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Gu Daoist Master - Chapter 6


Chapter 6: The Future Path Will Be Brilliant

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The vain aperture was mysterious and abnormal. Although it was entrusted inside Fang Yuan's body, it was in another area discorded with where his organs were. You could say that it was massive, but could also say that it was incredibly small.

Some had called it the Violet Estate;others called it the Prosperous Lake. However, the majority of people called it the Primeval Sea Vain Aperture.

The vain aperture was round-shaped. A layer of flowing white light was covering it on the outside. This light layer resulted from the explosion of those Gu's of Hope.

It was because of this light layer that the vain aperture was supported and had not collapsed collapse.

Inside the vain aperture was his Primeval Sea.

The sea water was as smooth as the reflection on a mirror. The cyan color was getting thicker, along with a copper color blazing light.

This was the condensed Bronze Primeval Qi that only a level one Gu Master could possess. People called it the Bronze Sea.

The sea level only reached to almost half of the vain aperture, only measured to be four by four. This was also the limits of a grade C aptitude.

Each drop of seawater was his Primeval Qi, representing Fang Yuan's congealed essence, qi, and spirit. This symbolized the vita potential that he had accumulated these past fifteen years.

Gu Master used this Primeval Qi to incite Gu's worm. In other words, from here onwards, Fang Yuan had officially joined the forces of the level one Gu Master.

After his vain aperture had been opened up, the Gu of Hope had also stopped intruding his body.

Fang Yuan had retrieved his mentality before he felt an extreme pressure in front which was as thick as a wall, stopping him from continue moving forward.

’’Just like my last life.’’ Facing such result, he could only coldly smile.

’’You can't continue?’’ The schoolhouse's elder who was holding a string of hope left, yelling from the other riverbank.

Fang Yuan turned around and used his action as an answer.

This made the other youngsters not able to have reacted in time.

It started with a WOO;then the whole crowd instantly busted out.

’’What? Fang Yuan has just walked twenty-seven steps?’’

’’So he is only a grade C aptitude?!’’

’’Unbelievable, he is a genius, how can it only be a C?’’

The group of people was like a tempest.

’’Gege....’’ In the crowd, Gu Yue Fang Zheng raised his head, scarily looked at Fang Yuan who was returning from the opposite riverbank. He couldn't believe the scene that had happened in front of him. His gege was only a grade C aptitude?

He had always thought gege would be a grade A.

No, not only him, his aunt and uncle, and many people in their clan also had the same thoughts.

But it was hard to believe that such a result would happen!

’’Damn it, only a grade C!’’ The head of the Ancient Moon clan clenched his fists. He deeply sighed, disappointment could easily be heard in his words.

The Elders who were silently focusing had also frowned. Some of them lowered their heads and whispered, while the others could only face the sky and heavily sigh.

’’Can there be a mistake in the experiment?’’

’’How could it be? This method is extremely accurate. Moreover, everyone is staring at him. It is very hard to cheat.’’

’’But, how can you explain his excellent performances from before then?’’

’’The higher a young man's Primeval Sea aptitude is, the more likely he will display excellent abnormal characteristics, indeed. Like intelligence, perception, memory, power, quick-wit, etc. But reserved in this order, showing those characteristics doesn't represent a high aptitude. This can only be measured by experiments.’’

’’Haizz, too many hopes, too many disappointments. The Ancient Moon Clan is getting weaker generation by generation.’’


The icy cold river water had soaked his socks. The coldness was intruding his bones.

Fang Yuan was still expressionlessly approaching. As the distance was shortened, he could clearly see the expression on the schoolhouse elder's countenance as well as the look on hundreds of the young men in front of him.

Some of them had a gleam of astonishment in their eyes, others were shocked. People, who were happy seeing his misfortune, were or at a loss for words, or simply just indifferent.

The similar scenery made Fang Yuan couldn't help but think about his previous life.

At that time, he felt as if the sky was falling down on him. When he was crossing the river, he stripped of all his soaked clothes. He seemed to have lost his soul and dropped his spirit. But, no one had picked him up.

The disappointment and cold expressions were like a sharp blade, cutting his heart into pieces. His thoughts were incredibly chaotic, but his heart was throbbing even more.

It was like falling down on the ground from upon the clouds. The higher that he stood, the more painful the fall would be.

However, in this life...

Entering the same scenery again, but this time, Fang Yuan's heart was absolutely calm.

He thought about that legend. When the Predicaments came, you must give your heart to Hope.

The hope right now was right inside his body. Although his hope was petty, it had far surpassed people who had zero aptitude to be qualified for cultivating.

If other people were disappointed by it, then be it. What could he do about it?

The disappointments of the other people had nothing to do with him. What was important was the hope inside his soul!

Living for five hundred years had let him realized a principle: Being able to chase after your dream iss a brilliant thing when you are alive. You don't need to be too strict about whether outsiders are disappointed or pleased by it.

Walk your own road. Let's those outsiders be feeling whatever it is that they wish, whether being disappointed or pleased!

’’Haizz...’’ The schoolhouse's elder deeply exhaled, he yelled again, ’’The next one, Gu Yue Fang Zheng.’’

There was no reply.

’’Gu Yue Fang Zheng!’’ The Elder loudly shouted. His voice was resonating inside the vast cave.

’’A? I'm here, I'm here!’’ Fang Zheng struggled from his fear. He hastily ran out then unexpectedly tripped then fell down. With a swoosh sound, he coincidently stumbled into the river.

Instantly, laughter started to resonate.

’’The Fang family's brothers aren't anything more than this.’’ The Ancient Moon clan's head coldly snorted. He felt tired just looking at Gu Yue Fang Zheng.

’’You can throw your face away now!’’ Fang Zheng tried splashing in the water. However, the slimy bottom made it impossible for him to stand up straight. The results of his effort only brought him more shame. He felt even more anxious as his ears picked up waves after waves of laughter.

Nevertheless, he suddenly felt a force pulling him up until his head was out of the water. He could finally regain his balance.

As he harshly wiped his face to look up again;he saw his gege Fang Yuan was helping him stand up by holding his collar.

’’Ge...’’ He opened his mouth, attempted to say some. But it ended up to be a constant choking, leading to violent coughing.

’’Haha, the Fang family has such a well-matched pair of brothers!’’ A mocking sound resounded from the riverbank.

The laughter was getting even louder. The schoolhouse's Elder didn't step out. He furrowed his brows;disappointment was filled in his eyes.

Fang Zheng heard a voice coming from his gege as he was stumbling, ’’Let's go, the future path will be brilliant.’’

Fang Zheng couldn't help but open his mouth in awe. The others couldn't clearly see Fang Yuan since his back was facing them right now. However, Fang Zheng could have distinctly felt the calmness that were in Fang Yuan's words. As he was speaking, the corner of his mouth was slightly pulled up, displaying a grim smile.

’’He is a grade C aptitude, how could he be so calm?’’ Fang Zheng couldn't help but doubt.

Fang Yuan didn't waste any other words. He patted Fang Zheng' shoulders then turned away and left.

Fang Zheng was dumbstruck as he headed towards the sea of flowers.

’’I can't believe how can gege stay so calm, if it were me, I am afraid....’’ He lowered his head, unconsciously walking forward. He didn't even know that he was displaying a miracle performance.

Until he woke up, he had already been standing deep inside of the sea of flowers, at such distance, that no one had able to reach before.

Forty-three steps!

’’My god, a grade A aptitude!!!’’ The Elder of the schoolhouse shouted.

’’Grade A, is it really grade A?!’’

’’Three years, and a grade A aptitude genius has finally made an appearance in our Ancient Moon clan!’’

The Elders who were silently watching on the side had also yelled simultaneously.

’’Well, the Fang's line was originally divided from our Chi's line. This Gu Yue Fang Zheng should be left in our Chi line's care.’’ Gu Yue Chi Lian then announced.

’’How can it be? What qualities do you damn old Chi Lian's have? Remember when you had misled and harmed those youngsters? This kid should be given to me, Gu Yue Mo Chen, to nourish.’’ Gu Yue Mo Chen immediately growled as if he had been shocked by a surge of electricity.

’’Stop arguing. No matter who raises this kid, they could never do a better job than the head of the clan. Whoever is discontented, then that one is opposing me, Gu Yue Bo!’’ The dispirited and disappointment inside the reddened eyes of the Ancient Moon clan's head seemed to have all been washed away. He was totally going insane now.


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