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Harry Potter And The Secret Treasures - Chapter 2


Chapter 2

Chapter 0002 Future Senior

Ivan calmed himself down and followed his parents into the house.

The first thing he saw was Vernon Dursley in formal attire, a bow tie, and standing there sturdy and daring like a lion.

’’Good evening!’’

’’Good evening, Mr. Mason and Mrs. Mason’’ There was a disgusting smirk on his face. ’’May I take your coats’’

’’Thank you, Ivan!’’ Ivan's mother pulled Ivan out from behind her and introduced her to Dudley. ’’This is Ivan. you should take of him once he starts school later.’’

’’It would be an honor, my lady’’

Seeing Dudley wanted to give him a hug, Ivan quickly backed half a step away from him swiftly following his parents into the living room while talking politely and quietly looking around.

In order for them to meet today, the room was clearly carefully organized.

Not being far from the kitchen the scent of today's pudding dinner drifted in, the table was piled with cream cake and the sounds of a large barbecue could be heard from the oven.

But these are not what Ivan wanted to locate, as the book described there is nothing of Harry's in plain sight so it is clear that the Dursley Couple does not want others to know about their peculiar nephew.

Ivan slightly frowned, this unlucky child, he should be quietly hiding in a small room upstairs, not making a single sound so that no one will be aware of his existence.

He feels that it is necessary to do something.

’’I'm sorry, Mr. Dursley’’ Ivan interrupted the boring joke about a Japanese golfer ’’you know, I do not always visit other people. I'm curious about everything here. If you don't mind, I would like Dudley to show me around before dinner.’’

’’No problem, Let Dudley accompany you to his room and check out his new console’’ It seems that considering Ivan's age he could not understand the joke he was telling, Vernon Dursley agreed very readily, ’’You can go play until the food is done, I will get Petunia go up and get you once it is time’’

Dudley Very reluctantly accompanied Ivan and left the living room, according to the plan he should stay and continue to use those nauseating words to compliment the Mason couple, rather than accompany a child around the house at home.

He restrained himself from saying anything offensive, this is a really difficult task for Dudley to accomplish.

They walked up to the second floor, while Ivan listened to Dudley introducing his new console while curiously looking into a tiny room at the end of the corridor where the door was closed.

’’What is that room?’’

’’That is my cousin's room, he is not at home at the moment’’

Dudley's face was a bit unnatural, ’’We still need to go to my room hurry up its this way..’’

Before he had time to finish his words, they were interrupted by a loud banging noise from the little room. In the next second, before he had time to stop him he saw the boy beside him him walking up and opening the door.

Ivan opened the door and with dim lighting, he saw a boy standing in front of a wardrobe.

The boy was thin, with a pair of bright green eyes, dark hair, and a thin lightning-shaped scar on his forehead.

Harry Potter had a surprised expression, he had just Dobby the House Elf in the closet and the door was opened. Surprisingly, it was not uncle Vernon, but a boy who he had never seen before.

’’Good evening, you must be Dudley's cousin, I am Ivan Mason, nice to meet you!’’

Ivan stretched out his right hand, his heart full of joy, for finally getting to meet Harry Potter.

’’Hello, My name is Harry Potter, and its a pleasure to meet you’’, Harry said hesitantly, reaching out and shaking Ivan's hand.

If he had to guess, he should be the kid who visited the rich building business today but Harry was not sure whether he should be in contact with the other. According to uncle Vernon, he should stay quiet in his room and pretend he did not exist.

For the importance of today's dinner, Harry had heard uncle Vernon say it for exactly two weeks. if the dinner was screwed up, he could not imagine how bad it would be would be in the days to come.

Outside the room, Dudley is urging Ivan to leave and although he feels bad about it Harry has to admit that it was the only thing he agreed with Dudley about During his Summer Vacation, Especially since in the wardrobe next to him, there is a house elf not suitable for Muggle eyes.

Ivan did not seem to hear Dudley because his attention shifted completely to the birdcage next to the window which contained a snowy white owl.

’’It is a pure white owl!’’ Ivan turned to Harry and asked, ’’ What's her name?’’

’’Hedwig, she's my pet.’’ Harry quietly closed the opening door.

’’I also wanted a pet like that, but my mother is afraid of birds,’’ Ivan turned and continued looking at Hedwig’’Can I feed her?’’

’’No problem, but I don't have any food’’ Harry sighed since uncle Vernon prevented him from feeding Hedwig, Harry has been feeding her some of his food since the summer started.

’’What does she eat, theirs a lot of food downstairs in the kitchen,,,’’

’’Ivan, my mother shouted for us to come down and eat!’’ Ivan's words had yet to finish, they were abruptly interrupted, Dudley finally mustered the courage to walk into Harry's room to get Ivan

’’Well, I think I can finish dinner and come back’’

Ivan followed Dudley but after two steps he saw Harry did not move. Somethings weird, ’’ Harry are you not going with us?’’

’’I, I will not go, I have already had dinner!’’

There was a growl coming from Harry's stomach, but he was sure he was sure aunt Petunia would not be happy to see him at the table.

’’Come on, even if you have already eaten you can still have some dessert,’’ Ivan stepped forward and grabbed Harry's arm and continued, ’’Then we can get something to feed Hedwig, I think she seems hungry!’’

’’You can not do that, he cannot eat with us’’ Dudley quickly stopped Ivan.

’’Why, is he not your cousin?’’

’’That's right, but...’’ Dudley struggled to find the words, explaining to Ivan. ’’ He's not like us. He's a freak.’’

’’Geek?!’’ Iran frowned as he saw Harry who was beside him, too excited to remember to keep closing the door.

In the next second, a green monster jumped out of the closet, with two large bat-like ears and a pair of prominent green eyes like tennis balls.

Ivan Immediately guessed who it is, but did not think a house elf was actually so ugly.

’’In the presence of Dobby, how dare you insult the great Harry Potter!’’ Screamed Dobby as he jumped out of the closet.

Before any of them could react, he reached out his right index finger and pointed it towards Dudley.

Suddenly a light green flashed and lit up the room, a whistle-like noise, a scream, and then Dudley clutched his fat buttocks with both hands, and jumped straight up in pain and cried. As he turned around, Ivan saw a curly pigtail sticking out of the hole in his pants.

Poor Dudley, he suffered again this year following the creation of a pigtail by Hagrid last year.


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