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Harry Potter And The Secret Treasures - Chapter 150


Chapter 150

’’What am I supposed to be like?!’’ Ron looked at Harry coldly .

Harry was stunned . He didn't know how to answer him . Tears ran down his cheeks and flowed out of control .

’’Ron!’’ Hermione shouted softly, and crystal tears were swirling in her eyes .

Her memory went back to Ron's accusation that Crookshanks had eaten Scabbers . It was also in the Common Room that afternoon . Ron had also looked terrible back then . He first criticized her and then fought with Evan . Ron was very unusual at the time, but his current expression made Hermione feel stranger than ever .

’’I saved you last night . I discovered the vicious werewolf . I'm your hero!’’ Ron didn't look at Hermione . He stared at Harry tightly, and revealed an unprecedented resolution in his dull voice .

’’Hero?!’’ Harry and Hermione groaned, wondering why Ron said so .

’’Yes, I'm a hero! But you're telling me now, I shouldn't be like this?!’’ Ron didn't look like he was being controlled by the Imperius Curse;he looked as someone feeling injustice . He shouted angrily ’’How do you think I should be? Should I innately be a foil to the famous Savior? A lowly, coward follower, with a dispensable and comical existence?!’’

’’Ron, I'm not...’’ said Harry sadly .

’’Enough, Harry!’’ Ron broke away of Harry's hands . ’’I don't have anything to say to you . I know you all look down on me! Who I really am, I will prove it to you with practical actions . I will personally catch Sirius Black . I want to accomplish things that no one else has done . ’’

’’Catch Sirius Black?!’’ Hermione stepped back half a step, looking scared, a vague feeling rose from the depths of her heart, she panicked and asked, ’’What do you want to do?’’

’’To do what a hero should do!’’

’’I won't let you leave before you wake up . ’’ Harry grabbed Ron's robe again . ’’Sober up, Ron, think about our last three years...’’

Harry didn't finish his words yet, and two sturdy red lights flashed across the Dormitory, hitting Harry and Hermione respectively with a bang! The two fell down and laid motionless on the ground . Seeing Harry and Hermione fainting, Ron seemed hesitant . He moved towards them a little but then stopped immediately .

’’Come on, dear child, my merciful Master!’’ A sharp voice suddenly rang in the room . ’’It's time to accomplish what we should do! Both of them just passed out . After we catch Black, they will know your greatness . ’’

................................................ . ........................... . .

In Professor Lupin's office, Evan saw from the Marauder's Map, Ron Ron actually standing on his own behind him . He hurried back, but it was too late . Just as he turned, the office's door was smashed open, and Ron rushed in clumsily, with strong inertia, and threw himself on him .

The two people fell to the ground, tussled and entangled in everything .

Evan wanted to use magic, but Ron did not give him a chance .

He gripped Evan's right hand closely, with a terrible force, and completely ignored his own safety .

He seemed more like a sandbag that feels no pain, and Evan couldn't get rid of him .

His wand emitted a few rays of light outward, shattering the water tank in the corner, and the Grindylow fell on the floor dying .

’’Let's loose hands, Ron! Evan exclaimed angrily, ’’Do you know what you're doing?’’

He saw that Peter Pettigrew, not far away from him, was deforming . Peter's body quickly shrank into a rat's shape .

He was getting rid of his magical bondage, and the tightly tied rope began to slide off to one side .

’’This is bad!’’ Evan hurriedly forced Ron away with his knees, and gave him several hard punches with his free hand .

Ron swayed for a while because of the pain, and ducked aside .

Evan took the opportunity to point his wand to him . The light flashed across . . Ron flew out and hit the wall behind him .

Before he could turn to look at Pettigrew, a red light had flown from side to side .

With a bang, it slammed into Evan's hand . His wand drew a parabola in the air and landed at Pettigrew's feet .

’’Dear child, this farce should really end!’’ Peter picked up Evan's wand with a dreadful expression on his face . ’’And at its end, I WIN!’’

Evan said nothing . He saw Ron crawling again, his face full of bruises .

’’Tut tut, look at your wand . ’’ Pettigrew stroked Evan's wand, like a child with a new toy, with a cheerful smile on his face . ’’Well maintained, more beautiful than my little master's . ’’

Peter returned the other wand to Ron, and pointed Evan's at him .

’’Evan, I'll give you another chance . You just have to...’’

’’You can change your face really fast, Peter!’’ Evan interrupted, dismissively . ’’You've just been kneeling on the earth, begging me, willing to give everything for a new life, but now it turns out to be like this . ’’

’’Because I am a smart person, smart people can often laugh at the end . ’’ Peter Pettigrew said with a weird smile, ’’It was fifteen years ago . My three stupid Gryffindor friends, all of whom were brainwashed by Dumbledore, were going Dumbledore, were going to fight against the Dark Lord . What's the advantage in doing that? ’’

’’So, you betrayed them and became a traitor!’’

’’Don't say it so bluntly, I just chose the strong side to lean on . ’’ Peter carried on, ’’Let me tell you, Evan! For small people, the most important thing is to choose the strong side to get the best benefit . The Dark Lord's power is something you can never imagine . ’’

’’Strong power?! It sounds like a Slytherin's tone . ’’Evan said quietly,’’ I heard the Sorting Hat saying that you asked for Gryffindor back in the day, and that you were trying to find the courage you didn't have . ’’

’’That's what my mother expected out of me . My father was a brave and fearless Gryffindor . ’’

Peter closed his eyes and it looked like he was remembering .

’’But you've let your mother down!’’

’’I don't think so;I compensated her with the Order of Merlin, first class . ’’ Peter said slowly, ’’As I grew older, I gradually figured out everything, my mother does not want me to be brave like my father . She needs honor that can make her feel proud . ’’

’’But those honors are not yours, you've deceived everyone!’’

’’Does that make a difference?!’’ Pettigrew laughed . ’’As long as I am a hero in other people's eyes, that's more than enough!’’


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