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Hedonist Sovereign - Chapter 117


Chapter 117 - Another Competition!

Translator: Wiwbiwb

Editor: Levs

’’Qin Feng... Is that you?’’ Xu Ruo Rou asked cautiously while peeking out of the car.

’’Ruo Rou, it's me. Hurry and admire the moon with me.’’

Xu Ruo Rou's worried little heart calmed down. She ran out of the car and rushed into Qin Feng's arms: ’’Qin Feng, I was scared to death. T-these are all bad people.’’

When he saw Xu Ruo Rou's slightly red and swollen face and the five finger marks that hadn't completely faded, he did all he could to control his emotions. He didn't want to show a vicious expression in front of Xu Ruo Rou.

’’Does it hurt?’’ He lightly caressed Xu Ruo Rou's injured face and asked.

Xu Ruo Rou gritted her teeth, shook her head, nursed her head, and looked at Qin Feng with determination: ’’Qin Feng, let's head back.’’

Qin Feng touched Xu Ruo Rou's soft hair: ’’Wait a bit longer, I have to make the person that bullied you regret they were ever born.’’

As she lay in Qin Feng's embrace, Xu Ruo Rou felt that the world quieted. She felt safety and peacefulness that she'd never experienced before. Suddenly, a ridiculous idea came to mind: if she became Qin Feng's woman, she would definitely be really happy.

Qin Feng got to the mountaintop, gave Wei Xiao Lei a beating, idiotically reenacted Journey to the West, hugged Xu Ruo Rou, and sat for a while on the mountaintop admiring the moon when the sound of a car finally drifted over.

The first to arrive was a man with curly blonde hair who drove a flashy red Ferrari. After stopping the car, he hurriedly ran out. He saw Qin Feng and Xu Ruo Rou's backs: ’’Where is Big Brother Wei?’’

’’If you want viagra, you have to buy it at the drugstore. There clearly isn't any here,’’ Qin Feng comforted Xu Ruo Rou by rubbing her thigh and said this to Williams at the same time.

’’Where's Young Master Wei?’’ Williams fell quiet for a while and then asked in a different way.

Qin Feng casually pointed in a direction. Wei Xiao Lei was currently sitting and drawing circles. Williams hurriedly ran over. When he saw Wei Xiao Lei, he jumped in fright: ’’F*ck, is this a pig or a person? Have you seen Young Master Wei?’’

Wei Xiao Lei almost sprayed fresh blood out of his mouth. He pointed at his own nose: ’’William, look clearly, I'm Wei Xiao Lei.’’

Williams looked at Wei Xiao Lei again more closely, but he still couldn't recognize him. However, he confirmed his identity through his voice and ran over. He did all he could to suppress his smile.

’’Young Master Wei, what time is it? You're still in the mood to bring a pig's head to scare people? ...then what about Qin Feng? I flew up the mountain wildly but I didn't see him. Could he have ran off after riding half of the course?’’

Williams spoke English, but this didn't cause any difficulties for Qin Feng. From his youth, Qin Feng went to America every year for vacation. In order to pick up girls, he forced himself to practice until he could speak fluent English.

Wei Xiao Lei didn't know what to say. He suddenly thought of how Williams was extraordinarily strong. Now that Qin Feng was sitting at the mountaintop, wouldn't it be more straightforward if William threw Qin Feng into the ravine?

Once this idea came to mind, the discouraged Wei Xiao Lei suddenly stood. He was about to exchange gazes with Williams when the sound of a car rumbled from down the mountain.

Then, a Porsche 911 arrived at the top, and a beautiful and elegant woman wearing a qipao leisurely stepped out of it.

’’Damn,’’ the curse resounded in Wei Xiao Lei's heart, and all he could do was temporarily cancel his intentions of killing Qin Feng.

Once Su Qiu Yue got out of the car, she surveyed the area. She knew that Qin Feng had passed her on the course long ago. She didn't find it strange when she saw Qin Feng sitting there, but when she saw Williams and the red Ferrari parked to the side, her beautiful face that was normally calm like water shifted slightly.

She thought her driving skills were out of the ordinary, and that she was even better than some professional racers. She didn't think that this big and tall foreign-looking man would be faster than her. It appears that he's also not an ordinary person.

Williams naturally wasn't an ordinary person. His driving skills were not ordinary, his talent wasn't ordinary, and his family background was even more unordinary.

He was a professional first place-winning race car driver in America. He only interacted with these amateurs because he was looking for excitement. He wasn't on the same level as the rich young masters that did street races and picked up girls. Because his driving skills were so outstanding, Wei Xiao Lei specifically looked for Williams as a surefire way to take care of Qin Feng during the course of the race.

Not long after Su Qiu Yue's arrival, more luxury cars continued to stream in. Soon, the empty mountaintop became extremely crowded and bustling. When these people knew that they didn't win first place and that they brushed shoulders with the Reventon and that beautiful pure girl, one by one, they hung their heads in disappointment.

At this time, Wei Xiao Lei and Williams sat in the Reventon. Wei Xiao Lei didn't want these people to see what he currently looked like, so he held the loudspeaker and yelled from inside the car: ’’It seems that almost everyone has reached the mountaintop. The first place winner of this underground race has already appeared. According to the agreement, I will award both this Reventon and that little beauty to him... If there's nothing else, we can adjourn this meeting.’’

Tonight's plans didn't progress normally. Not only was Qin Feng still alive, Wei Xiao Lei was beaten into having a pig's head. How could he be satisfied?

Now, he wanted to get rid of some extraneous people. When there was only Qin Feng left on Coiled Snake Mountain's peak, he'd have Williams make his move on him.

After hearing that first place was already taken by someone else, these rich young masters felt that staying would be meaningless. Thus, they left in groups of three or four to relax at the bar and foot massage places.

One by one, the sounds of the luxury cars' engines rumbled through the valley as they sped down the road. Soon, very few people were left on the mountaintop.

’’Miss Su, is there anything else?’’ Everyone had left, but Su Qiu Yue still stood at the mountaintop. Wei Xiao Lei's eyes flashed with coldness: ’’It's quite dangerous to stay on this desolate mountaintop at night.’’

’’Isn't Young Master Wei here? What danger could there be?’’ Su Qiu Yue smiled lightly. Her gaze carefully swept over the area. A black shadow quickly concealed itself.

’’The moon from Coiled Snake Mountain is big and round. I still want to stay here for a bit longer,’’ Su Qiu Yue had no intention of leaving.

Wei Xiao Let was at a bit of a loss. He saw Qin Feng hugging Xu Ruo Rou and sitting at the edge of the mountaintop, so he wanted to kick him from the back to send him tumbling down the ravine where his bones would shatter and his body would be torn to shreds. But, now that Su Qiu Yue was here, he couldn't openly do this.

Wei Xiao Lei and Williams exchanged glances. A cold smile flashed through Williams' eyes and he muttered into Wei Xiao Lei's ear. Wei Xiao Lei's lips slowly curved upwards, revealing a cold smile.

’’Qin Feng, would you dare compete with Williams? Suddenly, Wei Xiao Lei and Williams arrived behind Qin Feng.

Qin Feng hadn't left because he was waiting for the opportunity to get rid of these two. Now that he saw Wei Xiao Lei presenting himself at his doorstep, he stood with a chuckle: ’’Didn't I just beat that oaf with my bicycle already? What else is there to compete in?’’

Williams could not accept this. He thought of how he drove a racecar but was beaten by a little brat riding a bicycle and felt so angry that he wanted to beat someone up.

Wei Xiao Lei immediately gave Williams a look. Williams used his strength to rein in his anger. He stood to the side and glared viciously at Qin Feng. Wei Xiao Lei said: ’’Qin Feng, I'll admit that you bike really quickly, but since this is a car race... Williams is not satisfied with his loss. I hope you can drive a racecar and compete with him again.’’

’’What does him being dissatisfied have to do with me? As long as I'm happy, then it's fine,’’ Qin Feng said indifferently.

Williams was so angry that he was about to spit blood. Wei Xiao Lei also forcefully suppressed his anger and continued: ’’Qin Feng, Williams said that if you win this competition, he'll give you his Ferrari 458.’’

Williams' Ferrari 458 was at least 5 million on the market, so Wei Xiao Lei didn't believe that this wouldn't entice Qin Feng.

’’Okay, then can we start the competition now?’’ Qin Feng suddenly asked.

Wei Xiao Lei didn't expect him to respond so quickly. He nodded stupidly: ’’Y-yeah, we can start now.’’

Qin Feng suddenly laughed: ’’Young Master Wei, you only said that if Williams loses he'll give me his Ferrari, but you didn't mention my punishment if I were to lose. You've clearly set a trap. Didn't you make this too obvious?...Don't tell me you were going to try some funny business on me during the racecourse?’’

The corner of Wei Xiao Lei's mouth twitched. He felt that he was too hasty. He immediately cleared his throat and said with seriousness: ’’That's right, I almost forgot about that. If you lose, then return the Maserati GranTurismo you won from me.’’

Qin Feng thought a bit and finally remembered: ’’Oh, that Maserati. That was taken by a junk-collecting old man as scrap metal... I didn't ask for money!’’

Wei Xiao Lei felt as though someone brutally stabbed him in the heart. That was his favorite car, and it was reduced to the value of scrap metal. He gnashed his teeth and said: ’’T-then let's bet on the Reventon you've just won. If you lose, that car will be Williams'.’’

’’That's no good, this Reventon is worth ten million and that Ferrari is only five million, they are clearly not on the same level,’’ Qin Feng shook his head.

Wei Xiao Lei felt like he was about to explode. He had the urge to just let Williams go and get rid of him. But, he saw Su Qiu Yue who was standing to the side so he suppressed this urge: ’’Then what do you say we should do?’’

Qin Feng walked up beside Su Qiu Yue and said with a smile: ’’Beauty Su, can I borrow your Porsche? If I win the competition, I'll give you the Ferrari. If I lose, I'll give you the Reventon.’’

Su Qiu Yue looked long and hard at Qin Feng. After a moment of hesitation, she nodded: ’’Go ahead and use it.’’

If the rich young masters of Sky City saw this scene, they would stare in disbelief. Su Qiu Yue was dignified and virtuous, she treated everyone with the same refined and courteous manner. But she had a clear baseline. She had never even let any man get in her car, so it was unheard of that she would lend her car to Qin Feng and let him drive it as she did now.


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