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Heavenly Star - Chapter 223


Chapter 223

Chapter 223 Waking Up from the Dream

Where is this place... . . .

Am I dead already...... Is this the heaven, or the hell...... or perhaps, I'm still not dead... . . .

’’Brother! Brother! Hug me......’’ Ning Xue threw herself in his arms, she exerted her strength to hug him tightly, wanting to sink herself into his body, her both eyes with tears, ’’As long as I can be together with brother, even if I were to die immediately, I will not be afraid . ’’ He held up her small face, he reproached her as he said: ’’Foolish talk, how could brother let you die......’’

Ning Xue suddenly disappeared in his arms, when he got startled, a snowy white scarf softly wrapped around his neck, before his eyes Hua ShuiRou's delicate figure emerged, she quickly put the scarf in his neck, then gently said: ’’Hubby, it's very cold, you were wearing so thin, you'll get frozen, you shouldn't remove the scarf...... Hubby, I'll make you an outer clothing, okay? Once you returned home, you will be able to wear them......’’

He was afraid that everything would become part of the dream again, he frighteningly stretched out his hands wanting to hug her, but before his hands made contact with her body, yet they only touched an imaginative empty space, Hua ShuiRou's figure became vague, then it gradually disappeared... . . .

The two hands hugged him from behind, Ye ShuiYao pressed her body closer to him, she gently and firmly said: ’’For this lifetime, I only wanted to forever belong to you alone, quietly looking at you from behind, I don't want anything else... . . . the secular world, the ethics, the virtue, the glory and splendor...... and not to care about anything else...... can you return with me now?’’

Ye ShuiYao slowly disappeared behind him, before him, a short and small figure appeared . Tong Xin was just quietly standing there, anxiously waiting as she looked towards a far away place, seemed to be persistently waiting for something, but inside both of her pitch-black eyes, ninety percent of which was the despair and pain, as well as a bit of uncertainty and expectation that supported herself to continue to wait...... If it wasn't for the statement that he shouted ’’wait for my return’’, this time she didn't know what she had already became .

’’Tong Xin......’’ Ye Wuchen stretched out his hands towards her, wanted to tell her that he was right there beside her all along, but no matter how hard he tried to move his body, he wasn't able to approach her... . . .

’’Wuchen, you are my first man, I am your first woman...... Do you really have the heart to abandon me......’’ Tong Xin disappeared, Yan ZhiMeng was standing in the place where Tong Xin had been moments ago, his eyes were staring at her distinctively, her extraordinary beauty was still like a dream .

’’Little brother, if you missed your older sister you may visit the Snow Woman palace, I will wait for you, wait all along, until my hair all turned white......’’ Ye Wuchen turned around, saw Xue FeiYan's extremely beautiful face . This unknown beautiful woman with an unknown origin and seemingly strange behavior, the words that she had carved on the ice in the end, frequently showed up in front of her eyes, occasionally they still lingered in his dream .

Xue-er, RouRou, Sister, Tong Xin, ZhiMeng...... and that beautiful woman .

Everything disappeared suddenly just like the time when it had suddenly emerged, the world in his surrounding, transformed into vast darkness once again .

Imaginary figures...... why are there imaginary figures...... Am I dead? I'm not dead, how could I be dead, how could I be dead... . . .

The awakened consciousness completely transformed into the awareness to seek survival, he consumed all his strength, his thoughts exhaustedly struggled, his eyelids and eyelashes started to slightly tremble, trying hard to open his eyes .

Vaguely, his memory started to drift...... that was Ning Xue's face, on the surface very red fingerprints were present, at that moment, the frantic heart ache and anger that rised up from his heart had drowned out his rationality, his heart was welled up with the intention to commit massacre that he had never experienced before, consequently, we was wearing a demonic cold smile, as he used his arm to pierce through the body of the person who had hurt Ning Xue, and he uncovered that bloody incident during that day... . . .

In the memory, one by one the dead bodies collapsed before his eyes, blood and broken limbs displayed before his eyes, dancing beside his ears, that moment he almost wasn't himself anymore, but a violent Asura, ruthlessly splashing blood with the use of sword...... every scenario that day, every details, even to the tiny bits, were all emerged clearly clearly in his mind . In the end, without the energy of struggle, he and Ning Xue together fell into the Death Abyss... . . .

Xue-er... . . .

The Gale Nation... . . .

Xue-er, Xue-er...... What happened to her? She must be fine, must be waiting for me... . . .

He thought that he must have died, but a bit of consciousness that suddenly waken up made him realize that it was the dawn of life, the survival instinct made him struggle time after time, trying to drive away the darkness in the surrounding . Time slowly passed by, every second of torment made him feel that the time was very long, like it had been a year, ten years, hundred years...... In the end, a trace of light permeated, his eyes opened small crack while trembling . For more than two years without opening his eyes it was the first time they suddenly made contact with brightness, out of irritation they abruptly closed again, after a very long time they slowly opened again .

His body was as if no longer belonging to his own, so weak and limp almost without any sensation, he could only slightly move the fingers, moving his arms became a hopeless situation, his mind was utterly confused, his throat was extremely dry and rough, just like being set on fire, only his vision started to become clearer and clearer .

Beside his ears was the babbling sound of flowing water, the sky overhead was vastly dark, just liken the starless night sky, but in the surrounding it was strangely bright . His eyes slowly gazed around, this was an unfamiliar world, the surrounding was decorated with green, the unfamiliar wild flowers blossomed, releasing light delicate fragrance, together with the fresh and clean air they slowly assailed to his nostrils .

Beside him, a white haired young girl was quietly lying beside him, her body curled up like a snowy white kitten, both small hands were grabbing the corner of his clothes, as if she body felt a bit cold, and as if she had dreamed of something terrible . Unconsciously, the corner of Ye Wuchen's eyes welled up with tears, during the short moment when he was waken up from a big dream, he realized the rebirth of happiness at first glance, seeing a wonderful person beside him, this was a warm and comfortable feeling of happiness . happiness .

He wanted to lift up his hand to caress her face, but that hand seemed like a thousand kilograms heavy, no matter how hard he tried he couldn't exert any bit of strength, this time he was like a tiny grass that had just got ravaged by the storm . He could only give up, then gently looked at her, softly called out: ’’Xue-er ---’’

His voice was produced, yet it was surprisingly hoarse, he couldn't believe that this voice belonged to himself, but it sounded withered as if it was produced from the mouth of a seriously sick old man, so weak that he wouldn't even hear it clearly by himself . And with this weak voice, permitted Ning Xue to seem as if she had experienced an electric shock in her dreams, she abruptly opened her eyes, sat up, and she saw Ye Wuchen's star-like eyes staring at her .

Ning Xue got startled, and stupefied, just like her soul got suddenly snatched away, in an instant, her vision became fuzzy, Ye Wuchen was smiling as he looked at her expression, such kind of expression, was full of deep emotions, and firm attachment... . . .

’’Brother!!’’ this was not an illusion, it wasn't also a dream . All the emotions had made her call out for him numerous times as she fell down on his body, using all her might to cry and yell, that crying sound was like a black-naped oriole weeping, heartbreaking, that babbling sound of water was completely covered by the crying sound, the wind had sorrowfully stopped, as if it had stayed somewhere, listening to the mournful cry of the young girl, an earth-shaking wailing sound .

For the whole two years, facing the soundless body of Ye Wuchen, she sorrowfully dropped her tears over and over again . During other times, no matter how huge is her pain, or how great is her fear, she never dropped a tear, and she also didn't cry out loud, because she wanted to save brother, she shouldn't be weak . She was begging, and hoping for him to wake up, moreover she greatly feared that there will come a day wherein he will just silently leave her alone . Everytime when she awakened up from the nightmare, she would firmly hug him tightly .

She was indeed a young girl with a ten-year-old body and temperament . In this strange world, she didn't have anyone to depend on, to depend on, if wasn't for maintaining her perseverance and hope, two years ago she would have break down numerous times .

He was finally awake, she hugged his body, using her tears and crying sound to vent out her pain, heartbreak, grievance, and fear . During the earth-splitting cry, she was almost out of breath, wouldn't be able to say anything further, causing people to worry that she might spit out blood at any moment... . . .

She almost broke Ye Wuchen's heart into pieces due to her crying, that crying sound involved too many things, this was a crying sound caused by the heart-tearing torments that she had experienced . He was silently looking at Ning Xue, hearing her weeping sound . He was grateful that the heavens had let his great opportunity of death to just slip away, permitting Ning Xue to be able to use her tears and weeping sound to release all her emotions .

Finally, she got tired of crying, her voice went hoarse, then eventually she had passed out due to her exhaustion, her both hands were still firmly grabbing his clothes, her face full of tears made him feel distressed, and pitiful .

Ye Wuchen's eyes were gently looking at her . When he looked down, he saw his own clothes, still the white colored outer clothing, but it had already became dilapidated . Yet it was still dirtless, as if it had been washed .

Did I sleep too long...... He thought, during this time, he was just quietly lying down, if it was just a short period of time, how could his clothes become dilapidated like this .

’’Boo hoo master, you have finally woken up, boo hoo, during that day when you jumped, Nan-er was almost frightened to death . Master if you would just die like that, what will Nan-er do now, woohoo......’’ In Ye Wuchen's mind, Nan-er's sound of crying tears of joy resounded . Ye Wuchen comforted her: ’’Don't be sad, Nan-er, I've waken up, it should be alright now . Your master, wouldn't die too easily . ’’

Indeed, with such high place, and that terrible speed and force of impact as he dropped, he was surprisingly not dead, he was simply amazed with his own body and vitality .

’’En en, I knew it...... Master, you will not just die like that, it will be unlikely . ’’ Nan-er happily yelled out .

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