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History’s Number 1 Founder - Chapter 202


Chapter 202: Cursed Lone Star

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Lin Feng suddenly felt that the mana in the body of Wang Lin had a sudden fluctuation, which was a little abnormal.

’’Lin, perform some spells for me to see.’’ Lin Feng knitted his brows while saying.

Wang Lin nodded his head and performed a new spell, which was not the Celestial Finger of Styx.

’’After I had consolidated my powers, I learnt a new type of spell. However, I still need the guidance of you, my master.’’

He used his palms to initiate the spell and under the surge of his mana, a black-yellow line slightly appeared in space. A turbid path emerged from the inside of it gradually.

As Lin Feng saw the current situation, he flicked his brow and soared into the sky. He then set foot on the black-yellow path that Wang Lin had created.

The path did not seem to have an end. In the instant that Lin Feng landed on the path, the scenery and all matter disappeared from his line of vision.

In front of his eyes laid a path of nothingness. At the same time,

countless memories rushed into his mind and ferociously attacked the soul of Lin Feng.

’’Was that the power of Samsara?’’ Lin Feng said as he calmed his soul. As he looked beneath him, innumerable withering bones and arms were emerging from the black-yellow soil and grabbing ferociously at Lin Feng, trying to pull him into the path.

The base of this path seemed to have buried hundreds and thousands of resentful souls. Once any sign of life land on the path, these souls would try to pull them down to accompany them.

Lin Feng comprehended and said, ’’Your new spell is able to create the pathway linking life and death?’’

It was obvious that although Wang Lin used the Great Celestial Way of the Eight Trigrams to consolidate his powers, he managed to infuse the power concept of several Pearl of Styx to enter it during his understanding of the mantra.

Lin Feng did not mind this and maintained the calmness of his soul, refusing to be affected by the power of Samsara.

The clawing bones that were attacking his ankles had crushed even before they could reach the body of Lin Feng.

What Lin Feng minded was that this spell cast by Wang Lin contained a streak of dark and frightening aura within it.

Yes, it was frightening.

Since Lin Feng formed the golden elixir and survived the frightening experience, there had been very little things that made him frightened in this world. But after experiencing the mana from Wang Lin, Lin Feng felt a little frightened.

He was not scared of Wang Lin. In his eyes, Wang Lin did not possess extremely potent powers, but within his mana consisted of a power concept that developed a sense of fright within Lin Feng.

That was a power that superseded death.

Heaven and Earth could be destroyed!

When there was new life, there was naturally destruction. After destruction followed creation. This cycle was known as destiny.

A cultivator might surmount the entrance to life and death and exceed the boundaries of human longevity, attaining immortality.

But in the face of the destruction of Heaven and Earth, they would be unable to escape death.

If a man suffered, his entire family would not be spared from it too.

Therefore, after superseding life and death, the only thing that could frighten Lin Feng was only nature and the destiny that would destroy everything in the world.

As for Wang Lin, he had only finished consolidating his powers and he had already realized a portion of the power concept of the destruction of Heaven and Earth.

’’You are displaying remarkable intelligence, which makes me more excited to see your performance after you form the golden elixir.’’ Lin Feng sighed, ’’This type of intelligence is too outrageous.’’

Initially, when Xiao Bu Dian comprehended the Two Elements of Thunderstorm, Lin Feng had already felt that it was not simple.

But Wang Lin's realization of the powers of the destruction of Heaven and Earth involved a higher level of intelligence, which makes one puzzled.

Life and Death are the foundations of everything and they are also the most powerful Two Elements of Creation, even higher than that of Thunderstorm and Light and Darkness.

Wang Lin had just established his foundation and had already experienced the edge of ’’destruction’’. This made Lin Feng sighed endlessly, ’’Following animals like all of you really remove the fun and leisure as the stress that you all give is extremely intense. I also have to work hard, otherwise, there may be a disaster coming.’’

Would there not be a disaster? By the looks of Wang Lin, disasters would come endlessly and he would be all alone. He was entirely a cursed lone star.

What was a cursed lone star?

Simply put, it was colloquially known as a jinx. He would be free on his own and rid of all curses even if he got himself into big trouble. But the people around him would be jinxed.

It was like a storm. The center of the wind was mild and quiet, but its surroundings would be torn apart and anyone near it would be killed.

Since Lin Feng had already accepted Wang Lin as his disciple, he could not push him aside. He had also decided not to change

Wang Lin's personality and his style of doing things.

If his style and personality changed, Wang Lin would not be Wang Lin. In the future, it might be hard to say if he could achieve the success that was predicted of him.

Since he did not plan to change Wang Lin, what Lin Feng could only do was to ceaselessly strengthen his own body. When Wang Lin brings upon a disaster, he could ensure that he would not be swept into the crisis.

At the same time, Lin Feng heartlessly thought, ’’But, there are some lucky chaps around Wang Lin, people whose destinies were good, at least they will be able to resist the jinx from Wang Lin?’’

While his mind was filled with nonsensical thoughts, Lin Feng released his mana and easily stepped away from the Road to River Styx. He nodded at Wang Lin and said, ’’That was not bad, but there is room for improvement.’’

’’In other words, you need to increase and deeply comprehend the way of destruction. Your understanding now is lacking and you also need to understand the way of the creation of life, before you can rise above your level.’’

Lin Feng adopted a serious tone, ’’Otherwise, even if the destructive powers allow you to become formidable and unbeatable, without similar powers of creation, your road in the future will become narrower until you walk into a dead end.’’

’’Pure destructive power will totally remove your own lease of life. When it reaches that point, it will be too late. Not only will your level of mantra be unable to increase, you may even lose your life.’’

Wang Lin's expression was also very serious, nodding while saying, ’’I will definitely remember your teachings.’’

He lowered his head and pondered for awhile, before saying, ’’Please take a look, Master.’’

As Wang Lin lifted his hand and pointed into space, another black-yellow death-ridden path appeared. Lin Feng scanned the area before finding out that even though the death-ridden path was very intriguing, it did not contain the destructive powers that left people frightened.

Lin Feng laughed, ’’Very good, you have good control of your own powers now.’’

Wang Lin also smiled, ’’I shall name this power the Destructive Death. It shall not be loosely used. It will only be used against a formidable opponent by entering the Destructive Death Stage, before fitting the entire destructive concept into your mana and killing the opponent.’’

Lin Feng nodded his head, ’’This will be the best, but this will be a test of your judgement. At times, your opponents will not give you the opportunity at another shot to regain your standing.’’

Wang Lin agreed, ’’Master, I will remember your teachings.’’

’’As for the power concept of creation....’’ Lin Feng lifted his hand and pointed. A huge amount of Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds in the sky surged into Wang Lin's body. ’’Use your heart to understanding the wonder within. The Heaven-Revolving Purple Clouds is also known as the mother of all Heaven-Revolving Clouds and it has the unlimited power of creating all matter.

’’And your Destructive Death spell is also not bad with more potential to be discovered.’’ Lin Feng followed by saying, ’’The core of the Pearl of Styx lies in the River Styx Primordial Water.’’

Wang Lin nodded repeatedly, heeding Lin Feng's advice.

At this point, Lin Feng suddenly felt that at the bottom of Mount Yujing and the Lingyun Peak within Mount Kunlun resonated a familiar power pulse.

’’This feels very similar, where did I see it before?’’ Lin Feng suddenly remembered, ’’Yes, it is the Grand Moon Primordial Water.’’

Why did this thing suddenly appear at Lingyun Peak?

Lin Feng felt that it was weird. He saw through space and his godly awareness landed on Lingyun Peak, seeing a flustered young man decked in a white dress being surrounded and pursued by a group of men dressed in green.

’’It is really him.’’ Lin Feng's brows slightly frowned. This young man who was being pursued was Yang Qing, someone who he had met before due to fate.

Yang Qing was a disciple of the Cloud Water Cave Sect from the north foot of Mount Kunlun. When Lin Feng initially came to Mount Kunlun to search for Mount Yujing, he had once acquainted with Yang Qing and went through the appearance of Grand Moon Primordial Water and the Grand Fire Crow revolt.

During that period, a disciple from the Aeolus Sect, Gao Fan, attempted to steal the life power of many alongside him. He used the evil spell, the Great Furnace of the Commons, to reinforce and refine the Grand Moon Primordial Water, only to be destroyed by Lin Feng. The Grand Moon Primordial Water whereabouts were unknown from then on. He deduced that it should have been buried inside the body of someone who was at the scene.

He just did not expect that the lucky guy was Yang Qing.

After a long time without seeing Yang Qing, Yang Qing's cultivation had finally risen to the Foundation Establishment Stage.

But it was a pity that his opponents overwhelmed him. The leader had even cultivated till the Aurous Core stage. If it were not for the fact that he was trying to catch Yang Qing alive, Yang Qing would have long been defeated.

Lin Feng gaze brightened, ’’Is that the Aeolus Sect?’’

The mana of this group of men dressed in green was obviously cultivating the Aeolus Formless Mantra from the Aeolus Sect. The spells that they were exhibiting were spells like the Tornado Cut and the Helical Ground Hurricane, mostly from the Aeolus Sect.

Yang Qing was his old self. His battling powers were of average ability and he was pushed to the edge by a bunch of enemies.

Luckily for him, every time Yang Qing was unable to hold on, his index finger would lock straight like a blade and point forward.

There would be a streak of jade-green water spurting out of it.

This jade-green water was the Grand Moon Primordial Water.

Once it enters the river valley at the Lingyun Peak, it would

immediately convert the river water into a jade-green color.

After that, these greenish river water would be under the command of Yang Qing, to help him ward off his enemies.

The spiritual energy of the river water was very powerful. They key laid in the majesty of the water, which could easily counter the opponent's move. It could even easily force a cultivator of the Aeolus Sect to back off.

Upon seeing this scene, Lin Feng sighed, ’’The Grand Moon Primordial Water is termed the commander of all waters. It was definitely not a false claim, as Yang Qing could easily strut his powers in any place filled with water. Over here, his powers could

trounce a cultivator in the Aurous Core Stage.

’’If this was a big lake or a huge river nearby, his powers will rise.

If it was at the sea, his powers will be indescribable.’’

The thing was, Yang Qing had already fought valiantly for a long time, which caused his mana to deplete. Even if it was the Grand Moon Primordial Water, there was no way it could be continually utilized for very long.

Lin Feng shook his head slightly, ’’Out of so many individuals, only you have attained the Grand Moon Primordial Water. Your luck is not bad, even as your mana is depleting, you have stumbled upon us. Young man, your luck never seems to run out.’’

He turned his head towards Wang Lin, ’’Go and prepare to practically train your spell, along with your new Dual Polarity Circle.

Wang Lin's eyes brightened as he heard of that.


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