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Gunota Ga Mahou Sekai Ni Tensei Shitara, Gendai Heiki De Guntai Harem O Tsukucchaimashita!? - Volume 6 - Chapter 103


Chapter 103

Chapter 103 trip with two people

’’Lute sama! Please do not hesitate, please ... Please bring this pitying disciple! I will not disturb you!’’

’’No, you cannot’’

I am at Meiya's residence workshop, and I will not be distracted by the request of Meiya who self-proclaimed my best pupil. When she heard my reply she bitted her handkerchief with resentment. Though I make a wry smile, I don't change my mind.

’’Even if you do that, you cannot do the trial of the SVD (Dragunov sniper rifle) because it is enough for Chris and me. Is it better for Meiya to have another work done in the meantime? ’’

’’It is so... ....’’

I put an SVD (Dragunov sniper rifle) in a metal case. I filled the ammunition case with ammunition cartridges and deepen the bitter smile

’’Besides, it's time for us to have a close relationship with Chris after a long time, please do not disturb me.’’


As expected, telling her so, even Meiya cannot say anything. Her anger was directed at the maid coming up at the entrance.

’’The reply of the letter that I put out still does not come?’’

’’Yes, it does not come yet.’’

The maid tells us with a cool face.

After solving a problem, Meiya can marry me. Meiya took the word from Snow and wrote a letter while traveling in the airship. When we returned to the Dragon Man Continent she handed it out to the maid soon.

The reply does not come at all even if it has already been received it. Therefore, the talk did not advance definitely. If she is one of the wives, it is beaten to say, ’’I can't take her because I want to be alone with Chris.’’ However, as she is not my wife at present, it is supposed to be like this. I'm sorry to Meiya, but as a disciple, you need to give priority to work.

’’Well then... I will go because I keep Chris waiting outside.’’

’’Ugh... I understand. Be careful. ’’

’’Oh, Meiya, don't even ask for work.’’

I left Meiya in the studio and headed for Chris, who is waiting outside.

▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

About 2 hours after being shaken by the carriage. Chris and I reached the boundary side between the grassland and the forest.

In the carriage we have brought a lunch box for lunch, an SVD (Dragunov sniper rifle), ammunition case packed with ammunition cartridges, another AK 47 set and a Panzer Faust 60 type for defense purposes. I also thought that Panzer Faust 60 type was overkill, but I will be sorry if I came across a situation where I encountered twin dragons and don't have other arms.

We stopped the horse-drawn carriage, Chris and I first gave the horse water and salt. We stood a stake and passed a string there so that the horse could not go anywhere.

After completing a series of preparations, we moved the SVD (Dragunov Sniper rifle) from the loading platform, take ammunition cartridges from the case, take out the AK set for self-defense, take out the memo pad and move to a suitable place.

’’It is nice and sunny today;it's a perfect day for a trial.’’

’’Yes! Besides, it is nice to go out with my onii-chan just the two of us. ’’

Chris seems to be really glad and in a good mood like having the best sweets. Today, she is not wearing a grim field outfit, but plain clothes-a traditional dress worn by women of the Dragon tribe. Also, her long blond hair was put on a Knot;the dress is slim thigh and ankle peep from the slit each time she walks. Now she is only by my side, so I do not have to worry about people's eyes.

Yesterday, I told Snow and Lizz about the scan and fire test in the grassland of Chris' new gun at dinner. They said they were going to do their own errands. Snow will purchase food and necessary items. Lizz will head to Meiya's house looking at Luna &Shea. My wives are so good to the extent they're wasted on me, really.

Prairie, about 100 m from the carriage, the trunk is about 300 meters away. The SVD (Dragunov sniper rifle) is taken out of the case is handed over to Chris with the ammunition cartridge. She prepares it without hesitation. She takes out the magazine. She returns the magazine and releases the safety lock. Then Chris draws the cocking handle, moves one bullet to the chamber first.

In China dress form, the appearance of Chris with the SVD (Dragunov sniper rifle) is somewhat strange.

I was preparing with Chris. First I laid the seat on the ground and fasten it in all directions. I put soil in the bags that I brought and made sandbags. I am making a place for a shooting game.

There is a variety of shooting positions for sniper rifles, but it´s better to stop supporting the gun by hand and use something stable to support the gun. In that case, sandbags are the most suitable. Rigid objects such as metal, block, wood, etc. are inappropriate as a base because they move the gun body with vibration caused by the shock at firing.

Also, you have to be careful - you have to touch the barrel with nothing. Because the barrel is in close contact with the receiver, it eliminates the accuracy of the hit by causing the same vibration every time when firing (same vibrations •the same vibration if it is the same bullet powder). However, if the gun barrel is directly loaded on the entrusted item, the vibration changes each time the gun is fired, and moreover, the weight is applied to the barrel, distortion comes out, and the accuracy of the hit is affected. (As mentioned above, it is difficult to keep the same part in contact with the base).

’’I'm ready for you.’’

’’Oh, thank you, Oni-chan.’’

Chris raises a cry awkwardly and smiles. Yes, she's pretty.

She tears up grass in grassland and drops it with a para-para. (SFX for light things falling or flipping, like paper or leaves) She is reading the wind.

The range of about 300 meters is the distance that the soldiers of the previous world can hit the target even without a scope. However, if the wind is blowing strongly, it can be shed and deviated from the target. That's why Chris measures the wind speed by shredding the grass.

The correct wind velocity doesn't come out, but you can guess it approximately - If you drop grass or use smoke such as incense stickers, you can determine the wind speed by measuring the distance and time the smoke flowed. If it is smoke the wind speed can be determined by measuring the distance it is flowing per second (wind speed 1 m/sec if it is 1 m. in 1 second). If it is grass drop it from the place it takes 1 second to fall to the ground, Measure the wind speed with the distance it moves (theoretically, if it falls from the distance taking 1 second to the ground and moves 1 m, it is 1 m/sec.

If the wind speed is 8 m/sec at a distance of 300 m, if the initial speed of 7.62 mm ×51 mm bullet is assumed to be 830 m/s, the deviation will be about 45 cm (From the calculation with ballistic calculation classic 2000. Ballistic coefficient 0.4).

There is a little wind now;the wind speed is about 3 - 4 m/s. But it would not be a problem for Chris' skill.

She prepared the SVD (Dragunov sniper rifle) in the sandbag. Chris lies on her belly and her feet are spread to shoulder width. She makes the midline of the body and the gun axis of the gun parallel.

The calamus of the gun is picked lightly with the left-hand ant the butt stock (the part affected by a shoulder of gunstock) on the shoulder. She grasps the grip with her right hand and put her finger on the iron trigger. There is also a precision shooting technique that fires the gun by pressing the iron trigger with the thumb and index finger. Chris does not send but only index finger.


Breathe in,


Breathe out - fire.

’’Dan’’ and a 7.62 mm ×54 R are fired and land on the trunk about 300 m ahead. The Semi-Automatic SVD (Dragunov sniper rifle) as soon as the shooter fires, the internal engine section moves quickly to feed the second bullet. Chris continued to fire.




The sound of the firing continuously echoes. In case a demon is attracted to fire sound I keep watching the surroundings, and doesn't come or watches the environment, but I do not see such shadows in the prairie with a fine view. I put the AK 47 hanging over my shoulder.

Chris shoots all 10 shots that were in the magazine.

’’How's it going?’’

When she raises her body, she runs her finger on the mini blackboard at hand.

’’Although the semi-automatic is very good the feel is different from the usual because the parts move internally at the time of firing, and I want to remember the habit of shooting a little more?’’

’’Of course, we still have bullets, so shoot as many as you like.’’

’’Thank you very much.’’

Chris smiles and gives her thanks. After all, she is cute. She removes the magazine and packs ammunition cartridges again.

And again the shooting starts. I will watch over her from behind. My bride seriously confirms the condition of SVD (Dragunov sniper rifle).


Today there is wind. Inevitably, in a prone face position shooting, it is curling up Chris' dragon dress skirt. Chris is concentrating, but here there is only my eye view. That's why I do not really care.

Every time the wind blows, the hem turns and the undergarment of the thigh hiding behind it is invisible. Is the color of her underwear today white? Yeah pretty, it suits Chris perfectly.

Crouching with casual gestures, I peep into it. It seems like se*ual harassment at first glance, but she is my wife so there is no problem! I supplement my eyes with physical reinforcement! With this, you can see even the underwear wrinkles!

Chris' skin is smoother than a newborn baby and has a comfortable touch. It seems that the underwear gets bitten slightly and the small buttock meat peeps in a bit. Last night even three people served, but my body gets hot. Is this being young?

But Chris's butt is cute. I want to bury my face now. If you bury your face in Chris's butt and smell the scent, you will be able to activate your brain and all the cells in your lungs. It will be very good for my health.

I forgot the perimeter vigilance, and I was glued to Chris's pretty butt.


’’Ha ha!’’

If you noticed, Chris who had been checking the condition of SVD had been watching here for a while. I clear my throat and stand up in a casual manner.

’’Oh well, apparently it seems like the bullets are flying as intended.’’ I tried to cover my last bad behavior by saying that I was checking the bullets performance. But it seems so ineffective. Chris runs his finger on the mini blackboard.

’’Seriously Oni-chan, you think you can do something if you use magical power suddenly behind me’’

’’I'm sorry’’

I apologize frankly. Of course. Because if a partner who warns about the surroundings suddenly uses magical powers, you misunderstand whether there is a raid. If you use it for another reason, it is common sense to make a call.

Chris changes completely from the face about which she gets angry, doesn't say a cheek, even makes the ears red and draws in the mini blackboard.

’’I am a Lute Oni-chan's wife ... ... It's embarrassing, but if I cannot bear it ... I will do my best.’’

She makes her face redder so that steam is rising from her head.



Chris' small lips call my name.

Each other's lips are approaching, and -

Well, Chris' stomach rings.


Shyly depressed Chris, I look at that pretty expression that turned bright red and stroke her head.

’’Well, then it was about time for lunch. Shall I eat the lunch I brought?’’

’’... ... Yes, Onii-chan’’

Chris holds the mini blackboard smiles small and nods.

Hold the basket containing the bento I brought in, lay a sheet on the grass, and spread out the box lunch.

’’The lunch made by Onii-chan looks very tasty.’’

Chris smiles happily.

Today's menu is a sandwich I made. The ingredients are tuna sandwiches made with similar fish, egg sandwich, and teriyaki sandwich made with sauce on the baked meat. And I am bringing sweet fruit sandwiches using fruits and cream which can also substitute for dessert.

’’This fruit sandwich is very delicious. It is the same sweetness that pudding made by my older brother during the butler's era. ’’

’’I am glad that you are glad, Milady.’’

It has been ceremonious and I make a bow exaggeratedly. As Chris looked at it, she remembered when I was a butler. She narrows her eyes as nostalgic.

’’My Onii-chan came in at that time it was really good. Thanks to my Onii-chan I can go out like this and touch various things. Because I am with my Onii-chan, it makes me feel like I can go anywhere.’’

’’Chris. Me too. Because I'm with Chris, I got the feeling that I'll exert myself.’’

’’My Onii-chan was my destiny, I do think now. I will keep going forever, anywhere. My place where I want to go is the place where Onii-chan wants to go. ’’

’’...... Chris’’

I wipe off the cream that Chris has on her cheeks. Chris smiled happily and kissed my cheeks for gratitude. I put my hands on her head and caress that soft hair with my fingers.

I am always helped by Chris. And she trusts me and keeps following what I want to do. Both Snow and Lizz are so. I mutter in my heart that I must absolutely protect those precious girls.

’’Well then, shoot a little more if you finish eating, and then let's go home’’

’’Yes, onii-chan. SVD, it's a nice gun. Thank you. ’’

’’I'm glad you like it.’’

’’I am pleased that you like it, say where you want to improve or if you have difficulty in using it, just say it and adjust it.’’

’’Yes, I understood,’’

And as we finish eating, we return to SVD trial again. Then we finished the test at about noon and went home to the house where everyone waited again.


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