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Hagure Yuusha No Kichiku Bigaku - Volume 10 - Chapter Prologue


Prologue - Small desire kept secret[edit]

Part 1[edit]

It was a little before dawn when Doumoto Kuzuha opened her eyes.

’’Ah ......’’

Still not fully awake, the first thing Kuzuha felt was a warm soft touch.

She was in someones warm gently embrace, Doumoto Kuzuha naturally understood.

Kuzuha knew where she was, she is currently in the bedroom of a girl in the Ousawa home.

The sun still hasn't yet risen leaving the room pitch-black, however Kuzuha had been blinking her eyes adapting to the darkness in the room already.

Therefore Kuzuha was able to understand how ominous the situation is.

She was sound asleep and being held tightly by Miu.

And ......


Since there is such a height difference between the two, rather than being able to see Miu's face, she was holding her breath looking at Miu's bountiful breasts. Their magnitude is almost the same size as Kuzuha face.

Matching Miu's breathing her white busty chest began to sway.



Kuzuha was still half asleep and her face was pressed up against Miu's chest, and the manner in which her face was rubbing them was like a spoiled child.

For Kuzuha her childishness still remains, and her se* appeal as a woman isn't anywhere near Miu's.

Usually when Kuzuha is around Miu she feels both jealousy and admiration, but since she isn't yet fully awake the situation is different.

In a state between asleep and awake, people always give priority to things that are pleasant.

Even if as a girl --- she usually holds some animosity, it is also true.

The soft touch of Miu possessed an irresistible charm to Kuzuha.

She was lost in the soft touch of Miu's big breasts. Kuzuha can't help but have her face comfortably buried in Miu's chest, the casual rhythm of her breathing resulted in her head sinking into the valley between the twin peaks.

’’...... Ah ...... Huh......?’’

The sleeping Miu let out delicate cry. she seems to have felt something, but has not yet opened her eyes.

Since her head has found a very comfortable position, Kuzuha slowly closed her eyelids, trying to fall back asleep.

But ......

Her soft breasts gently lifting her head did feel quite comfortable, after a period of time Kuzuha began to frown.

As soft and as warm they maybe, only the downside was that it isn't easy to breathe.

Therefore Kuzuha had to give up sleeping on the pillow chest of Miu's. She struggled a little to pull out her face from Miu's cleavage. She would of preferred to sleep, but had to get up now rubbing her sleepy eyes.


In the dimly lit bedroom besides Kuzuha and Miu there were several young girls.

Unlike Kuzuha and Miu who are sleeping in the bed, there are three people Izumi Chikage, Nanase Haruka and Listy Sherfied is spread out on the floor.

They are just like Miu, quietly breathing in their sleep.

Doumoto Kuzuha could not help thinking. There is still a little time left until morning, maybe its best to get a little more sleep. So Kuzuha lay down back again.

She closed her eyes, and wait for her consciousness to fall into the dark abyss.

-- But ......

Kuzuha suddenly got tingling feeling near her waist. A faint chill shot up her spine, Kuzuha began trembling.

Although she should just ignore this feeling, and go back to sleep as soon as possible.


Unfortunately, Kuzuha was already aware of this tingling feeling making it impossible to get ride of.

Kuzuha wanted to disregard this feeling and fall asleep as soon as possible. Gradually the tingling extended from her waist towards her lower abdomen. The feeling got more and more intense, until she couldn't hold it anymore.


Kuzuha was helpless and had to reluctantly crawl out of the bed.

Afraid to wake Miu sleeping next to her in the same bed as well as the other girls on the floor, she quietly walked out of the bedroom.

Part 2[edit]

After Kuzuha finished her business, she slightly leaned her upper body forward, slowly raising her panties.

The white cotton cloth gently slid from her knees to her thighs, Kuzuha felt a slight titillation as it went into place. The rushing water sound could be heard from behind as Kuzuha left the toilet and went back to the hallway.


Every time she stepped forward the ice-cold wooden floor could be felt on the soles of her feet, gradually waking up Kuzuha. Kuzuha suddenly stopped, before her stood the bedroom next door to the room that the five teenage girls were sleeping in -- that is Akatsuki's room. Thereupon she started thinking about the nature of current situation.

Why on earth is Doumoto Kuzuha in this place this early in the morning -- the Ousawa home.

-- Several days have already passed since the show-down with Hikami Kyoya concluded at JPN Babel.

Special autonomy regions -- are special zones set by the new United Nations in the G7 countries to shelter and supervise alternate world returnees.

Japan's special autonomy region is set on a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay.

Special autonomy regions were originally planed as a places to co-ordinate the unusual abilities learned from alternate worlds, and responsible for governing the area is -- COCOON

Theoretically COCOON should have immediately dispatched someone new to succeed Kyoya and govern the region, but that did not happen.

The reason is simple, there is a conceptual barrier around the artificial island.

-- The conceptual barrier refuses entry of enemies of Akatsuki and Miu.

The conceptual barrier was put into place by none other than Miu.

Miu for a period of time was being manipulated by Kyoya and used this opportunity to demonstrate her ultra high-dimensional power. Even after Kyoya was finally defeated at the hands of Akatsuki, Miu was still stuck in the spiritual world and keep her high-dimensional power.

Beforehand, she wish for Akatsuki not bring her back. Miu in order not to let her presence pose a threat to Akatsuki and others, she was willing to kill herself and disappear from the world.

However, her feelings were unable to convince Akatsuki, and he was determined to return her to the real world.

But Miu was still resolute not to leave the spirit world.

She doesn't want to jeopardize Akatsuki and her other companions because of her presence.

Never again does she want want her power to be exploited.

Not even the fact that a ultra high-dimensional being was in a low-dimensional world.

In her desire to protect Akatsuki, who was badly wounded in the fight with Kyoya, Miu created a barrier made it impossible for any person holding animosity towards Akatsuki from entering the island.

Unfortunately Akatsuki has a different view then Kyoya and rejects the current shape of the world. COCOON is also part of that and is likely to be hostile towards Akatsuki. So picking a successor to replacing Kyoya in JPN Babel, let alone entering the island is very challenging.

--Even Miu herself isn't sure how long the barrier will last.

Unless Akatsuki and her other companions are completely prepared to confront COCOON and Crimson Twilight. If not the barrier may never afraid may never disappear -- That is what Kuzuha inferred.

Therefore Akatsuki's enemy is the entire world, Kuzuha has decided follow Akatsuki making the entire world her enemy too. At the present time it can be said to be relatively safe.

-- Although the artificial island is inhabited by a few of Babel related personnel.

Many of them have experienced being summoned to an alternate world and posses various kinds of special abilities.

Even if the truth is revealed about Kyoya to them or if they listen to Akatsuki's mighty ideals. COCOON still possess an absolute power. There will be people who will choose to obey them and most likely hold a considerable grudge towards Akatsuki and his companions.

Just as a precaution, after JPN Babel's final battle ended everyone decided to stay at the Akatsuki home, and all live together.


After thinking about all the ins and outs of the whole thing, Kuzuha heart suddenly welled up with a particular emotion.

Kuzuha without even noticing, found herself at the door to Akatsuki's room.

The room was still dark when she stepped into it.

Compared to the room the girls were in, this room seemed unusually quiet.

In the back on the room as a large double, and its owner was sleeping on it all alone.

Kuzuha and the others all made a vow to support each other and have decided to all live together with -- Ousawa Akatsuki.

Just when Akatsuki came to mind, Kuzuha emotions that were bubbling up, swelled even larger.


Kuzuha slowly walked beside Akatsuki's bed.

-- According to Miu, when Akatsuki is half asleep he is like a dangerous beast.

However, Kuzuha remained undaunted, and went near the sleeping Akatsuki.


After softly calling his name, Doumoto Kuzuha quietly crept into the bed.

She snuggled up against Akatsuki's body, the warmth was unlike the one felt from Miu as well as the feeling of a man's body who has been training.

It was the same sense of peace of mind, but it was a completely different feeling from Miu's.

Although -- she was enjoying Akatsuki's warmth, Kuzuha couldn't settle her feelings.

When the fight at JPN Babel ended, Kuzuha thought that she is the most useless out of everyone and this thought has been lingering in her mind.

The fact is she fought with everything she had, and there was no doubt about it.

However, the one who finally rescued Miu was still Akatsuki.

Before, during the ranking tournament, Chikage successfully held her gourn against Phil Barnett's surprise attack, and now also in a similar way she protected everyone from Japanese military's poison gas attack.

Although Kuzuha did create puppets with her magic to help people evaded the light from Babel's devastating attack, but to put it bluntly it was just her executing the Akatsuki's strategy.

Kuzuha couldn't help thinking that she really is good for nothing.

And -- there is another reason that made her heart sink.


Kuzuha was tightly clinging against Akatsuki's body, yet he remained unmoved. He was still sleeping and wouldn't touch her.

His facial expression didn't change in the least. expected.

Kuzuha heart only sank more.

-- if it was Miu or anyone else, Akatsuki would have responded.

It seems that in Akatsuki's eyes she still isn't seem as a woman.

Kuzuha skipped a few grades to be place into high school making an age gap between her and the others.

A child like body, without any feminine charms like Miu.

Even if she is this way, she still sees herself as a woman.

Perhaps young, perhaps a childish appearance --

However, just Like everyone else, she is thinking of Akatsuki.


The pace that Akatsuki is walking ahead towards his ideal will continue be greater, and the the age of the other girls is similar to Akatsuki's. Kuzuha younger age makes it so that she will have to run at full speed, but she will not be far behind.

Even if Kuzuha pace is only slightly behind, she fears that probably she will never catch up.

In addition, Kuzuha wants to stand at the same height as Akatsuki to face the world.

The world at which the Akatsuki is looking at cannot be seen by her at this age, even on her tiptoes.

Standing together with her other companions, seems only to be a rarity.

......If I grow up a little ......

I could be able to see the same world as Akatsuki.

Is it possible for him know the world at which I am looking at?

However, as it stands neither of that can be possible.

Kuzuha understand thoroughly -- She doesn't expect to become an adult just by hoping.

But ......

’’Ousawa-kun, I.....’’

In order to grow up a little and to make herself see farther and higher, Kuzuha slowly leaned into Akatsuki sleeping face.

Their lips gently met each other, and it became her first kiss.

Kuzuha took note of the feel Akatsuki's lips and his warmth. The feeling of two lips touching.

I'm..... kissing Ousawa-kun.....

Kuzuha heartbeat suddenly accelerated and her body became slightly hot.

So ......

After a long, long kiss, Doumoto Kuzuha slowly separated her face from Ousawa Akatsuki.

The warmth and feel of Akatsuki's lips still remained on her lips.

Kuzuha touched her lips with her fingertips.

.....a little hot.

There was heat on her lips other than her own. It's her heat mingled with the heat Akatsuki's lips.

The thought, suddenly made Kuzuha very happy.

After the baptism of her first kiss, it was a substantial step towards becoming a real adult.

But ......


Akatsuki is still sound asleep, and manage not wake up.

Probably never even noticed Kuzuha, let alone her first kiss.

Just when Kuzuha helplessly lowered her eyes.....

Within the dark room, suddenly faint light appears.

’’- Huh?’’

Kuzuha was startled, unconsciously she looked up and discovered that light came from Akatsuki's body.

’’Ugh...... uh ......’’

Accompanied by a slight groan, Akatsuki's body began to change.

From youth to a juvenile -- from an adult's body into a child's body.


Kuzuha was stunned in front of her eyes, Akatsuki's body gradually shrinks.

Until after he was just a size smaller than Kuzuha that he stopped changing.

Even though it occurred right in front of her, Kuzuha still can't believe what she's seeing.

The child like Ousawa Akatsuki slowly got up from the bed.

He rubbed his sleepy eyes, then Akatsuki raised his head to look around.

After becoming aware of Kuzuha right in front of her, Akatsuki stared Kuzuha in the eyes, looking somewhat puzzled.

Doumoto Kuzuha clearly heard the preschooler patterns in the question raised by Ousawa Akatsuki.

With a suspicious look on his face, he let out a small girl like voice.

He said one sentence:

’’Onee-chan, who are you?’’

Change the world? -- Talking about it is easy, and anyone can do it.

But I wonder, how many people really understand the meaning of those words?


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