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History’s Number 1 Founder - Chapter 203


Chapter 203: If the Disciple Is Like This, What Can the Master Do?

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Yang Qing only felt that his entire body from head to toe was extremely cold. It was as if he fell into an ice cove. He was shivering uncontrollably.

But he knew from his gut that the chills that he was feeling right now were different from the cold that he felt normally.

This was a chill within his soul and had nothing to do with temperature changes. His soul was unstable and it could disintegrate any second, which was what was causing the chill.

’’Is this the result of my soul being overly worn and my mana overly drained?’’ Yang Qing felt that his consciousness gradually grew blurry. To have sustained until now, it was only possible due to one breath in his heart.

Ma Zhi, a cultivator in the Aurous Core Stage from the Aeolus Sect, was standing at a distance and he was creepily laughing at Yang Qing, who was crumbling.

’’Originally, I only wanted to interrogate you regarding any news of the leader of the Celestial Sect. I did not expect that your body contained the Grand Moon Primordial Water, the most powerful out of all the Primordial Waters.’’ Ma Zhi laughed, ’’For this thing to land in your hands is only a violation of its powers. Just hand it over to me!’’

Ma Zhi, who was holding the fort for his fellow sect members, suddenly wielded his hand and charged towards Yang Qing like a hurricane.

Yang Qing gritted his teeth and controlled the Grand Moon Primordial Water. Using water to resist water, he formed a water wall using a large amount of water to act as a barrier for himself.

The hurricane crashed into the water wall, causing the water wall to crumble. But it still managed to stubbornly block off the attack of the hurricane.

Ma Zhi laughed and conjured a spell. Immediately, a formless and shadowless Nine Heaven Formless Squall punched out and broke open the water wall in an instant.

At this moment, Yang Qing was already seeing stars, but he still hung on. He whispered to himself and his palms were fixed together. A large amount of jade-green Grand Moon Primordial Water sprayed out and resisted the Nine Heaven Formless Squall.

The extremely sharp Nine Heaven Formless Squall caused the jade-green water flow to break into fragmented pieces. However, while the jade-green water flowed separated, it did not land on the ground. In a blink of an eye, the water flow reorganized into a new shape and continued to disintegrate the Nine Heaven Formless Squall.

As Ma Zhi saw this, his eyes displayed a greater sense of greediness within it. ’’The Grand Moon Primordial Water is definitely some good stuff. But what a pity, it still cannot protect you.’’

Yang Qing was bitter. His cultivation was lacking compared to Ma Zhi and he was unable to command more of the Primordial Waters. It was already the end of the crossbow and he was soon to be defeated by Ma Zhi's Nine Heaven Formless Squall.

’’The Grand Moon Primordial Water cannot protect him, but I can.’’

A voice suddenly resonated from space. It came from all directions as if it was everywhere. Ma Zhi was shocked. Before he could even react, the Nine Heaven Formless Squall suddenly disappeared.

Ma Zhi was extremely stunned. As he turned his head around, he saw an indifferent young man, dressed in purple and sitting on the back of a Feilian, descending from the sky.

’’Foundation Establishment Stage?’’ Ma Zhi's brows creased and he looked at the Feilian more carefully. His face changed color, ’’This is the Feilian from my Aeolus Sect, why is it in your hands?’’

The young man in purple was Wang Lin. He ignored Ma Zhi and commanded the Feilian to land beside Yang Qing.

Yang Qing's consciousness was blurry but the impression that Lin Feng and his disciple left on him at Mount Kunlun was unforgettable.

In his blurry state, he recognized Wang Lin, ’’You are Elder Lin's disciple?’’

Wang Lin said, ’’Come up, my master wants to see you.’’

Before Yang Qing could reply, Ma Zhi interrupted, ’’Who are you, how dare you interfere in the matters of the Aeolus Sect? Also, where did this Feilian come from?’’

A layer of understanding suddenly appeared in his eyes, ’’Half a year ago, Liefeng felt that the Feilian that he had given to his missing disciple had appeared at the north foot of Mount Kunlun. He went on to search for it, but suddenly news of him disappeared. Did you do it?’’

’’Who exactly are you people?’’

’’You are not here to interrogate Yang Qing regarding news of my Celestial Sect?’’ Lin Feng's voice resonated in space. ’’I am the leader of the Celestial Sect, Lin Feng.’’

’’As for the Liefeng Taoist, he trespassed into the cave of our sect and has been killed by me.’’

Ma Zhi furiously shouted, ’’So it was really the doing of all of you!’’

Lin Feng's voice was neutral and without emotions. He replied in space, ’’The Aeolus Sect seems to have some motive against my sect, tell me, what are you all planning to do?’’

Ma Zhi hmphed and knew that he was unable to catch Yang Qing today, but he was also unwillingly to give up. He thought to himself, ’’It seems like this Celestial Sect of Wonders is somewhere near Lingyun Peak. I will quickly report to my master and return another day to this scene.’’

As he was thinking, Ma Zhi suddenly realized that Purple Clouds started to surface and surround them, trapping everyone inside.

’’This is not good!’’ Ma Zhi's expression changed, as he released his Nine Heaven Formless Squall to destroy the Purple Clouds.

But as the Purple shrouded all of them, it secretly contained some form of Spatial Mystery that dissolved Ma Zhi's Nine Heaven Formless Squall.

After Wang Lin helped Yang Qing up the Feilian, he jumped off the back off the Feilian. Seeing Ma Zhi, he started to attack without even speaking a word.

He used both his hands to conjure up a spell and a black-yellow path emerged from within the Purple Clouds. It was dark and mysterious. Indeed, it was the Road to River Styx.

Numerous cultivators of the Aeolus Sect landed on the path and they were immediately attacked by the Power of Samsara, causing their souls to become unstable.

A portion of the cultivators who were in the Foundation Establishment Stage were forcefully dragged into the path by the countless bones and claws emerging from the path.

These cultivators who were attacked did not resist. Rather, they looked at a loss and their pupils seemed to show countless images of debris.

They were all attacked by the Power of Samsara, causing their mind to be confused. They alternated between the innumerable memories of the past and present. Such a huge amount of information bombarding them caused them to be unable to focus their attention to think, which naturally led them to be helpless against the attacking bones and claws.

As a cultivator in the Aurous Core Stage, Ma Zhi was able to maintain the stability of his soul and overcome the barrier to death. The impact on him was remarkably lesser. He looked at Wang Lin, ’’What spell is this? It was extremely aggressive against cultivators in the Foundation Establishment Stage.’’

But Ma Zhi also chuckled in his heart, ’’Looking at you, as the leader of the Celestial Sect of Wonders, you will not have done this through your own hands. All you did was to trap us, but let your disciple do the dirty deed.’’

’’I will capture your disciple and force you to set us a path to escape.’’

At this point, Ma Zhi was full of energy. He fixated his palms together and let out the Nine Heaven Formless Squall, which cut sharply on the Road to River Styx.

Ferocious and sharp, the all-conquering squall destroyed the Road to River Styx.

Wang Lin creased his brows, ’’Against a cultivator in the Aurous Core Stage, there is no more room for courtesy.’’After saying this, Wang Lin's body was filled with a blanket of black gas.

An extremely ominous and frightening aura blanketed the entire area of the Purple Clouds. A disastrous and destructive power concept surged out, seemingly to destroy everything.

’’What is this power?’’ Ma Zhi was slightly shocked, but was still contemptuous, ’’Regardless of the power, it is still only in the Foundation Establishment Stage.’’

He controlled the Nine Heaven Formation Squall, ferociously aiming it on the forehead of Wang Lin.

Wang Lin creepily laughed and flipped his palms. A light circle floated in space and released a bright radiance on his forehead.

’’Zz..zz..zz..zz’’ A screeching electric sound resonated and countless white lightning rays emerged from the light circle before rapidly expanding into a large boundary. It was like a bowl in a reverse position on the ground, protecting Wang Lin who was within it.

At the same time, Wang Lin rushed towards Ma Zhi with his finger pointing out.

Ma Zhi had an ominous feeling about it, but before he could hide, a large amount of black, deadly spiritual energy appeared within a ten feet radius of him and surrounded him.

Celestial Finger of Styx! The Finger of Destruction!

After Wang Lin had successfully established his foundation, the power of his Finger of Destruction rose tremendously. Now that he has entered the destructive stage of the River of Styx, the black and deadly spiritual energy was infused into the power of the destruction.

The Finger of Destruction of today was the true and original version.

It was no longer to kill someone but to totally remove all its targets and reduce them to nothingness.

Ma Zhi felt threatened, but he continued to command the Nine Heaven Formation Squall, wanting to take the first step to kill Wang Lin.

At this point, he felt a huge threat towards himself. He had already forgotten the plan to capture someone as a hostage and was hoping to kill the extremely fearful Wang Lin in front of him.

The sharp Nine Heaven Formation Squall cut at the balls of lightning rays, generating countless electrical sparks, but it did not really overcome the lightning rays.

Ma Zhi stared, ’’Magic Item from the Aurous Core Stage? And the most top-notch one?’’

Under the attack of the Nine Heaven Formation Squall, the surface of the light boundaries of the Dual Polarity Circle greatly twisted and countless white light rays circulated on the top of it and destroyed the attack of the Nine Heaven Formation Squall. This prevented the Nine Heaven Formation Squall from taking another step towards the lightning pool.

Under the protection of the Dual Polarity Circle, Wang Lin was untouchable. Ma Zhi was in trouble as he was under the attack of black and deadly gas that contained destructive powers.

The deadly spiritual energy from before only eroded the life within creatures. But the deadly spiritual energy now was extremely dominant. It just needed an instant to destroy the protective mana of Ma Zhi.

Ma Zhi screamed in terror and bore the pain. He wielded out a small flag and the small flag instantly shot out 7, 8 streaks of the Nine Heaven Formation Squall, roaringly breaching through the deadly gas by Wang Lin.

After emerging from the deadly gas, Ma Zhi looked at the Dual Polarity Circle with a lingering fear. Wang Lin had a powerful Magic Item protecting him. He could accept that, but the Finger of Destruction attack on him was something he did not expect.

If it were not for the Nine Heaven Formation Squall, Ma Zhi's skin would have been torn out even if he had not perished. And this was even based on the fact that he was a cultivator in the Aurous Core Stage.

He learnt his lesson this time. The Nine Heaven Formation Squall was not to be used to attack Wang Lin, but to protect himself. In this way, even though Wang Lin's Finger of Destruction could be performed in alternate space, its effect would not be present.

The deadly gas space had just taken shape before being torn apart by the Nine Heaven Formation Squall.

The only thing was, in this way, Ma Zhi could no longer threaten Wang Lin. He was feeling even more dejected, ’’If I gather all the squalls to attack, I may have a chance to break through his defense. In that way, I will no longer be threatened by his mantra.’’

’’To exchange my life with a small fry in the Foundation Establishment Stage is not worth it’’

Looking at Wang Lin, Ma Zhi developed a chilling thought, ’’If the disciple is already so vicious, what even scarier monster is the master?’’

The battle entered a stalemate. Both parties were unable to decide what to do with the other party.

Wang Lin creased his brows, ’’It was as master had said, these destructive powers are a burden to myself. In the short term, it may be fine, but if I enter the Destructive stage of the River of Styx for too long, my body will feel uncomfortable. If I continue to fight on like this, it will be to my disadvantage.’’


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