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Harry Potter And The Secret Treasures - Chapter 45


Chapter 45

Chapter 0045 The Third Attack

A few Slytherin students sitting by the fire just stared at Goyle and Crabbe beating up Malfoy.

’’God, what are you doing?’’ asked a surprised fifth-year student

’’I'm fed up with him!’’ shouted Ivan

’’Yeah, me too,’’ answered Harry loudly

The two people were enraged, Ivan kicked Malfoy again, all of a sudden they leaped out of the Slytherin common room and ran towards the third-floor bathroom.

’’Ivan, that was great! Make sure no one is around’’ grinned Harry, ’’That was the best Christmas present I've ever had in my life, beating Malfoy up on Christmas day.’’

’’The look on Malfoy's face, I wished I could have taken a picture and put it in the newspaper,’’ said Ivan

’’But we were a little too impulsive,’’ said Harry when the excitement subsided

From making the polyjuice potion to turning into Slytherin students and beating up Malfoy, everything is a serious violation of the school's rules. If we are caught we are bound to be expelled.

’’Don't worry, nobody knows we did it.’’ said Ivan, ’’ in the eyes of others, it was Crabbe and Goyle, that beat up Malfoy.’’

’’As long as we act normal we should be good....’’

Harry suddenly stopped and said, ’’ wait we can't go back yet, Hermione is still in Snape's office.’’

’’I almost forgot, we need to find a way to rescue her.’’

The two quietly snuck to Snape's office door, they listened but there was no sound inside.

’’I can't hear anything,’’ said Ivan softly

’’Maybe we can cause a commotion to lead Snape out,’’ said Harry

As soon as his voice fell he saw that they were changing back.

Their time was up the two where gradually changing back to themselves.

It was horrible, and worse still, Hermione was still in Snape's office.

Thinking about Hermine transforming back into herself under Snape's cold gaze, was horrible to think about.

’’No, there is no time!!’’ said Ivan as he kicked the door open

They then saw Snape sitting at his desk with a frightening grin on his face and a potion vial in front of him.

Hermione sat opposite of him, she was as pale as the moon.

’’Crabbe, Goyle, what are you doing here?’’ Snape looked at them with a horrifying frown.

’’Professor, something big has happened! It is Draco someone has attacked him in the common room, he is lying lying on the ground covered in blood, and we don't know what to do,’’ shouted Ivan

’’Yes you should go and take a look,’’ said Harry hastily

’’Attacked?! You two idiots, why didn't you send him to the school hospital.’’

’’WE.....’’ Ivan paused, he then panicked and said, ’’ we weren't sure if it had anything to do with the previous two attacks,’’

Because of the dim light in the office, Snape didn't notice that Ivan's face didn't look like the usual Crabbe.

’’You wait here, watch her until I come back.’’ Snape drew his wand and ran towards Slytherin's common room.

’’Let's Go!’’ said Harry and Ivan when they saw Snape disappear, Ivan and Harry grabbed Hermione and ran.

’’Thank you!’’ said Hermione as she breathed a sigh of relief, ’’He threatened to give me Veritaserum if I didn't tell him the truth.’’


’’Yes’’ nodded Hermione, ’’But he didn't do so, he certainly guessed who I was so he was he was just waiting for the effects of the Polyjuice potion to wear off. But thanks to you bursting in at that time, the effects didn't wear off yet.’’

’’We better hurry back to the third floor's bathroom.’’

Harry felt that his feet were becoming smaller so his shoes were now too big and he now had to pick up his clothes when he ran.

He then seemed to stumble over something and fell heavily to the ground.

Ivan and Hermione stopped, and by the dim candlelight, they could see what Harry had tripped over.

The two people were amazed.

’’It was Justin, he's been attacked.....’’ Hermione put her hand over her mouth to keep herself from screaming.

In front of them, lay Justin on the floor, he was stiff with a horrified expression. What lay in front of him were the shattered remains of the big mirror, the pieces of glass covered Justin's whole body.

Harry stood up and he noticed Justin Petrified on the ground.

Harry looked at each other in a hurry, he had a terrified face with a strange red tint.

The three have now completely changed back now.

This was the worst case scenario, the third attack has happened and they were the first to arrive at to arrive at the scene again.

What would people say if they were seen by them?

Think about it, Justin had a conflict with Harry at the Duel Club recently, and there are rumors going around that Harry was going to attack him and now he is petrified right in front of him. In particular, they are now wearing Slytherin's uniform, so if people saw this they would truly think Harry was the heir.

But Ivan wasn't sure if Snape wouldn't welcome them.

’’Leave him, let's go,’’ said Ivan eagerly.

’’We can't just leave him here, we have to find someone to help.’’

’’Don't be stupid, Hermione, if we are present can you prove that Harry isn't the heir? Especially since we are wearing Slytherin's uniform, How do we explain it to others, we just took some Polyjuice potion and beat up Malfoy, that's all.’’

’’Now it is Christmas, he may not be found for a while.’’ hesitated Hermione.

’’Don't worry, Snape will rush back soon, and he'll send Justin to the school hospital,’’ said Harry


’’Don't worry, we need to change back to our clothes if you want to help him.’’

After Ivan finished, Ivan took her hand and started running again.


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