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Harry Potter And The Secret Treasures - Chapter 14


Chapter 14

Chapter 0014 Colin Creevey

After the sorting ceremony yesterday Ivan became famous throughout Hogwarts, almost every Hogwarts student knew who he was.

At least the first year students did, Ivan has become a new celebrity, enjoying the same treatment as Harry when every there is a crowd.

The most enthusiastic roommate was Colin Creevey after breakfast Colin invited Ivan to walk to class with him, but Ivan suspected that his purpose in doing so was Harry.

He saw Colin sneakily trying to take pictures of Harry.

’’Colin if you want, I can introduce you to Harry. You look like you worship him,’’ said Ivan.

’’Yes please do Ivan!’’ Colin responded eagerly, ’’I know everything about Harry Potter, everyone has told me how he survived the one that must not be named, how the one who must not be named disappeared, and how he got his lightning-shaped scar, can you ask him to show it to me?’’

’’It's not polite to ask, Colin!’’ Ivan had a headache talking to this guy, ’’But I think he'll agree.’’

’’Really.’’ Colin looked like he received an early Christmas present, ’’Colin said excitedly, ’’ you know, before I heard from Hogwarts, I never knew what I would do, My father is a milkman, and he can't believe that me and my brother are wizards, so I'm going to take a bunch of pictures and send them to him.’’

’’Did you know you just need to use the right developing potion to make the photos move.’’

After Colin finished talking about photos Ivan invited him to be the photographer for the Hogwarts' Magic, Ivan worried that Colin would refuse, but his worried for nothing because Colin seemed happy so happy that he looked like he would run around in celebration.

By the time they arrived to class, everyone was already seated.

Professor Flitwick was standing on a stack of books behind the desk holding up the student roster, so Ivan and Colin quietly slipped in and sat by Ginny.

Gryffindor and Hufflepuff were together for the lesson, Professor Flitwick taught the students on how to use a wand for about an hour.

Before it was time for the lesson to end, he asked everyone to take out their wands and practice some wand gestures.

These things were simple for Ivan, but at the sight of Colin and Ginny seriously practicing he decided to pretend to do so as well.

The next class was the History of Magic which was was taught by a ghost named Professor Binns.

Many Gryffindors's thought that Professor Binns would be as entertaining as Nearly Headless Nick, but they were soon disappointed. In class Professor Binn talked in a monotone voice while writing down several names and dates which confused some of the students.

When Ivan arrived at the Great Hall for lunch, he met Harry at the door.

Ron looked ill as if he hadn't recovered from this morning's howler, while Harry and Hermione whispered to each other, seemingly discussing Hogwarts' Magic.

Ivan went up to say hello to Harry while introducing Colin to him.

After meeting each other, Colin begged Harry to take a picture with him, ’’ Maybe I should stand next to you while Ivan takes the picture and then can you sign it for me?’’

Harry looked at Colin a little embarrassed and then looked at Ivan but before Ivan could say anything they heard someone mocking them from afar.

’’Signing photos Potter.’’

Draco Malfoy walked behind walked behind Colin with his two henchmen Crabbe and Goyle.

’’Everybody line up! Harry Potter is signing photos,’’ shouted Draco.

’’I'm Not,’’ Said Harry angrily while clenching his fist.

Ivan noticed that Ron and Hermione were getting nervous and getting ready to fight.

’’Shut up, Malfoy!’’ shouted Ron.

’’You're jealous!’’ said Colin with a sharp voice.

’’Jealous?’’ said Malfoy as he squinted his eyes, he didn't need to shout again as everyone in the auditorium was listening, ’’Jealous of what an ugly scar no thank you I don't think that cutting your head will make you special.’’

After hearing Draco's words Crabbe and Goyle started to laugh.

’’Eat slugs, Malfoy!’’ Ron pulled out his wand angrily, he had patched it with magic tape.

’’Stop, Ron!’’ whispered Hermione.

Once Crabbe and Goyle say Ron's wand they laughed once more and began to crack their knuckles.

’’Be careful, Weasley!’’

Malfoy sneered, ’’ You mustn't get into trouble again, or your mother will take you out of school if you don't behave!’’

Malfoy mimicked the voice of Mrs. Weasley which caused a group of five Slytherin students to burst out laughing.

’’Weasley wants a signed photo, Potter!’’ said Malfoy with a mocking smile, ’’It should be worth more than his house.’’

Harry pulled out his wand angrily, Ivan wand angrily, Ivan thought about it for a moment and also pulled out his wand. The Gryffindor and Slytherin students beside them even pulled out their wands.

’’What's going on, What's going on?’’ Gilderoy Lockhart ran towards them in a set of green robes, ’’Who is signing photos?’’

Harry wanted to explain, but Lockhart pulled him away and said: ’’Let us go, Harry!’’

Harry was pulled away by Lockhart, he saw Malfoy return to the crowd proudly.

’’Come on Mr. Creevey,’’ said Lockhart, ’’Me and Harry together in a photo with both of us signing them.’’

Colin clumsily took out the camera while taking the photo.

Ivan quickly went into the Great Hall, Hermione and Ron followed angrily while Ron kept talking about Malfoy.

Harry was dragged to the sidelines by Lockhart, Harry was wondering what they were saying, and a few minutes later Harry came back with a completely red face and sat next to Ron.

’’You can probably fry an egg on your face!’’

’’You better hope that Creevey and Ginny don't meet because if they do they'll set up a Harry Potter fan club,’’ said Ron.

’’Don't be ridiculous Ron!’’ Harry feared that he would be heard saying ’’Harry Potter fan club.’’


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