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Harry Potter And The Secret Treasures - Chapter 28


Chapter 28

Ivan, Harry, and Hermione were the most popular people at the Deathday party, countless ghosts encircled them.

“Incredible, I’ve never seen such passionate ghosts before,”said Hermione.

“Yeah, they’re really enthralling.”said Ivan as he walked down the hallway, “I’m starving, I hope all the pudding hasn’t been eaten.”

“Wait, we should find Ron first.”said Harry, “I wonder if he was successful in apologizing to Moaning Myrtle.”

“It shouldn’t be easy so let’s go the girl’s bathroom and see since I have something to ask her.”said Ivan as he rubbed his belly, ”the party will be over soon, perhaps Colin and Ginny remembered to bring us something back to eat.”

The three of them walked up the steps but Harry came to a halt soon.

“What’s wrong Harry?”

“Did you hear a voice?”said Harry, his face was very unnatural.

“What voice?”asked Hermione while staring at him.

“It was a cold, murderous voice, I heard it in Lockhart’s office a few days ago too,”said Harry, “. . . soo hungry . . . for so long . . .”

“Damn it, it’s the basilisk!”thought Ivan as his heart sank, “The Chamber of Secrets was opened, was it, Ginny?!”

“I smell blood, it’s going to kill someone.”said Harry while staring at the ceiling, “It’s moving hurry up, follow me.”

After that, Harry ran up the stairs, they could hear the echoing laughter of the Halloween party from the Great Hall.

“Harry where are we going?”asked Hermione while gasping for breath.

“Shhh!”Harry listened.

He heard the voice again and again.

“Harry, let’s hurry up, where is it?”said Ivan eagerly while wiping away the sweat from his face.

“What are you looking for? I haven’t heard anything,”said Hermione, she was exhausted and gasping for air, she suddenly pointed to a corridor.


There was something sparkling on the wall in front of them. They slowly approached the wall, they squinted their eyes in the darkness to try to identify what it was. Between two windows and one foot above the ground were a few words flashing under a burning torch.

“THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS HAS BEEN OPENED. ENEMIES OF THE HEIR, BEWARE.”, read Ivan as he felt like he was going to faint.

“What’s that hanging under the words?”asked Hermione as she grabbed Ivan’s shoulder.

“I don’t know, let’s get closer and see.”

They cautiously approached, there was a big puddle of water on the floor which almost made Harry slip.

The tree moved closer and closer but when they saw what it was they jumped back which caused water to splash.

Even though Ivan knew the plot in advance, it still was frightening to see Mrs. Norriss hanging on the wall. wall. Her tail was hanging on the torch’s bracket, her body as stiff as a plank, eyes wide open as if she was terrified.

They suddenly heard someone coming down the corridor, which frightened the three kids making them hurriedly turn around, their hearts nearly jumped out of their chests.

It was Ron who came out of a room at the end of the corridor, he was staring at the three people with big eyes and a pale face.

“Harry what’s going on?”, Ron was obviously frightened, “What did you do to Filch’s cat?”

“It wasn’t us, we just got here,”explained Harry.

“What are you doing here?”asked Ivan looking at Ron doubtfully.

“What else but doing what you said and apologizing to Moaning Myrtle.”said Ron while raising his voice,”But then I saw  you and the cat!”

“Apologizing?!”said Ivan when he noticed that Ron was in the bathroom with Moaning Myrtle, so he hurriedly asked,”Was there anyone else in the bathroom beside you?”

“I don’t know, I was in the stall with Myrtle the whole time, she cried so badly she made water made water go everywhere, it took a lot of effort to make her listen to me.”said Ron as he wrinkled his nose and looked disgusted, “This is the stupidest thing that I’ve ever done, and if Percy ever finds out that I sneaked into the girls bathroom, I don’t know how I should explain it to him that it was to apologize to a crying ghost.”

“Ron think again, when you were apologizing to Myrtle, was there anything unusual, it’s very important,”said Ivan with a serious tone.

“Well, I think I heard a hissing sound but I’m not sure.”said Ron as he swallowed his saliva, “Why do you ask, The girl’s toilet is out of order, and beside me and Myrtle who else would be in there or was there someone else?”

“Yes”answered Ivan as he nodded stiffly, but know Ivan’s was even more worried.

Someone unlocked the chamber of secrets when Ron was in the stall but he didn’t notice anyone, so he wasn’t sure who did it.

Although Ginny made it clear she had never seen Tom Riddle’s Diary, she could have been lying. If she was under Tom Riddle’s control at the time Tom Riddle would have become suspicious which is the worst case scenario.

But at the same time, he was fortunate that Ron had been in the stall because if he would have come out he probably would he probably would have been killed.

“Ivan, Ron, can you stop going back and forth for a moment.

Harry said, “We should see if we can still rescue the cat.”

“I don’t think that a good Idea.”said Ron, “Since we haven’t done anything to the cat it is better to get out of here so we don’t get blamed.”

But it was too late, he had just finished speaking when he heard people coming down the corridor, the feast was over. They could hear the sound of hundreds of feet on the stairs, and the cheerful laughter of people.

The students crowded into the hall.

When the people leading the groups saw the cat hanging upside down, they all stopped, the happy chattering soon disappeared as well.

Ivan, Harry, Ron, and Hermione stood alone in the middle of the corridor, the students were dead silent, people were trying to see the terrible scene. Ivan saw Ginny and Colin standing in bewilderment, they looked like they wanted to come over but they didn’t dare to approach.

Someone suddenly spoke loudly breaking the silence.

“ENEMIES OF THE HEIR, BEWARE! You’re next mudblood!”

Draco Malfoy was already at the front of the crowd, his cold eyes were sweeping across them, and his usually pale face was rose red.

He looked at the hanging cat and looked at Ivan with a gigantic grin.


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