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Harry Potter And The Secret Treasures - Chapter 11


Chapter 11

Chapter 0011 Late to the Sorting Hat Ceremony

Ivan wasn't worried about being expelled.

This is the benefit of knowing the plot unless it changes he didn't have to worry about a thing.

When he saw Snape's face he knew Snape's hatred was at its peak which was a pity.

He was interested in Professor Snape and potions class. But from the current situation he knew if he kept hanging around Harry he to would be despised by Snap.

When he was trying to think of how to get Snape to not despise him, Professor Dumbledore came in.

Ivan curiously looked at the wizarding worlds current greatest wizard, he was an old man with a silvery white beard.

He has to admit Dumbledore has a very imposing temperament.

Dumbledore's gaze was unusually serious, he looked down at them with a pair of eyes filled with silent reproach.

’’Please explain why you did this.’’

In the face of Dumbledore's gaze, both Harry and Ron turned pale, as if they had been beaten to an inch of there life.

Harry looked at his knees with his head lowered while describing everything that happened. He was very detailed but didn't mention that it was Mr. Weasley's car, he made it seem like that they were on a London street and just so happened to find a flying car.

Ivan was positive that Dumbledore would see through this.

Ivan watched Dumbledore's expression but then Ivan saw Dumbledore suddenly wink at him. Ivan didn't act like a kid who was in trouble.

’’Professor, you can't expel Ivan, he wanted to send a message to the school with Hedwig, it's all my fault I pulled him into the car,’’ said Harry depressingly

’’And I started the car. Ivan had nothing do with this, we'll take the blame’’ said Ron,

’’What are talking about, Weasley?’’ shouted Professor McGonagall.

’’We are being expelled, are we not?’’ said Ron.

’’Not Today, Mr. Weasley,’’ said Dumbledore, ’’But I must make you realize how serious your actions were so I will write to your parents tonight, and I will also warn you that if you do this again, I Will have to expel you.’’

Snape's face looked like a child's that was told Christmas was canceled.Snape cleared his throat and said,’’Professor Dumbledore these students disregarded the rules and used magic outside of school and caused serious dame to the whomping willow, so these students behavior should be punished.’’

’’Not exactly, after hearing Harry's story it is obvious that Mr. Mason had nothing to with this. As for the other two.’’ Dumbledore calmly said, ’’Let McGonagall decide on their punishment, they are her houses students, she is responsible.’’

’’I must go back to the party.’’ He turned to Professor McGonagall and said, ’’ Mr. Mason needs to be sorted into a house, and I have to announce several things.’’

’’But, Professor,’’ said Snape

’’Come, Severus, there's a splendid custard pie that I need to get back to’’

Ivan followed Professor Snape and Dumbledore to the Great Hall, once there Dumbledore went up to to say a few words, the originally lively busy hall suddenly became dead silent.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Ivan who was standing in front of the teacher seats, they were trying to see his face clearly.

Ivan was nervous, the feeling of being watched by everyone was a horrible feeling and then he heard a wave of whispers around him.

’’Look, it's the boy who was missing!’’

’’He's all bloody, was he just in a fight with a monster?’’

’’Did you not read today's Daily Prophet, he was in the flying car with Harry.’’

’’A flying car sounds cool!’’

’’I just overheard the ghost talking, saying they hit the Whomping Willow.’’

The chatter went on, and after a while, Ivan quit listening to what they were saying. He saw Professor Snape take out the sorting hat and go in front of a chair.

’’Ivan Masson!’’ said Snape with a gloomy face.

Because Professor McGonagall had not returned yet, he had to take over the sorting ceremony, he pressed the sorting hat onto Ivan's head.

In the next second, the great hall turned silent.

’’Aha!’’ Ivan heard a subtle but sharp voice, ’’A late freshman can be seen, very intelligent, very talented, not bad, you should go should go to Ravenclaw, where a ready mind, Where those of wit and learning, Will always find their kind.’’.

Ivan Nodded, Ravenclaw, was a good choice.

It's said that Ravenclaw has its own library, there are many non-published books inside which can help you learn faster. And Rowena Ravenclaw was very knowledgeable about soul magic, she left notes behind, which should be helpful in fighting Voldemort.

’’But I just heard about you.’’ the cap continued to twist around on Ivan's head, ’’For all the years I have been here I have not seen any freshmen enroll in such an impressive way, courage, I think Gryffindor may be more suitable for you.’’

Without waiting for Ivan's Opinion, the sorting cap screamed loudly, ’’Gryffindor! (Translators note: nooooooooooooooooooooooo!)

Snape took off the sorting hat and fiercely stared at Ivan.

He didn't remember how he had got to Gryffindor's table after he heard the thunderous applause it was like he had become a hero.

’’Great,’’ said a boy as he stood up and shook his hand, Ivan recognized him as the twins friend Lee Jordan. ’’ what a wonderful way to get to school! People will talk about this for years to come, to school in a flying car and hit the whomping willow.’’

The Gryffindor table was very festive, and a lot of seniors that he had never heard of came up to Ivan to shake hands with him.

A few seconds later, Fred and George squeezed in and asked, ’’Why not call us back to go with you?’’

Ivan didn't know how to answer, but luckily they but luckily they were pushed out of the way by a blonde headed little boy holding a camera.

’’Hello Ivan, my named is Colin Creevey and like you, I'm new this year.’’ Colin was quick and a little timid, ’’I heard you and Harry Potter came to school in a car which is awesome, can I take a picture of you?’’

Colin took the camera and painted it at Ivan.

’’No problem!’’

However before Ivan even posed the person in front of him changed to Hermione, she looked like the distant Percy, not happy at all.

’’It's ridiculous how you didn't take the school train.’’Hermione's tone was almost as severe as McGonagall's, ’’Did you really fly to school?’’

’’Yes, Hermione!’’ said Ivan as he nodded cautiously.

’’How dare you.....’’ Hermione began to grumble.

Luckily it didn't last long, the person in front of Ivan changed to Ginny, who gave a heavy sigh of relief.

’’Ginny, are you not going to be like Hermione.’’

’’Don't blame Hermione, when she didn't see you on the train she was anxious.’’Ginny asked with a worried look,’’What about Ron and Harry?’’

’’They're good.’’ said Ivan as he put pudding on his plate, ’’I'll talk to you later, for now, let me eat something, you already know I haven't eaten anything for awhile.’’

Before he could put the pudding into his mouth, the food in front of him disappeared, as if it never existed in the first place, dinner had ended.

’’Oh, no!’’ said Ivan as he collapsed in his chair.


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