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HacKer - Chapter 24


Chapter 0024 A beautiful policewoman

Shi Lei leaned against the chair with both his legs on the table with no intention to act in a proper manner.

Outside the shop, a woman wearing sky blue sportswear frowned her eyebrows as she looked at Shi Lei.

This woman with firm eyes had wheat color skin indicating a healthy tone. As for her height, it is comparable with Mu Shuang. Estimating her height would put her around 1.7 meters and yet, she was currently wearing flat shoes!

Noticing that Shi Lei didn't have any reaction, Xiao Liu took the initiative to step up and greet, ’’Hello, may I ask is there anything we can help here?’’

’’Hello, can you guys here handle images?’’

Xiao Liu quickly nodded, ’’Yes, we do provide professional image processing services!’’

’’Have a seat first. I will pour you a glass of water!’’

The woman waved, ’’It's alright. I.........’’

She had not finished her sentence and Xiao Liu already went to get water.

This woman's eyes shown a color of helplessness. Although her skin is not silky white nor was her voice soft, but her wheat color skin with her firm face was also quite attractive!

Obviously, Xiao Liu was attracted by that and he was doing his best to impress her.

The woman's name is Ouyang Xiang and she is a police officer.

Originally Ouyang Xiang would be resting at home with her mum during National Day but due to an emergency situation;all police officers had to end their leave and return to the police station on standby.

Ouyang Xiang received a task to look for a private computer expert and help the police investigate further on a criminal's identity.

Xiao Liu brought a glass of water and carefully placed it in front of Ouyang Xiang.

’’Hello, what image do you need help with?’’

Ouyang Xiang casually explained, ’’I have an image from a video that I hope you guys would be able to clean up.’’

’’Can you guys do that?’’

Xiao Liu pretended to think. In fact, he was clueless about this!

After pretending to ponder for a moment, then only did Xiao Liu voice out, ’’Please wait for a moment. Let me consult our technical staff!’’

Xiao Liu went to Shi Lei and whispered, ’’Brother Shitou!’’

Shi Lei was still deep in his thought, thinking of what software he should design.

’’Brother Shitou!’’

Xiao Liu's voice was louder than just now.

Ouyang Xiang was slightly surprised as she looked at Shi Lei and Xiao Liu. From their faces, it was easy to identify that Xiao Liu is definitely older than Shi Lei.

But Xiao Liu was calling Shi Lei brother. This really made Ouyang Xiang a bit puzzled!


Shi Lei's body was startled that he almost fell off the chair.

’’Xiao Liu, what?’’

Xiao Liu quickly apologized, ’’Brother Shitou, sorry, sorry!’’

Shi Lei didn't really care and asked, ’’Something you need?’’

Xiao Liu pointed at Ouyang Xiang, ’’Brother Shitou, that beauty wants us to deal with some image.’’

Shi Lei scanned Ouyang Xiang from top to bottom. That wheat color skin plus the great muscle tone from long term exercise and slender legs, she was indeed attractive!

’’Hey, that chick over there, what image do you want to recover?’’

Ouyang Xiang frowned. Since she became a police officer, no man dared to speak to her in such frivolous tone.

Even those with a higher status than her at the police department also feared for her combat skill!

’’You're the technician which deals with images?’’ Ouyang Xiang asked as she held back her dissatisfaction.

Shi Lei nodded, ’’If it's not me, then is it you?’’

Xiao Liu secretly put a thumb up!

Brother Shitou is so manly!

Facing such a beautiful woman, he was still able to maintain his calmness.

’’What you want to recover, come and let me see!’’

Although Ouyang Xiang was flaming in anger in her heart, thinking of her job, she threw a pen drive over and voiced out, ’’The screenshot is inside. I need that picture to be cleared up!’’

Shi Lei casually raised his hand and caught the pen drive, stood up, and walked towards the maintenance desk.

’’Xiao Liu, pour me a glass of water!’’

As the pen drive was inserted into the USB port, Shi Lei commanded.

Xiao Liu embarrassedly looked at Ouyang Xiang before he went to fetch water.

In the pen drive, there was only one image file name '1.jpg'.

Shi Lei opened the picture and found that this picture was so blurry, full of noises. Plus, the light was so dark, this must have been taken at night!

Ouyang Xiang went behind Shi Lei as a clear and bright voice came from her mouth.

’’How is it? Can you make it clearer?’’

Shi Lei raised a finger.


Ouyang Xiang's serious face began to reveal a slight smile. That had added a few marks on her attractiveness. Well, at the very least, Xiao Liu was stunned by that scene.


Shi Lei lazily nodded.

’’So, it really is possible!’’

’’But to restore such photo, a lot of effort needs to be spent. So, the charges are a bit high!’’

Ouyang Xiang hesitated for a moment, ’’How much?’’

In the police department, the lack of funds was a never ending problem. Ouyang Xiang, herself didn't have much money either.

Shi Lei turned his seat and once again scanned up and down of Ouyang Xiang's body. With his right hand touching his chin, he replied, ’’I will give you a discount for the fact that you're a beauty.’’

Although Ouyang Xiang didn't like the expression of Shi Lei, she couldn't help to be proud in her heart. With just her appearance, she gets to enjoy a discount. This is an affirmation of her beauty!

’’Thank you!’’

Shi Lei nodded his head as he revealed a slight grin.

’’Then, I will only charge you one thousand!’’

Ouyang Xiang's smiling face turned stiff. Her firm eyes couldn't help being slightly surprised.

’’How much?’’

In a serious tone, Shi Lei replied, ’’One thousand!’’

Ouyang Xiang immediately unplugged her pen drive from USB port and walked away. Decisively taking her action, she didn't even hesitate for a second.

Xiao Liu who was at the side quickly persuaded, ’’Brother Shitou, this.........this.......’’

’’Brother Shitou, last time when you helped Chief Feng to recover images, you only charge one hundred per photo right?’’

’’Why it is so expensive now?’’

Shi Lei glanced at Xiao Liu, ’’What? You are pitying the beauty?’’

Xiao Liu's face turned red.


’’Alright, Xiao Liu. Go do your job.’’ Shi Lei waved his hand.

Shi Lei took out his own pen drive and copied the photo to his. Then, he got up and said, ’’Xiao Liu, please inform Brother Feng that I have to leave for some matter. If I am still not here by the end of the day, then those two servers, just leave them here!’’

Xiao Liu nodded but didn't send him off. Seems that it is all because of a beauty!

Exiting Bainao Building, Shi Lei was ready to rent a house.

In the school, although he was staying in the doctoral dormitory and had his own room, in case the teacher has spot check, then it would be hard to explain.

Furthermore, the server would have to be active for twenty-four hours non-stop. The school's attention would certainly be attracted to the massive energy consumption of the two servers.

Shuqiao District as one of the main site of Shuangqing City, with a prosperous development, it has caused house renting to be more expensive.

Shi Lei visited several housing companies to do some survey in price. Even if he is to rent at a more remote area, the cost also needed at least eight hundred.

The average income in the year 2006 is only around one thousand!

Although Shi Lei had made quite a sum of money, he also felt pain when facing such rent!

’’Forget about it. Let's return to Shuanghu District and rent a house there!’’

’’Not only it is nearer to school but also cheaper rent. The most important point is that I can bring girls back home!’’

Shi Lei whispered to himself and then returned back to Bainao Building.

’’Yo, Brother Feng, you're already back?’’

Shi Lei without any modesty grabbed a bottle of mineral water on the table and opened it to drink.

In October, Shuangqing City the temperature is hot enough to kill!

He just went for a round trip and Shi Lei was already sweating non-stop!

’’Shitou, come here and have a look!’’

Shi Lei connected several cables and then started those two servers. Looking at the configuration and specs by opening the casing, he then asked, ’’Brother Feng, how much is it?’’

’’Not expensive, only forty-eight thousand!’’ Sun Feng replied.

Shi Lei nodded, ’’Brother Feng, that 60,000 dollars, you just need to return me 10,000!’’

’’The remaining two thousand, it is yours to keep.’’

’’I can't make you do stuff for me without any benefit!’’

These two servers, forty-eight thousand is most likely the cheapest that you can get. Sun Feng probably didn't even earn a single penny.

Shi Lei naturally couldn't let Sun Feng work hard without earning anything.

As the saying goes, suffering leads to blessings!

If he kept making Sun Feng work for nothing, then it will end up with him losing a great friend.

’’This....Shitou, this is too much?’’

Shi Lei insisted, ’’Brother Feng, I am always bothering you. If you don't accept it, then I won't find you for help anymore!’’

Sun Feng reluctantly nodded as he opened his computer for online banking.

’’Shitou, I will transfer you the money to your bank account, alright?’’

’’It's not convenient to carry ten thousand around.’’

Shi Lei nodded.

’’Brother Feng, do as you like. Since it's not early anymore, I am going back to school now!’’

Sun Feng quickly said, ’’Xiao Liu, send Shitou out!’’

Xiao Liu reluctantly replied, ’’Yes, boss!’’

Shi Lei glanced at Xiao Liu and laughed it off, ’’No need to trouble Xiao Liu. After all, the store is busy.’’

Finishing his sentence, Shi Lei carried his two servers and went downstairs.

*Once again, taking the luxury taxi back to school, Shi Lei's heat was sliced again. One hundred and twenty plus just flew like that!

Carrying the two servers, he headed back to the dormitory. Shi Lei didn't set up the servers, after all, they were not going to be used in the dormitory so setting them up would be a waste of time.

After eating a meal in the school cafeteria, Shi Lei went back to his room and visited the forum of Keji University.

The forum had already been restored by their admin.

The forum had a post pinned so students could voluntarily report if there were abnormalities with the Internet service.

Yesterday, Shi Lei had made a mess of Keji University that made it lost more than five million!

The Dean, Huang Qiulin, nevertheless attempted to manage this disaster although he knew himself that it was useless no matter what occurred.

Shi Lei clicked the post and found out that most of the replies are all jokes which made him closed it immediately.

Then, feeling bored, he browsed through Shuangqing University's forum before trying to chat with Ling Yumo in QQ. Too bad, she wasn't online at this moment.

Having nothing to do, Shi Lei played some relaxing music as he lied down on his bed;thinking about the preparations to rent a house tomorrow.

’’House, o house, when you're here, there will be girls!’’


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