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Hedonist Sovereign - Chapter 393


Chapter 393: Chapter 393 - A Swindler Who Sells Talisman 

Chapter 393 - A Swindler Who Sells Talisman

Translator: BinBin

Editor: Nova1237

Three months after the incident. Provincial capital: Yulin Street.

The Yulin Street was located within the provincial capital, contained many antique shops, and had a long history;it was a heritage of the provincial capital.

The street was ragged, surrounded by many red brick houses that would be demolished soon. However, despite its old and shabby appearance, the street was incredibly lively. It was bustling and filled with an endless stream of cars and people. Most of the people came to look for treasure and hoped to become rich overnight should they find some antiques worth several cities.

“All sorts of pain-relieving medicines and miracle pills that can cure all diseases!”

“Many spiritual equipments, instruments, and talismans that can protect and free you from mishaps all your lives!”

Peddler cried out advertising wares in the street. All of the people who walked past him scorned him with a look of disdain. Nobody in this generation bursting with all sort of high-end technologies believed in this kind of superstition.

The man draped a yellow Taoist robe over his body and had a Taoist cap on his head. He wore a walrus mustache on his face and held a peach wood sword in his hand. He ignored the onlookers’ gazes and continued to cry out his wares with all his might.

The clothing under his Taoist robe were real bargains—the whole set of clothes plus the shoes cost no more than fifty bucks. It was normal for people to ignore a miserable psychic like him.

If one, however, paid more attention to him, they would have noticed that the man was tall and had a stocky build. Hidden underneath his clothing was a body of well-toned muscles, wisdom on his brows, eyes as sharp as an eagle, and the air of a king in his being. Those eyes were eyes owned by the strong one and were evidence of him having gone through a life-or-death battle.

Three months ago, he was the first hedonist young master of Acropolis City, admired and revered by thousands.

After three months, he had to earn his living selling talismans in the Yulin Street. The change was so drastic that Qin Feng felt heaven must be playing a cruel joke on him and he wanted to laugh at himself.

“Big Sister Shi Man, someone is selling talismans. Let’s go over there and take a look!” A petite and charming little beauty accompanying a tall and alluring lady strolled down the street.

Rao Shi Man was studying a Maitreya jade pendant from an antique shop. She then turned to the little beauty and said, “Ke Ke, please go ahead of me. I’ll follow you shortly after I purchase this jade pendant.”

Zhang Ke Ke and Rao Shi Man were first-tier celebrities in China. Both of them were about the same age and they were classmates during their time at the university. They usually hung out together whenever they were free.

Zhang Ke Ke skipped across the street to a stall that was selling talismans. She then peered curiously at the yellow talismans on the table that were marked with abstract runes using cinnabar. No matter how hard she tried to decipher them, she couldn’t understand either one.

“Little beauty, I see a halo on the crown of your head. This is a sign that you’re leaping into the limelight. If you allow me to read your palm, I’ll show you a way to reach the pinnacle of your career!” said Qin Feng in a low voice.

Zhang Ke Ke raised her head and quickly glanced at Qin Feng. When she saw his lascivious look, she pouted her mouth and sulked, “Go away, you psychic. You aren’t trying to read my palm. You just want to touch this princess’ exquisite hand!”

“Ahem, ahem!” Qin Feng choked on his own saliva.

He had not touched any women in the last three months and he was almost tormented to death by his burning desires so he decided to flirt with Zhang Ke Ke when he saw that she agreed very well with his taste and standards.

He never imagined that this young lady would see right through his intentions once he spoke.

“Tsk, I just wanted to read your palm;don’t casually cream it for me. Do I look like a villain to you? Have you ever meet a villain as handsome as me?” Qin Feng scornfully criticized Zhang Ke Ke for accusing him to be a pervert.

Curling her mouth, Zhang Ke Ke declared firmly, “But you do look like a villain to me!”

Zhang Ke Ke ignored Qin Feng as he snorted and stared in anger. She simply grabbed two talismans and asked curiously, “Uncle, how much are you selling these talismans for?”

“You have a good insight, little beauty!” Qin Feng was soon to be torn by poverty. Seeing this naive young girl was interested in his talismans, he hastily changed his attitude and said smilingly, “This is the Soul-Cleansing Talisman. It can cleanse your soul and relax your mind when you evoke it. Meanwhile, this is the Fireball Talisman. It is a powerful talisman;it can release fireball after you sing the incantation!”

“Tsk, do you think I’m so dumb as to believe you?” Zhang Ke Ke rolled her eyes at Qin Feng.

However, Zhang Ke Ke had been quite interested in this kind of supernatural thing since she was young. At least on the surface of it, the talisman drawn by Qin Feng looked quite promising so Zhang Ke Ke decided to buy two of them.

“Stop talking nonsense. Just name the price.”

Qin Feng looked at Zhang Ke Ke with a devilish grin. She has swallowed the bait at last. As soon as Qin Feng was about to name the price, Zhang Ke Ke cut him short and said, “Don’t try to scam me. I won’t buy it if it is too expensive!”

Qin Feng’s expression changed slightly. Soon, he he plastered a cheerful smile on his face and said, “All of my merchandises are sold at fair prices and it must be the act of god for us to meet with each other here today. Well then, 2,000,000 yuan for these two talismans!”

Zhang Ke Ke’s cherry lips dropped into a big ‘O’ shape.

She looked at Qin Feng as if she was looking at an idiot. She felt like such a dumb fool that she had the urge to destroy this swindler’s stall.

“Go to hell! I’m not buying them!” replied Zhang Ke Ke in a huff.

“Ai! Please don’t go, little beauty. I’ll slash the price then. Two talismans for 1,000,000 yuan!

“Eh, eh, eh, please wait, little beauty. You can bargain over the price again! I’ll accept 500,000 yuan for two pieces!

“How about you name your desired price…”

Qin Feng was disheartened seeing Zhang Ke Ke leave without looking back. His talismans really worked. For example, the Soul-Cleansing Talisman was injected with his pure inner qi and it could really cleanse and relax the wielder’s soul and mind.

Meanwhile, the Fireball Talisman was filled with Little Pig’s spiritual essence which Qin Feng had forced Little Pig to spurt into the talisman. Little Pig could breath fire, so the talisman could conjure fireball once the wielder evoked the talisman.

“It’s cheap to sell these two miraculous talismans at 2,000,000 yuan, right?” Seeing Zhang Ke Ke had vanished in the sea of people, Qin Feng shook his head and sighed.

He used to be a big spender who would spend up to a hundred million in an instant so his concept of money greatly differed from that of ordinary people.

“City guard is here!”

Suddenly, somebody yelled desperately from the end of the street, arousing the crowd and causing a disturbance in the street. The stall owners and hawkers hastily put away their belongings and frantically ran away in all directions.

“Stay put, little brat!”

Qin Feng’s stall was still a chaotic jumble as the team of city guards swiftly approached him. Seeing the city guard almost within his reach, Qin Feng clenched his teeth, abandoned his stall, and escaped with all his might …

“Ke Ke, where is the person you were talking about?” Rao Shi Man came out of the antique shop with Zhang Ke Ke.

Zhang Ke Ke pulled her to Qin Feng’s stall. When Zhang Ke Ke saw the wrecked stall and Qin Feng was nowhere to be found, she raised her brows as she pondered, “Eh? Where did that swindler go?

“Haha! It must be the city guard! That swindler was scared away by the arrival of the city guard!”

Very soon, Zhang Ke Ke had a good grasp of the whole situation. She casually grabbed ten or so talismans and handed them to Rao Shi Man. “Shi Man, just now that swindler told me these talismans could cleanse the wielder’s soul and what’s more, they could even release fireballs! You know what, he even tried to scam me and me and sell to me these two ragged yellow pieces at 2,000,000 yuan! Is he mad or something? Why doesn’t he just go rob a bank instead?”

Zhang Ke Ke was a straightforward and hot-tempered young lady while Rao Shi Man was much more virtuous and soft-spoken. She couldn’t help but giggle when she saw Zhang Ke Ke grumble about the talisman swindler and simultaneously shove a few talismans secretly into her own pocket.

Suddenly, she stopped giggling and tightened her beautiful brows.

The Soul-Cleansing pendant that Qin Feng gifted to her previously came to mind when Zhang Ke Ke told her that the Soul-cleansing Talisman. The Soul-cleansing Talisman had the same effect as the pendant;both of them could cleanse and relax the wielder’s soul and mind. On top of that, It was the defensive mechanism of the Soul-Cleansing pendant that rescued her in a pinch when Zhou Kai almost violated Rao Shi Man during her stay in Acropolis City.

A mixed of feelings rushed into Rao Shi Man’s heart when she thought about Qin Feng. He had been missing for three months and nobody knew whether was he still alive or was dead.

“Ke Ke! Where is the talisman seller?” Rao Shi Man suddenly tightly grabbed Zhang Ke Ke’s hand.

“Shi Man, you’re hurting me.” Zhang Ke Ke’s hand were bruised by Rao Shi Man. She struggled for a bit and then continued, “I guess that swindler has been caught by the city guard!”



Qin Feng hid from the city guard in a small valley. He heaved a long sigh after he had successfully lost the city guards.

The day was ebbing away and he had not sold any of his talismans. What disheartened him the most was that he had left all of his talismans in Yulin Street.

Three months ago, Ximen Chui Xue brought him all the way down to the provincial capital after they escaped from the Amethyst Dragon Palace.

The Yun Province had been completely turned upside down within the last three months.

First and foremost was the battle between the Feng Group and the Flying Wyvern Group. Long-hair and his two brothers completely smoked the Flying Wyvern Group without needing a single soldier and successfully united the underworld power, elevating the Feng Group to the first group in Acropolis City.

Then, greatly infuriated by the death of Sima Tu, the Sima Family commenced a full-scale war against the Qin Family in Acropolis City.

The Wei Family in the provincial capital and the William Family in America focused fire on the Qin Family as well while pouring all of their resources into searching for Qin Feng. At the same time, the Golden Assassin Group joined in on the crusade against the Qin Family.

Qin Huang and Uncle Fu struggled hard against the oppression of so many forces and in the end, they failed and the Qin Manor had fallen. In desperation, both of them then returned to the Qin Family in the provincial capital and sought refuge from them. refuge from them. As such, three of the Four Largest Families in Acropolis City had gone downhill and the Sima Family spreaded its influence over the Acropolis City. They successfully took control over Acropolis City and became the first family.

Concurrently, Jincheng City had undergone a huge change too. Riding the wave, Han Ying Ying led the Han Family and crushed all forces like a hot knife slicing butter, firmly standing their ground in both the government and the commercial world. They rose to be the first family in Jincheng City. Meanwhile, the Qin Family that previously resided in the hands of Qin Ye slowly faded away from society;less and less news came from them.

Similar to the Sima Family, the Li Family in Yunhai City was enraged by the death of Li Shao Jie. To relinquish their fury and lament over the death of their Young Master, the Li Family toppled all of Yunhai City and eliminated all threatening forces that moved furtively in the background. With the powerful Verdant Sect backing them, the Li Family was successfully crowned the first family of Yunhai City.

Sky City was rather calm compared to the other three cities in the Yun Province. The Su Family led all the other smaller family clans and brought the economy of Sky City soared to a whole new level…

The battle that happened three months ago caused too many changes and shuffled the positions of all four cities in the Yun Province and the source of all these changes was Qin Feng.

“The sky has darkened. I’ve got to find another place to stay for the night.” Qin Feng looked into the hazy sky and tucked his hands into his pocket.

He only had 100 yuan left and it was only sufficient for one night. He had to figure out a way to earn a living tomorrow.

He found a three-star hotel and reserved a single bedroom.

He shedded his Taoist robe and Taoist hat and tore the mustache off his face revealing his handsome and fair complexion in the mirror.

“I’m so handsome!” Qin Feng shamelessly praised himself.

After he finished tidying up, he threw himself on the bed. While he turned on the TV to check the news of Yun Province, his glance caught a glimpse of a black bra and lace panties beside his bed.

“Holy sh*t! It’s see-through!” Qin Feng picked up the bra and took a look at it. He was aroused.

He really had not touched a woman within the last three months.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

At that very moment, somebody knocked on his door. Cautiously, Qin Feng leapt to the doorway.

He noticed through the peephole that a tall and alluring beauty was standing behind the door. The woman was clad in a black uniform and she was drop-dead gorgeous.

She wrapped her hand around her humongous breasts and her brows were furrowed.

“Somebody found me?” Qin Feng did not fall into that woman’s honey trap. In fact, he became even warier.


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