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History’s Number 1 Founder - Chapter 204


Chapter 204: Everything Except One Has Been Prepared

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As the battle with Ma Zhi entered a stalemate, Wang Lin was strategizing while thinking to himself, ’’A cultivator in the Aurous Core Stage is definitely not easy to kill. If I erect a spiritual altar, I may have a higher chance of winning.

After sparring with a cultivator from the Aeolus Sect, Wang Lin enhanced his understanding of his powers.

In this realm, except for my fellow sect members, I am invincible.’’

The Aeolus Sect was the most prosperous sect in Mount Kunlun.

Although they cannot be compared to the 3 Great Holy Ground, they are of a higher level than the Intense Flaming Sword Sect and the Sword of Radiance Sect.

Their Aeolus Formless Mantra spell contained its own special traits and allowed one to cultivate the Nine Heaven Formless Squall, one of the Four Grand Primordial Winds. Its battling powers were extremely strong.

But when facing Wang Lin, the cultivators of the Aeolus Sect in the Foundation Establishment Stage were unable to fight back against him.

When facing Ma Zhi, a cultivator in the Aurous Core Stage, Wang Lin had his own way to fight against him. After initiating the Destructive stage of the River of Styx, Wang Lin was able to threaten the powers of the opponent. Under the protection of the Dual Polarity Circle, Wang Lin was even able to match up to Ma Zhi.

’’If I reach the later stages of the Foundation Establishment Stage, even without the Dual Polarity Circle, I am still able to fight against him.’’ Lin Feng thought to himself, ’’After I form the golden elixir, killing him will be an easy feat.’’

Wang Lin made a quick judgement, ’’For me to kill this guy will be pretty difficult. I have to take a risk.’’

As he stared at Ma Zhi, he suddenly made a move that shocked Ma Zhi.

Wang Lin changed his spell and retreated the light boundaries of his Dual Polarity Circle. Countless white lightning rays reformed into a similar shape to the Dual Polarity Circle in space. Under Wang Lin's control, the light circle changed into a white rainbow and attack Ma Zhi directly.

He gave up his Dual Polarity Circle as a defense and changed it to an offense.

’’This rascal is putting his life on the line.’’ Ma Zhi was stunned before becoming furious, ’’No, he has the protection of his Celestial Sect leader. When our fates are intertwined, his teacher will not sit and ignore. At that point, the person at a disadvantage will be me.’’

Thinking till this point, Ma Zhi did not dare to hesitate anymore. He lifted the Nine Heaven Formless Squall but did not use this to fight it out with Wang Lin. Rather, he tapped on the rapid wind speed and quickly shifted to avoid the attack of the Dual Polarity Circle.

Wang Lin's lips revealed a smile but did not relax his stance. Besides the Dual Polarity Circle, the spells of Finger of Styx and Road to River Styx were released in an endless stream, forcing Ma Zhi to scurry around.

Lin Feng, who was standing on the clouds, was watching this entire scene and he also laughed while shaking his head.

Of course, he would not sit around and watch as Wang Lin face danger. If Wang Lin's life was in peril, he would definitely step in.

Allowing his disciple to undergo rigorous practice was not the same as letting him die.

But Wang Lin was not planning to rely on Lin Feng's power, fearlessly using a potentially life-threatening method to bully Ma Zhi.

Wang Lin's real motive was to borrow Lin Feng's presence to put psychological stress on Ma Zhi, such that Ma Zhi fought timidly.

In other words, Wang Lin was just using a psychological battle to attack Ma Zhi, so that he could gain an upper hand.

If Ma Zhi was really tough, Wang Lin did not mind sparring roughly with him.

Lin Feng looked at Wang Lin, nodding his head, ’’Wang Lin's practical experience in battle is not bad. In terms of practical battling experience, if both parties' abilities were not far off from each other, what determines the winner is mostly on the mental state, experience and even the adaptability of the parties. All these can be used to one's own advantage.’’

Wang Lin was fighting to his heart's content whereas Ma Zhi was oppressed to the brink of death. He abruptly put his heart to it, agitating all his Nine Heaven Formless Squall and rushed towards Wang Lin.

’’Are you going to put your life on the line now’’ Wang Lin raised his eyebrow and the dreadfully long Road to River of Styx extended out. After that Wang Lin pointed at the Road to River Styx.

The Road to River Styx was instantly filled with black gas. The power of the Destructive stage of the River of Styx was put to its extreme extent.

The Dual Polarity Circle flew up halfway through space and drew an arc across space. Like a divine Thunder descending from the Nine Heavens, the arc hacked straight towards Ma Zhi.

Under the command of Wang Lin, the defense by the River of Styx and the attack by the Dual Polarity Circle represented both defensive and offensive options for Wang Lin.

In reality, he was waiting for Ma Zhi to put his life on the line after getting too impatient. If they continued to grind it out, Wang Lin would be first to collapse.

But Wang Lin gave Ma Zhi too much psychological pressure.

But even so, Ma Zhi remained calm. He leapt into mid-air, controlled the Nine Heaven Formless Squall to change its direction and cut through Wang Lin's Road to River Styx and Dual Polarity Circle. It then flew towards the Purple Clouds which was enveloping the entire space.

This time around he attacked it from all directions, dazzling Wang Lin. Who knew that he was not trying to put his life on the line, rather he was trying to escape.

’’I displayed a desperate posture and that Celestial Sect leader was too focused on his disciple. His attention on this Purple Clouds barrier was undoubtedly lesser, which presented me with an opportunity.’’

Under the guidance of the Nine Heaven Formation Squall, Ma Zhi's body abruptly shrunk until the size of a needle, which was thinner than a piece of hair. It gently flashed in space before disappearing.

A streak of light-green ray that was unobservable charged towards the Purple Clouds barrier that Lin Feng had created.

Even though the barrier was strong, Ma Zhi focused on his power on a dot, using the dot to break the surface, causing the power of the barrier to dissipate. It was eventually pierced by the light-green ray of Ma Zhi.

The light-green ray was like a slithering snake, meandering through the Purple Clouds barrier, trying to pierce through it and escape the heavy encirclement.

As the crucial ending approaches, Ma Zhi became more and calmer.

This action seemed to be reckless, but it was actually the result of countless strategizing in Ma Zhi's mind, trying to find the weakness of the Purple Clouds barrier. At the same time, he had to carefully avoid the besiege from Purple Clouds from elsewhere.

Although Ma Zhi's actions were completed in a breath, it could not escape Lin Feng's eyes.

’’What a slimy leech.’’ Lin Feng laughed, ’’The question is, can you escape?’’

The Purple Clouds barriers that were initially like fog suddenly started to sublime and became solid.

This change in the Purple Clouds barriers made Ma Zhi feel as if the smooth path that he created was suddenly shut. It was unable to move, less meander its way through. Even if it wanted to twist and turn, it was unable to do it.

It was like a person swimming, who suddenly felt that the surrounding water started to turn to ice and leaving him frozen inside.

A bug being surrounded by a pine resin. After the pine resin had solidified, the bug who was still full of life was still trapped inside.

Ma Zhi felt like the bug who was trapped.

Lin Feng came before the Purple Clouds and looked at the trapped

Ma Zhi, frowning and saying, ’’That was my negligence.’’

Lin Feng laughed, ’’No harm, I will learn from my lesson.’’

Emerging from space, Lin Feng swayed his sleeves and collected Ma Zhi along with his Purple Clouds. After that, he went beside the Feilian.

Yang Qing, who was on top of the Feilian, was trying his best to keep focused. After seeing Lin Feng, he heaved a sigh of relief, ’’I am very grateful to you for saving me again.’’

After finishing his sentence, Yang Qing's mind went blank and he fainted.

Lin Feng slapped the back of the Feilian and the Feilian carried Wang Lin and Yang Qing towards Mount Yujing, following Lin Feng's back.

Reaching the peak, Lin Feng pressed his finger on Yang Qing's forehead. A majestic spiritual energy surged through the aura sea of Yang Qing, helping him to recover from the depleting mana and recuperating his soul concurrently.

At this point, Yang Qing's soul was on the verge of snapping, just like a piece of pottery with many cracks, only slightly away from being totally crushed.

Under the nourishment of a large amount of spiritual energy at Mount Yujing, Yang Qing's cracked soul rapidly recovered.

After a long while, Yang Qing finally awoke. After a moment of being at a loss, his eyes begun to develop some focal distance and managed to see Lin Feng standing in front. He immediately flipped his body and knelt in front of Lin Feng, ’’My deepest gratitude for your benevolence to save me.’’

Lin Feng swung his hand, ’’You can only build something new after demolishing something old. Whatever is happening now is due to your good fortune and your ability to grab the opportunity.’’

Listening to his words, Yang Qing was fully awake and said, ’’Thank you, elder.’’ Presently, he was very calm and focused on guiding the spiritual energy into his own aura sea.

A huge amount of jade-green water flow suddenly surged through his aura sea. It was indeed the Grand Moon Primordial Water, which became stronger after absorbing the spiritual energy.

Lin Feng's psychic sense peered into the body of Yang Qing, quietly observing the Grand Moon Primordial Water. His heart felt that the Scripture of the Great Heaven-Illuminating Sun, which he had just understood, corroborated the existence of the Grand Moon Primordial Water.

The Grand Sun Primordial Flame and the Grand Moon Primordial Water were arch-enemies. Both were extreme, but in the realm of life, the Sun and the Moon were always connected even if they were opponents of each other.

Lin Feng borrowed the Scripture of the Great Heaven-Illuminating Sun to gain a deeper comprehension of the way and concept of the Grand Moon Primordial Water.

His mind gradually guided the Grand Moon Primordial Water in Yang Qing's body, moving it in a weird rhythm.

Yang Qing had already obtained the Grand Moon Primordial Water for quite some time and had also gleaned some of its patterns and principles. Regarding the process of moving the primordial water, his comprehension of it was able to fit with Lin Feng and supplement the lacking aspects, such that the understanding of the both of them gradually reached the same level.

At the end, mystical texts continuously appeared from the Grand

Moon Primordial Water and they congregated to form a scripture.

The mana within Lin Feng's body also followed the movement of the scripture.

After a while, Lin Feng's right hand conjured a spell and condensed a warm-greenish water droplet, reminiscent of a piece of jade.

’’This spell can be called The True Understanding of the Grand Moon.’’ Lin Feng grinned, thinking, ’’If I just supplement the incomplete parts of the Book of Nations, all the materials will be present.’’

He twisted his head towards the direction of the Heavenly Cosmic Ray World, Xiao Yan and 3 others had retreated there.

’’There is only one thing that we lack now. My plan can be carried out smoothly. Right now, everything except one has been prepared.’’

Lin Feng looked at Yang Qing again. The Grand Moon Primordial Water in his body started to become stronger. In the end, he started to fly up in his own aura sea, establishing a high tower.

This was a chance to build something new after demolishing something old. Yang Qing grabbed the opportunity and under the help of Lin Feng, he successfully understood the true meaning of The True Understanding of the Grand Moon. He was now finally able to control the Grand Moon Primordial Water in his body.

’’I shall help you one more time.’’ Lin Feng grinned and pointed his finger. The leaves of the Black Heavenly Treasure Tree begun to descend and convert into a wisp of heavenly light, infusing into the forehead of Yang Qing.

Yang Qing's body jerked and the spiritual altar in his aura sea kept promoting higher and higher, one level and another level until it reached 9 levels high.

First-grade Spiritual Altar!

A First-Grade Spiritual Altar that was jade-green in color and filled with mysticism.

Lin Feng looked at Yang Qing and was also stunned, ’’Mm, it looks much more relaxed than the spiritual altar that Yue Hongyan had erected initially.’’

He whipped out the Talent Analysis Device and used it to scan Yang Qing. He eyes suddenly stared straight.


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