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Help! Gooogle-sensei!! - Volume 3 - Chapter 6


Chapter 6: Run! Hiruhir

Winter is starting to end, when the snow starts to melt, the one who starts first was Hiruhiru-gou.

She's the leading front runner type, huh.

Maybe because she knows her country's condition.

Obviously because I airdropped a lot of that stuff like that.

It's not hard to imagine what that place would become.

This is the scene of a chat from the past.

’’Your Majesty Maximilian, humans are such beings that would hold a grudge when they've been deprived of something, what do you think are the 3 most common of those?’’

’’Fumu, a riddle, huh. I'll take it. The first one is love. If something they love got stolen from them, human will become a mass of hatred.’’

’’That's right. I think so too.’’

’’The second one is...... maybe pride? Dignity, self-respect, the place where's your heart belong, freedom, when all of that got trampled down, human won't forgive them.’’

’’As I expected of Your Highness Maximilian. I think so too.’’

’’The third is...... life? Because you would die without that. Your country, hometown...... those are included in love, huh. Fumu, the third one, I've come up many of it but......’’

He places his hand on his chin and thinks.

He looks so great, compared to our baldie.

Good grief, if that baldie didn't do anything unnecessary like that, the people of West Habsburg would've gotten their freedom by themselves.

Above 80% of the residents including the soldiers have come back, leaving the empire in chaos.

Then, if the people can stand up by themselves, they can win their independence with their own power.

So, it's okay to treat him as a baldie for a while, right?

’’Fumu, I have come up with many of that, but I can't choose which one is it. I give up. What about your opinion, prince?’’

’’It's food. It's food. They would feel danger when they start to feel severely hungry, and that time their instinct will start to come out. And, they will hate someone who cause that. How about that?’’

’’I see, it's not someone who stole life, but someone who stole and let them barely alive. Certainly, the hatred would be great and deep. So you mean, that's the next thing you're going to do, huh? Prince Karl is really a lump of malice in shape of man. Make me admire you more.’’

’’It's an honour to be praised by you. Black-hearted king.’’

The former Frank Empire's territory, 64% of it is plains, so they have many farm.

Food crisis won't happen normally.

But, there's a boy who took advantage of information disorder caused by the death of the emperor and causing abnormal things.

That is the beautiful flat faced handsome boy. [Handsome boy], this is the important part.

Holding a banquet at an eastern noble's mansion, receiving the reward from that, and exchanging a really fair trade with farmers in the west.

Except I had a dragon besides me when carrying out the fair trade.

Holding a banquet at a western noble's mansion, receiving reward from that, and exchanging a really fair trade with farmers in the east.

Except I had a dragon besides me when carrying out the fair trade.

Just doing that, the boy from Chindragon shop went around the world, and without him realizing, he got an enormous amount of food.

According to sensei's calculation, if they eat frugally, theoretically, they won't starve to death.

However, in this world, not everyone eats frugally.

Another person's belongings are mine, my belongings are mine, such people with that face exists.

And they're mainly of imperial family and nobles, who proclaimed to be a mutant with blue blood.

Because they can't let go of their gluttony, they start to take other people's food.

They claimed they have the right to do that.

Hahhahha, as expected of demon king's blood relative, they know that.

It's just, do you all have the same power as that big monster, Demon King Charlemagne?

Do you all have the magical power to trample down people's hatred with fear?

That's why I forcefully give some favor to Hiruhiru.

There are around 3 million troops in Hiruhiru's possession, and because of snow, their return to Paris got hindered so they stayed in Lyon.

Having that many troops in winter means they won't have enough food to eat and firewood to warm themselves.

Then, they can only choose steal from Lyon's people like a bandit or commit suicide like a noble.

Maybe Hiruhiru would choose to commit suicide like a noble, but I don't think her troops are noble enough to choose suicide and die in vain.

When she was at a loss like that, an honest and beautiful boy Pipin-kun which kinda unbelievable that he's Hiruhiru's little brother appeared.

Man, it's a good thing to save him from the burning Paris.

The beautiful scenery of sister and brother reunion, made me shed tears.

And just like that, I sneer at them while riding [NTR-gou] from above.

’’Foolish princess general who can't pass over the winter, please receive my pity.’’

After that, the dragons airdropped firewood and food every day.

Thinking about how fast she can think, I think she will realize about the reason of why there's an enormous amount of food.

About the distress her countrymen has which aren't here right now.

Along with snow thawing, befitting the title of hasty princess general, she moves around in Godspeed.

The people who starved to death, the people who lost their family because of starvation, the people who survived in food shortage, and the pigs who eat in frugality with their unchanging body fat percentage.

As expected of Hero Hiruhiru.

Giving food to the starving, slashing the fat pig, apologizing in tears to a mother who threw stone to her while screaming, ’’Why didn't you come faster’’, she moves around several times like that.

Occasionally, there are also nobles who actually lived in frugality, starving together, and bear it with their people.

As expected of sensei. No one died because of starvation in that territory.

There are some people who died out of malnutrition though..... Well this is because I made a mistake when inputting the parameter.

[Run! Hiruhiru], feels like it can become a book. Undoubtedly, it will become a best seller.

I think, after the demon king's death, every prince and princess he left behind, influential nobles, and everyone who is full of past grudge, took their sword and tried to achieve supremacy. So, behind the scenes, I made Hiruhiru to achieve it with mercy and compassion.

Like The north wind and the sun.

[TL Note: here ]

And the safety of that honest beautiful boy is like the advance payment maybe?

To appreciate someone's mercy and compassion, you must first have starved and suffered.

So, I do it like that.

And so many people starved and suffered, stole from each other, and died, even though the nobles stole to satisfy their stomach, definitely the one who kill them all is me.

You call something like Charlemagne a demon king?

They're surely short sighted.

And Hiruhiru would look like a saintess to them for sure. They have knotholes for eyes.

Give an enormous amount of food to 3 million soldiers which is about half of the former Frank Empire army's soldier

I think you should be competent enough to take over a country with these.

So, just do it, I leave the rest of Frank Kingdom's future to you, okay?

Your Highness ’’Hero’’ Hiruhiru.

In the south, that is Vatican City State, three parties start to move.

First, the fantasy world human former slaves who didn't manage to escape and the demi human former slave who left and deserted them met.

And even amidst that awkward situation, they shared their food to their former slave comrade.

’’I will escape too if I was you. So, don't mind it.’’

Well if Alps United Kingdom said they would save only humans from fantasy world, it would be like that.

The demi humans who shouted destroy Vatican loudly are actually only raising their voice to seek help for rescuing their comrade slaves who got left behind.

And the demi human supremacist misunderstood that.

However I won't let the people of Alps United Kingdom shed their blood saving another country's imprisoned slave out of pity.

So, I tried to fight them using Hiruhiru, but in the end, Hiruhiru won without shedding any Frank Empire army's blood.

The pitiful ones are the mantises, you know? They're also intelligent beings. They were forced to fight, how pitiful.

Holy Knights? They died because they wanted more slaves and killed themselves, didn't they? Then, it's all their fault. How pitiful (in monotone).

And so, the former slaves joined up.

And before I realized, the fundamentalist who started demi human supremacist among them had gone away.

Certainly, somewhere far away, they are intending to make their dream country where demi humans enslave humans. Somewhere far away in that world.

And then, they triumphantly started their journey to exact revenge to their former masters, and what they saw in the end of their trip are people who are starved and frozen.

The great buildings got miserably destroyed, and with limited food, their former master barely passed the winter.

The hammer of retribution have been swung down.

Towards the wall around there.

Even though it's too late to understand it's asking too much, no one swung their fist to a mother's back who bows down very deeply for their children's sake.

It's not like everyone stopped their fist, but certainly, many people stopped their fist, and like that the former master bow down to the former slave and they're blessed with food. If I remember correctly, it is, the haves shares with the have nots, isn't it?

According to sensei's calculation, if everyone lived in frugality, everyone will survive though, but why there's so many people who died from starvation, even among the former masters too.

Well, those people have been taking up anger and hatred before, so let's praise them for the way they die splendidly while carrying sin just like a guru.

They won't enter the list of saints though, right?

To every self-proclaimed saint, how did receiving mercy (food) and poverty forcibly and then getting forgiveness from the former slaves you oppress taste like?

I'm sorry, I'm not as patient as Martin Luther-san, you know?

Fellow sufferers pity each other, licking each other wounds, well, that's it, from now on please get along, okay?

Among the former masters, some misunderstood, well people like that have gone to journey before I know. Their love to this country have been lost, maybe?

Certainly, to somewhere far away, they are intending to make their own dream country where humans enslave demi humans. Somewhere far away at that world.

It's hard to not be able to read the mood, isn't it?

Not I can't read, but I don't read it though.

Among the countries residing on East Habsburg Kingdom's east and south, the kings have started a conference.

Mainly about the construction of communication network to cope with insects race.

It will be a road used by messengers and then becomes the road used by soldiers during the march, and subsequently it'll become a trade route while keeping each individual countries' state of things, it will become a coalition to cope with their common threat, the insects.

Since it's from sensei's calculation, it shouldn't be a plan but a decision.

Abbreviated, borrowing Alps United Kingdom [A country of dragon, dwarven, and elven, Alps United Kingdom]'s dragon power as pretext, among those humanity's coalition, the place for demi-humans was made gradually, but it would be the story a bit ahead in the future.

Grosse Kingdom's brother country, who called themselves as the elder country, Prussia Kingdom fell into ruin due to having the bloodthirsty and insane king, His Majesty Friedrich as the center.

The children of nobles started to revolt because their parent got killed.

Calling high class nobles at evening party was a bad idea, I think.

Because even though the head of a noble family died, their house's power remain.

And the king can't make excuses like, ’’It can't be helped, I was threatened with a dragon’’ too.

Besides, that bloodshed, according to law, is a legit decision.

Upon His Majesty Friedrich's honor, I guarantee he's not crazy.

Because it's a justifiable decision to punish the nobles who made another country's viceroy a laughingstock.

And in accordance to that appropriate decision, blood was shed. Don't take me wrong.

Well then, I pray for His Majesty's luck in battle.

Baltic 3 Kingdoms including Belarus made an alliance behind the scenes.

To fight that western major power which have been stealing from them until now.

An economy which worked on stealing will inevitably collapse if they lost the place to steal from.

Acquiring a way to fight those squirming undead, along with gaining courage too, they only thing left is to fulfill their retribution until now.

The return of 200,000 nameless hero even though they have a name, ignited the fire inside the people in the country.

Thus, because I finished sowing the seed all over the place, I'm passing my life leisurely inside the Empress's (absent) mansion.

If you sow the seed, it would grow by itself.

I'll be scolded by a farmer, but it's something like that.

Alps United Kingdom is in the middle of founding, just like when economy started to run, they said to me, ’’Prince, you're a nuisance’’, I don't have any place to belong inside this Europe.

Every country starts their own story which is centered on a hero and will end it by themselves.

Let's leave that all troublesome problem to the heroes.

Just like a night attack or early morning attack, someone visited me late at night.

That person is Princess Maria wearing her usual high class silk negligee which got downgraded a bit.

’’Karl-sama, I, I love you......’’

’’That's....... an honor.’’

There was no princess who fell in love with her country's savior hero here anymore.

With serious look, gently, she stares at me.

’’I've heard all of that from father. Karl-sama isn't a country's hero, nor a hero of humanity, you're just a strong and kind person who run around to save everybody.’’

Maximilian! Don't say anything unnecessary.

’’No one admired you, Karl-sama. No one yearned after you, Karl-sama. No one comforted you, Karl-sama. I think it's not enough for Karl-sama, but I, I love Karl-sama's kindness from the bottom of my heart. So, let me attend to you tonight.’’

*Shururi* *Shururi’’, the sound of negligee falling down to floor resound.

The only thing left is a girl with a bulge suiting her age and white soft skin.

’’If you don't accept me, I will kill myself. With this, the kind Karl-sama won't be able to escape, right?’’

Checkmate at the beginning. Can't escape.

I'm not a man who would let a beautiful girl stay naked in this cold season when snow didn't thaw yet.

Opening one side of my blanket, I nod and let princess Maria slide into my bed.

Did her body become cold because of the air, at first it was so cold and smooth, but as time passes, her body temperature becomes the same as mine gradually.

Girl's body, suiting her age, white, smooth, and soft, and sometimes stiff, small, and tight.


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