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Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou - Chapter 131


Chapter 131

Ch.131 Announcement

side: Yuki

Well, I explained the outline of the strategy beforehand, the remaining is how to put it to use.

Mistakes in allocation will result in painful damage.

Well, if we considering by level, everyone is the strongest type so I don't need to worry about that.

I would like to reduce the dead count as much as possible.

Because someone's wives will be on the battlefield.(TLN : Your own, yeah)

’’Well, I will tell you about the plan.’’(Yuki)

Everyone nods.

’’In the meantime, since no one hasn't expressed any objections so far, we will move by using my strategy, so let's get down to the details.’’(Yuki)

That said, I point at Weed.

’’First of all, the start of the departure: the country's elite and Weed's will leave Weed, here I'm going to appoint Liliana-san, Zergis, Leia, Seraria, I, and Ellis as commanders, and this time Herge will be general.’’(Yuki)

There is no one suited to be the general more than Herge this time.

The army morale, and also the justifiable part increases the effect furthermore with Herge.

I can tell the soldiers that we're so earnest

I write on the whiteboard.

’’Among them, Seraria, I, Eris together with Liliana-san, will infiltrate and capture Demon King castle. And replacing Liliana with Zergis, please work with Leia for that.’’(Yuki)

The five people that were mentioned nod.

’’As for elites of each country, as you know, Ares=Leicester from Rochelle, Lowell and Higilz from Gultz, Dread and Crack from Ritea, everyone is a moderate commander, and know the circumstances behind this, they're suited for us. ’’(Yuki)

With this, there is nothing wrong with the Allied force's advancement.

’’By the way, in order to reduce the dead body of our side as much as possible, we are supplying them with handmade weapons made by Naruja-san from Weed. Let's think about whether they have to return to us or whether to sell them after, It will also serve as a good advertisement for weapons made by them.’’(Yuki)

’’...... you're shrewd, Onii-san.’’(Lutz)

’’Well, we have our money flow to various places through military action, we have to make a profit somewhere.’’(Yuki)

’’Well, this time the elites soldier has asked for it and I am pretty surprised by the amount of money, and I must do something about that.’’(Lutz)

’’Lutz has done quite a bit of purchasing arms and ration too, by the time soldier gathers, right?’’(Yuki)

’’That's right, I will not lose when it comes to business matter.’’(Lutz)

Yes, this rapid and elaborate dispatch is not the charity from each country that we could do it promptly.

We're in the form of upholder for the time being.

In any case, there will be assistance, but currently, no matter how close we are to the king of the partner country, we will not be able to convince the noble vassal with no money.

In a sense, we will prove the usefulness of the gate quickly form this coalition dispatch.

’’The military movement will start advancing from two days later. We will take slime and goblin's troops to slaughter and get rid of wild monsters while making the marching route with the dungeon before that.’’(Yuki)

I draw a circle in the middle of the advanced troops.

I'll deploy Surakichi-san at this point.

’’Demon King castle infiltration team will consist only mentioned people. But the the means of transportation will be through Marauder(Armored Vehicle), ​​so do not mind leaving the driver and let us know about the operation of the dungeon as usual, but response quickly toa call for regrouping. This will also serve as a proof of us defeated the Demon King for the later too.’’(Yuki)

(TLN: this sentence is very hard to understand.


’’Oh, that's what you thought, you can just wait without doing any forced work you know.’’(Seraria)

’’If so, by any chance, even if the rumor spreads out that we have killed the Demon King in his castle, there is no problem right?’’

’’That's what it is. I'll put a dummy Doppel too, but this will make it harder to exchange information, everyone in the Weed can tell whether we are genuine or fake though.’’(Yuki)

Yes, up until now I was setting up a Doppel as a shadow but the exchange of information is not perfect.

There is no problem in taking over work etc, but there was an also mistake in a relationship with someone.

After that, to make it easy to understand if it is a Doppel or not, We taught a certain difference to the upper-class citizen of Weed.

’’From these distance, for Marauder, it will take 4 days. Driving is impossible for me with the marching, so I ask you to start with Lutz and Kaya at the center.’’(Yuki)


These two people have been driving without problems when going to Galtz.

’’Before you get inside Demon King castle, stop at a 1-kilometer away from the castle and set up a dungeon with a transfer function, then we will capture Demon King castle at once.’’(Yuki)

Doing so, I point I point at the Demon King castle.

It is halfway through the plan now.

’’Liliana-san, Zergis, Leia, I have written the map of the Demon King castle so we might not run into each other by any chance, so please keep this in mind.’’(Yuki)

Everyone seems to burn the Demon King castle map I took out into their brain.

’’I'll distribute a copy of this map after this meeting. When we successfully captured Demon King castle, we'll negotiate with them while protecting Liliana-san, and this is our action.’’(Yuki)

’’It's been a while since I went there’’(Liliana)

’’Well, when the Allied Army arrived at the destination, the members that are in the area will first attacking together, the same at the Demon King castle, and regarding the remaining members, I'll have you deal with Ranx's Hero just ask Kiyu for details. I won't be there, but you can call me anytime, so you don't have to worry about it.’’(Yuki)

I say so and look at everyone.

Did you all get what I said?

’’Oh, that's where he is.’’(Lutz)

And Lutz.

’’That's where.’’(Millie)

And Millie.

Everyone else has a surprised face, he nods.

’’What happened?’’(Yuki)

When I listen to it, everyone once looks face to face, say at the same time.

’’’’’’I've completely forgotten about Ranx 's problem’’’’’’

I'm shuddered by that reply.

’’Hey, hey.’’

’’No, I didn't mean they have no impact’’

’’Oh yeah right?’’

’’... their shadow is thin.’’

’’I am doing something I need to do though.’’

I want to laugh at such at those words.

Oh, poor Ranx.

All my wives are already forgotten about them.

And then, one person raises a voice of a voice of doubt.

’’Umm, I, I'm sorry, I wonder okay that I'm here too?’’(Leah)

That is Leah who works for me as an attendant.

I have not told her that she is a Hero yet, but she is already doing Power leveling in the dungeon.

She already reaches level 120, she can fight as it is.

But, she should think about why she also have to participate in the big work such as Demon King castle capture.

’’Of course, it is not good unless there is Leah.’’(Yuki)

’’M, me?’’(Leah)

’’Well, you are the trump card when something happens.’’(Seraria)

Seraria and I say so, everyone else nods.

’’W, What does it mean?’’

Leah tilts her head.

But, everyone knows.

In the unlikely event that you can't win against the Demon King, you have to rely on the Hero called Leah.

It's doesn't feel good stating this, but the Demon King need to die, for certain.

So, taking the risks, we have to bring Leah to the battlefield.

Yes, I have another job before the demonic castle capture.

Awaken the Hero, Leah.

The impossible game, I want to say this honestly.

Although I want to go slowly later, my wives said we need to prepare for cases where we could not win.

I'm also getting permission, so I'm starting to go MeowMeow with Leah

In what world do you want your husband to be with others woman?

Besides, I love each of them firmly.

The time limit is about 6 days.

Whether I got blown away or get along with Leah, Death Match was about to start.

I am afraid of this more than the Demon King! !


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