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Harry Potter And The Secret Treasures - Chapter 43


Chapter 43

Chapter 0043 To Slthyerin's Common Room

There was a Christmas party going on in the Great Hall and it looked magnificent.

There was beautiful silver looking Christmas trees, and mistletoe and holly decorated the ceiling. The ceiling was enchanted to make dry and warm to the touch snowfall.

Ivan and Harry had just finished their third pudding. Hermione led them out of the great hall to start their plan.

It wasn't difficult getting Crabbe and Goyle's hair

With two cupcakes laced with a sleeping potion, those two were at their mercy.

But the hard thing was Ivan and Harry hiding them in the closet of the hallway, making sure no saw them, and finally pulling out a few hairs and taking their clothing.

The trouble was Hermione, Ivan insisted that the black hair in her hand wasn't McGonagall's hair, but a cat's hair.

’’Impossible, Ivan!’’ said Hermione stubbornly, ’’This is what I got from her clothes.’’

’’But her animagus form is a cat, you have the hair from that form since it's is almost identical to it, so be careful.’’

Finally, after Ivan's insistence, the three had to return to the great hall to look for an opportunity to get another person's hair.

When they saw Pansy Parkinson stand up from the table and go towards Snape, Hermione hurriedly headbutted her. And pulled some hair from her before the other had a chance to say anything.

When Hermione apologized to her, Ivan and Harry saw Snape look at them with a hostile sneer, the two of them stood up and hurried to the bathroom without a second to spare.

’’This is the best opportunity since students will begin to return after Christmas.

’’It says after the user drinks it they will have exactly one hour before they change back to themselves. Our plan is foolproof, people will just see Crabbe, Goyle, and Parkinson.’’

Hermione then scooped up the potion and poured it into three goblets.

Her hands trembled as she put the hair of Parkinson in the goblet.

The polyjuice potion made a bubbling noise and a second later it became an ugly brownish black color.

’’It's up to you,’’ said Hermione

Harry hastily threw in Goyle's hair and Ivan threw in Crabbe's hair.

The two cups started bubbling and hissing. Goyle's became an earthy yellow while Crabbe's became a dark dark brown.

’’Well what shall we do now?’’ asked Harry

’’Of course we shall drink it,’’ said Hermione nervously

’’Hopefully the taste isn't too bad, cheers’’ Ivan took the goblet, and chugged it down in a single gulp, he then turned and ran to the nearest toilet.

The polyjuice potion tasted horrible, when he swallowed it he felt a burning burning sensation spread through his stomach, finger, and toes, he felt like he was going to melt.

His skin felt like bubbling hot wax which made him drop to the ground, he watched as his hands began to grow, his finger grew thicker, his nails widened, and his knuckles bulged like bolts.

As Ivan's shoulders stretched he began to fell an acute pain.

A tingling sensation on his forehead told him that his head was changing, and as his chest swelled his robe burst.

Everything happened quickly and quickly stopped.

Although in the book he read about this countless times, the feeling of becoming Crabbe is an indescribable feeling. Ivan effortlessly took off his small uniform and put on Crabbe's clothes. He then heard Goyle's voice shout out.

’’Are you two all right?’’

’’I ok!’’ answered Ivan in Crabbe's voice.

Ivan went to the mirror to look at himself, he looked exactly like Crabbe.

Harry and Hermione have also become Goyle and Parkinson.

’’Are you done looking, we have already wasted over five minutes of precious time! We better go to Slytherin's common room and room and hope that Malfoy is there.’’

They then carefully opened the door of the bathroom and saw that no one was there.

They then mimicked the movements of the person they were supposed to be.

Under Hermione's leadership, the trio went toward Slytherin's common room, but they stopped when they saw the person standing in front of them, it was Snape.

’’Good evening, Parkinson, Goyle, and Crabbe.’’ said Snape in in a slow and low voice, ’’What are you doing here?’’

’’I, We......’’

Ivan and Harry looked at each other, the didn't know what to say, ’’

But Crabbe and Goyle seemed to be like this normally, Snape then ignored them and watched Hermione with interest.

’’Professor, we're going back to the common room,’’ said Hermione cautiously.

’’Oh, why?!’’ said Snape softly, ’’Miss Parkinson, please come to my office before that, I think it is worth discussing a bit about the party.’’

’’But, professor............’’ said Harry, he couldn't go any further he didn't have a reason to stop Snape from taking Pansy Parkinson.

Ivan and Harry watched as Hermione was taken away by Snape.

’’Is this also called foolproof?’’ asked Harry anxiously, ’’I wonder if she will be alright.’’

’’I think we should follow the original plan, and when we are finished with Malfoy, then we try to save Hermione,’’ said Ivan

’’That's easy to say, but do you have any idea where the Slytherin where the Slytherin common room is?’’

Ivan shook his head when he realized this problem.

The empty dungeon corridor is like a maze, after a quarter of an hour they were back where they started.

They came to a hallway with three ways the could go, one was toward Snape's office, the other was where nearly headless nick held his birthday party, and the other was one where they have never been down before. But Ivan saw a painting of a silver bowl of fruit which should be the secret path leading to Hogwarts' kitchen.

’’Not here, I remember this mirror, we just saw it, Maybe we should go to the left,’’ said Harry while being unsure.

’’No that leads to the Hufflepuff common room.’’

Just as the two where full of despair, they saw Draco Malfoy walking toward them, this was the first time Ivan has ever been happy to see him.

’’What are you two standing here for, I thought you'd be back already?’’

Ivan and Harry just nodded, and Malfoy took them to the right side of an empty damp stone wall.

’’What's the new password?’’ said Malfoy to harry

’’well..?’’ Harry faltered

’’Oh, yes, it's pureblood!’’ said Malfoy

As soon as his voice fell, they saw an opening slowly form in the wall, and Malfoy strode in, followed by Ivan and Harry.


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