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Hedonist Sovereign - Chapter 392


Chapter 392: Chapter 392 - A New Life

Chapter 392 - A New Life

Translator: BinBin

Editor: Nova1237

The Amethyst Dragon Palace was a mess, as if it had been ravaged by a huge war.

“Uncle Yan, why don’t we chase after them?” asked the young man cloaked in a black robe.

“Young Master, the strength of that white-robed man beside Qin Feng is immeasurable. Plus, I’m heavily injured and I might not be able to defeat him… I’m afraid nobody will be able to protect young master if I go after them.” As Uncle Yan talked, his breath somehow became unstable.

The face of the young man black-robed grossly distorted with a violent expression of anger. He had been planning this night for a long time and everything was under his control.

He looked to the side as he recalled how Qin Ye cooperated with many major forces to beat down Qin Feng while he himself hid in the dark, planning to reap the benefits when both were weakened. He was like an oriole, lurking in the back of a mantis that was preying on a cicada.

However, he did not expect that a white-robed man would bounce in halfway and disrupt his well thought out and cherished plan.

The young man was grieved by the outcome. He was nervous.

“Uncle Yan, is there any possibility that Qin Feng could have recognized us?”

“Please rest assured, Young Master. Qin Feng did not get in touch with us much and we’ve altered our voices. I’m certain that he has no idea who we are,” Uncle Yan answered resolutely.

“But that little brat Qin Ye recognized us!” The young man was still worried.

“It’s no surprise that Qin Ye recognized us given that he has been observing us as well and he knows Young Master better than Qin Feng does… Now the Qin Family in Acropolis City is on the verge of destruction and Qin Feng is gravely injured. Even though we let him slip away, he won't survive. Even if he manages to get through this, I'm certain that he will lose all of his martial arts.”

The young man was confident in Uncle Yan’s ability.

Since Uncle Yan said Qin Feng had a slim chance of surviving, the young man finally felt relieved. Then, he darted a glance at Sima Tu.

Sima Tu had been knocked out by Uncle Yan and he was laying in a pool of blood.

“Young Master, what should we do to this fellow?”

“Kill him,” the young man replied emotionlessly.

“The Sima Family is a large and tenable family that could find their own place and stand on solid ground in the vast provincial capital. Plus, they did not have any bad blood with us. Do we really have to start a feud with them?” Uncle Yan hesitated.

After hearing Uncle Yan’s speech, the young man cloaked in the black robe burst into brazen laughter. Then, he said, “Why should we start a feud with the Sima Family? I’m not so dumb yet. Sima Tu is also a pawn to me and now he is the only witness to Qin Ye’s murder and saw us gravely injure Qin Feng so we can’t let him live!

“As to who killed Sima Tu… It’s Qin Feng and not us!”

Uncle Yan had a good grasp of his young master’s plan. With a cold sneer, he fluttered his sleeve, sending an orange sword qi right between Sima Tu’s brows. Sima Tu’s whole body quivered and then he was dead.

“Young Master, now I’ll spread the news that Qin Feng killed Qin Ye and Sima Tu.”

As both of them were leaving, the young man suddenly halted his movement, turned his head, and looked at Xu Ruo Rou who was lying in the corner.

Uncle Yan’s sleeve fluttered once again as he prepared to kill Xu Ruo Rou as well.

“Wait.” The young man stopped Uncle Yan. “She’s a great asset and she might be a good help for us in the future. Perhaps we can let her live.”

“Young Master, we’ll be in big trouble if this young girl betrays us and tells Qin Feng about your identity. We should kill her right now,” Uncle Yan said worriedly.

“Never twice without thrice. Since she deceived and betrayed Qin Feng once, she will still betray him the next time. Anyway, we still hold her secret in our hands and I bet she won’t dare sell us out.”

After he finished speaking, the young man waved his hand and both of them left the Amethyst Dragon Palace.

Xu Ruo Rou remained in the messy Amethyst Dragon Palace. She slowly opened her eyes.

An excruciating pain pricked her heart as soon as she woke up. When she remembered that she had stabbed Qin Feng in the back, she was so grieved that she wished to ram herself to death on the wall.

But she couldn’t die now. Her grandmother was still in the hands of that guy.

Glancing at the vast and spacious parlor, Xu Ruo Rou hastily yelled loudly for help. However, all her shouting was to no avail;no one could hear her or respond to her. She realized both of the men cloaked in black robes had left her in this ruins and gone away.

Xu Ruo Rou went crazy and rushed out of the Amethyst Dragon Palace. There was nothing in the murky night, only her shadow pulling long under the flash of street lamps and the waning moon.

Nothing! Everything was destroyed by me!

She ambled aimlessly on the street and subconsciously arrived at Coiled Snake Mountain.

She climbed up to Coiled Snake Mountain’s top as the memories of the time Qin Feng brought her here for car racing surged and flooded her mind.

Xu Ruo Rou was a pawn. Her allegiance with her lord dated back to the time when she deliberately missed the bus and went to work on Qin Feng’s 28” bicycle.

She entered the Royal Group to purposely get near to Qin Feng.

She had to win over Qin Feng’s heart. So she pretended to be a poverty-ridden young girl who who was looking for a part-time job. Finally, she succeeded in deceiving Qin Feng and entered the Qin Manor to become Young Master Qin’s housekeeper.

She knew from the start that Xiao Bai was not the real Young Master Qin.

She went along with the show and played Qin Feng;she was an actress.

Legend had said prostitutes never reveal their true heart and those thespians never have true integrity. This, however, was not the case for Xu Ruo Rou;she had grown fond of Qin Feng in this reality show. She had no other relatives aside from her grandmother, but she received a lot of love from Qin Feng.

Slowly, she treated the residents of Qin Manor as her new family bit by bit. She had Qin Huang as her serious and lovable uncle. She got to know Rao Shi Man and became her bestie. And Li Yu Chen, she too treated her as one of her best friends.

Xu Ruo Rou knew about Han Ying Ying’s alliance with Qin Ye for a long time and she tried to warn Qin Feng, but he paid no mind to her warning.

Everything is coming to an end.

Standing on the top of the Coiled Snake Mountain, Xu Ruo Rou could not feel the strong gale that shoved at her. She stood against the wind, recalling all her memories with Qin Feng as one after another passed through her mind.

Teardrops glided down her cheeks as she looked into the deep and dark precipice, a thought slowly forming in her mind.

“Farewell, Qin Feng.

“Grandmother, I failed to rescue you. I’m an unfilial granddaughter. Please don’t miss me anymore, and please forgive me!”

Her feet left the ground. With a single bound, Xu Ruo Rou jumped into the deep abyss.

She wasn’t afraid nor nervous;instead, she felt she was dispelled from her dejection. All of her sorrow and grief was released from her body.

“Master, somebody is jumping off the cliff!”

On the other side of the Coiled Snake Mountain, two white-robed maidens stood in the wind.

Anyone would be shocked when he saw the features of these two maidens. They were described as maidens descended from heaven, filled with holiness and ethereal beauty.

“This young lady has a peculiar constitution and is very suitable to cultivate martial arts. She’s still in her prime and she’s making light of her life… Well, it’s fate for us to come across her.” The maiden waved her hand.

Then, a white ribbon shot out from her sleeve. The white ribbon flew with incredible speed toward Xu Ruo Rou and wrapped itself around her waist. The maiden waved her hand again and Xu Ruo Rou was lifted all the way up from the bottom of the cliff.

“Master, she has lost her conscious!” exclaimed the young lady who was about twenty years old and standing beside the maiden. She was breathtakingly beautiful and the flower fragrance from her body pervaded the air on top of the mountain.

Both of the maidens came out from their mountain their mountain tonight and had planned to collect herbs from Devil Beast Mountain. They didn’t know that a full-scale war was going on in Devil Beast Mountain and it was beset with many martial artists and beasts.

Upon discovering this, both of them then changed their course and arrived at the top of Coiled Snake Mountain. The gazed upon the situation unraveling at Devil Beast Mountain. After realizing that the war was intensifying, both of them decided to go back and come back another time. While they were heading back, they came across Xu Ruo Rou who was attempting suicide.

“Hua Xian Yue, go ahead and wake up the benefactress.” The maiden spoke warmly.

Hua Xian Yue waved her exquisite hand and a few blossoms flew out from her sleeve.

The blossoms circled around Xu Ruo Rou and not long after, Xu Ruo Rou opened her eyes.

“Where am I? Why I’m still on top of the mountain? Could this be the world beyond death?” Xu Ruo Rou studied the surroundings with a puzzled expression.

Then, her gaze fell on Hua Xian Yue and the other maiden. “Who are you?”

“Dear patroness, you’re such a beauty and you’re in the prime of your age. Why do you have to attempt suicide?” The maiden did not answer Xu Ruo Rou’s question, but asked her own instead.

Not only did Xu Ruo Rou realize she was not dead, it seemed that she had been rescued by the two beautiful maidens before her. However, she could not fathom how they resurrected her from death since she was should have been crushed to death by the time she jumped off the cliff.

Xu Ruo Rou did not speak. Her face was awash with sorrow.

“Trapped by love.” The maiden answered her own question on Xu Ruo Rou’s behalf.

The maiden went forward and helped Xu Ruo Rou rise to her feet. She examined Xu Ruo Rou’s body and exclaimed, “A peculiar body that’s very hard to come by in a hundred years. I believe that in time, you’ll be able to reach the realm of the immortal!”

Xu Ruo Rou was perplexed by the maiden’s words.

“Since you have the courage to jump from the cliff, why don’t you make a good use of that courage and continue to stay on in the world of the mortal? What if you follow me back to the Serene Sect, forever curtained off from the rest of the world and wholeheartedly seeking the truth and essence of life through cultivation. Are you willing to follow me?”

Xu Ruo Rou was filled with astonishment. She had a basic foundation regarding the martial arts world and it seemed that the two maidens before her were martial artists.

“Master,” Hua Xian Yue called out to her master.

She was extremely shocked as she never imagined that her master would invite the lady before them into their sect and what’s more, keep her as her own apprentice.

The master of Hua Xian Yue was the leader of Serene Sect, Maiden Jing Xin. Maiden Jing Xin. Ever since she became the leader of Serene Sect, she had only kept Hua Xian Yue as her sole disciple.

“Xian Yue, do you have any objections?” Leader Jing Xin looked at Hua Xian Yue.

Hua Xian Yue hastily shook her head.

“Xian Yue has no objection to master’s decision. It’s just Xian Yue is afraid that we have no knowledge about the background of this young lady and if we bring her back to the Serene Sect just like this…”

“It’s fine. This young lady is a kindhearted lady. No need to worry about that, Xian Yue.”

Hua Xian Yue was worried about the safety of her sect. This was because the Serene Sect was truly a clandestine sect and they were different from the other martial sect that was connected to the outer world. They were even more concealed and mysterious so they picked their disciples with extreme caution.

“I’ll leave everything for master to decide.” Since her master had said so, Hua Xian Yue decided not to poke her nose any further into this affair.

She then surveyed Devil Beast Mountain with her glassy eyes. A faint young man’s figure slowly formed in her mind and she couldn’t remove it from her mind.

“Patroness, it’s your call.” Leader Jing Xin turned to Xu Ruo Rou and looked at her auspiciously.

“Maiden, can you help me with something? If Maiden could do it, then Ruo Rou’s willing to follow Maiden back to the Serene Sect,” Xu Ruo Rou said resolutely.

“Just speak what is on your mind.”

“I want to erase my past memories.”

She loved Qin Feng deeply. If she did not forget him, how could Xu Ruo Rou carry on with her life?

“I can help you if you’re prepared.”

“Then please, Maiden. Please obliviate my memories!”

The cold and piercing wind blew ferociously on the top of Coiled Snake Mountain and disheveled the trio’s long hair and clothes.

Xu Ruo Rou kneeled on the ground with her hands clasped together and her eyes closed.

Leader Jing Xin pulled out a jade bottle. Then, she waved her hossu and a pill in the jade bottle flew into Xu Ruo Rou’s mouth.

After a minute, Xu Ruo Rou opened her clear eyes that were bereft of any impurities and looked curiously at the world.

“From now on, you are Wu Xin. You are my closed apprentice and this is your Senior Sister, Hua Xian Yue.

Wu Xin. Because her heart had shattered in her past incarnation, she became heartless in this life.

Xu Ruo Rou murmured her own name. Then, she rose to her feet and curiously looked at Hua Xian Yue and Leader Jing Xin.

After a good while, she wore an innocent smile on her face.

“Master Jing Xin, Senior Sister Xian Yue!”

“Fine, we should get going now.” Leader Jing Xin smiled knowingly. She swung her hossu lightly above Xu Ruo Rou’s head, obliviating her memories and severing her connection with her past. As such, Xu Ruo Rou was reborn as Wu Xin, the disciple of the Serene Sect.


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