to pick up the Grand Moon Primordial Water amongst so many.

But the Determination...was only 5points, what does it mean?

Lin Feng looked at Yang Qing's statistics in a daze, feeling slightly down.

His burning heart felt like someone had poured a pail of cold water over it, making him disappointed. Lin Feng lifted his eyes to look at the silent face of Yang Qing and he was unsure of what to do.

’’Determination of 5 points, Determination of 5 points....’’ Lin Feng shook his head and laughed bitterly. Determination of 5 points was seriously off the mark.

This shows that the psychological aspect of Yang Qing had a big problem and he could not handle serious issues. When facing obstacles, he had a defeatist mindset.

And his emotions were easily fluctuated. For example, it was easy to make him angry, hurt and overly concerned about the opinions of others.

People with high determination would try to prove themselves to rebut others who looked down on them.

Whereas people with low determination would question themselves when others question them and become more unconfident and even feeling inferior.

Lin Feng recalled his interaction with Yang Qing. He had a friendly personality and was even soft. Some parts of him existed an unconfident and inferior mindset.

’’Such a low determination will seriously affect his success in the future.’’ Lin Feng sighed. Determination of 5 points almost showed that Lin Feng would waste the potential of his Innate Ability and Intelligence by at least half of them.

If there were no further issues, Yang Qing's results in the future would be far below his expected success.

Lin Feng's looked at Yang Qing gloomily, ’’Both you and Wang Lin are opposite extremes.’’

Innate Ability and Intelligence of 9 points, Determination of 5 points and Fortune of 8 points. The total Talent Potential added up to 31 points, which was slightly higher than that of Yue Hongyan. But if both were allowed to develop, Yang Qing would definitely be surpassed by Yue Hongyan.

Innate Ability and Intelligence decided the lower limit, while Determination and Fortune determined the upper limit.

As the Spiritual Altar in the Aura Sea stabilized, Yang Qing opened his eyes and looked at Lin Feng. He bowed, ’’Your repeated help will never be forgotten by me.’’

Lin Feng put his worries aside and chatted with Yang Qing.

After learning from Yang Qing about his encounter with the Fire Crow Demonic Commander, Lin Feng lamented the ordeal.

After escaping from the Fire Crow Demonic Commander, Yang Qing returned to his own Cloud Water Cave and honestly reported the incident to his sect elders. It was because of this that the news spread, allowing the Aeolus Sect to know that he had contact with Lin Feng.

Lin Feng sighed, ’’I burdened you.’’

Yang Qing shook his head, ’’How can I blame you? It was the Aeolus Sect that was overbearing and harbored ulterior motives.’’

Lin Feng replied, ’’What is your sect now?’’

Yang Qing wore a sorrowful expression, ’’The entire Cloud Water Cave has been ruined. My master, ancestors, elders and all my fellow brothers have all faced trouble.’’

Lin Feng creased his brows, ’’It's also done by the Aeolus Sect?’’

Yang Qing shook his head, ’’This is not the case. Before the Aeolus Sect, the Cloud Water Cave met with a big calamity. I was away during that period of time and this was how I managed to avoid the calamity.’’

He recalled, ’’At that point in time, I peered from faraway and saw a greenish fire appearing at the Cloud Water Cave. When I reached, the fire had already disappeared and the entire Cloud Water Cave had been razed to the ground.’’

’’A greenish fire?’’ Lin Feng's first reaction in his mind was to think of the True Torch of Kṣitigarbha, one of the Seven Legendary Primordial Fire in the world.

Talking about the various spiritual fires in the world, the most famous one that has a green flame was the True Torch of Kṣitigarbha. This fire was the essence of all earthly fires. Its color was light green and its power was almost limitless.

Lin Feng pondered while his heart faintly moved, ’’True Torch of Kṣitigarbha, True Torch of Kṣitigarbha....’’

Yang Qing's tone was grieving and he almost shed tears. ’’I am collecting the remains of my fellow sect members before the Aeolus Sect came to arrest me. As I escaped from their hands, I was unable to collect and bury the remains of some of my fellow sect members.’’

Lin Feng sighed, unsure of what to say to Yang Qing. He was unable to speak words of condolences to Yang Qing.

After thinking for a while, Lin Feng sent word to Miao Shihao and invited him over. After simply explaining the situation, he said, ’’Please ask the Elder of Mirrors and Flowers to follow him one round around the Cloud Water Cave, so as to help the sect members rest in peace.’’

’’You do have a good heart. You have not let me down for thinking highly of you.’’ Miao Shihao clenched his lips as he laughed. Looking at Yang Qing, he sighed, ’’Also another man who treasures relationship. Okay, let me walk one round with you around this place.’’

Before leaving, Miao Shihao was serious for a few moments. As he looked at Lin Feng, he said, ’’The leader of the Aeolus Sect is already someone who has attained immortality. Although he has retreated without interfering into matters for some time, he will be alarmed if something happens to Aeolus Sect. Do not forget about him.’’

Lin Feng grinned and nodded without saying a word, as he watched Miao Shihao and Yang Qing left.

Suddenly, Lin Feng had a feeling, looking surprisingly in the direction of the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World.

The prompting system also sounded at the same time.

’’Congratulations to the host's immediate disciple, Shi Tianhao, for his promotion to the Aurous Core Stage.’’

’’Congratulations to the host's immediate disciple, Zhu Yi, for his promotion to the Aurous Core Stage.’’

’’As half of the host's immediate disciples have successfully formed the golden elixir, a system reward will be specially given to the host. His current mantra cultivation will be promoted to a small realm.

Lin Feng laughed, ’’Waiting for you!’’

In an instant, Lin Feng felt a streak of Negative Wind spiraling above his head.

The middle phase of the Aurous Core Stage promoted to the late stage of the Aurous Core Stage had caused the Tribulations of the Yin Wind to come!

The cultivator transcended the violent movement of the gathered spiritual energy, converting it to Negative Wind. The Negative Wind blew directly from the top of the Baihui acupoint, causing the soul to leave the body. Unable to resist its power, the soul is eventually blown away like dust.

But at this moment, Lin Feng only felt that the Negative Wind on top of his head was like a breeze blowing. Although it was ferocious, it was unable to leave any signs of it in Lin Feng's mind.

At this moment, his expression was mild, as if the Negative Wind did not exist. The purplish-golden jade pill in his body was flashing and the Negative Wind surrounded and circle around it.

Tribulations of the Yin Fire was to burn off the impurities of the golden elixir, while the Tribulations of the Yin Wind was to remove the surface flaws of the golden elixir.

After going through both of these obstacles, the golden elixir of the cultivator could reach the perfect realm and prepare for the Soul Formation.

Lin Feng's soul startled and he opened his eyes. In a blink of an eye, time seemed to elapse for millions of years. The Negative Wind that surrounded the body became peaceful in an instant. Both time and space froze at this instant.

In the next instant, the ferocious and dark wind storm had already returned to the natural heavenly spiritual energy. There was no transition of time and process, but it revealed a taste of nature, as if the logic of the heavens and earth was supposed to be that way and that it had never been as natural as that before.

Lin Feng peacefully took an inner look at his golden elixir. It was dripping with a piece of a jade pill, flashing a purplish radiance. On the surface, it did not seem to have any flaws.

The late stage of the Aurous Core Stage had been completed!

At this point, Lin Feng heard a new prompt from the prompting system, ’’Please allow the host to choose a reference for the foundation mantra and create the 'The Heavenly Classic of the Way's Virtues' second chapter, 'The Four Appearances Articles'

As Lin Feng heard it, he laughed.


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