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Hero? I’ve Long Stopped Being One - Volume 2 - Chapter 3


Chapter 3

Hero? I've Long Stopped Being One - Volume 2 Chapter 3

In famous scientist Dr . Qin's research institute in H City, Ouyang Rui was wearing a brain sensing device on his head .

’’Doctor, you can't read his memories?’’ A majestic middle aged man asked an old man in a white lab coat .

’’I'm sorry, sir, his brain and memories are completely scrambled and cannot be read at all . There is no hope of recovery;this is a special case of mental damage . His body is still alive, but I can hardly find any normal brain waves in his brain . ’’ Dr . Qin replied to the middle-aged man in front of him . He couldn't help but wipe his sweat as he spoke, well aware that this person was a family member of one of the strongest families in Area C .

’’Please explain briefly . ’’ The Ouyang family head ordered .

’’In short, his body is all there, but his soul is gone . ’’ Dr . Qin summarized .

’’Is that the same as a vegetative state?’’ Ouyang asked, frowning .

’’Not at all;people in a vegetative state can still be saved . But this man's soul is gone . It can't be reversed . ’’ Dr . Qin said: ’’Ever since the existence of the soul was confirmed ten years back, a new truth has been discovered . That is, even if a person has a completely healthy body and had no psychological problems, once their soul disappears, they will never wake up again . Soul disappearance is now classified as a terminal illness by the World Medical Association . ’’

’’Thank you, Doctor . I understand what to do . ’’ The Ouyang family head said to Dr . Qin .

Having said this, he pulled out a pistol and directly shot Ouyang Rui in the head .

Dr . Qin stared at him: ’’You didn't have to kill him . Although it is a terminal illnes, the world has changed . Maybe there was someone out there who could have saved him?’’

’’Dr . Qin, you are an expert in brain development . If you can't cure him, I am afraid no one can . ’’ Ouyang squinted: ’’Besides, we do not need this kind of person in our Ouyang family . We couldn't even use this trash for small matters . ’’

’’ . . . ’’

’’If it isn't brother Ouyang? Long time no see . ’’ A middle-aged man entered the institute just then, with another, arrogant-looking, middle-aged man following behind him .

’’If it isn't brother Dong!’’ the middle-aged Ouyang recognized the speaker: ’’It's been a long time . ’’

’’Oh? Isn't that Ouyang Rui? What happend?!’’ asked the Dong family head, noticing the state of Ouyang Rui .

’’Shouldn't you be asking your Dong Xue'er this?’’ asked the Ouyang family head .

’’About that . . . ’’ The Dong leader smiled a bit: ’’Let's discuss that later . Rest assured, I'll clear up the matter and salvage our families'relationship . Our plan is in its most crucial period - we can't let this get between us . ’’

’’If the plan weren't in such a critical period, do you think I'd still be here talking to you like this?’’ Ouyang's family head said, as he left the building . ’’I will be waiting for your explanation . As for the body, someone will be along to take care of it . ’’

’’Absolutely . ’’ said Dong .

Looking at the Ouyang family head walking out the door, the Dong family head's eyes flashed with a strange light .

’’Well then, Dr . Qin, let's discuss our plan . ’’ the Dong family head turned to Dr . Qin . ’’I hope we can advance the completion schedule even more . ’’

’’This . . . you know, the men in my institute . . . ’’ Dr . Qin twitched . ’’I've already said that they are progressing as fast as they can . ’’

’’Don't worry, Dr . Qin . I understand that you're nervous, so I've especially brought you a helper, a technical consultant from the Dong family . ’’ The Dong family head looked to the middle-aged man next to him . ’’Here . Let me introduce him - this is our technical consultant Dr . Mousley, who will help you speed things up with the project . ’’

’’But I don't understand . . . ’’ Dr . Qin said .

’’You don't need to understand anything;you can take your time to catch up . You know this is an experiment that can change the future of humanity if it succeeds . ’’ After a pause, Mr . Dong added: ’’You will lead the world into a new era, as the greatest scientist of them all . ’’

’’But . . . . ’’

’’There is no but . ’’ Mr . Dong said: ’’The two of you will finish the project together . ’’

After thinking about it, Dr . Qin could only agree helplessly: ’’Okay . ’’

’’Great, I hope to see good things from your collaboration . ’’ Dong Jiazhu said with a smile . ’’Oh, and I hope we can keep the news about this increase in pace just between the three of us . Assuming you want to survive long enough to compete the project . ’’

’’ . . . Rest assured, I won't give you any problems . ’’ Dr . Qin broke out into a cold sweat .

’’I have great hopes for you . I drove down here personally from City B just for your project . You'd better not let me down . ’’ Dong Jiazhu told Dr . Qin .

Watching the head of the Dong family leave, Dr . Qin looked at Dr . Mousley, who was still scrutinizing the research lab, and couldn't help but say: ’’What cooperation?! Obviously, you are stealing my research results and monitoring my movements . Damn, really, after they get my research results, who knows what will happen?’’


Lin Wan arrived at Dr . Qin's lab that day at her usual time .

Unlike the past, after she arrived, she witnessed the following conversation .

’’These are really old facilities . It's very impressive you can do anything with them . ’’ Dr . Mousley commented to Dr . Qin . ’’Maybe country bumpkins can't handle technical updates . ’’

’’They're still usable;at least I can complete my research with these old things . ’’ Dr . Qin replied sarcastically . ’’Unlike some people, who can't produce results even with a wide variety of high-end instruments . And they said you were a senior researcher!’’

’’What are you saying?’’ Mousley retorted . ’’I am the most talented scientist at the World Science Institute . Unlike you, who've been working at a third-rate university and only received a doctorate at the age of 40, I have a postdoctoral degree at only 25 . You should be embarrassed to be compared with me . ’’

’’Well, I've won the Nobel Prize . ’’ Dr . Qin said .

’’I have been a technical consultant at the World Academy of Sciences!’’ said Dr . Mousley .

’’Well, I've won the Nobel Prize . ’’ Dr . . Qin said .

’’Screw you! I get a paper published in the World Science Journal every year,’’ said Dr . Mousley .

’’I have won the Nobel Prize . ’’ Dr . Qin said .

’’I am a world authority in dozens of technical fields!’’

’’I have won the Nobel Prize . ’’ Dr . Qin repeated .

’’Do you dare to keep speaking?!’’

’’Well, I have won the Nobel Prize twice!’’ said Dr . Qin .

’’Do you want to fight?’’ Mousley was enraged, but he had to admit that although he had achieved a great position in the academic field, a Nobel Prize winner was a godlike existence .

’’Bring it! Who's afraid of you? Let me tell you, when I was young, I won against two city-level fighting champions . ’’ Dr . Qin said fearlessly .

’’What are you doing?’’ Lin Wan really couldn't take it anymore . She stalked in and yanked apart the two doctors, who looked like they were about to go at it .

’’Little one, your timing is perfect! Help me teach this fart face a lesson!’’ Dr . Qin saw Lin Wan's entrance as an opportunity . ’’Look, this is Xiao Wan, my student . She's a master of masters at fighting . If you want to hit me, you'll have to go through her first . ’’

’’Doctor! I'm here as your assistant, not your bodyguard . ’’ Lin Wan said, looking at Dr . Qin helplessly .

’’Come on, this guy is young and strong, and I'm old and weak . Don't overestimate me . That guy will hurt this old man . ’’ Dr . Qin said from behind Lin Wan . ’’Don't you look up to me? I've helped you in peacetime, so isn't it time to help protect this old man?’’

’’ . . . ’’ Lin Wan was speechless at the old man . ’’I, too, know you can't beat him . Why are you picking this kind of fight?’’

’’I just don't like the look of this kid, even if I lose out physically . ’’ Dr . Qin said .

’’Are you a kid?’’ Lin Wan asked helplessly . Saying this, she walked over to Dr . Mousley, who was standing to the side, watching them .

’’Hey, make him give me some face . ’’ Dr . Qin yelled from the side .

’’I'm really sorry /> ’’I'm really sorry . Dr . Qin has the temperament of a little kid . ’’ Lin Wan said to Dr . Mousley . ’’Please ignore him . ’’

’’Hey! Who's your boss here? Don't apologize to him! Didn't I tell you to cuss him out?’’ Dr . Qin shouted from behind her .

’’Pfft . ’’ Dr . Mousley snorted .

’’See how full of shit he is? Make him apologize for being so shameless . ’’ Dr . Qin called from behind .

’’Just shut up already!’’ Lin Wan shouted at him .

’’ . . . ’’ Dr . Qin shut up .

’’You got passed over by the World Academy of Sciences because of this attitude . ’’ Turning away from Dr . Qin, Lin Wan looked back to Dr . Mousley and asked . ’’Are you Dr . Mousley?’’

’’Ah? Do you recognize me?’’ Dr . Mousley looked slightly relieved .

’’Of course I do . You get papers published every month in scientific journals . I've read all of them . ’’ Lin Wan was admiring .

’’Oh? You've read my thesis?’’ Dr . Mousley asked .

’’Of course! Your papers are really great . ’’ Lin Wan said: ’’I really admire your grasp of scientific theory . To be honest, I was really surprised to see you here today . ’’

’’Haha, this little girl can appreciate what's in front of her . Unlike some stubborn old man I could mention,’’ Mousley said smugly .

’’Not at all, you are just very famous in the scientific community . ’’ Lin Wan said .

’’Of course . ’’ Mousley laughed and said: ’’You're pretty great, kid . After this project is finished, maybe you'd be interested in helping with my research work . ’’

’’I'll consider it . ’’ Lin Wan said . ’’Big men like you don't have much contact with Dr . Qin . He doesn't like people from the World Academy of Sciences, so he's always like this . ’’

’’Right, what are you doing here?’’ Lin Wan asked curiously .

’’I came to help with this experiment,’’ said Mousley .


Mousley glanced at Dr . Qin and said: ’’That is to say, I'm just an assistant . I won't be trying anything like stealing research results . ’’

’’Whatever, it won't make much difference . ’’ Dr . Qin mumbled .


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