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Hedonist Sovereign - Chapter 116


Chapter 116 - Even Guan Yin Has Come

Translator: Wiwbiwb

Editor: Levs

’’Wei Xiao Lei, I already stopped my car at the side of the road, when will that little brat be here?’’

Wei Xiao Lei did a 180 degree turn with his binoculars and said coldly: ’’He already passed you.’’

’’F*ck, how is that possible? Please don't make that kind of meaningless joke.’’ Williams yelled. This wasn't a joke, it was humiliation. Qin Feng was riding a bicycle, how could he possibly catch up to him so quickly?

’’William, I'm not joking with you. You can stay there. Pretty soon, Qin Feng is going to win first place.’’ Wei Xiao Lei directly hung up.

His expression froze dramatically. Qin Feng was too fast. He was so quick that Wei Xiao Lei almost shouted in shock. He now knew why he had lost the race last time when he drove his limited edition Maserati GranTurismo S. Taking into account Qin Feng's current speed, it would be weird if he didn't win.

Qin Feng quickly sped to the second place position. Currently, first place was held by Sky City's Number One Noble Beauty Su Qiu Yue.

Originally, Qin Feng could have swished past Su Qiu Yue's Audi TT like a rocket, but he purposely slowed down. One of his hands was on the handlebar, while the other hand grabbed at his hair. His expression was melancholic as he looked at the moon in the sky.

’’Ah... W-what are you doing?’’ Su Qiu Yue quickly became aware of Qin Feng's existence. Though she was usually calm and collected, she couldn't help but shout in surprise.

This scene was too strange;it defied the world she knew. All these years, this was the first time she saw someone that was able to ride a bike so quickly. Su Qiu Yue couldn't see Qin Feng's legs clearly. They looked like two electric fans... No, they were faster than electric fans, they were so fast that it was dizzying.

’’Beautiful, I'm admiring the moon.’’ Qin Feng looked flirtatiously at Su Qiu Yue: ’’This moon is also another moon.’’

Su Qiu Yue was really smart. She immediately understood the implications behind Qin Feng's words. The last word of her name was ’’Yue,’’ so his words were clearly a confession? [TLN: ’’Yue’’ translates to ’’moon.’’]

As Sky City's Number One Noble Beauty, Su Qiu Yue couldn't remember how many confessions she had received. She received these confessions in countless strange ways, but until now, she felt Qin Feng's was the most original and shocking.

’’You have to be careful since you're going so quickly.’’ Other than shock, Su Qiu Yue had no other intentions towards Qin Feng. She gave him a polite reminder and began to drive at ease.

Qin Feng noticed that Su Qiu Yue regarded him calmly. He hesitated about whether or not he should tell her: ’’In the future, you're going to become my woman. And the Su Family's business will also be mine.’’

In the end, he got rid of this idea.

He was afraid that if these words came out, either Su Qiu Yue's car would flip into the valley or his 28’’ bicycle would be pushed into it instead.

He steadied his heart and sped up again. At this time, he already went up over half of the mountain. He was a bit anxious, and his speed was at the limit.


Su Qiu Yue felt the ground shake. Then, Qin Feng and his 28’’ bicycle transformed into a wave of air that suddenly disappeared into the finish line up ahead.

’’Here!’’ Qin Feng looked at his watch: 9 minutes and 28 seconds. He recalled that when he drove his Batmobile in the past, his record was 15 minutes and 36 seconds.

When he got to the mountaintop, Qin Feng casually tossed his 28’’ bicycle to the side and quickly rushed behind Wei Xiao Lei. Wei Xiao Lei did not suspect anything and was currently holding his binoculars and scanning all the areas of the mountain path. He muttered to himself: ’’Where's Qin Feng? Why the f*ck is he gone?’’

’’Young Master Wei, were you looking for me?’’ Qin Feng's voice suddenly drifted from behind Wei Xiao Lei, scaring him so much that he threw the binoculars in his hands.

’’W-when did you...’’

Wei Xiao Lei looked at Qin Feng in fright. He only uttered half of his sentence when a slap flew towards him.


This slap rang clearly. Wei Xiao Lei's howl of pain rumbled throughout the valley.

’’Didn't you really want to see me? I came as quickly as I could so I could have some fun with you.’’


While he said this, another slap swept over and swelled up the other half of Wei Xiao Lei's face.

’’How dare you touch the women near me? You f*cking don't want to live anymore.’’

Pow pow!

’’Don't think that because I look talented, genial, kind, and like I have a big heart, you'd be able to find an excuse to bully my people.’’

Pow pow pow!

’’I'll have you know that I won't set about hitting those who bully me, but I will talk to you about general truths. I must use virtue to win over people;I'll penetrate your soul and help you achieve nirvana.’’

Pow pow pow pow!

Even Qin Feng wasn't sure how many times he slapped Wei Xiao Lei, but when his hand began to hurt, he stopped.

Wei Xiao Lei was no longer the handsome and arrogant Wei Xiao Lei from before. Qin Feng could no longer recognize him. At a glance, he looked like a relative of Zhu Bajie. [TLN: Zhu Bajie is a character from Journey to the West that has the characteristics of a pig.]

Wei Xiao Lei, who was beaten into looking like a pig, could not even cry. Even a slight shift in his expression was so painful that it felt like something was tearing his heart and splitting his lungs. He really wanted to shout at Qin Feng: ’’Didn't you f*cking say you win over people with virtue and that you don't use your fists but you reason with them? You're a big f*cking liar.’’

But now, he couldn't even cry out, so there was no way he could yell at someone.

The noise outside was so loud that the bodyguard watching over Xu Ruo Rou walked down. He saw that there was another person at the mountaintop so he immediately ran before Qin Feng and asked Qin Feng warningly: ’’Hey brat, where did you come from? ...where's Young Master Wei?’’

Qin Feng pointed at Wei Xiao Lei. Before he could speak, the bodyguard yelled in shock: ’’F*ck, that pig has cultivated itself and combined a human and a pig... W-what kind of holy being are you and where did you come from?’’

Wei Xiao Lei's bodyguard was not lacking in IQ. However, Qin Feng's bike-riding was too quick, and he came and went without a trace. Thus, the bodyguard could not imagine where Qin Feng and the pig-headed man came from.’’

’’Since you've discovered a mystery only known by the heavens, we seem to have been brought together by fate... This here is the envoy Zhu Bajie, and I'm the victor of battles, Sun Wu Kong. We followed Tang Seng to retrieve Buddhist scriptures in the West but we got separated. Now, we're looking for the master... Hurry and look, even Guan Yin is here,’’ Qin Feng had a face of complete seriousness and pointed behind the bodyguard. [TLN: Sun Wu Kong, the Monkey King, is the main character of Journey to the West. Tang Seng is Xuanzang, a Buddhist monk that is another central character in the story. He is based on a historical Buddhist monk of the same name and Journey to the West is based on of his legendary pilgrimage. Guan Yin is the Goddess of Mercy.]

The bodyguard was covered in cold sweat. In this dark night, he stood at the top of Coiled Snake Mountain, the surroundings were completely black, and there was even an icy breeze. Now, there were suddenly two strangers that said extremely ridiculous things. In the heat of the moment, the bodyguard believed Qin Feng and turned his head to look behind him.

He was prepared to meet Guan Yin with her glowing halo descending from the heavens, but all he saw was the pitch-black mountain range from before.


Qin Feng slapped the bodyguard on the back of his head, and he fainted.

Wei Xiao Lei watched everything unfold before his eyes. While watching, there were a good many times where he had the urge to jump off a cliff. He laughed when he thought about how he spent twenty thousand yuan on this bodyguard.


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