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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost - Chapter 3


Chapter 3: A Beauty Appears

Jin Mi has been staying at Phoenix's palace. She sees Phoenix bathing and wonders what is so special about him - as the palace maids say he is the most handsome deity in the six heavenly realms. Phoenix says a chant and she transforms into her true form and falls into the water (she was caught mid-spell in trying to make the water transparent so she can see for herself why Phoenix is so special haha).

In the past month, Jin Mi learns that Phoenix is the most powerful fire god in existence. She asks Phoenix to give her some internal essence but he refuses. So, Phoenix has been supervising Jin Mi's meditation and self-cultivation to replenish her lost internal essence - but Jin Mi is a bad student. Jin Mi kind of becomes Phoenix's errand boy and she is often asked by the heavenly maids to pass love notes and gifts to Phoenix. Jin Mi finds the love letters (which she will read beforehand) interesting but Phoenix will just carelessly read them and throw them aside.

Hilariously, a young female immortal called Yue Bei falls for Jin Mi's male form. Jin Mi is clueless but feels flattered when Yue Bei calls her, high immortal, so she makes a flower and gives it to Yue Bei. A love letter from Yue Bei is sent to Phoenix's palace later, and Jin Mi passes it to Phoenix naturally, but the love letter turns out to be for Jin Mi!

Jin Mi is confused why a female would send a female a letter (haha) and she meets Yue Bei later and Yue Bei gives her a kiss on her cheek. The next day, a lord from Yue Bei's side comes to Phoenix's palace to propose a marriage between Yue Bei to Jin Mi.

Phoenix declines the marriage for Jin Mi and reveals that Jin Mi is a girl. He removes a hairpin from Jin Mi's head and her real female self is shown. Everyone is stunned because Jin Mi is a true beauty.

Jin Mi stops wearing the Spirit-Sealing Hairpin and shows her true self because she mistakenly thinks Phoenix is jealous of her male form, which is more attractive to females than him. Phoenix laughs when he finds out her mistaken notion and tells her to wear back her hairpin.

One day, Jin Mi was on a journey to pick up some gifts and to head to the Moon Palace when she passes by a pond. She sees little deers and a fish-like tail. This is when she first meets the Night Deity, Ren Yu, the First Heavenly Prince - his top half is a man, and bottom half is a fish-like tail. She is stunned at the beauty of the tail and tells him it is incomparable. Night Deity modestly say it is nothing. Then, Jin Mi misunderstands that Night Deity is in charge of herding deers. Seeing his confusion, Jin Mi thought she has hurt his pride so she assures him that even one herding deers will have great prospects in the future. Night Deity laughs to himself and remembers her name.


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