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Hail The King - Chapter 334


Chapter 334

Chapter 334: [Burning Beauty of Flames] (Part One)

’’Three strikes? Ok!’’

Fei stepped forward, and his Barbarian strength was unleashed from his body and expanded outward like a tornado.

This force made the air on the stage dense. As if it was a transparent swamp, it was hard to move in it. People on the outside also had a hard time observing what was happening as if all the lights on the stage were bent.

’’Ah? Seven-Star? He advanced again?’’

A royal mage who was wearing a mage hat gasped. He was standing on the edge of the stage, and he clearly sensed what was happening inside the array.

Although his gasp wasn't loud, the people around him were shocked! This mage was white-haired and was clearly an elder;his words were trusted by many.

’’So the king of Chambord is already a Seven-Star Warrior?’’ other warriors in the audience felt a numb sensation. The distance between Six-Star and Seven Star was huge, and some warriors couldn't leap through the threshold in their lifetime. However, the king of Chambord walked pass this threshold in half a month!

A lot of people in the VIP area were disappointed. There were a lot of warriors who thought they weren't too different from the king of Chambord and wanted to challenge him. But now, their expressions were all gloomy.


Both Elena and [One Sword] had left the area and went back to their own campsites;this was their habit.

The only person who was on the top-4 list and didn't leave was Prince Shevchenko. When people looked at him, they realized that this prince wasn't nervous at all. His face looked emotionless as his lips tightly pressed against each other, and no one can tell what this prince was thinking about.

Fei only showcased a little bit of his strength, and the entire audience was set off!

The people in the audience didn't know that Fei didn't show all of his power. His Barbarian Character was on the peak of Nine-Star, and it was only one step away from becoming a Moon-Class Elite.

Fei purposefully showed a mid-tier Seven-Star strength as he didn't want this girl in front of him to lose so badly.

After a light roar, Fei clenched his fist and moved it to his waist;this was the simple movement that most people would do before punching out. However, when Fei did it, it felt like all of the energies in the area were sucked into his right hand. It felt like Fei had grasped the essence of a punch and could be using any kinds of technique from this point on.

The three-strike agreement Fei and Cindy made caused Fei to think back to that mysterious master. That father-like and teacher-like mysterious warrior made ten-strike agreements with Fei, and Fei's strength jumped in levels after training with him. Now, Fei had granular control of his power, and there were no leakages as he clenched his fist.

A transparent energy flame covered Fei's right fist.

Princess Cindy on the other side of him was also preparing her ultimate strikes. With the Elevation Spell, she was floating two meters above the ground. Although there was no wind, her long black hair was fluttering in the air like flames. Her arms were open as if she was trying to hug something, and a haughty yet dangerous aura appeared around her. Her eyes somehow started to appear more and more silver as if an eternity of coldness was stored there, and her hairs gradually turned silver as well.

Crack, crack......

Ice freezing noises sounded in the air, and the temperature around the stage dropped. Frosts appeared on the ground from nowhere, and more and more more frosts stacked up. Princess Cindy was the center, and frosts expanded in all directions.

Ice gradually formed, and it soon reached Fei's feet. After that, it started to climb up and froze Fei's legs, waist, chest...... in the end, frosts even appeared on Fei's eyebrows and hair.

’’Sh*t! I'm a little too overconfident.’’ Fei said to himself.

After a period of preparation, it seemed like the spell Princess Cindy was about to cast surpassed her level and reached peak Seven-Star. This was the terrifying side of mages. As long as there were enough time and enough magic power, they could deal damages far beyond their own strength.

Of course, the consequences of casting these kinds of Forbidden Spells were huge damages to ones' own body.

’’King of Chambord! Take this first strike!’’ Magic Princess shouted with her crisp voice, ’’[Goddess of Snow's Embrace]!’’

As soon as she finished speaking, the sound of a snowstorm and strong wind resonated on the stage. A lot of cracking noises also sounded as if ice burgs started to fall. The temperature on the stage dropped dramatically, and even the hard rock tiles on the ground started to crack.

At this moment, snow finally appeared.

As Princess Cindy opened ups her arm as if she was about to hug someone, all of the snow in the air organized themselves into a huge female figure. This huge female figure made from snow also opened its arm and hugged toward Fei.

Chapter 334: [Burning Beauty of Flames] (Part Two)

As soon as the figure touched Fei, all the snow turned into silver ice;Fei was directly frozen in this ice.

Under such coldness, even the magic elements on the water curtain-like magic array lost their agility.

Everyone in the audience was surprised. Under the lights from the blue magic array, they all saw the king of Chambord inside the inside the ice. He was still in his pose where his clenched fist was beside his waist, but it seemed like he couldn't move anymore.

’’The king of Chambord lost?’’

Even the royal mages around the stage were shocked.

As mages, they were able to sense how terrifying Princess Cindy's [Goddess of Snow's Embrace] was. The spell reached the peak of Seven-Star, and it was obvious that it was only successfully cast by Cindy with the help of her wand and some other items.

It was because of this powerful Forbidden Spell that people started to doubt the king of Chambord. Although the name [Sky Covering Fist] was heard around the empire, they all knew that he let go of his advantage and allowed Princess Cindy to finish her spell. Could this be the end of the king of Chambord?

It was strangely quietly outside the stage as everyone held onto their breath.

On the stage, no joy could be seen on Princess Cindy's face. With her hands on the huge battle wand, she lightly waved it as she continued to recite a series of ear-pleasing yet strange chants. It sounded like the singing of the Goddess of Snow, and many people were mesmerized by it.

Everyone knew that she was preparing another even more powerful spell.

At this moment, the huge ice on the stage shone;the light was so bright that it felt like it was a fire in the dark night. Before people in the audience reacted, a huge booming noise sounded as cracked ice pieces flew in all directions.

What was even more surprised was that all these ice pieces evaporated in to thin air after traveling for a few meters.

In the next moment, the temperature on the stage returned to normal.

It felt like the ice and the snow was never there before

In the center of the stage, the the stage, the king of Chambord was standing there quietly. No change could be seen on him as there were no traces of ice and snow. His black hair fluttered in the wind with no moisture in it, and it felt like the person who was frozen in the ice wasn't him.

That [Goddess of Snow's Embrace] was able to destroy a peak Seven-Star Warrior, but it didn't even harm one single strand of his hair.

’’How powerful is he?’’

The people in the VIP area and the royal mages around the stage were still shocked. They saw a lot more information - they found that the ice and snow Princess Cindy created using her magic power was completely dismantled by the king of Chambord's physical strength. How powerful and how terrifying did the physical strength needed to be before it could dismantle the connections between each of the magic elements? After all, if the bonds and connections between the magic elements were cut off, they would return to their purest form and disperse back into the air.

As they looked at the man who was standing on the stage, all of the master warriors of Zenit knew that this man wasn't someone they could challenge.

They had lost the qualification to challenge him.

’’Could Princess Cindy who brought us a lot of shocks continue to shock us with her second spell?’’

The passionate fans of Princess Cindy all hoped that the goddess in their hearts could recreate miracles.


’’Second Strike......’’ It was still her crisp voice. The Magic Princess who was floating in the air held onto the huge battle wand. She raised it above her head like a sword, and the fluttering black dress added more esthetics to her appearance. Her movement was slow, it felt like she was raising a mountain and not a wand.

’’[Burning Beauty of Flames]!’’


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