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Harry Potter And The Secret Treasures - Chapter 44


Chapter 44

Chapter 0044 Beating up Malfoy

Slytherin's common room was big, the walls and ceiling were made out of rough stones, and green lights hung from the ceiling. There was a beautifully carved fireplace, that was surrounded by several Slytherin students.

’’You two wait here, my father just sent me something’’ Malfoy instructed them to sit in two empty chairs by the fire.

They didn't expect to see what Lucius Malfoy had sent him without asking.

They wondered if what Lucius sent was related to the chamber of secrets.

A moment later Malfoy returned holding a newspaper clipping and stuffed it under Harry's nose.

’’Goyle you will laugh when you see this.’’

Ivan saw Harry tremble slightly, he could see what was written on it.

The ministry of magic investigation of Mr. Weasley, head of the misuse of Muggle artifacts, was fined fifty-plus galleons for his enchantment of a muggle car today.

The enchanted car reportedly smashed into the whomping willow at Hogwarts earlier this year, and Lucius Malfoy has asked Mr. Weasley to resign.

’’Mr. Weasley has destroyed the ministry's reputation. Mr. Malfoy has told me that he was clearly unfit to write laws for us and his ludicrous muggle protection law should be abolished immediately.’’

Mr. Weasley didn't comment, but his wife told reporters to leave or she would let the ghoul out to bit them.

According to an article published earlier in this newspaper, it asked the ministry to pay attention to the safety of underage wizards, the author of the article was a twelve-year-old named miss Granger.

’’How about it?’’ asked Malfoy when Harry handed the clipping back to him, ’’Do you find it funny?’’

’’Hahaha,’’ Ivan and Harry smiled dryly.

’’ I wonder what the Weasley family expressions looks like since it was an article written by the conceited mud blood, Granger,’’

Ivan wasn't sure how Mr. Weasley would feel but he was glad Hermione hadn't followed them, or she would have been sad.

’’We must find a way to make her read the Daily Prophet tomorrow morning.’’

’’Well I'm not surprised to hear the Weasley's are being attacked.’’ said Malfoy contemptuously, ’’Look at the behavior of the Weasley family, they are a disgrace to pureblood wizards.’’

Ivan tried to hold on to Harry so he wouldn't try to kill Malfoy.

’’Let's not talk about the Weasley family anymore. You must know who has opened the chamber of secrets and who is the heir heir of Slytherin.’’

’’You know I don't know, Goyle, how many time do I have to tell you?’’ snapped Malfoy, ’’Dad wouldn't tell me the details of the last time it was opened, he wasn't born yet, but he knows everything. He told me it was a secret and if I knew too much it would be suspicious. But the last time the chamber of secrets was opened a mud blood died.,’’

’’We know that it was Moaning Myrtle,’’ added Ivan

’’Of course, I told you.’’ said Malfoy, ’’It is only a matter of time, I hope it's Granger or Mason, he is also an excellent choice.’’

Harry violently trembled while Ivan took a deep breath to restrain himself from beating up Malfoy.

’’Did you know that the man who opened the chamber last time was caught?’’

’’It was said he was caught and expelled.’’ said Malfoy, ’’You can check and see, whoever it is, they are probably still in Azkaban.’’

Ivan remembered

Ivan remembered when they learned that the expelled student was Hagrid but Hagrid was actually innocent.

’’Malfoy your father must know something.’’ asked Ivan cautiously, ’’Can you tell me who he has been in contact with recently? Maybe this can be a clue to help us figure out who the heir is.’’

’’What do you mean, Crabbe?’’ Malfoy glared at him and said loudly, ’’are you doubting my father's taste in friends, unlike the Weasleys, my father is in contact with genuine pureblood wizards.’’


’’Although I want to help the heir, dad told me not to be in the spotlight.’’ said Malfoy, ’’But you know the daily prophet hasn't reported on the attacks yet, which surprised me.’’

’’Maybe it isn't worth reporting since they are only petrified and Dumbledore will cure that soon enough.’’

’’Yeah it must be Dumbledore who is hiding everything.’’ said Malfoy, ’’I hope everything will be exposed soon. My dad said that making Dumbledore the headmaster was the worst thing that has ever happened to the school. Dumbledore likes muggles, a decent headmaster would never let people like Mason and Granger come to school.’’

’’Dumbledore is the best headmaster, Granger is first in her grade, and Mason' spells are great.’’

’’That's a typical Gryffindor, that rude house is simply house is simply horrible,’’ said Malfoy viciously, ’’Especially that damn mud blood Mason, he dared attack me, I will make him pay sooner or later.’’

’’In addition to spells, he also runs a newspaper......’’

’’I guess the mud blood knelt down and licked Potter's shoes so Potter would agree to let him put Potter's mother's article in that poor newspaper.’’ exaggerated Malfoy,’’It was to attract people with Potter's mother's death, and the only thing that woman can do except give Potter a ridiculous scar is to show off.’’

I have to admit Malfoy is a pain in the neck.

When Harry head Malfoy insult his mother, he turned as red as an apple.

’’What's wrong with you tonight?’’ asked Malfoy while looking at them strangely

’’Nothing, I just........ I just have endured you for too long,’’ said Ivan as he cracked his knuckles and looked at Malfoy with an evil look.

’’Crabbe, what are you doing?’’ Malfoy suddenly had a bad feeling.

’’That's simple, I'm going to beat you up,’’ as soon as Ivan finished, he threw a punch at Malfoy.

Harry paused for a moment before he threw a punch out to, with the two of them punching, Malfoy didn't even get a chance to fight back.


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