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Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost - Chapter 2


Chapter 2: Fruit From Outside Heaven

The furry creature turns out to be a red fox. He laughs and transforms into a fifteen-sixteen year old looking boy. He turns out to be Phoenix's uncle, the Moon God, the matchmaker in Heaven. He arranges marriage and love matches by tying two people's love fates together with a red thread. He asks Jin Mi why she is here - and she tells him that she is Phoenix's benefactor and how they met. The Moon God laughs and says it is a pity that Jin Mi is a boy (her current human form) because his nephew will have to become gay!

Since Jin Mi finds Phoenix annoying, she leaves his palace and stays at the Moon God's Palace. She stays there for about two months. She asks the Moon God why every time she tries to pluck a flower, it disappears - and the Moon God says it concerns love and hate... and flowers cannot exist in the heavenly palace. There was a huge quarrel between the Heavenly Emperor and the previous Flower Goddess and because of it the Flower Goddess made it so that no flower or plant can exist in the heavens. All the flowers and grass they see in the heavenly palace was an illusion by the Heavenly Emperor and will change back to a cloud when plucked.

There is a funny interlude between the Moon God who tries to teach Jin Mi about love (which she is not interested in) through love stories and p*****ographic books. But, Jin Mi cannot be bothered about love - all she is interested is in increasing her internal essence. In fact, she gains the misconception that the coupling in the books can help increase the internal essence by combining a male's yang energy with a female's yin energy.

During her stay in the Moon God's palace, Jin Mi discovers that she can make flowers grow (though she attributes it to the power of the Moon God's red thread instead of her own power). As these flowers are rare, people exchange the flowers from her with gifts. One of these gifts was eggs from a special bird, rosefinch (legendary vermillion bird), from Phoenix's palace. However, after Jin Mi ate it, she became very ill - as if something was burning inside of her. The Moon God asks for Phoenix's help in saving her.

Phoenix tells her that she is of yin constitution (water) and has hurt herself by eating the eggs from the rosefinch which was of fire composition. Phoenix tells Jin Mi she can stay in his palace till she recovers - as she has lost about half of her internal essence.


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