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Hedonist Sovereign - Chapter 115


Chapter 115 - Don't Call Me Big Brother Wei

Translator: Wiwbiwb

Editor: Levs

After taking the phone back, Wei Xiao Lei almost wanted to jump off the mountain. He was clearly the one who kidnapped Xu Ruo Rou and threatened to kill Qin Feng, so how were they in the mood to discuss the musical arts?

With a wave of his arm, he threw the cell phone off the top of the mountain. His face darkened. He told himself that he'd let Qin Feng feel good about himself first, and when the race starts later, he'll let Williams kill him on the route. He'd let him be cocky, then... He'll help deflower this pure and beautiful girl.

After thinking this, Wei Xiao Lei's lips curved into an evil smile and his mood improved significantly.

At this time, at the bottom of Coiled Snake Mountain, the young masters fought to be the first to register. For these second-generation rich kids, 200,000 wasn't much. Wei Xiao Lei's awards for first place deeply enticed every rich young master. With hope in their hearts, everyone thought they could win first place.

Qin Feng wasn't a part of this bustling scene. He stopped his 28’’ in a quiet corner and sat on it. He looked up and admired the moon. This competition was not stressful to him. He could win this luxury car race on his 28’’ bike.

They quickly finished registering, prepared to get into their own cars, and warmed up. Suddenly, there was an ear-splitting grinding noise followed by the appearance of a black Porche 911 which stopped amidst the crowd with a beautiful drift.

The car came to a steady stop, its door opened, and a pair of purple high heels stretched out. Though they hadn't seen the woman's face yet, her beautiful, long, and slim jade-like legs already caused a good amount of eyes to brighten. She wore light purple with blue and white porcelain designs embroidered into her clothes. She got out of the car and leisurely walked towards the registration area.

This woman had beautiful hair that was twisted atop her head and revealed her beautiful white collarbones, her eyebrows were long and thin, her eyes were clear, her nose was jadelike, her eyes were almond-shaped, and her small peach lips were naturally red.

She was not only beautiful, but she was also outstandingly classy. Her small, quick steps were like lotus flowers. She was dignified and virtuous, and also cultured and refined. From one glance, one could tell that she's clearly a well-bred young lady of a large rich family.

Qin Feng also couldn't help but look over. Ever since he saw Lin Bei Bei wearing a qipao, his taste had become extremely picky. However, after seeing Su Qiu Yue in this purple qipao with classical patterns, he felt his eyes brighten.

When Lin Bei Bei wore her qipao, there was a dreamlike, idyllic kind of beauty. In contrast, Su Qiu Yue's qipao was much more elegant. Her every movement revealed an air of wealth.

’’Wow! Isn't this the princess of Sky City's Su Family, Su Qiu Yue?’’

’’It's her, it's her. She's known as ’’Sky City's Number One Noble Beauty.’’

’’So it's Su Qiu Yue. Seeing her today, the rumors weren't exaggerating. Her natural-born elegance and grandeur makes one want to win her over.’’

Su Qiu Yue's arrival made the scene impassioned again. When they thought about this refined and dignified woman that had just drifted so beautifully to a stop, their hearts swooned.

Su Qiu Yue did not care about their gazes or discussions. Beginning from when she got out of her car, her face maintained a slight smile. This was a habit that she grew up with as a child of a major family. That calm and enchanting smile made one feel as if they were cleansed by a spring breeze.

When Su Qiu Yue arrived at the registration area, she extended her slender jade hand and swiped her bankcard... So she was also here to participate in the underground auto race. With this, tonight's race was becoming more and more interesting.

After everyone finished registering, the Lamborghini Reventon's headlights flashed again from the top of Coiled Snake Mountain. Wei Xiao Lei spoke into the loudspeakers.

’’Everyone's enthusiasm has exceeded my expectations. After tallying it up, there are a total of 105 participants in my underground race. With such fierce competition, I believe that tonight's competition will be extra spectacular... Everyone present is a rich young master, so what we want is stimulation;we want fervor. What do you all say? Do you feel excited? Stimulated?’’

’’Excited! Stimulated!’’ The underground area suddenly resounded with agreement.

With the Reventon and Xu Ruo Rou as prizes, and Sky City's Number One Noble Beauty Su Qiu Yue participating in the race, how could these people not be excited?

’’Very well, then I won't waste everyone's time. Let's let tonight's peak excitement ring out. I'll announce that tonight's underground race at Coiled Snake mountain officially starts. Challengers, please board your vehicles and await my command.’’

Wei Xiao Lei's words made the atmosphere on-scene reach a pinnacle. One by one, the audience members got into their cars. Su Qiu Yue also walked towards her car with lotus-like steps. When her gaze unintentionally swept over Qin Feng, the warm smile on her face suddenly changed. She looked at Qin Feng with some astonishment.

She saw him sitting on an ancient 28’’ bicycle with his head upturned and admiring the moon. The hazy moonlight shined on his handsome profile, and he looked quiet and peaceful.

This scene was like a poem or painting. When comparing this scene to the fervent scene of the beginning of a race on the other side, Su Qiu Yue couldn't help but smile lightly. She retracted her gaze, started her engine, and began to warm up: ’’This person is pretty interesting.’’

Over a hundred car engines rumbled simultaneously. The sound was like violent thunder rising from the bottom of Coiled Snake Mountain. When Qin Feng saw everyone else warming up, he slowly rode his 28’’ bicycle, freely weaved through the cars, and went towards the last sportscar.

This move instantly blinded the spectators. Their surprised chins all fell into the cars.

Before, some people saw Qin Feng and ridiculed him when they saw him ride a broken bicycle here to act pretentious.

Now, practically all of the racers saw Qin Feng leisurely riding his 28’’ bicycle past their cars. They lost track of time and the scene seemed to pause... They wondered if they were hallucinating.

A moment later, the world shook with mocking laughter.

’’Damn, did this dude really ride a bicycle to compete? How much water got into his freaking head?’’

’’Haha, I usually like acting pretentious as well, but today, I've seen the pinnacle of pretentiousness. He's freaking using his life to act pretentious. When the competition starts, the exhaust from my car will kill this idiot.’’

’’This dude is really stupid. But why does he look kind of familiar?’’

The moon was hazy and most of the audience could only see the side of Qin Feng's face. No one was able to identify that he was Acropolis' Number One Hedonistic Young Master. Otherwise, the current scene would probably be completely overturned.

After passing Su Qiu Yue's racecar, Qin Feng slowed down. Her window was rolled down so her beautiful, refined face burst into view. Su Qiu Yue also looked earnestly at Qin Feng. Their eyes met, and the vehicles brushed past one another.

’’Another high quality beauty!’’ After leaving the side of Su Qiu Yue's car, Qin Feng couldn't help but sigh.

’’Ding, the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest: take down the Sky City Su Family's Company!’’

’’Time limit: 3 months’’

’’Successful completion reward: 10,000 Hedonist Points. Upon failure, the host will lose 5-10 years of his life!’’


The cold automated voice suddenly rang in his head.

’’Damn, that's completely uncalled for. You want me to take down the company of Sky City's Su Family? A company that they had built with their blood, sweat, and tears?... Isn't this forcing me to be a bad guy?’’ Qin Feng's righteous heart suddenly broke out and roared with extreme anger.

’’Master, in the System, that Su Qiu Yue is also considered a part of the Sky City Su Family's company.’’ Little Pig said with disdain.

’’Then taking town the Sky City Su Family's property includes taking Su Qiu Yue.’’ Qin Feng's face changed considerably and he laughed with satisfaction: ’’Very good, this quest is quite humane!’’


All of the luxury vehicles were ready. They were just waiting for Wei Xiao Lei at the mountain top to yell ’’start.’’

Wei Xiao Lei raised the little colored flag and stood at the peak of Coiled Snake Mountain overlooking the various luxury cars beneath him. His heart swelled with an unspeakable pride. All of these people here awaited his orders right now. If he said nothing, these idiots could only anxiously wait for the competition to begin.

’’Ready, set, go!’’ After dragging it on for a long time and thoroughly satisfying his vanity, Wei Xiao Lei yelled into the loudspeaker.

In an instant, the rumble of engines resonated throughout the valley. Their violent and majestic auras were like warriors going out to conquer the universe.

Qin Feng's 28’’ bicycle was at the end. The cars shot forward one-by-one before his eyes. Not long later, they disappeared after the first curve. At this time, he slowly rode his 28’’ bicycle towards the race course.

’’Damn, is this brat here to visit the market?’’ Right from the beginning, Wei Xiao Lei kept an eye on Qin Feng and his movements. When he saw that Qin Feng moved as slow as a turtle, he couldn't help but shout.

According to the original plan, Wei Xiao Lei planned for Williams to cause an accident during the race. However, if Qin Feng raced at this pace, Williams wouldn't be able to see him, so how could he create an accident?

Wei Xiao Lei huffily pulled out his cell phone and called Williams: ’’William, I think you'll have to slow down. The brat Qin Feng just started, and he's as slow as a turtle, he hasn't even passed the first cur...’’

In the middle of his speech, Wei Xiao Lei suddenly froze. He held his binoculars and looked towards the spot Qin Feng was at previously, but found no trace of him.

’’Brother Wei, then I'll stop my car to the side and wait for him to arrive.’’

’’Brother Wei, did you say something?’’

’’Big Brother Wei, are you still there?’’

Wei Xiao Lei was flabbergasted;completely flabbergasted. He looked like he had seen a ghost, and he even suspected that he had seen a ghost. Otherwise, how could Qin Feng have gone from the starting line to the middle of the coiled mountain route? His current speed was like a rising rocket. The only difference was that he was a rocket traveling horizontally.

Every time he blinked, Wei Xiao Lei had to move his binoculars. Qin Feng riding on his 28’’ bicycle was like an apparition in the darkness, floating and constantly in motion. Not even a minute had passed when he went from being last place to passing the fifth place racer.

’’Big Brother Wei, Big Brother Wei, hurry and say something.’’

The sound of Williams's complaints passed through the phone, He spoke English from start to finish. Once Wei Xiao Lei regained his senses from his shocked state, his face immediately darkened: ’’William, I said many times not to call me 'Big Brother Wei,' call me by my full name Wei Xiao Lei.’’ [TLN: ’’Big Brother Wei,’’ or ’’Wei Ge,’’ also means ’’viagra.’’]


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