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Harry Potter And The Secret Treasures - Chapter 15


Chapter 15

Chapter 0015 Hagrid's Cabin

Harry and Ron whispered to each other, while Ivan and Hermione sat on the other side of the table.

’’He's so handsome, isn't he?’’, whispered Hermione.

’’What?’’ said Ivan surprisingly, as he followed her gaze he realized who she was talking about, her gaze was towards the teacher's table to be more precise Lockhart sitting at the table.

’’Order of Merlin, Third Class;Honourary Member of the Dark Force Defence League;and five-time winner of Witch Weekly's Most Charming Smile Award, not everyone can receive these awards.’’, said, Hermione, while she took out a book called ’’Voyages with Vampires,’’ ’’We have a defense against the dark art class this afternoon, it'll be his first class at Hogwarts.’’

’’He's a great wizard, but it's a pity that the first grade has to wait until tomorrow to hear his lessons.’’, said Hermione

Ivan was, in fact, happy he didn't have to go to Lockhart's lesson today.

He distinctly remembers what happens in Lockhart's first class, so he didn't want to be attacked by a group of Cornish Pixies. I hope this class teaches Lockhart a lesson, to not take out things he can't control.

Soon the four parted ways, Harry, Ron, and Hermione went to Lockhart's class, while Ivan went back to Gryffindor's common room since the first years had no classes at that time.

In the Gryffindor common room Ivan worked together with Fred and George to finalize the posters for the newspaper, slogans were written in bold text, with information on postings, requests, royalties, ordering methods, and prices.

To help grow the user base, Ivan decided to give away the first issue of the Hogwarts' Magic free, as long as the content is good enough to attract buyers it will be well worth it.

After Fred and George left Colin invited Ivan to play a game but he rejected his offer, afterward, he went to the library to look for information for Hogwarts History section of the Hogwarts' Magic.

He plans to divide the section into two parts, the first part shall be titled ’’Hogwarts a History’’ which will mainly focus on prominent historical events that have happened in the school's history.

The first story will be about the founders of Hogwarts.

It is written about in the book named ’’Hogwarts a History, ’’ but Ivan believes that only a few wizards actually read it, at least Harry and Ron have never read the book.

He will also write about stuff not introduced in the book.

For the information not introduced in the book, he will talk to Professor Binns.

As for the second part of the ’’Hogwarts a History’’ section, I think I will call it it ’’Forgotten Memories.’’

This part is mainly to introduce information about Hogwarts graduates, Ivan has yet to decide who to write about.

He wanted to talk about Dumbledore, but he could not find anything related to the headmaster other than what was already wildly known.

As for another well-known figure, Ivan found a ton of information related to Tom Riddle, but he doesn't want other people to think that they are propaganda for Voldemort.

’’Who should I write about, they need to be famous enough, so other students know who they are, but they can't be a Dark wizard.

For the whole afternoon Ivan sat in the library flipping through Hogwarts books, each book was very thick and stacked together in stack taller than himself.

Irma Pince, the librarian, looked at Ivan trying to figure out what the student was doing. She had never seen a freshman like Ivan, sitting in the library on the first day of school, reading these boring history books.

Around three o' clock in the afternoon, Ginny came to find Ivan.

’’I heard Colin say you be you be in the library.’’ said Ginny, ’’I just received a letter from Hagrid inviting us to his cabin.’’

’’OK, I'm ready to take a break anyway.’’ Ivan stood up while rubbing his eyes and returned the books he had on hand, but he still had not decided on who to write about.

When they finally walked out of the castle door and breathed in a breath of fresh air, Ivan felt revived.

’’Ivan, I heard Hermione say you are going to start a newspaper.’’

’’Yes, I am!’’ said Ivan while nodding his head, ’’Since you reminded me about it I can take this chance to tell Hagrid about the newspaper and try to make him join, I think he'll be happy to introduce the creatures of the forbidden forest.’’

’’Yeah, Yeah!’’

Ginny looked at Ivan with a hint of admiration and said, ’’A newspaper is amazing, I've never heard of a student that started his own before.’’

’’It's not impossible when you have people helping you, Hermione, Harry, and a few of your brothers are helping me.’’

’’Since everyone is helping, can I help too, I mean if you don't mind,’’ said Ginny shyly.

Ivan looked at her and decided to tease her.

’’Ginny, it's not easy to run a newspaper.’’ said Ivan deliberately in a serious tone, ’’You know, we only need the best wizards.’’

’’I think I know what you mean, what you mean, Ivan!’’ said Ginny as she bowed her head and sulked a little.

’’Ha!’’ After seeing her look Ivan couldn't help but laugh a little, ’’Don't be silly, Ginny, I was going to invite you to help Hermione, so many manuscripts, she can't finish them alone.’’

’’But you said you only need the best wizards!’’

’’Our dear Ginny is the best!’’

While smiling Ivan said, ’’Harry is in charge of the Quidditch section, and if you join there will be plenty of opportunities to meet him.’’

Ginny's blushed and nodded her head, Ivan hadn't waited for her to stop blushing before he moved on to the topic of Tom Riddle's diary, but to no avail, soon the two of them came to Hagrid's cabin.

When Ivan knocked on the door, he heard a muffled dog's bark and then came the sound of Hagrid's voice.

’’Fang sit!’’

Soon Hagrid opened the door slightly but all Ivan saw was Hagrid's bearded face. In the next second, a gigantic black hound jumped out of the door.

Fang pushed Ivan down and started licking his face. Ginny screamed in horror behind him.

’’Don't worry, get off Fang!’’ Hagrid approached and dragged the hound off.

Ivan stood up and wiped the saliva from his face.

Like Hagrid, The Hound is not as fierce as it looks.


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