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Hedonist Sovereign - Chapter 367


Chapter 367: Chapter 367 - Fired Up, Xu Ruo Rou!

Chapter 367 - Fired Up, Xu Ruo Rou!

Translator: BinBin

Editor: Nova1237

“Pikachu… No, run now!” shouted Xu Ruo Rou.

Previously, Pikachu was injured protecting Xu Ruo Rou when Wang Chao attempted to harm her. Xu Ruo Rou didn’t wish to see Pikachu injured again because of her.


Nevertheless, she was too late. Pikachu was merely a small pet and he was sent flying directly into the air after receiving a kick from Lin Shuai!

“Pikachu, are you alright? Wa... wa… wake up, please don’t scare me!” Xu Ruo Rou trotted over to Pikachu, who was a few meters away from her, and picked him up.

Pikachu was severely damaged this time. He flew right into the wall and fell on the floor;a trace of blood could be seen streaming from the corner of his mouth. Xu Ruo Rou couldn’t wake him no matter how hard she tried!

“Ah, so this mouse is Little Sister Ruo Rou’s pet. What a disgusting, annoying little creature!” Lin Shuai walked up to Xu Ruo Rou once again.

Seething when Pikachu had scratched his face, he swore that he must relinquish his anger on Xu Ruo Rou’s body tonight.

Xu Ruo Rou forgot about Lin Shuai’s presence and the danger around her.

She knelt on the floor, holding Pikachu in her arms carefully. Drops of crystal clear tears glided down her face as she cried inconsolably.

Ruo Rou, I’ll teach you how to scold a person if you don’t know how!

F*ck, f*ck, f*ck! How dare you bully me, you f*cking moron?! Are you looking for death?!

Ruo Rou, pretend I’m a molester who’s molesting you in the bus. What you need to do is just give me some fine slaps!

An unprecedented, hideously vile expression crossed Xu Ruo Rou’s face as Qin Feng’s lecturing surged and roamed in her mind. She clenched her small fists.

Ruo Rou, you have to learn how to reject others and protect yourself when you’re in danger! You have to scream for help with all your might when somebody is around. However, in the worst case scenario where nobody is around you, you have to figure out a way to escape, or fight back!

Ruo Rou! If you hold back, just think how much harsher those villains will be if you go easy on them. They will abuse you, torment you, or worse, they might even violate you. And I will dump you if you’re violated!

Xu Ruo Rou’s entire body trembled. Her watery eyes suddenly became bloodshot.

She didn’t want to be bullied nor dominated by others! She couldn’t betray Qin Feng!

She had to revolt! Not only for herself, but for those who loved her!


Suddenly, Xu Ruo Rou tossed her head back in a ferocious howl.

She became a raging beast prepared to hunt down her prey.

Anger and anguish seized her mind. Xu Ruo Rou was no longer a soft and frail little girl. She went berserk and fell into a state of fury. She’d become the frenzied Ruo Rou!

“I’m removing my belt now! Ruo Rou, I’m certain that we will have a wonderful night tonight!” Grinning from ear to ear, Lin Shuai stopped no more than one meter in front of Xu Ruo Rou and threw himself at her.

Xu Ruo Rou picked up a dumbbell beside her and hurled it with all her might at Lin Shuai.


Her attack caught Lin Shuai off guard. He didn’t have time to counter or evade and the 5kg dumbbell landed on his chest. The impact was so great that it numbed him, causing him to fall to the floor.

“F*ck! What the hell are you thinking?! Do you think that I’m an easy woman?! How dare you harbor a filthy thought on me?!”

After she laid Pikachu in a safe spot, she picked up a fitness resistance band and strutted over to Lin Shuai.

She cast a menacing glare at Lin Shuai. With all her might and spirit, she raised her exquisite hand, and brandished the band at Lin Shuai’s face!

“Don’t you know that I’m already taken? F*cking fly, you disgust me so much!”


The band landed, releasing a sharp, loud crisp!

Lin Shuai was flabbergasted at Xu Ruo Rou’s sudden change. He ignored the excruciating pain in his body and stared blankly at Xu Ruo Rou.

Relentless lashes fell, one after another, onto Lin Shuai’s body.

“This is for my beloved Pikachu! How dare you attack my beloved Pikachu!”

Slap! Slap!

Xu Ruo Rou’s eyes were bloodshot;her resentment blinded her senses and she went out of control.

At the moment, Lin Shuai was a demon in her eyes and she had only one goal: kill this beast!

She inexhaustibility swished the band, and battered Lin Shuai’s body, leaving his body swollen with red and blue bruises.

This was the first time Lin Shuai was terrified by this soft and frail woman. He wanted to run and never come back to her.

“Ruo Rou! Please… Please spare me!”

Slap! Slap!

“Didn’t I tell you before don’t f*cking call me Ruo Rou?! Do you think you are worthy to call me by that name?!”

“Big... Big Sister Xu, I apologize apologize for whatever I did. I swear I won’t do it again!” Like an errant student accepting the fury of his teacher, Lin Shuai hastily changed his appeal.

Xu Ruo Rou ignored Lin Shuai’s cry for help. She continued to madly strike him with the resistance band.

Everyone at KTV had left for the night;only Wang Chao stayed in the room. Some of them left for a one night stand, while others went to the footbath.

Wang Chao realized that it had been awhile since Lin Shuai brought Xu Ruo Rou to the Gym room. A little excited, he arrived at the door of Gym room, placed his head against the door, and eavesdropped on the situation inside.

He was instantly aroused by the slapping sound and Xu Ruo Rou’s raging howl.

He envied Lin Shuai for having such a wonderful time. Wang Chao’s blood boiled merely fantasizing about the amorous sight. It seemed to him that Lin Shuai was mounting Xu Ruo Rou while at the same time lashing her with his belt to force her to submit to him!


In a villa at Cloud City Hua Manor, Qin Feng and Bai Qing cuddled on a large bed.

Bai Qing was so embarrassed that her face almost burst when she remembered how crazy she was. Then, she asked, “Did I go overboard, Qin Feng?”

“Probably. You startled Bai Xiu so much that he fled!” Qin Feng said as he caressed Bai Qing’s well-proportioned body, grinning from ear to ear.

Bai Qing wanted to dig a hole and hide in it. However, since there was no hole for her, she desperately wriggled and snuggled against Qin Feng’s chest!

“I don’t want to play with you anymore. You’re too bad, and you go too far everytime. I can’t stand it!”

Qin Feng wrapped Bai Qing even tighter in his arms. He said fondly, “I’ll come to look for you next time when Bai Xiu is not around. Then, you can go as crazy as you want. Don’t worry, I like it very much!”

Bai Qing let out a long sigh of relief. She was afraid that her lustfulness might scare Qin Feng away.

“Ding… Congratulations, Host Qin Feng. You’ve accomplished the mission: train Xu Ruo Rou to be a strong, domineering woman. The system will reward Host Qin Feng 3,000 Hedonist Points.”


“Ding… New mission from Hedonist Sovereign System: assist Liu Xiao Jia in getting the first place at the end-of-semester party.

“Time period: two days.

“The system will reward Host Qin Feng 500 Hedonist Points for clearing the mission. the mission. If the mission is failed, 1,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted.


“Ding… New chain mission from the Hedonist Sovereign System: the martial world’s disturbance.

“Time period: three months.

“Martial world’s disturbance main mission: protect the Spiritual Equipments and skill books Host Qin Feng acquired from the system, and fend off all the enemies! The system will reward 10,000 Hedonist Points for clearing the mission and 20,000 will be deducted if the mission is failed!

“1st side mission: activate the Elysium of Heroes. The system will reward 5,000 Hedonist Points if Host Qin Feng succeeds in clearing the quest. 10,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted if the mission is failed!

“2nd side mission: purchase a hero from the Elysium of Heroes and expand your forces to defend against the attack of enemies. The system will reward 5,000 Hedonist Points if Host Qin Feng succeeds in clearing the quest. 10,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted if the mission is failed.

“3rd side mission: fish out the mastermind of martial world’s disturbance. The system will reward 1,000 Hedonist Points, a flaming dragon horse, and a spear of Rathalos if Host Qin Feng succeeds in clearing the quest. 10,000 Hedonist Points will be deducted if the mission is failed!


Qin Feng was snapped out of his sense of pleasure by the quick succession of system notification.

Then, Qin Feng’s cell phone rang.

“Who is it?” asked Qin Feng. It was an unknown caller ID.

“Qin Feng… it is me!” Xu Ruo Rou’s voice was shaking. “Can you come to the Royal Club now? I’m in trouble!”

Qin Feng was stunned by Xu Ruo Rou’s voice. He looked at the caller ID and pondered Is this Ruo Rou? Why? she sounds so different!

Qin Feng tensed up when he learned Xu Ruo Rou was in trouble.

He hastily dressed and rush over to the Royal Club after hanging up.

A luxury suite on the 3rd floor of the Royal Club was surrounded by security guards.

Wang Chao helped a bruised and battered Lin Shuai sit on the couch, tending his wounds. Meanwhile, Xu Ruo Rou held Pikachu in her arms and hid in the corner.

“Look, it’s that b*tch who severely injured my brother… The safety of the customer is your Royal Club’s utmost concern, right? I hope you people can give us an explanation!”

Wang Chao cursed and pummelled Xu Ruo Rou who was hiding in the corner. He was scared to death when Xu Ruo Rou and Lin Shuai came out from the Gym room.

Only he knew that slapping sound in the room in the room was Xu Ruo Rou brutally beating Lin Shuai with a resistance band!

When did this woman become so violent? Could it be Lin Shuai overdosed on the drug and caused her to go berserk?!

“Sir! Isn’t that woman your friend?” the security guard team leader puzzled. Then he added, “If you people are friends, then our clubhouse will not be held responsible for any conflict between you!”

Lin Shuai hastily signaled with his eyes at Wang Chao. Taking his cue, Wang Chao trotted over to the security guard team leader and shoved a wad of banknotes into his pocket. Then he gleefully said, “Big Brother! We don’t know this woman. It is she who suddenly barged into our room and went on a rampage. Look, it’s obvious that she is a wacko. I mean, who would treat a huge mouse as their pet? Shouldn’t you give my friend a fair shake?!”

When the security guard team leader counted the wad of banknotes in his pocket, there were nearly 10,000 yuan;his attitude changed.

He turned to Wang Chao and Lin Shuai and said mirthfully, “So that is how it is! We, the Royal Club, will give you sirs, a satisfactory response!

“This woman went on rampage and injured an innocent man on purpose. I’ll call the police and have them to send her to prison! Are you satisfied with the suggestion, sirs?”

Lin Shuai lost his interest in Xu Ruo Rou after she brutally beat him. He hated her now.

“Good! Excellent! A barbarian like her should be brought to justice. She’s a ticking time bomb. Who knows what will this woman do next time if we allow her to stay in the society!” Lin Shuai was feeling smug with the security guard’s suggestion. He knew that the Royal Club had a big shot backing them. If they called the police, Xu Ruo Rou would be jailed for several years!

Aren’t you the b*tch that wanted to protect your chastity at all costs? Just you wait;you’ll be violated by those roughnecks in jail!

The security guard team leader left to make the call. Meanwhile, Lin Shuai and Wang Chao cursed Xu Ruo Rou nonstop. Xu Ruo Rou ignored them;she was just worried about Pikachu’s wellbeing as he was still unconscious.

She had called Qin Feng so she wasn’t afraid of Wang Chao and Lin Shuai. Hmph! Just you wait. You two will die tragically when Qin Feng is here! harrumphed Xu Ruo Rou in her heart.


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