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Harry Potter And The Secret Treasures - Chapter 33


Chapter 33

Ivan saw Harry fall into the mud. The rain poured down on Harry’s face, his arm dangled in a bizarre angle. Ivan hurried to the center of the field. He didn’t want to see Lockhart use a spell that gets rid of the bones.

By the time he crossed the crowd, Lockhart was standing in front of Harry.

“Don’t worry, leave it all to me, children!”He said in a comforting tone, “it’s just a simple spell that I’ve used countless times.”

As he spoke, he rolled up his emerald green sleeves.

“No, no!”said Harry weakly.

But it didn’t work, Lockhart was already casting the spell. A second later, he pointed his wand at Harry’s arm.

It was too late to stop it, so Ivan had to cast a spell to save Harry.

“Protego”shouted Ivan

The next second, a red light flew out from the tip of his wand, and the light blue Spell struck Harry.

Perhaps this time his training was adequate, or maybe Lockhart was terrible at casting spelling. In short, everyone saw that Lockhart’s spell rebound.

The light blue bolt flew through the air and hit Percy, who was standing beside Lockhart.

Percy fainted, and the people around him gasped.

They saw that Percy’s left arm, which had been struck by the spell, was limp and boneless.

“Oh my God, his bones are gone?”"

“Lockhart looked equally panicky. Yes, yes, sometimes that happens, it must be some reaction to the Protego spell that Ivan cast and my spell. But don’t worry, which classmate can carry him to Madam Pomfrey, she can help him. "

Fred and George gave Lockhart a deadly stare before they carried Percy to the school infirmary, Ginny was pale, with tears in her eyes.

In the school hospital, it only took a second for Madam Pomfrey a second to heal Harry’s bones, but when she saw Percy’s arm, she looked unhappy.

“What did you do to him? Poor boy, all of his bones are gone, and I need to regrow them."

“I’m sorry, Percy, I didn’t think this would happen.”

“It was an accident, Ivan!”said Percy as he shook his head.

Ivan, Harry, Hermione, and the Weasley family all gathered around Percy’s bed, and though Gryffindor won the Quidditch game, no one was happy.

“It’s all Lockhart’s fault, “said Fred.

“It’s not his fault, it was Ivan’s Protego spell and Lockhart’s spell that produced an awful effect,”said Hermione as she defended Lockhart.

“Everyone knows that Protego only bounces back the spell,”said George

“But …”

“Why are you still defending defending Lockhart, Hermione?”"

“If Harry or Percy wanted to remove their bones, they would find a better way,”said Ron aloud

“Everyone makes mistakes.”said Hermione as she blushed “Lockhart was only trying to help. "

“He wasn’t helping, if it weren’t because of Ivan, Harry would be laying in this bed now.”

“Keep quiet, children!”said Madam Pomfrey while she was carrying a giant bottle of Skele-Gro, “You should let him rest, regrowing bones is an excruciating process.”

Said Madam Pomfrey as she poured Percy a cup and handed it to him.

Everyone looked at Percy’s pained face as he drunk the potion, Ginny hurriedly helped him swallow it.

By the time Percy felt better, Madam Pomfrey had made them leave, the Weasleys had insisted on spending more time with Percy.

But Madam Pomfrey disagreed with so many people staying with him. Finally, Ivan, Harry, and Hermione went back to the common room.

“Don’t worry, Ivan! "

Harry patted Ivan on the shoulder and said, “It’s not your fault. Percy was just was just unlucky. "

“Harry, Professor Lockhart just wanted to help you, the problem was the crazy bludger, someone must have bewitched it!”said Hermione.

“But, who is …?”

“I think I know.”"

Ivan pulled them to an empty classroom, and explained, “It’s the house elf Dobby, he bewitched the ball.”

Ivan told him what he saw, and then Dobby suddenly appeared in front of them.

In the dim classroom, the three-starred at Dobby’s tennis ball sized eyes.

“What are you doing here?”said Harry while being a little bit surprised.

“Harry Potter went back to school.”whispered Dobby sadly, “I repeatedly warned Harry Potter. When Harry Potter missed the train, why did you not go home? "

“Wait, how do you know I missed the train?”asked Harry suddenly.

Dobby’s lips trembled, and he looked suspicious.

“Did you do it?”said Harry slowly, “you sealed the wall and wouldn’t let us through!”"

“Precisely, sir. “said Dobby as he nodded his head,”I waited inside, and when I saw Harry I sealed the entrance, afterward I Ironed my hands! "

He held ten long fingers with bandages on it for the three people to see.

“Why do you have to iron your hands?”said Hermione in a surprised tone.

“Because Dobby must punish himself, Dobby thought Harry Potter was safe. Dobby never dreamed that never dreamed that Harry Potter and his friends would find a way to go to school!”"

Dobby shook himself back and forth and kept banging his head, which made Ivan wonder about Dobby’s IQ.

“Hearing that Harry Potter was back at Hogwarts made Dobby burn master’s supper! Master gave me a furry of whips unlike ever before, sir……”

“You almost got Ivan, Ron, and me expelled!”snarled Harry, “you’d better go away before I strangle you.”"

“Dobby doesn’t care!”said Dobby with a faint smile, ”Dobby has become accustomed to the threat of death, more than five times a day at home.”

“Wait, who’s threatening you?”said Hermoine as she frowned.

“Dobby can’t reveal master’s name. Dobby can’t reveal secrets of the master’s family.”

Dobby blew his nose on a corner of his dirty pillowcase while looking miserable.

“Why are you wearing that, Dobby?”asked Harry curiously, he wasn’t as angry as before.

“This symbolizes a house elf’s slave status!”said Dobby

“Slave?!”said Hermione as she frowned even more.

“Yes, Dobby is only free when his master gives him clothes to wear. People at home are cautious, not to give Dobby as much as a pair of socks because if Dobby is free, he would be free to leave home forever. "


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