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Hakai Me No Yuuri - Chapter 106


Chapter 106

Making a battle feel fast is difficult...

With a roar, the [Flame Bolt] came flying toward me .

If it hits me directly, instant death would be unavoidable even for me .

So I raised my left hand;to stop it at losing one arm in the worst case .

’’ I'm counting on you, Yuuri!’’

The fire power of the ridiculously huge [Flame Bolt] melted the fasteners of the ’’Beast King's Claw,’’ and knocked the weapon away .

But my left hand was still fine .

The Water Vine Gloves .

The ’’Water Vine Mantle’’ we obtained before, destroyed by the Demon Lord, and restored into these items by Yuuri .

With their [Strength] enchantment, the far too solid burden of the impact from the Beast King's Claws was mitigated by them .

And the [Flame Resistance] the item originally retained was further enhanced, resulting in [Complete Flame Resistance] .

Even the impact from the [Flame Bolt's] explosion should have its heat completely blocked by it!

’’Ku... Oooooooooh!!’’

The hand I held up blocked the flames like it was a barrier .

What flames slipped through the gaps in my fingers had diffused almost like a shower .

Bwoom, an earthquake-like impact . But I'm still fine so move... Go!

Pushing my way through the aftermath of the flame's impact, I dashed in the direction the vampire was .

Beyond the curtain of flame was the vampire, whose own spell blocked her sight .

Losing line of sight from your own technique;that's a beginner move!

The vampire showed a look of shock when I suddenly jumped right in front of her .

Directing it at her face, I struck with the remaining Beast King's Claw on my right .


With the left half of her face shaved off, the vampire somersaulted along the ground .

In follow-up, I directed a kick at her .

This time, to keep her from getting away, I grabbed onto a part of her clothes and dragged her back down .

I went to go for a mount position right there, but it's a vampire . I was tossed off by her superhuman strength .

’’... Tsk, won't quite let me land the decisive blow, huh . ’’

By the time I restored my posture and faced her again, the wound on her face had mostly disappeared .

I guess the vampire's regenerative power really will have to be sealed away some how .

’’How dare you do that to me...’’

’’Took the words right out of my mouth . ’’

’’But that's all you can do . Physical attacks aren't going to do any real damage to me . ’’

’’Seems so . This is my first time fighting a vampire, but it really isn't effective . ’’

It's not that no damage is getting through, but it's being rejuvenated in moments, and treated like it never happened .

At this rate my endurance is going to be the first thing to give out .

’’It's too late for regrets at this point... I'm going to drain every last drop of blood from you!’’

’’Just try it . ’’

’’Acting tough is pointless;your attacks don't work . ’’

’’You think so?’’

Come to think of it, she's never seen me use magic, has she?

I did only use it once five years ago . Well, not like I have any reason to tell her .

’’If you want to try testing that, then ’’

’’Don't think I'll keep letting you do as you like!’’

The vampire cut off my words, and closed in . Looks like she's lost quite a bit of her cool .

Just as could be expected of her physical abilities, I didn't have any time to deploy magic against that speed .

But I've taken on quick enemies any number of times . Methods for dealing with them are soaked into my whole body .

’’Go ahead and die!’’

’’I told you I refuse!’’

I dodged the claws swung at me, and drew in close . Aiming for the instability of her swinging posture, I throw her, and topple her over .

With her knocked to the ground and unable to run, I blast a [Wind Blade] at her .

Her skin was shaved off .

Her flesh was gouged out too .

But once it reached her muscle, the blade of wind was stopped .

This stiffness of muscle could be the source of the vampire's toughness .

Her skin was split, and fat torn away;I sent any number of [Wind Blades] at her throat to cut her head off .

’’Gofuh, you... Don't... Get carried away!’’

’’ Guh?!’’

What the vampire released wasn't a magic spell or anything like it . It was just unrestrained magic power .

Normally, without any attribute or direction to it, it shouldn't hold any power .

But with the overwhelming magic power released, a physical power accompanied it, and pushed me away .


I was once again pushed out of grappling distance .

This time magic didn't come flying . Probably because she knew I could use magic now .

’’To think you could use magic too... You made light of me . ’’

’’I didn't plan to hide it . You just jumped to that conclusion too hastily . ’’

As expected, because it was a magic attack, the wound was slow to heal . When I attacked with the claws it would have already healed, and yet blood was still running from her throat .

Magic attacks appear effective, but regrettably, [Wind Blade] leaves too shallow a wound .

If I use the high rank [Wind Dusting] then I may be able to cause more severe wounds, but as to whether I could hit someone as fast as her or not...

Plus the the attack range of it is pretty wide, so if I'm not careful then I could be caught up in it .

I'm ’’Immortal,’’ so I won't die, but if I'm the only one to die, and my opponent ends up surviving, then she could try to attack everyone who went ahead from behind .

’’... I really am going to have to take you down here . ’’

’’Hmph, you make a little wound and you already think you've won? Unfortunately, I'm still perfectly fine . ’’

’’In that case, let's kill you in one go . ’’

I lowered my hips and took an intercepting stance .

Having her come forward to attack isn't exactly the best situation, but luckily she's clearly an amateur in close combat .

Since I took an interception pose, that actually ended up making her feel hesitant to charge forward .

’’Hmph, in that case...!’’

The vampire held both hands high aloft, and activated an [Ice Sword] . The sword of ice she made over head was practically big enough to be a spear .

She used all her strength to throw it . She didn't modify the spell for pursuit or illusion .

Both her spells and battle tactics really are still immature... They've relied on their powers to brute force their way through continuous wins, resulting in a lack of experience .

’’Eat this!’’

’’Don't expect brute force techniques to keep working forever !’’

Above the trajectory of the incoming [Ice Sword], and slightly to the left, I create a [Wind Bolt] . Directing it to the right, I make the [Wind Bolt] explode .

The aftermath of the explosion caused the [Ice Sword's] launch to go astray, and slash at the space to my right .

Having her own magic warded off, the vampire was in shock .


’’Should you really be surprised by something as simple as that? There's more to come!’’

This time I again stepped forward .

A bunch of the air in front of me was blown away by the [Wind Bolt], making for low air pressure . To ride on the wind coming in to refill the space, I quickly accelerate .

There's low resistance air in front, and wind pushing at my back . Those two things caused my body to even further accelerate .

The vampire, being used to my speed up until then, was taken completely off guard .

I closed the distance all at once, and activated my prepared trump card magic

’’ Phase transition’’

At the command word, the [Teleport] activated .

The next moment, gripped tightly in my hands was Agni Blaze, sent from home .

Pushed away by Agni Blaze, the Beast King's Claw flew off .

’’Ignite !’’

Reacting to the key word, flames gushed out of the whole axe .

Normally this axe would completely scorch my hands, but... The restored water vine equipment blocks the flames the flames . I'll have to show my appreciation to Yuuri for reprocessing it into gloves and coming up with this idea .

The flame-covered battleaxe . This thing should be able to cut through that neck


But of course my opponent is a vampire . She quickly shook off her surprise, and leaped to dodge the flaming blade sweeping toward her neck .

However, it was slightly too late, and the jump cause the blade to gouge out her chest . I felt her bones being crushed .

She avoided a fatal wound, but that feedback meant I caused heavy damage . This could work!

’’Gahah, you bastard That weapon?!’’

From that reaction she must have decided the Demon Lord was the only one who could use Agni Blaze .

But unfortunately for you, Yuuri and I are magicians .

’’I'm a magician... Using magic to compensate for what I lack is my main job!’’

This time I invoked [Body Reinforcement] too .

Ever since obtaining the ’’Dragon's Blood,’’ my chances to use it have drastically decreased, but this spell was originally my specialty .

Plus by adding [Maintained] to the [Body Reinforcement] spell formula, it has now been remodeled so I can use other spells while it's still activated .

This way, just like Yuuri, I can use spells while maneuvering at high speeds .

In compensation, the magic consumption is also outrageous enough that no normal person can use it . But my magic power jumped up from the effects of the ’’Dragon's Blood’’ and ’’Heart,’’ so I don't have any problem with it now .

With the vampire off-balance from pain and her forced leap, I caught up and once again swung the flame axe .

With her posture still broken, the vampire extended her claws and moved to stop the blade .

Normally it probably would have ended with the blade being stopped, however

’’[Wind Bolt]!’’

I aimed a [Wind Bolt] at the spine of the axe, released, and accelerated it .

Receiving a boost from the directed wind, the axe blade suddenly increased in velocity . I could feel the strain put on my right shoulder and wrist from the forced acceleration, but... Ignore it!

The superhuman strength of [Body Reinforcement], and acceleration from [Wind Bolt] . And in addition, the wind blowing in added to the flames, and the scorching hot blade cut straight through the claws .

Without being stopped, the flame axe continued on to the vampire Claudia's neck and sent her head flying .


Like a rubber ball, the vampire's head bounced and rolled on the ground .

As expected, regeneration must not be possible for just the head . Deciding that, I let out a big breath .

’’... Haa, they sure are a tenacious bunch . ’’

’’I could say the same thing to you, boy . ’’

I heard a voice from a voice from the ground . It's gotten pretty hoarse, but... The vampire, huh .

I'm surprised that she's still breathing .

’’You're still alive?’’

’’Unfortunately . But with my head cut off, I don't have long . ’’

’’Be at ease . I'll deliver the finishing blow right away . ’’

’’Well, calm down would you . I'll die anyway . More importantly... You seriously kept thinking up one complicated plan after another... This is why I hate humans . ’’

’’Creativity and solving problems are what humans are all about, after all . ’’

On that point, I'm still a far cry from Yuuri though .

’’That's why I fell in love with his majesty . That man is simple... For better or worse . ’’

’’Hmph, outwitting those types is my wife's specialty . ’’

’’Just how devious is your wife...?’’

Coping power, and the power to see through things . Can't call yourself a sage just by having ridiculous magic power .

Plus, when dealing with the kind of people who rely on power, it turns out just as we see here .

If not for the toughness that vampires have, this battle probably would have been over a lot faster .

’’Well whatever... At the very end... I got to have... An interesting... Battle . ’’

’’Gonna die?’’

’’Yeah . ’’

’’... We'll send your master along soon enough . ’’

’’Hahah, that's... Great . I look... Forward to it...’’

With those as her last words, the vampire Claudia turned to dust .

’’Now then, that took a bit of time, but... Guess I should follow everyone...’’

Just as I turned toward the stairs, I started feeling dizzy .

This is the feeling of magic power depletion . The consumption on the new version of [Body Reinforcement] is harsh . Plus there's the strain on my body from the forced high speed maneuvering...

I dropped to my knees to catch my breath . But no matter how much time passes, my breathing doesn't slow down .

As if I had anemia, my vision was getting dark, and my mind hazy .

’’This is bad... Is this what Yuuri calls... A ’’blackout’’?’’

That last acceleration must have made the blood in my head slosh from the front to the back . If the battle kept going like that, it would have been dangerous .

Guess I was lucky the blood vessels in my brain didn't rupture, huh?

I sure did overdo it . Just as I was making myself aware of that, my entire body was met with pain .

In particular my ankle, right shoulder, plus the pain in my right wrist were awful . This is the price for that last forceful acceleration .

’’Sorry, Yuuri... Looks like I'm gonna be... A little late . ’’

And just like that, I collapsed to the floor .


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