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Harry Potter And The Secret Treasures - Chapter 16


Chapter 16

Chapter 0016 Preparing Manuscripts

Ivan and Ginny followed Hagrid into the cabin, the cabin had hams and pheasants hanging from the ceiling, there is also a fireplace where a copper kettle is used to boil water, and in the corner stands a massive bed with a patchwork quilt over it.

Hagrid poured a cup of tea for them and took out a large basin of rock cakes from the fireplace. Ivan picked up one out of curiosity and tried it while almost breaking his teeth, Ginny just smiled, she apparently knew what these things where.

The two had a delightful time while Hagrid told the two of his impressions of every Weasley, he thought Fred and George was a pain in the rear, but he also praised Charlie Weasley.

Then the three talked about Harry.

Once again Hagrid thanked Ivan for saving Harry from the Dursleys.

’’Poor Harry, those odious Muggles dared to do that to him.’’ said Hagrid while wiping his eyes with a big handkerchief, ’’He was just a little baby when I took him out of the remains of the house.’’

’’Remains of the house,’’ said, Ivan, when he thought of a brilliant idea.

’’Yeah, it was his home, in Godric's Hollow where Lily was killed by the one who should not be named,’’ said Hagrid with his eyes filling with tears.

Ivan and Ginny took turns to hug Hagrid, who had a rich mixture of emotions and kindness compared to other hybrid giants.

Thanks to Hagrid Ivan finally found out who to write about, and it will be Harry's mother, Lily, about her life before she died.

She is well documented and was part of the most famous magical event of modern times.

As one of the key figures, there should be plenty of people who wish to know more about here. Ivan also knows that Snape had feelings for Lily, so if he plays it right it could help get people from Slytherin to read the newspaper.

After Hagrid calmed down enough a few minutes later, Ivan told him about the Hogwarts' Magic and invited him to join and write about the magical creatures of the forbidden forest.

’’I don't know, Ivan!’’ said Hagrid, ’’I don't know if I can handle the job.’’

’’Rest assured, Hagrid, no one can compare to you when it comes to taking care of magical creatures,’’ said Ivan, ’’And no one in Hogwarts knows more about them than you either.’’

In fact, no one needed this job more than Hagrid.

After so many years of working with magical creatures, Hagrid desperately wanted to convey his experiences he had, and Ivan's newspaper provided a way.

Given that Hagrid's sense of cuteness is not the same as ordinary people, Ivan advised him to start with unicorns as the first creature. Otherwise, Otherwise, Hagrid would probably start with a three-headed giant dog, a giant spider or something worse.

The next thing was a lot easier, it was to find the magical creature.

So Hagrid was in charge of finding the unicorns, and later Ivan will take people to take pictures of it later and write about Hagrid's experience with the creature.

When Ivan and Ginny returned to the castle, they saw people talking about the announcement of the newspaper. Fred and George had already posted posters on the school's bulletin boards.

Everyone was talking about things related to the Hogwarts' Magic newspaper.

’’This is awesome, Ivan, a newspaper that belongs to Hogwarts students!’’ said a third year, Hufflepuff while patting Ivan on the shoulder.

From the gate to the Great Hall some people constantly came up to greet him, most of whom Ivan had never seen before, but they seem to know him.

At Gryfindor's table, Fred and George were together with a gigantic grin on their faces.

’’The response and effect is excellent,’’ said Fred

’’We've already begun to receive orders,’’ said George.

In fact, the success of the poster, made several people several people feel happy but also a little pressured.

At night, in Gryffindor's common room, all the students of the Hogwarts' Magic newspaper held their first meeting, chaired by Hermione.

’’So far, we have received a total of 168 orders, most of them are from Gryffindor,’’ said Hermione while looking at a piece of parchment, ’’but no one is contributing any manuscripts.’’

’’Relax, Hermione!’’ said Ivan while comforting her, ’’We still have time.’’

’’But there are only five days left, and a few of you haven't given me your articles you're responsible for.’’ said Hermione,’’Besides the manuscripts, we lack the photos, and I wonder if we can get everything done by next week.’’

Once Hermione said something about photos it made Colin shrink back.

He was responsible for the preparation of photos, but he spent the afternoon in the lounge with his roommate playing chess.

While Hermione continual nagged them Ivan remained silent, and when he looked over to Harry and Ron sitting opposite of him, Harry winked at him, and Ron nodded telling him that it was the right choice to remain silent.

When Hermione shows interest in something, try to pay attention, and if you have a different opinion, it is best to be silent.

In this way, everyone remained silent except for Hermione, and a while later the meeting ended.

Harry and Ron were taken away to interview Gryffindor's Quidditch captain and write an article about the Quidditch team.

’’She's Quidditch team.

’’She's terrible just like our mother!’’ said Fred.

’’We have to make a good article,’’ said George.

’’Or she will kill us.’’ said the twins in unison.

Then they pulled their little sister Ginny to a corner of the Common room to help them write something about the Grand Staircase of Hogwarts.

Colin went to mail an order for developer's potion while Ivan sat in front of the fireplace and began to write a letter to Bathilda Bagshot, a famous historian, and Dumbledore's friend, who lived in Godric's Hollow, and a neighbor to the potters.

She was there until the night when Lord Voldemort attacked, so she knew a lot of details.

Half an hour later Ivan finished the letter.

He is satisfied with what he wrote. In the letter, he gave his purpose of wanting to know the information in a tone of admiration from the younger generation, hoping to get her help so wizards could know more about Lily and sincerely invite her to become the Hogwarts' Magic newspaper History consultant.

He went to Owlery and sent the letter, he watched the owl fade into the night with a smile on his lips and believed that it would not be long before Professor Dumbledore, know about this from his old friend.

Ivan was confident that, with Dumbledore's help, Mrs. Bagshot would be happy to tell him everything that happened.


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