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Hedonist Sovereign - Chapter 114


Chapter 114 - I'm Begging You to Participate in the Race

Translator: Wiwbiwb

Editor: Levs

After hanging up, Qin Feng flew on his 28’’ bicycle. His speed broke a new record. He removed his Flying Dragon Armour and rushed toward Coiled Snake Mountain.

Coiled Snake Mountain was in a barren mountainous region in the southwest of Acropolis.

This mountainous region was originally a mine. After over ten years of mining, it became a wasteland. Because the body of the mountain was craggy and towering, the paths on the mountain were built based on its shape. From far away, it looked like there was a massive snake coiled within the mountain, hence the name ’’Coiled Snake Mountain.’’

Ever since the mine was depleted, Coiled Snake Mountain became a desolate wasteland. It had also become the street racing holy land for the wealthy sons of the four cities near Yun Province.

It only took Qin Feng eight minutes to ride his 28’’ bicycle to the base of Coiled Snake Mountain. At this time, the sun had mostly set, and what was previously a desolate wasteland was now filled with dazzling and luxurious sports cars.

These cars all had their headlights on.They lit up Coiled Snake Mountain so that it was as bright as day. The sports cars were like roaring beasts as the engines rumbled in the dark night.

When he saw this scene, Qin Feng's blood began to heat up. Not long ago, he was also a member of this racing group. Every night, he brought a different hot girl to freely spend his youth. Only a couple of months later, when coming back to the bottom of Coiled Snake Mountain and looking at the familiar bustling scene, the scene felt like one from a lifetime ago.

While standing at the bottom of Coiled Snake Mountain, Qin Feng surveyed his surroundings. Under the glaring car lights that shot into the dark night, he wasn't able to pinpoint Wei Xiao Lei's position. He pushed his 28’’ bicycle and walked into the crowd.

Tonight, Coiled Snake Mountain was more boisterous than before. The luxury cars lined up into the form of a long dragon. During his walk, Qin Feng noticed that even the lowest ranked cars were Audi TT sports cars. Today, he attracted countless gazes as he pushed an antiquated and extinct 28’’ bicycle onto the pathway amongst the gathered luxury cars.

’’Damn, which family's old man has run over here?’’

’’My gosh, what the hell is this dude pushing? Is he also here to race? Haha!’’

’’Damn, this idiot must've came from an alternate universe.’’

The headlights were so blinding that it was hard to see Qin Feng's face, so they clearly hadn't discovered that he was Young Master Qin. The sound of mocking laughter filled the ears. Qin Feng's expression remained unchanged. He ignored their deliberations and continued to push his bike while searching avidly for Xu Ruo Rou.

Thump thump!

Suddenly, two bright headlights appeared, enshrouding the previously dark peak of Coiled Snake Mountain. In a fluster, the crowd turned to look.

A Lamborghini Reventon silently stood at the mountaintop like a sleeping beast.

There were only a limited 37 of this luxurious sports car in the whole world: 21 were sports coupes and 16 were convertibles. This top-of-the-line sports car was beautiful inside and out, so it was clearly something of high status. Its estimated selling price was one million Euros, which was around 10.41 million yuan. Since this was such an astronomical value, there was a price but no market. If someone really wanted to buy it, they would have to spend around 15 million yuan.

At this time, the audience that gathered at the bottom of Coiled Snake Mountain were rich young masters of high societal standing hailing from the four cities neighboring Yun Province. They usually enjoyed racing and collecting luxury supercars like the Reventon. Everyone knew about this vehicle, and they all stared at it with their eyes aglow with desire.

The name ’’Reventon’’ originated in 1943 by the bull that killed the bullfighter Felix Guzman. It was reported that this car was inspired by an F22 fighter aircraft, so its figure and contours felt just like it. The car also used a lot of designs relating to elements contributing to flight.

The design of the inside of the car was so lavish that it's hard to imagine. It had a sports seat that supports and encapsulates the rider with a multi-functional, three-digit TFT liquid crystal display that made one feel like they were sitting in a cockpit.

At the head of the Lamborghini Reventon was a large LED and Xenon light. At the back of the car, there were modern tail lights made of specially developed heat-resistant LED lights. This was the car that was a couple of hundred of meters away on the top of Coiled Snake Mountain. It turned its headlights on and shined them over so everyone could see it clearly.

The crowd became impassioned. Someone walked out of the Reventon. Since he was a bit far away, his face could not be seen clearly. The instant he spoke through the loudspeaker, Qin Feng's face fell.

’’Hello everyone, my name is Wei Xiao Lei. If you know the Captial, you're bound to know me. You can call me Young Master Wei... At this time, I wasn't able to find any entertainment in Acropolis, so I decided to hold an underground auto-race for the four cities of Yun Province. I'm sure you all know and desire this Reventon behind me because this is a priceless, top-of-the-line supercar. It's a means of pride and a badge of status to us young masters that enjoy collecting luxury cars.

’’So, today I set up this underground car meeting because I have crazy prizes. This Reventon is the first prize for the first place winner.’’

Wei Xiao Lei paused here. An evil smile graced his face. Someone was forcefully pushed out of the Reventon.

’’So, what is the second reward? Well, that's this quality little lady. She's pure and cute, her body is slim and se*y, and she's also young and inexperienced. A nice car and a beauty, these are the presents prepared for the first place winner tonight. Whether you can get it or not will depend on how capable you are.’’

These street-racing Young Masters were clearly experienced. When they heard there was a beautiful woman as a gift, they all pulled out their binoculars to take a look. When they saw Xu Ruo Rou's looks, their eyes all glowed green and they seemed to want to rush up and seize her.

’’Okay, we'll now begin registration for the race. There is a 200,000 yuan registration fee. Since the award is so generous, I'm sure you all won't want to miss out on it.’’

When his voice subsided, Wei Xiao Lei brought Xu Ruo Rou back onto the car, turned off the headlights, and the top of Coiled Snake Mountain once again fell into darkness. It was as if nothing had happened.

At this time, Qin Feng's cell phone rang.

’’Young Master Qin, how was my speech? I was pretty cool, wasn't I?’’ Wei Xiao Lei's jolly voice drifted over.

’’Tell me, what do you want from me in order to release Xu Ruo Rou?’’ Qin Feng's voice became icy.

’’Hahaha... Young Master Qin, oh Young Master Qin. Weren't you really arrogant at first? Don't you have a lot of women? Isn't the entire Acropolis at the palm of your hand? Why are you begging this Young Master now? Since you're dissolute and hedonistic, why would you care about a mere pretty girl? Why don't you leave her for everyone so we can all have a good time?’’

’’You're right. Okay, then I'll leave first. Hope you all have a fun time,’’ Qin Feng sounded like he wanted to hang up.

Wei Xiao Lei's smile froze violently. He urgently yelled into the phone: ’’Qin Feng, don't f*cking pretend you're at ease. I've already done my research, you've recently been trying to pick up this girl, and you haven't gotten her yet. Haha... How could you bear to let someone else defile this pretty little bird? Just beg me obediently. I'm in a good mood, so I might even return her to you.’’

’’Oh? Now that you mention it, I suddenly remembered that Teacher Yun Xiao made plans with me tonight. She's also one of my targets. I'll take advantage of tonight to take her.’’ Wei Xiao Lei did his research on Qin Feng, and Qin Feng also did his research on Wei Xiao Lei.

Those who knew that he was from the Capital's Wei Family knew that he came to Acropolis to marry Yun Xiao.

’’You... You get back here. You can't look for Yun Xiao. If you dare bother her again, I'll destroy you.’’ Wei Xiao Lei was so angry that he was about to spit blood.

He clearly planned to ruthlessly squash Qin Feng tonight so Qin Feng could get a taste of the consequences of offending him. But now, the situation progressed very differently.

’’Why do I have to listen to you? I don't have time for your nonsense. I have to go look for Teacher Yun Xiao for make-up lessons. Teacher Yun Xiao loves to teach me while placing the textbook on her black, stocking-clad thighs,’’ Qin Feng said while curling his lips.

Wei Xiao Lei was so angry that he turned green. He gnashed his teeth noisily: ’’Qin Feng, what do you want?’’ After he said this, Wei Xiao Lei realized it sounded very familiar. Wasn't this what Qin Feng just asked him?

Wei Xiao Lei suddenly really wanted to cry.

’’I don't want to do anything. I'm just going to Teacher Yun Xiao's house to discuss literature and Chinese paintings. You know that I'm very studious.’’

Wei Xiao Lei was about to go crazy. He realized that Qin Feng wasn't like other rich boys;his way of thinking was uncontrollable. Wei Xiao Lei worried that if he tried to threaten Qin Feng, he would be threatened instead.

’’Qin Feng, don't leave. I've heard that you enjoy racing. Why don't you play a bit before leaving?’’ Wei Xiao Lei already switched tactics. Since going hard didn't work, then he would try using softness to lure Qin Feng.

Tonight's underground auto race was planned especially for Qin Feng. He plotted an accident along the route to kill Qin Feng. But if Qin Feng didn't participate in the race, then all his plans would be for naught.

’’Are you begging me?’’ Qin Feng asked.

Silence fell on other line for a long while. Then, there was the sound of grinding teeth: ’’That's right, I'm begging you to participate in the competition.’’

’’Oh no... This Young Master's greatest weakness is that he's too kind. Since you've heard that this Young Master's driving skills are godlike, and you're earnestly begging me to participate in the competition to see my godly skills, then I'll reluctantly fulfill your desires... But I'm not paying the registration fee.’’

After thinking a bit, Qin Feng added: ’’Okay, hand the phone over to our Ruo Rou so I can have a couple of words with her in private.’’

Wei Xiao Lei stupidly handed the phone to Xu Ruo Rou. He suddenly realized that he was acting like Qin Feng's little brother.

’’Qin Feng...’’ When she got the phone, Xu Ruo Rou uncontrollably burst into tears.

’’Ruo Rou, they didn't bully you did they?’’ Qin Feng's previously calm demeanor was swept cleanly away, and he asked his question with concern.

’’No, t-they didn't do anything to me. They just wouldn't let me go home,’’ Xu Ruo Rou said sadly.

Qin Feng was relieved. His gaze was as cold as frost: ’’Ruo Rou, don't be afraid. I'll race to the top immediately and teach these bad guys a lesson. Then, I'll take you home and teach you to... play the flute tonight.’’

When Xu Ruo Rou found out that Qin Feng was at the bottom of the mountain, her heart calmed. She nodded vigorously: ’’Okay, I-I'll wait for you... W-when we get back, teach me well. I really like the musical arts.’’


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