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Hedonist Sovereign - Chapter 394


Chapter 394: Chapter 394 - System Reboot

Chapter 394 - System Reboot

Translator: BinBin

Editor: Nova1237

Three months ago, the massive war in the Amethyst Dragon Palace battered Qin Feng and the Hedonist System acted up. Qin Feng could not sense the system for the past three months he hid in the provincial capital.

The system seemed to have vanished from his mind overnight. According to Little Pig, Qin Feng had suffered serious damage so the system went into dormant state.

Not even Little Pig knew exactly when the system would be reactivated.


Qin Feng looked hard at the bed. Taking his cue, the laid-back Little Pig cast a contemptuous gaze at Qin Feng before he scurried underneath the bed. Little Pig had been out of the system ever since the system went dormant. Just like Qin Feng, he was now homeless.

After securing Little Pig’s safety, Qin Feng slowly opened the door.

With sharp eyes, Qin Feng glared at the beauty and asked coldly without any sign of lasciviousness, “Anything I can help you with?”

Chang Xin looked apprehensively at Qin Feng. Of course she had something, and it was a big thing!

Chang Xin was a lecturer in the college of medicine at Provincial Capital University. She was also the chief physician of the affiliated hospital for the college of medicine. She had just checked out of this room and by the time she left the hotel, she realized that she had left her undergarments in the room so she went back to retrieve them.

She never expected for the room to be rented by another guest only ten minutes after she had checked out.

Chang Xin was shocked to see a half naked Qin Feng. Then, her face reddened slightly this was the first time she had seen a half-naked, handsome young man in such close proximity.

“C-Can I go in?” asked Chang Xin. She felt awkward.

Blocking at the door, Qin Feng ignored Chang Xin’s request and did not give way for her to enter the room. Qin Feng had to be extra cautious now that he was considered MIA according to the outside world and most of his enemies were looking for him. He was not sure if the young lady before him had been sent by his enemies to take his life.

“I’m going to bed soon. Go away if you do not have anything to do with me,” Qin Feng coldly replied.

Chang Xin was stunned by Qin Feng. She was quite confident with her good looks. It was hard for her to digest the fact that the young man before her was not spellbound by her body. Instead, he had an ill-manner and treated her like a plague.

Chang Xin could only crane her neck and look over at the bed. She remembered clearly that she had placed her intimates beside the bed. Why is it gone now?

“Let me in now!” Suddenly, Chang Xin became edgy as a thought began crossed her mind.

This man had taken away her undergarments!

“Don’t move or else I’ll remove all your clothes,” said Qin Feng as he dragged Chang Xin into the room.

He had seen that this woman was not a martial artist so he planned to capture her and extract a confession through torture.

Qin Feng threw Chang Xin on the bed once they entered the room. He examined her body with his hands, terrifying Chang Xin so much that she screamed nonstop.

“Speak! Who sent you here?” Qin Feng was somewhat relieved after he confirmed that Chang Xin was not hiding any weapons or bugs on her body.

“Who sent me here? I don’t know what are you talking about! You dishonest rascal! How dare you tarnish my body!” Chang Xin’s face flushed in rage. She instantly threw herself on Qin Feng.

Qin Feng wrapped his arm around Chang Xin’s waist, pulling her into his arms and impeding her struggle.

“Beast! Release me this instant… I will report you to the police and have them arrest you!”

Chang Xin wiggled and cursed with all her might in Qin Feng’s arms. Qin Feng realized something was not right. She’s not one of them? Immediately, a familiar sound that had been in deep slumber for three months suddenly resounded in his mind.

“Ding… rebooting Hedonist Sovereign System…

“Ding… Hedonist Sovereign System reboots successfully. Loading saved data…

“Ding… Saved data loaded. New mission from Hedonist Sovereign System: Dissolve the conflict with Chang Xin and make Chang Xin fall in love with host Qin Feng.”

“Time period: three months!”

“System will reward Host Qin Feng 5,000 Hedonist Points if the mission is completed. 10,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted if the mission is failed!”


“Ding… Congratulations Host Qin Qin Feng in expanding Liu Wen Jing’s Wen Group (Feng Group) into the first influential group of Acropolis City. The system rewards Host Qin Feng 3,000 Hedonist Points!”


Fast, consecutive of system notifications beeped in Qin Feng’s mind, giving him an acute headache.

He slowly released Chang Xin, wore a puzzled look on his face and asked her, “Who are you? Why did you come to my room?”

Qin Feng had a powerful, strong grip and he had bruised Chang Xin’s towering breasts. After she struggled free from his arms, she then rubbed her breasts and stared at Qin Feng in a huff.

“I stayed in this room previously and I left some of my belongings here so I returned to retrieve them. Are you nuts? Why did you have to get fresh with me?!

“You won’t be able to escape. I’m going to report you to the police and charge you for molesting me!” Chang Xin had never had a boyfriend before, let alone hugged and fondled by a stranger.

Qin Feng closed the distance between him and Chang Xin in three leaps and snatched her phone away. Then, Then, he pulled her into his arms again and said, “Take it easy, beauty. It’s just a misunderstanding!”

“Ah ah! What misunderstanding? You see, you’re now hugging me. You better release me fast otherwise I’ll bite you to death, you pervert!”

Chang Xin bit Qin Feng’s arm hard. Pained, Qin Feng hastily released Chang Xin from his embrace.

Something dropped from Qin Feng’s pocket after their scrimmage. Chang Xin’s face turned sour and she almost blew her top when she saw her bra and underwear drop from Qin Feng’s pocket to the floor.

“Pervert! You’re a pervert! How, how dare you keep my bra and my underwear! Why hasn’t the heavens struck you with lightning and reduced you to nothing?!”

Stomping her feet in rage, Chang Xin quickly picked up her bra and underwear and shoved them into her bag.

Qin Feng was left speechless. Previously, he had been admiring her bra and underwear on the bed. Coincidentally, Chang Xin knocked on the door. Qin Feng then tucked her bra and underwear into his pocket. He never thought that she would bark up the wrong tree.

He remembered the latest mission released by the system. The system wanted him to dissolve the conflict between Chang Xin and himself and make her fall in love with him in the process. Looking at this tear-inducing, miserable mission, Qin Feng couldn’t help but heaved a long sigh. This system is still such a trolling master even though it has slept for three months!


Chang Xin’s phone rang. She gazed scornfully at Qin Feng before picking up the phone.

Suddenly, her face became rather flustered after she had a few words with the person on the other end of the line. She anxiously replied into the phone, “Hurry up and get in touch with the cardiology experts overseas. Have them to start a two-way video surgery. I’m heading back to the affiliated hospital right now. Please prepare for an operation.

“Consider today your lucky day, brat. Remember this, don’t ever let me see you again in the provincial capital. If I ever come across you again, I swear I’ll personally arrest you and lock you up in prison!”

Without further ado, Chang Xin retreated from the room. Qin Feng hastily went after her.

He still had a mission that needed Chang Xin. The provincial capital has an estimated population of 20,000,000 and if he let Chang Xin slip away today, he thought he may never be able to find her ever again.

“Please wait for a moment.” Qin Feng grabbed Chang Xin’s exquisite hand.

Enraged, Chang Xin shook off Qin Feng’s hand and glowered, “F*ck off! Beggars can't be choosers. You better be satisfied that I've let you go!”

Both of them rowed along the way and arrived at her parked car. Chang Xin went into a Chevrolet sedan and Qin Feng followed.

“Get out of my car my car now!” Chang Xin shouted angrily. Qin Feng was like a sticky candy and she couldn’t shake him off.

“I’m not going. I don’t have any place to stay now. You’ve got to keep me for the night!” Qin Feng smirked as he looked at Chang Xin.

Chang Xin was so choked with rage that she could not speak. Her breasts bounced up and down nonstop. Qin Feng could not resist and stole a few glances at her breasts.

“Ah ah ah… You beast! Of all the men I’ve become acquainted with, you’re the most shameless one!” Chang Xin grabbed her hair and screamed uncontrollably.

Qin Fen remained rather unaffected by her criticism. In fact, he replied to her proudly, “Thank you, I’ll accept that as a compliment. You’re not the only one who has said that. All of the women that I knew said that to me.”

Qin Feng put on a solemn expression after he had had enough fun and asked, “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to save a person’s life!” Chang Xin calmed herself down. Then, she looked seriously at Qin Feng. “I’m the chief physician of the Provincial Capital University’s affiliated hospital. A patient was just sent to our hospital and he is having a heart attack and is in critical condition.

“So let’s put aside our conflict and please get out of my car now. I’m rushing back to save a person’s life!”

A human life was of greater value than anything. Chang Xin had put her conflict with Qin Feng on hold.

The system beeped in Qin Feng’s mind again.

“Ding… New mission from the Hedonist Sovereign System: assist Chang Xin in rescuing the patient with heart disease.”

“Time period: One day.”

“If Host Qin Feng successfully clears the mission, the system will award Host Qin Feng 1,000 Hedonist Points and a Five Elements Acupuncture Scroll. If the mission is failed, 2,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted and Host Qin Feng will forever be abhorred by Chang Xin!”


“Get out of the driver seat!” Qin Feng ordered Chang Xin after he received the new mission from the system.

Chang Xin wished he would die. Her eyes were ablaze with anger.

Do you know what are you doing? Someone’s life is in my hands and you still want to take my car? Are you still human?!”

Chang Xin mistook Qin Feng for wanting to snatch her car. Qin Feng was slow to explain to her. Straightaway, he pulled Chang Xin away from the driver’s seat and positioned her on his lap. Chang Xin was startled by Qin Feng’s prompt action. She struggled and yelled with all her strength in his arms as she thought Qin Feng wanted to snatch her car and violate her in her car.

Chang Xin struggled frantically in Qin Feng’s arms, rubbing her delicate and soft body against Qin Feng’s and causing him to burn with to burn with lustful desire. However, now was not the best time for Qin Feng to do other things. He hastily positioned Chang Xin on the passenger seat and crawled into the driver’s seat.

“Show the way. I’ll drive!”

“What are you doing? Get out of my car. I’ll drive myself!” Chang Xin rolled her eyes at Qin Feng.

Looking at Qin Feng’s cheap and poor quality clothing, Chang Xin did not believe that this brat could have any superb driving skill. Meanwhile, she had been juggling surgeries between cities, Chang Xin surmised that her driving skill was actually quite good.


As soon as she finished speaking, the Chevrolet stormed away like a growling beast.

Qin Feng ignored Chang Xin’s contemptuous gaze and demanded again, “Show the way. I’ll drive!”

The Chevrolet passed block after block like a phantom, getting faster and faster.

“Slo-Slow down!” This was the first time Chang Xin realized her car could reach this speed. She blanched in fear.

“Do you still want to save people?” Qin Feng ignored her pleas and pressed harder on the gas pedal, causing the Chevrolet to zoom at its top speed.

“Then... then please drive safely.”

Chang Xin slowly got used to Qin Feng’s driving speed. However, she was still startled enough to scream when Qin Feng narrowly overtook another car.

Qin Feng looked at Chang Xin’s voluptuous breasts with a devilish look. “Beauty, it’s a blessing to have you as a girlfriend. Your yelling is very se*y, loud, and can melt a person’s heart!”

Chang Xin rolled her eyes at Qin Feng’s statement. When she was about to yell at Qin Feng, Qin Feng cut her short and introduced himself to her. “I’m Qin Feng, what’s your name?”

Even though he already knew her name, he still had to pretend that he did not know.

Chang Xin.” She sent a gaze filled with mockery at Qin Feng before telling him her name. However, she did not take his hand.

With an ear-splitting drift, the red Chevrolet stopped in front of the entrance of the medical college’s affiliated hospital. Chang Xin then took a look at her watch and she was stunned.

It should have taken a half an hour to arrive at their destination. She was amazed that Qin Feng made it in 15 minutes and what stunned that he did so during the peak hours!

“I already know your name. It’s for the best if you could surrender yourself to the police now. I’ll report to the police and have them to arrest you once I have finished the operation!”

Chang Xin alighted from the car and stormed into the hospital without looking back. As soon as she arrived outside of the operation room, she staggered on her feet and nearly fell to the floor.

“How... how come you’re here?”

Seeing Qin Feng settled comfortably in the seat, Chang Xin thought she had seen a ghost!


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