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Heavenly Star - Chapter 195


’’Your Majesty!’’


’’Don't hurt our emperor!’’

’’You...... how dare you really did it......’’

Feng Ling ignored the people's comments, strongly enduring the pain in his chest that almost made him pass out, the cold sweat continuously flow from her head: ’’Ye Wuchen, what do you really wanted to do! I am very sincere towards your Ye family, and I have already agreed to pardon your crimes, my father had similarly told you that he will pardon you as well...... do you really want to sacrifice your life, in exchange for this trifling matter doing some life and death struggle? Our Feng family, didn't we treat you fair enough! For Princess Yao Feng to marry me, your Tian Long emperor, as well as your parents have already agreed, what do you really want now!’’

Ye Wuchen coldly snorted, and with cold smile he said: ’’Your biggest mistake, was not asking for my opinion beforehand. If you truly wanted to pursue my sister with sincerity, I will not obstruct, there were numerous men who liked my sister, adding you wasn't even weird enough. But you have used a compelling method, almost destroyed my sister's life, how do you want me to treat you? Now, prepare me a carriage, I will take my sister out of here...... Faster!’’

More blood were flowing out from Feng Lie's neck, they simply couldn't delay longer, Feng Ling roared with his full strength: ’’Faster!’’

’’I'll go!’’ resentment filled up Feng Ru's eyes as she took a glimpse at Ye Wuchen, then turned around to leave. Not for long, a carriage with a luxurious decoration appeared in front of the Luan Feng Hall, with a single glance it was obviously a woman harnessing it, evidently Feng Ru had brought her own carriage which she had used for her own journey.

Ye Wuchen hooked up the corner of his mouth, and gently said: ’’Sister, let's go.’’

’’All of you, get out of our way!’’

He roared a bit, his hand pushing out Feng Lie, half dragging him out as he moved. The imperial guards one by one gave way to them, then blindly follow suit as they followed closely behind.

He moved until he reached the front of the carriage, Ye Wuchen's sword was still across Feng Lie's neck. He gave a meaningful glance towards the sky, black and white two figures floated down from the sky, they were Ning Xue and Tong Xin, all the people now realized their presence, they stared blankly, when Tong Xin and Ning Xue jumped up the carriage, he gently pushed Ye ShuiYao inside, then lifting up Feng Lie he carried him inside, the sword still pressed on his neck.

’’You...... you must let go of my father now!’’ Feng Line resisting the pain, then hatefully yelled out.

’’Hey, why should I let go of him. Don't you worry, when we reached the uninhabited place, I will naturally let him go. But if someone followed us, maybe I'll bring him to our Tian Long Nation, do you want to try it?’’

’’Release my father, I'll guarantee you in my crown prince's name, no one will ever follow you.’’ said Feng Ling with gritted teeth, the pain in his body can't compare with the anger and pain in his heart. His father was being taken hostage just like that, with so many people around, they just permitted someone from the Tian Long Nation to pressure him like that...... And, what makes his heart ache was, Ye ShuiYao just hopped onto the carriage like that, without the slightest bit of hesitation or reluctance.

Her heart, simply never belonged here.

’’Don't speak anything rubbish, you don't have the rights to talk to me like that now, are willing to compel me to just slash the sword through his neck?’’ Ye Wuchen coldly laughed, his wrist trembled. What's the purpose of a hostage? Those who have taken hostages, yet their faces still full of hesitation, with a quick look people already knew that he wouldn't intend to take ruthless actions, Ye Wuchen despised this kind of person. With the hostage in hand, he ought to strongly make him cry out in pain, made those people greatly confused, they wouldn't dare not to comply, or else it will not be called a hostage, but just a nuisance.

Feng Ling's heart trembled, with his ultimate strength he yelled loudly: ’’All of you step aside! Do as he said...... transmit an order, nobody will be allowed to follow behind them...... No one will be allowed!’’

The crowd dispersed, Ye Wuchen pointed his hand at a guard, make him put down the weapons, then riding the carriage, heading towards the gate of the imperial palace. Originally, only palanquins were allowed inside the imperial palace, carriages were not allowed, but fortunately the roads were wide enough, and it didn't obstruct the carriage. When they left, Ye Wuchen looked at Feng ChaoYang's location then exposed a meaningful smile.

The carriage had been taken to a distant place, the Luan Feng Hall was thoroughly mixed up like bowl of porridge, majority of the people's questions were: Where is the Feng family's protector god? What was he doing all this time?

’’Elder Feng...... not...... not going to chase after them?’’ Feng Ling was covering his injured spot, as he said resisting his pain. With Feng ChaoYang's strength, if he was to follow from behind he should be unlikely to get discovered, he could also capture them by the time they released Feng Lie.

’’I couldn't.’’ Feng ChaoYang replied flatly: ’’even if he didn't take hostage of you father, he can already kill you and your father, then left without the slightest injury, and he wouldn't use such cumbersome method. What he did, was to warn me not to follow, and also to tell me that, he will not really harm your father, you, should feel relieved now.’’

Feng Ling heard what he said but he didn't really understand, the last statement made him feel at ease, the pain attacked, he finally lost his consciousness. A few imperial physician who had been summoned over for quite a while hurriedly went ahead and supported him up.

Feng ChaoYang with a long sigh, concealed his figure. For so many years, this is his first failure, but he wasn't ashamed, because his opponent wasn't Ye Wuchen...... but the Woman Punished by the Heavens that he and the three exceptional masters had united up to fight against during those years. If any one of them was to fight her alone, he will certainly get defeated.

How did she get out of the Devil's Trap Pagoda, and why did she have such huge transformation...... that descendant of Chu CangMing, how could he......

When the Luan Feng Hall was in chaos, Feng Ru quietly left, returned to her own princess palace hall, then carrying a strange creature with yellow fur all over its body, she quickly left. Immediately, she brought more than ten masters that protected Feng Lie during normal days as they departed from the palace. The princess was normally not allowed to leave the palace, but this was equivalent to nothing for Feng Ru, who has a fierceful nature. As time passed by, Feng Lie had ignored her, giving her the freedom to do anything.

That carriage which was used by Ye Wuchen, she had stealthily put in a bag of perfume that was called the fox scent, and the yellow fur fox in her arms was extremely sensitive to this kind of scent, as long as the distance was not too far, no matter where the carriage was headed to, it will surely find it following the smell. This matter, Feng Ru never told anyone about it, because she wanted to personally rescue her own father, capture Ye Wuchen and Ye ShuiYao, seizing this great merit alone all by herself.

Leaving the imperial palace, Ye Wuchen fling out his hand, throwing the long knife which was used to press on Feng Lie's neck out of the carriage, produced a sound of ’’clang’’ as it hit the ground. Ye ShuiYao leaned her head against Ye Wuchen's shoulder, didn't say any word all along the way. All that she wanted to say, were already expressed during the single moment of touch and touch of emotions, she already told him using her eye expressions...... So, from the beginning until the end, she was just intimately cuddled with him, her heart without any worries, so natural. His sudden appearance, made her understand in an instant, that he wanted her to depend on him forever.

He was really that brave, how could she allow herself to become a coward.

Without the threat on his neck, Feng Lie didn't relax or run away, his gaze swept through each and every one of them, with a rigid face he seemingly praised and mocked as he said: ’’The children of Ye family, were indeed mature enough.’’

Ye Wuchen was leaning on the carriage window, smelling Ye ShuiYao's scent, his heart was entirely free from worries, he lazily said: ’’Don't you worry, I will not kill you, or else that Feng ChaoYang will nag me at any time in the future. Although I'm not afraid of him, but it will be best not to have any troubles.’’

Although Tong Xin had the capability to defeat Feng ChaoYang, but killing him wasn't that easy.

Speaking of Feng ChaoYang, Ye Wuchen's face didn't have any slightest bit of fear, and judging by the way he speaks he wasn't pretending. Feng Lie's brows tightly twisted up, then remembering he was the first to injure Feng Ling, then taken him as the hostage, Feng ChaoYang unexpectedly didn't step ahead to prevent them, these made his heart palpitate wildly. He saw this word in this young man...... not ’’mature’’, but ’’frightening’’ instead!

So, he simply wouldn't dare to have the thought of escaping.

Ye Wuchen using the method of taking Feng Lie as the hostage wasn't without any reason. If he directly let Tong Xin led them away, Feng ChaoYang will certainly follow them, it will become a big trouble for them, Tong Xin will not able to protect them all. And taking Feng Lie as hostage as they left, was giving Feng ChaoYang a warning...... If he chased after them, he will certainly kill! In any case, if he chased after them, it will be a life and death situation. If he did not chase them, then nothing will happen.

And there's another reason which was......

’’If you attacked Tian Long Nation, the Southern Empire clan will certainly warn you, that if you insisted to proceed, during that time you will not just be fighting against Tian Long and Cang Lang...... emperor of The Gale, do you believe in that?’’ Ye Wuchen suddenly opened his mouth, causing Feng Lie's heart to race.

Ye Wuchen was evidently not using frightening words to scare him. Firstly, the Southern Empire clan originally planned to get their hands on the Tian Long Nation, currently they were gradually penetrating its power inside the nation, most likely they will not allow such chaos to occur. Secondly, for the sake of the Southern Empire sword, they will risk their lives to protect everyone in the Ye family, during ordinary days they will assign some experts to secretly protect them, but if we would really go to the battlefield, it will not just be easily handled by few experts, that time, for the sake of the Southern Empire sword, there will be a possibility that the whole nest will come out for war. And before all of these, what they will certainly do was to warn the Feng family. Even if you wanted the war, you must delay it until three years later.

The deal between Ye Wuchen and Shui MengChan during that time, on the surface it looked like a ’’protection’’, but in fact there was a hidden principle. Shui MengChan didn't expect that this seemingly ’’just as simple as that’’ kind of deal, was becoming such intractable in just a short matter of time. How could Ye Wuchen make a loss out of a deal.

’’Are you a member of the Southern Empire clan?’’ on the surface Feng Lie looked profound, but internally he was utterly bewildered. What Ye Wuchen had said a while ago, he had believed a big part of it, aside from this reason, he could not think of others.

’’Oh? How do you say so?’’

’’Humph...... from today your actions were totally calm and you had easily taken hostage of me, it can be considered that you have already planned for all of these in detail. Such kind of person like you, how can you acted so rude and impetuous just merely because of your own relative without considering your own nation and clan's safety. So, you must have relied onto something, the things you've said a while ago, I didn't doubt about them, but instead you have explained my doubt...... you and the Southern Empire clan, how were you related to each other?’’ Feng Lie's eagle eyes were firmly staring at Ye Wuchen, almost as if it will penetrate through his heart.

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